120+ Sweet Sorry Messages for Boyfriend in 2024

Once in a while, a girlfriend would take the wrong step, say the wrong things, and act the wrong way, therefore, hurting her beloved boyfriend. It happens!

However, what matters in this scenario is a sincere apology colored with a lovely hue of romance.

Hence, these sweet sorry messages for boyfriend comes in handy at such gloomy moment.

Be sure to earn his forgiveness on a silver platter by sending any of these apology messages.

Sorry Messages for Boyfriend in 2024

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1. You know without your kisses, the sky would be starless. I’m sorry, my love.

2. You’re irresistible, my darling. So, I’d make an apology a million and one times if I have to. Pardon my manners, baby.

3. Let my sin be forgiven, for I’m in need of your warmth. I’m sorry, my love.

4. The sound of your laughter is what I crave for as the sun rises. Please, let go of my wrong.

5. I’ll annoy you for as many times and it’s cause you’re my favorite person in the world. Please, forgive me.

6. I want to be in your arms again. But how can this be without your forgiveness? So, I tender before you my sincere apology.

7. It’s a lonely world out here because I pissed you off. Would you forgive me, my love?

8. For a moment, I want your forgiveness and for a lifetime, your love. Kindly, look beyond my faults.

9. The last thing I want to do is tear us apart. It’s me and you against the world, remember? I seek your forgiveness, my darling.

10. This altercation has left in my mouth a sour taste. I desire your sweet kisses for redemption, my love.

11. Look at the moon and see it bleeding for your forgiveness on my behalf? Forgive me, sweetie. Please!

12. What if, I come to make a perfect makeup dinner for us, my love? That sure comes after your forgiveness!

13. I’d plant some of my best kisses on your lips if you let me in again. Forgive me, my love.

14. Many days are special because I spent them with you. Nowadays are gloomy because you’re nowhere near me. Forgive me, sweetie.

15. I died a million times when I realised that you were gone. Please, forgive me my wrong and lie right next to me again.

16. No one does it better than you do. So, can I have one more dance with you? Pardon me, my love.

17. The loveliest kisses are the ones we give after reconciliation. I’m hoping to give that soon enough. Sorry to hurt you, my darling.

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18. How else can I apologize? You know I’m ready to please you to a fault.

19. I want you to know that I’m sorry but first that, I love you always.

20. You’re irreplaceable. Who else would I love now instead of you? I’m sorry, my love.

21. Even with a frown on your face, you’re super attractive. I’m sorry, dearie.

22. I’ll sneak into your heart at night if you fail to open up to me in the brightness of the day.

23. You’re my one true desire, it hurts to see you hurt. I’m sorry, my love.

24. Petals of roses on your bed and a session of caresses for letting you down. Forgive me, boo.

25. So many things I’d rather share with you but this wall within our hearts need to be broken down. Kindly, forgive me, my love.

26. I’ll light up a candle as a sacrifice for your forgiveness.

27. I’ll give you my love and respect in exchange for your forgiveness. How else do you want it, my love?

28. Imagine the pleasure of the sky if we looked at the stars together tonight! I’m sorry, my dear.

29. I’ll buy you one of your favorite books just to appease you. Are you still mad at me?

30. Let’s talk this over a dinner. Let’s reminisce over a plate of our favorite food tonight.

31. My steps would lead right into your abode, for I’m in search of your forgiveness. Take me back, my love.

32. In your arms is a fullness of joy. How obvious is my misery right now. Sorry to hurt you, baby.

33. My intentions for you would always be right. Every mistake is only but a mistake. I’m sorry, love.

34. Playing our love songs, hoping it’ll endear you to me if you could hear my heart sing it aloud. Sorry, my love.

35. Let’s share a bed tonight under the moon of love. Pardon my behaviour, sweetie.

36. The stars are waiting for our reconciliation to shine. Please, do not fail them. Forgive me, angel.

37. How about a kiss for hurting you and then another for being so forgiving?

38. Hurting you is the worst feeling on earth. I’m ready to make things right, my love.

39. True love has brought us together. But forgiveness, appreciation and kindness would keep us for long. Forgive me please, my love.

40. I can’t hide the fact that I miss you. Thence, I’ll apologize to you without holding back. I’m sorry, my love.

41. Nothing smells better than your fragrance. It’s an attribute of yours I now long for. Show me yourself, my darling.

42. I’ll help with sweet dishes if you’d help me with an act of forgiveness.

43. I know your heart is longing for my smile as mine, yours. I’m sorry to have caused this betwixt us.

44. Surely, I’ll be in your arms again, cause I’m willing to do the impossible to be.

45. This is one love fight. So, let’s make a sweet love feast in its honour, my darling.

46. It’s necessary we make up as often as we break up. I’m sorry, sweetie.

47. I know your ears can hear me from afar that, I love you. I know your heart can feel my regrets. Forgive me, I say.

48. The leaves won’t jubilate unless we patch up in front of them. Let’s enjoy a cool breeze as we forgive and love.

49. In my heart, I have reserved a million folds of love for you ready to be unleashed as we make up again.

50. I don’t want to go to bed without your love. Thus, can I appease your heart with a kiss already?

51. My head craves to rest upon your shoulder. Please, make my dream come true as you let go my offence.

52. Kisses taste better on your lips, I’ll rather have yours than anyone else’s. So, I’ll wait till you let me inside of your world again.

53. Let me come to nurse your pain, my darling. I’ll help you forget, if you forgive me, please.

54. Give me your attention, my love. It’s all I need to feel the bliss of love. So, forgive me my all.

55. Loving you is right but hurting you was my mistake. I’m sorry, sweetie.

56. The clock ticks loudly reminding me of you. Forgive me my wrong and come and have all of me.

57. I found love in you. Your forgiveness, I hope to receive now, my darling. For I need it to keep us together.

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58. The melody of love songs is gone with the displeasure of your heart. I want to hear it back in your arms, my love.

59. Let me cover your face with kisses. It’s my one desire save this forgiveness I plead.

60. My heart is a mixture of emotions; love and guilt. Take away the latter, my love. I need your love.

61. My spirit screams remorse whilst my heart begs for your forgiveness. My heart keeps bleeding. I’m sorry, my darling.

62. I wish the stars in their numbers would plead on my behalf just for your forgiveness alone. I’m sorry, my one and only.

63. The sun is gloomy and dimmed today because I made you angry. But on my behalf, they plead for your earnest forgiveness.

64. If only the universe could relay to you how much of an apology I’ve spoken into the air, just to let you know that I’m deeply sorry. My heart keeps calling you.

65. I do not only feel remorseful, but I’m ashamed for getting on your nerves in the most insensitive manner in which I did. Please, take me from this lowly place.

66. I wish I could hear your whispers in my ears again. Heaven seems far, cause your heart moved far away from me. I’m truly sorry.

67. Each time I see another minute, I believe my moment of forgiveness draws nearer than ever. Please, be merciful enough to forgive me at this very minute.

68. Your love is pure and I know your forgiveness is sure. I need to wait to see it come true. However, I wonder how long I’ll have to wait. Please draw me near to you, my love.

69. I’ll plead for your mercy and forgiveness much more than I would beg for a kiss from you. Please, forgive me.

70. If we could make up right away, the world will be lighted up again with the sparkles of our love. I’m begging you not to rekindle your anger against me, baby.

71. All I need is a forgiving kiss. Am I worth it, my love?

72. My heart is hotter than the sun, cause it burns in regret and anger for making you go bananas.

73. I only need an angel to tell you how sorry I am.

74. I can never dream of hurting you. I hope you can believe these few, but true words and hence deem it fit to forgive me.

75. Don’t be mad at me, my love. It makes me feel like a wretched ship.

76. I apologize for making your stars dark and your sky cloudy. I’m the reason you’re sad at the moment.

77. Please forgive me, so you can be freed from the anger that consumes you. My spirit is humble in me.

78. I want you to scold me like a brat, but draw me closer like a loving child. All I want to say is that “I’m sorry, darling.”

79. You’re the salt of my life. But, my heart is bitter now, cause you’re at war with me, my love. I apologize for my wrongdoing.

80. I could have said it better, but somehow I didn’t. But I hope you’ll treat me mercifully with an unfailing forgiveness.

81. Nothing hurts than the anger of your lover piercing down your soul. I’m so in pain right now, please save me from this.

82. If I could turn back the hands of time, I would have been more loving than harsh. I messed up, but I hope your love and forgiveness can fix me this time.

83. I can’t live this life anymore if there’s a beautiful soul out there angry with me. I’m so sorry, my angel.

84. I constantly fight with myself for fighting with you. But, I’ll know peace when you fill my heart with your forgiveness.

85. After so much condemnation from my soul, I was able to forgive myself for hurting you. I hope you’ll be kind enough to grant me yours.

86. I live in denial, cause I can’t understand how I could hurt a guy like you. You were everything but wrong. I’m so sorry, my true love.

87. If you’re able to forgive me, then I’ll be able to forgive myself. I’m sorry is my new song to you.

88. I’ve tried singing to the sky our love song hoping maybe it will entice your heart to forgive me. I guess it’s time to sing the song of regret, maybe it will earn me your forgiveness.

89. There isn’t a perfect apology, but there’s a perfect forgiveness. Please, choose to forgive me wholly.

90. I wish I could read your mind, so I could meet your needs. I’m forced to ask, “what do I have to do to earn your remission?”

91. I wish I could add more stars to the sky and more drops of water to the ocean, just to arouse your forgiveness.

92. I want you to forgive me from the bottom of your heart like you love me from the depth of it.

93. How do I need to say it, so you could forgive me swiftly, my love?

94. Words fail to explain my remorse, but my action says it all. Please, forgive your love, my darling.

95. I promise not to stir your anger anymore. I hope this apology sews back the shredded garment of forgiveness.

96. Even though we’re meant to be, a time like this is inevitable. I’m sorry, my love. Let’s work it out like two inseparable lovers.

97. In this game of two, I’ll like to take the whole blame, and that’s because I’m deeply sorry.

98. The more you run away from me, the more peace evades me. I apologize for being so insensitive, my love.

99. I hope love can buy forgiveness, cause that’s my only hope to obtain your mercy, baby.

100. I’ll wake up from this misery if I wake up to your forgiveness, my love.

101. Please, don’t tell me “gone is the grace of forgiveness” cause, I’ll be broken a thousand times.

102. Please, exchange my earnest remorse for your utmost forgiveness. I’m sorry, my king.

103. I wish I acted more maturely, but now I can only hope for your sweet forgiveness.

104. I promise to forgive you when you wrong me, please don’t say no to my request for your forgiveness.

105. Love is sweetened by the flavor of forgiveness. Please, share your forgiveness with me.

106. The more you turn your back on me, the more life will be worthless without you. I need you to accept my sincere apologies, my love.

107. I wish the next face I’ll be seeing is yours. I’ve waited so long to see your merciful eyes. I’m so sorry, love.

108. I don’t want to believe this is our end. We’re meant to go farther than this until we get to a place of no return. My love, do forgive me.

109. I may have been stupid to have made you angry, but now I’m wise enough to seek your forgiveness like a lost jewel.

110. The most sort after commodity in the universe right now is your forgiveness, even the galaxies in the sky seek it. I’m sorry, my love. “Can I have your forgiveness?”

111. I’m in a place of nothingness and darkness, cause I took you for granted. I’m so sorry.

112. It hurt even worse than before, cause I can feel you raging against me. I’m so sorry for hurting you this much.

113. The greatest blessing I can ever get at this point in my life is your gracious mercy, my love. Please, forgive me one more time.

114. I feel like you’re letting go. I don’t want to feel this way again. But only your forgiveness will give me what I want.

115. I want to share the same breath with you like we did before. Only your shower of mercy on me will make it possible.

116. One thing I’m sure of is, that my remorse and repentance are coming from an honest place in my heart.

117. The only beauty I need in my life right now is your forgiveness. There’s nothing more beautiful than that to me.

118. My knees would remain on the floor you walk on as long as you’re angry with me, my love.

119. I’m battling with myself, cause I feel responsible for my own downfall. I’m sorry for causing this fightdisunity between us.

120. I was emotionally unstable, hence you were caught in the middle of my confusion. I now know better, but I hope the grace of forgiveness is still open to me.

A couple of these sure is your best bet. Your boyfriend would be thrilled.

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