I Always Get Hurt Quotes

I Always Get Hurt Quotes

Everyone can get hurt at some point in life. No one is truly safe from the potential of being hurt. People are affected by pain when they lose something or someone they deeply care about, or when they feel betrayed.

Sometimes we get hurt by the people that are close to us, like lovers and family members, and we can also get hurt by strangers. However, there are times when hurt is self-inflicted.

The pain of betrayal, disappointment, and a broken heart sometimes take a lot of time to go away and the hurt is felt more intensely when the source of pain is a person we love. We all know what it feels like to be hurt by someone else.

It’s bad enough getting hurt by others, and the world around you, but it’s even worse to hurt yourself. When you have been hurt by a person or a situation, there can be scars left on your heart that can run deep inside of you. You need to get through that hurt and live your life happier than before it happened. Below are I always get hurt quotes about getting hurt and letting go of that pain.

I Always End up Getting Hurt Quotes

You will never know how much I care for you, or how much I miss you. You are my only love, the only person I ever wanted in my life, and the only friend I ever needed, but all you did to reciprocate my love is to get me hurt.

1. I always end up getting hurt and I hate it because it makes me feel so vulnerable. Has been coming for quite some time now, as a matter of fact.

2. I don’t know why I always end up getting hurt. It’s like I’m a magnet for pain.

3. I always end up getting hurt so, I’m going to try something a bit different this time. This time, I’m going to do the hurting.

1. I always end up getting hurt. It happens every time.

2. No matter how much it hurts now, someday you will look back and realize your struggles changed your life for the better.

3. Oh my god! I can’t get hurt at all on this stunt! I am tired of always being the one to get hurt.

4. My worst fear isn’t getting hurt while doing a stunt – it’s disappointing someone else while they’re being creative and trusting me to do my job well

5. You always get hurt the moment you begin to care.

6. Caring is like love. It’s just a word until someone comes along and makes it mean something.

7. It is easy to get hurt when you care too much. But it is more painful to ask yourself, “What if I didn’t care at all?”

8. I hate being forgotten by someone I would never forget. It’s like every time I fall in love, I always end up getting hurt.

9. I close my eyes, but it’s still there that fear that one day, you’ll find me alone on a bench somewhere and you won’t love me anymore. Am afraid of getting hurt again.

10. Getting hurt by someone you love is worse than getting hurt by a stranger. Because it is unexpected, because when you love someone, you give them all the pieces of you, and when they don’t treat you with the same patience and care that you have for them, it just hurts more.

11. I never expressed my feelings for anyone in this way. But I can do anything only for you!”

12. I am not afraid to fall in love again; I am afraid that when I do fall in love again, I will still end up getting hurt.

13. Friendship is like peeing on yourself: everyone can see it, but only you get a warm feeling that it brings.”

14. I think what hurts is not that we are falling short of our dreams but rather of our expectations.

15. One of my biggest problems is that I care too much about things that don’t even matter in the first place. And in the end, I get hurt.

16. It doesn’t matter what happens to me anymore because I know now that it only matters what happens to those who are close to me and those who are close to me

17. The biggest coward of a man is to awaken the love of a woman without the intention of loving her. This brings hurt in the end.

18. It hurts when you’re being ignored by the person whose attention is the only thing you want in the world.

19. I have a big mouth, and I am always saying stuff that I shouldn’t and getting myself in trouble and pain.

20. A broken heart feeling is a way I always end up getting hurt. I don’t know why it is. It’s like I’m a magnet for pain Or something.

21. I don’t know why, but I always end up getting hurt by the people who say that they would never hurt me.

22. I don’t get burned out, but I do get bored.

23. I work hard and dedicate myself to whatever is put in front of me. I always end up getting hurt, even if it’s not my fault.

24. You know they say that the best way to get over someone is to get under someone else. Doing that most times get me hurt.

25. I will always care for you, even if we’re not together and even if we’re far away from each other. But in the end, I suffer the hurt.

26. I’m so afraid of losing something I love that I refuse to love anything. So, I won’t end up getting hurt.

27. I always end up with the wrong guy. I pick them, they don’t pick me. And I think I do that because deep down inside, I don’t feel like I deserve anything better. And in the long run, I get hurt.

28. No matter how hard you try to protect yourself, you still end up getting hurt by the person you never thought would hurt you at all.

29. The hardest thing I ever tried was walking away when all I wanted to do was run back into your arms and hold tight so you couldn’t leave again. I am tired of getting hurt.

30. The problem with me is that I fall too hard and too fast for people who don’t care at all about me or my feelings…

31. You started out as my friend then ended up being my lover and then turned out to be my worst enemy.

32. Maybe it’s true that things don’t always turn out the way we want them to be, but it is also true that we can never stop trying to be loved and not get hurt.

33. I always end up getting hurt I don’t know why this always happens to me.

34. I can say that I’ve never been afraid to love. I’ve been afraid of getting hurt, but never afraid to love.

35. I don’t really care if you’re going to break up with me because I always end up getting hurt anyway.

36. My friends are always getting hurt because I can’t watch where I’m going.

37. The greatest pain that comes from love, is loving someone you can never have. So as to avoid getting hurt.

38. It’s one thing to fall in love with. It’s another to feel someone else fall in love with you, and feel a responsibility toward that love.

39. I always end up getting hurt because I fall for all the wrong guys in the beginning and then, when I finally find a good guy, I get scared.

40. I always end up getting hurt because I’m too nice for my own good.

41. I always end up getting hurt because I’m not a mean girl, I’m a nice girl.

42. I always end up getting hurt because no one cares how much you care, they just care how much you let them hurt you.

43. I always end up getting hurt because no matter how much time passes, the hurt will still come.

44. I always end up getting hurt because no matter what people say, love hurts more than anything else.

45. I always end up getting hurt because of the same reason: my heart is too big for my body and it makes me fall in love over and over again.

46. I always end up getting hurt because sometimes you have to stop trying to find the pieces of your heart and start realizing that someone else has picked them up for you.

47. I always end up getting hurt. I was never the one who did the hurting. I just don’t get it. I try to be nice and caring but in the end, it’s like no matter what I do, I will always end up getting hurt. Maybe it’s because I am too nice and that’s why people take advantage of me or something.

48. I always end up being the ‘other girl’ and I hate it. I’ve been the ‘other girl’ too many times, and I don’t want to be her ever again.

49. I always end up doing something stupid or saying something dumb., and in the end I get hurt.

50. I always end up in these situations because I believe this is what love is supposed to look like: insecurity, frustration, tears, anger, and pain.

51. I always end up with guys who won’t commit when I really want them to. And I get hurt later.

We’ve all been through it at one point or another, we get hurt over and over again. It tends to leave us with very low self-esteem and feeling like damaged goods. As the saying goes, you have to be your own best friend because you can’t depend on others to fill that role. In order to move forward in a positive direction, you have to learn how to trust yourself again and forgive the past. Don’t let the people or situations from your past ruin your future, allow them to be a teaching tool so you don’t make the same mistake twice. Feel free to share and make use of any quotes of your choice. Thank you.


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