I Always Screw Things up Quotes

I Always Screw Things up Quotes

Screwing things up is an expression of anger, frustration, and/or irritation. A person might say this after they’ve made a mistake and failed to achieve their goal. When you’re a screw-up, nothing ever goes your way. You can never get anything right. No matter what you do, things seem to go wrong and be disrupted by something or someone else.

People who screw things up always walk around with a negative aura and talk down on you, believing they are better than everyone else. You know the type. You might even be one yourself. This is a person who seems to have the magic touch when it comes to making everything they touch fall apart. At work, he’s the person whose single careless decision creates months of delays and extra work for everyone on the project.

We’ve all had someone in our lives who always messes things for us — whether it’s getting us in trouble or just generally messing everything up. They’re bound to be the centre of any mistake that is made. Even if they don’t do anything wrong, these individuals are still sure to create problems for those around them.

Below is a collection of I always screw things up quotes about someone who has a way of making everything go wrong.

I Always Screw Things Up Quotes

I always screw things up. I have never completed anything. My fear of failure, causing others to fail and causing myself to fail means that I screw things up. I’m not reliable, and I don’t trust myself or anyone else.

1. I always screw things up. I broke the coffee pot in my hotel room, overcharged myself and ended up paying extra for my flight!

2. I always screw things up. I’ve been like this since I was a kid. I used to get beaten up because of it, and still do on occasion. But here’s the thing: I’m not saying that as an excuse or anything; just to explain why my problems are so big and so numerous.

3. I never get to finish anything. I start projects and then never finish them because I always screw things up. That’s why I don’t get invited to parties, weddings or family functions because they all know my track record with finishing tasks. And it’s not good, so they avoid me at all costs.

4. I always screw things up. I make mistakes, go off track, and break promises. I am a loser. But I’m working on it.

5. I’m a mess, I always screw things up. It’s been a week since your last visit, and I’ve locked myself in my room again.

6. I always screw things up. I accidentally broke my friend’s computer monitor and then refused to pay for it. My girlfriend broke up with me, and I secretly hoped that it was because of how much I screwed up.

7. I screw everything up. I just can’t get anything right. After I screw things up, I try to hide my feelings.

8. I’m lucky to have made it through my twenties, but I still get anxious about small things, like picking up my phone to see that someone has texted me, or taking a test.

9. I’m a total disaster, and always screw things up. I just can’t do anything right.

10. When I start to screw things up, I become so furious that I can’t think straight. If my friends want to be around me, they should know by now not to ask me to do anything because I’ll just turn it into a mess, which will make me angrier.

11. I have a gift for messing things up. I am over-anxious and overly excited to take on new challenges. I think it’s my way of getting out of my comfort zone, and it’s fun being adventurous when you don’t know where you’re going to end up.

12. Screwing up has led me down this road of writing about my experience—I want to help others minimize the collateral damage when they go make mistakes like me.

13. I always screw things up, and can’t get anything right. I ruined everything!

14. I don’t understand why I can’t even do things right, and I’m completely fed up with it.

15. I always screw things up. Over and over again. It’s like a big screw-up, a big screw-up that keeps on happening.

16. I always screw things up. Either I’m sick or I forget my homework or I get a flat tire, right as I leave the house. Things never go smoothly for me and it always seems like everyone else gets to do whatever they want but not me.

17. Sometimes, I get so mad at myself. I think to myself, “I wish I could just fix my mistakes.”

18. I always screw things up. I wasn’t supposed to call him, I was supposed to text him. Now he’s mad—he thinks I’m too flaky. This is just like when I told his mom that we were engaged.

19. I always make things worse than they already are. I’m a complete mess.

20. I always screw up my relationships with people. I’m always feeling this guilt and shame about it. What is wrong with me? Is there anything I can do to fix this?

21. When I screw up, it’s a big deal. It’s always someone else’s fault — ‘he’ always starts it, and ‘she’ is always on my nerves.

22. I always screw things up. I was trying to come up with a clever title for this and couldn’t think of a single thing.

23. I always screw things up. It seems impossible for me to get it right. I have tried and failed more times than I can count.

24. I always screw things up, so I just don’t try to do anything anymore.

25. I’m a total disaster. I can’t put anything together, and I always screw things up.

26. I always screw things up because I think hard about them and make plans for what to do, but I think so hard that I slip up.

27. I have always had the habit of screwing things up. I don’t know how to talk yet. I feel like an adult around my friends, and I can tell them how it is, but I’m very shy around new people.

28. I always mess up and act like a complete fool. I hold everyone back. They can’t rely on me, and they shouldn’t have to.

29. I always screw things up. That’s all I do, so I might as well stop trying to be good at anything.

30. I always screw things up. I can’t seem to get anything right. I just don’t have any skills, and nothing works out for me. I’m worthless.

31. I always screw things up. The chair is broken, my phone is destroyed, and the cat has run out of the house. Whoops.

32. I am always messing things up. I don’t know what is going on with me.

33. I always screw things up. My life is a wreck, and I can’t do anything right I am so messed up.

34. My life is filled with mistakes, and I can’t seem to fix them. I always screw things up.

35. I always screw things up. I don’t have any money, I can’t get a girlfriend, and no one likes me. My parents don’t even like me.

36. I always screw things up or I do things wrong from the start, either way, you look at it.

37. I always screw things up, no matter the task. My machines often break down, and I can’t even fix them myself. Nothing ever goes my way, it’s infuriating.

38. I always screw things up. When I ask for advice, no one ever answers me. Every time I see a problem, I try to fix it myself instead of asking a professional.

39. I am at my best when I screw things up. That way, I can get it all out of their system, and start fresh again.

40. I can’t do anything. There’s always something wrong with it. I always screw things up. Everything I touch turns to, and I am tired of it.

41. I always screw things up. I never have much money so I can’t afford to buy the things I need, nor do I have much time to get them done. But there are plenty of other people who seem to have it all. Why can’t they just give me their riches?

42. I always screw things up. I’m a massive screw-up, and I don’t know why I can’t just get my head around all of this and figure it out, but it seems rather impossible.

43. I am not a very good employee. I have a habit of screwing things up, and always messing up the first three attempts to do something. I also feel anxious about the classes I am taking because I believe I’m getting outsmarted by my teachers and peers.

44. I’ve always known that I was a screw-up, but I didn’t realize how much it affected other people’s lives until the day I set my car on fire.

45. I always screw things up. I mean really, what did she expect? That I would keep everything together?

46. I always screw things up. I never do anything right, and it drives me insane. No matter how hard I try, my mom still yells at me, my dad is never home, and my brother will never be interested in me. The more things go wrong, the more hopeless I feel.

47. I am always screwing things up. It’s just my nature. My rage is a dangerous thing. I become unstable and irrational.

48. I’m always screwing things up and creating more problems for myself.

49. I always screw things up. Good thing I’m perfect at everything!

50. I always screw things up – I didn’t do the work, I didn’t finish the project on time, and I was late for my meeting. But it isn’t my fault. Sometimes, I feel like I can’t talk to anyone about what’s going on in my life because they won’t care. My friends are worried about me but they don’t know how to help me. After all, this is just who I am so it must be okay to be a failure.

51. I was ready to be the best version of myself, but somehow I always mess up.

52. I always screw things up. I’m impatient, impulsive, and easily distracted, no matter what I’m doing.

53. I always screw things up. But at least, I have a good excuse to do so, because I was born with congenital insensitivity to pain. I’m not a daredevil or anything, but it does come in handy when you’re making dinner and accidentally cut off your finger.

54. I always screw things up. Over and over again, I do the same things that never produce the results I want.

55. I mean, I know how to get things done, but somehow it never goes as planned.

56. I’m angry, excited, and happy. Sometimes, I can’t even explain how I feel. I always screw things up.

57. I may have the wrong idea about a lot of things, but when it comes to the world’s failures and shortfalls, I always know what’s wrong, and what is going wrong.

58. I’m one of those unlucky people who somehow always screw things up. I’m bad at relationships, friendships, and everything else.

59. I always screw things up. Every time my boss asks me to interview a candidate or attend a meeting or perform some other task, I screw it up. I’ll do something wrong, forget something or accidentally say something offensive, and ultimately I’m the reason things don’t work out.

60. I am a screw-up. You might not think so, based on my performance at work, but I know myself better than anyone else does. And, yes, I’m generally aware when I’m about to do something stupid — such as getting a promotion.

61. I always screw things up, and I know it. I can’t hold a steady job, and the only thing in my life that’s ever gone right kept crashing down on me.

62. I could never get anything right. Under no circumstances, ever, do I do anything right. I don’t meet anyone’s expectations, not yours or mine. And they expect more—but I only feel less because there are always roadblocks, challenges, problems, and failures.

63. I always screw things up, and it feels terrible. I just want to stop doing it but every time I feel like I’ve finally accomplished something or even the smallest thing, I find myself screwing it all up again.

64. I can never get anything right, no matter how hard I try. I’m way too busy worrying about things to find a solution.

65. I always screw things up. Everyone hates me. I mean, it was nice seeing his face when he realized that he was sitting on my paper.

66. I always screw things up. I’ve never been good at anything, and I’m afraid that even if I try, it won’t matter because I will still fail.

67. I always screw things up. I want to do something as simple as grocery shopping or doing housework or running errands and somehow, I can’t even do that right!

68. I’ve always made a mess of things. I’m the screw-up in my family, the one who says “screw it” whenever someone tells me to try my best or be on time or stick to a budget. So I’m living my life for myself and no one else.

69. I have a lot of trouble personally, professionally, and romantically. I don’t know why, but it is not just me that things go wrong in life.

70. I always screw things up. I always make mistakes, I don’t get it right, ever. This is just an extension of that: my nemesis is that I always screw something up.

71. It seems like a lot of the time I just screw things up. I can’t get anything right.

72. The thing I do the most is screw things up. I always seem to make the worst decision no matter what.

73. I’ve always thought that it was my fault. I’m the one who screws up the most. This time, too, I know I messed up because I was careless and didn’t think before I acted. It feels like every time something is going on that involves me, it ends up badly in some way.

74. I’ve always had a problem making things happen, I can never finish what I start, and I’m not much better at getting myself out of bad situations.

75. I have a horrible time doing things. I cannot seem to get anything right, and I am always making mistakes that I cannot undo.

76. I always screw things up. I can’t do this thing. I can’t figure out what the mark is. I’m better at following, than thinking.

77. I always screw things up. Whether it’s writing or computers. I just get frustrated with myself the more I do computer stuff. I’m supposed to be a geek but at times, I can’t seem to function much like one.

78. I always screw things up. I never make it to my classes on time, and I fail almost every test in school.

79. I’m not good at anything. I screw things up all the time. I don’t know how to do anything well.

80. I always screw things up. I can’t even do the simplest things right. Every time I do something, it seems like something goes wrong, and people get disappointed in me. I just mess everything up! Everything’s so difficult for me.

81. I always screw up situations. I don’t know how to act or what to do, and the result is always a disaster.

82. I always screw things up, He’s going to be mad at me. She’s going to lose her temper and figure out what I did. I have to fix this right now or else.

83. I always screw things up. I’m just not very good with people or relationships.

84. I always screw things up, but I also always find a way to fix them, or at least, make them better.

85. I always screw things up, and then I have a really bad attitude about it. I’ve always been the kind of person who has trouble doing anything right. If I do manage to get something halfway decent, I screw it up just like that.

86. I always overthink things. I am a complete control freak. But most of all, I can’t stand my mistakes.

87. I always screw things up. I hate myself. I hate my life. Nothing works out as it should, and everyone hates me because of this fact.

88. I always screw things up. I truly do. That’s why I have been spending so much time trying to make things right. I want you to understand how sorry I am for all of the pain and hurt that I have caused you, but also how proud I am of how forgiving and understanding you have been.

89. I always screw things up. I’m just not good with my hands, which isn’t an excuse, I know, but it’s the truth.

90. If something can go wrong, it will. I always seem to make a mess of things. I always screw things up.

91. If I’m not doing something wrong, then my family will do it for me. They never miss an opportunity to make a sarcastic comment about how stupid I am. We should all be thankful that no cameras are watching us when we are at our worst. Although, that might be better than how it is.

92. I always screw things up. It’s a touch of perfectionism, a bit of procrastination, and often a dash of lack of full trust in my process. I’ve been known to do it over and over again. I guess you can say I’m not afraid to get messy. But eventually, I get it right… usually.

93. I screwed things up again. It’s like I can’t do anything right, I’m always messing everything up.

94. I always screw things up and make matters worse. I don’t know what to do when things go awry, and I end up screwing things up over and over again.

95. I always screw things up. I’m not a good enough student, I don’t get along with people well, and I just am not talented enough to do anything.

96. I always screw things up. I think that’s probably because I don’t care about anything, so when I get too passionate about something and want to do it well, I mess it up.

97. I’m not perfect, and I know that I screw things up sometimes. We all make mistakes. It’s normal to mess up once in a while, but here’s the thing: when it happens over and over again, it’s not your fault. It’s theirs.

98. I can’t believe I screwed up again. I don’t even know what to say, except that it won’t happen again.

99. I’m always the source of this; I always screw things up a mess, but I don’t care what they think because I’ve been put down so many times.

100. Just when you think things might be going your way, you screw it up. Now things are worse than before, don’t let that happen again.

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