I Am Happy to Be Me Quotes

I Am Happy to Be Me Quotes

When you are happy to be yourself, it’s often because you have found a way of being that works for you. It’s easy to get this wrong. We can get so caught up in other people’s expectations of us that we forget who we really are. But if we can find a way of being that is authentic and true, then we will feel happier, more fulfilled and more at peace with the world around us.

If you feel that you are a good person, then you will not have any problem being yourself. You can say anything, do anything and feel nothing but happiness. You can even laugh at your own jokes.

It is much better to accept yourself just as you are and embrace all of your strengths and weaknesses as part of your personality. If people don’t like what they see when they look at you, then it is their own problem because they should know that they cannot expect perfection in others because they are not either! Like these I am happy to be me quotes reiterate, you should be happy to look at yourself because you are the best version of who you can be.

I Am Happy to Be Me Quotes

I am satisfied with who I am. I have a one-of-a-kind personality and style that cannot be replicated. My creativity, talent, and individuality are something to be appreciated. I am happy to be me. There is no other person like me.

1. I am a unique individual that brings energy to the people around me. I am creative and naturally talented. My one-of-a-kind personality is something special and exciting. I don’t fake it, I am happy to be me.

2. You’re an original. Don’t let your originality be bogged down by a decision based on the opinions of others. Stand up for yourself and stay true to yourself because it’s more than just you. This is my story because I am happy to be me.

3. I won’t be another face in the crowd. I am happy to be me any day, any time. To be yourself in a world that is constantly trying to make you something else is the greatest achievement.

4. I define my own path in life. I am the only me in the world and I’m happy to be me. I am who I am, and proud to be me. You are you and there is nothing wrong with that.

5. The only limits to where you can go, is the limits you put on yourself. I am who I am because I’ve worked hard to get here. And no one can take that from me.

6. I am an elite personality who strives to be the best in my sport. I am happy to be me. I may have been given a different set of circumstances, but I refuse to let that dictate my future.

7. I am a fearless and loving person because I choose to be! I choose to wake up every morning with a smile, not an argument. I rejoice in the fact that I have the power to create my own reality. I live in gratitude for my many blessings.

8. I could never fit into a mould; I’ve made my own path. I am very happy to be myself in times of difficulty and otherwise. Let your dreams be as wild as your imagination. Have the courage to pursue them, and to make your most important wishes come true.

9. I am more than just a writer. I’m a mother, friend, sister and daughter. I’m active in my community and passionate about helping others achieve their goals. I am happy to be me.

10. I may have been dealt with by a different hand in life, but I refuse to let my surroundings dictate the direction of my travels. I look forward to the future with optimism. I am happy to be me.

11. I’ve worked hard for everything I have and I’m proud of what I’ve accomplished. My self-esteem is not limited by the hand I was dealt, but instead by the choices that I make. I am happy to be me.

12. I may have had a difficult start in life, but that doesn’t define my tomorrow. Despite the challenges I have faced, I continue to help those less fortunate, now dedicating my time to the homeless and the disabled.

13. Everyone has a different story that’s made up of the same universal ingredients: love, loss and hardship. We all have the ability to turn our struggles into successes by believing in ourselves and learning to help ourselves. As for me, I am happy to be me, in spite of all I have been through.

14. I don’t need the rewards that most people measure success by. I have learned to ignore the boundaries and limitations in life, and have achieved greater freedom in all aspects of my life. I am happy to be me and to still be left standing tall after all my trials in life.

15. I’ve learned that success isn’t monetary or status related. I no longer set my expectations according to what society tells me is right. I am contented and happy to be me.

16. I have had a life of adventure and excitement, one that is filled with memories, insight, thoughtfulness and happiness. I strive every day to live up to my own expectations.

17. The rewards we get in life are determined by the choices we make, not the things that happen to us. The universe is unlimited, and that means our potential for success is also limitless. Let’s go for it! I have made my choice and I am happy to be me.

18. The reason I travel extensively is not to see the world but to get away from other people. I don’t want a negative influence because I am happy to be me.

19. I don’t wake up early to start my day with a cup of coffee. I wake up every morning full of energy, ready to take on the world and tackle things head-on with a genuine smile on my face. My days are never mundane, and I am always looking for ways to live up to my potential and help others do the same.

20. I never want to be like anyone else. I only want to be myself and I am proud to be me. Too many people are worried about what other people think of them. Best not to care so much. Be your only true critic and remember that you’ll never be perfect.

21. Don’t worry about what others think of you because at the end of the day, you have to live with yourself. Be proud of who you are and never give up. I have gone past that stage of life, I am happy to be me.

22. I am my biggest fan and greatest critic. I strive to succeed in all that I do and set a great example for others. Because of this, I push myself to the limits to ensure I don’t compare myself to anyone, and I am happy to be me.

23. There are many people out there who want to be cool, but being cool isn’t the same as being unique. You don’t have to act like someone you’re not in order to be cool; all you have to do is be yourself and enjoy life as you see it. I am happy to be me.

24. You have the capacity to be anything you want to be, and with hard work, you can achieve greatness. To be happy with who you are is a great thing. I am happy to be me.

25. Every day I wake up and ask myself, “How can I be the best me that I can be?” It’s easy to forget how special we are, but it becomes abundantly clear when I read things written by others who also want to remember how amazing they are.

26. There are billions of people in the world who look and sound just like me. I am not special, but I am one of a kind. I am so happy to be me. No matter what you’re up against, never quit and always believe in yourself.

27. I am unique. You are unique. Everyone is unique. No one can be replaced and no one can be replicated. I am the one chance you’ve got at happiness. I am not proud but I am happy to be me.

28. Stop comparing yourself with others. I am happy to be me. Stop comparing yourself with others. You’re unique and no one can ever be like you.

29. Never compare yourself to someone else. Everyone is different and amazing in their own way. Be proud of who you are. I am happy to be me. I hope you can say the same of yourself.

30. I am proud of who I am and I am happy to be me. Don’t compare yourself to others. Just because your friends are models doesn’t mean you should aspire to their physical perfection. There are plenty of other things you can be.

31. I have learnt many lessons in life and the top of the list is to be happy to be me. If someone achieved results which you want to achieve, do not be upset. You do not need to envy anyone, and never compare yourself with anyone. That is how you will reach many achievements.

32. Strive for success, not perfection. For once you achieve perfection, you stop. And that’s not in your nature. Excellence is the peak of all the chase. I am happy to be me.

33. We are all unique individuals. We are each blessed with one distinct life. I am a special project that cannot be tampered with. I am happy to be me.

34. I’m a project that cannot be altered. I’m operating at optimum levels. I can’t be manipulated. You know I’ll be here waiting. You know I’m never changing my mind. They ask me why, and I tell them I’m in this for life.

35. I’m a shining example of what you can accomplish. I’m unstoppable and you should be too! You can do better than I can. You can achieve more than I ever will but I will always be proud to be myself.

36. I have a single goal. It is accomplished with an unrelenting consistency and I never veer from my course. I am unstoppable. I will crush all opposition. I stand above the rest. I am happy to be me.

37. I am the most powerful force in the universe. I cannot be rivalled. My power is limitless. I am a unique individual. I am determined to be the best me there ever was. I am happy to be me.

38. I am a unique and amazing individual. I will be the ultimate me! I will become better at everything I do. I am going to be the best me. I am in control of my destiny. I will work hard and never give up.

39. I will never quit. There is strength in the discipline. I am strong, smart and confident beyond belief. I am a dreamer who works hard and it pays off in the end.

40. Stay true to yourself, remember where you come from, stay disciplined and never quit. True success is found in working hard every day. I have set some goals and I am going to achieve them. I’m so excited about my future and I know that I will succeed.

41. I am going to set some goals, and focus on my future. I know that I can become successful and reach my goals. My future is bright, and I must not hesitate to follow my dreams. I am excited about my future. I anticipate the exceptional things that will happen tomorrow. The things that can’t wait for are getting closer as I achieve my goals, and I am so happy about it.

42. I am excited about my future. I am proud of myself for being on the right track. I look forward to achieving the things that will happen tomorrow. The exciting things in my life are coming true and it makes me so happy.

43. Even though I’m anxious and I’d be lying to say that I’m not, I’m not scared. Maybe afraid doesn’t really describe it, but that’s okay because when you face your fears, they can be demystified. My dreams turned into my goals and my goals turned into reality.

44. I am an unstoppable force. I move fast and break things because I care about results more than I care about my own success. That’s why I get things done. If you think it, you can achieve it! I want to achieve this so much that I’m willing to work hard and persevere.

45. I have big dreams and even bigger goals. There’s no stopping me. I’m going to go all the way. Achieve your dreams. Your past does not define your future. You have to believe in yourself, work hard and be persistent.

46. I am the master of my destiny. I am happy to be me. Who will you be? See the world in a way no one else does. I am so much more than what you thought. It’s time to see the world in a way no one else does. Don’t believe everything you hear. This isn’t the only life worth living. You’re so much more than what you thought. Be true to yourself.

47. The world is a big and beautiful place. I can help you see it in a way no one else can. I am your dream come true, I am the best version of you. I am the thing that makes you happy. I am a helper and I am happy to be me.

48. I am a designer who, although small, will soon be ruling the world. I work with large companies to solve unique problems. I am driven and full of potential, my friends.

49. I’m a better you. I’ll always be there to back you up when life is overwhelming. I’ll help you get things done, so you can get on with living. I am unique; I have no other copy. I am happy to be me.

50. I am an original. There is no one else exactly like me. I bring joy to the world by being my authentic self. You are you and that’s good enough. Life is too short to be anyone but yourself, so be yourself today!

51. When I look at myself, I am always happy for who I am and what I have become today. I am happy to be me. I am happy for who I am and what I have become today. Every day I live my life, becoming the person I want to be is a journey of hard work, determination and the willingness to try.

52. Be patient. One day the right person will come along and see you for who you really are. The one thing I truly believe is we are all blessed. Happiness and confidence are two key elements in leading a successful life. How do you feel when you look at yourself? I bet you feel good about yourself.

53. Be thankful for the person you are and the things you have. It’s seldom that a person gets an opportunity to really consider themselves and reflect on their personality, habits, physical characteristics, character traits, etc.

54. You are the one in charge of your destiny. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise, and most importantly, remember that you alone have the power to change your life. Your actions do matter, and taking action right now will help put you on the right path to a better future.

55. I don’t compare myself with anyone, I am happy to be me. I am happy. I am at peace. All is good in my world. I’m not going to compare myself with anyone else. I want to be exactly the person that I am.

56. I’m enough. Whatever that is. I don’t have to be like someone else. I am happy being me. I’m not the best football player, but I’ll do my best. I want to win the World Cup for my country, and for myself. I will do all I can to achieve my goals.

57. I have big dreams, and I am going to make them happen. I will never give up! Ever since I was a kid, I always wanted to be better than everyone else. I accept myself for who I am. I am happy to be me.

58. I accept who I am for what I do. I like myself just the way that I am. I am worthy. My opinions and beliefs are important. I like being unique and adjusting, changing, and evolving.

59. You are who you choose to be. You can be anything. Anything, that is great and magical! I am not going to waste time trying to be someone else’s idea of what I should be.

60. Be proud of who you are and where you come from. Your actions define who you are. No matter what you do, remember that you should be proud of yourself. You are a person to be reckoned with, so don’t let anybody tell you otherwise.

61. No one else can do exactly the things which I do. I am unique and happy to be me. I am a unique individual who has no equal. I am capable of anything and will reach for the stars. It’s me against the world, and I need to win! The future is mine.

62. I was born to do great things. I am unapologetically myself, and that is why I have achieved so much. I never regret my choices, but learn from them. There is no better time than now to make more of me.

63. Unapologetically me. Bold, outgoing, and confident. I am not afraid to take risks or try new things. I strive for perfection but embrace my flaws and uniquely handsome qualities. When I start speaking, I can’t wait to see the reactions on my listener’s faces. They always have a look of surprise, joy, and admiration.

64. I’m getting to live my dream and I hope you are, too. Good luck! There is no one who can convince me otherwise; I am the best product of myself and I am happy to be me. I am the best version of myself. I am inspired by my achievements and fueled by my passions. I am successful and confident.

65. No matter what anyone tells you, you are perfect in your own right. You can be anyone or anything you want to be. If you work hard and believe in yourself, you can achieve your dreams. I accept the fact that I’m the best me there has ever been, and that anyone who doesn’t like how “me” I am is free to leave.

66. I use my positive vibes and pure self-confidence to efficiently go about my day. Self-confidence comes from knowing who you are and what you believe in, which is why I find that having a genuine sense of myself as well as a strong sense of trust/ faith in the universe helps me remain confident in myself.

67. Confidence is the ability to see oneself as a positive, capable person. It is self-respect. It is balance and harmony between humility and pride, between confidence and humility—the latter being not a negative but an essential disposition in contact with reality at all times, especially when things are going badly.

68. I am the best version of myself and my type. I am happy to be me. I’m the best version of myself. I love my types and I love myself.”

69. I believe that everyone is an original version of themselves. That there isn’t a right or wrong way to be, but that everyone has the right to live their life any way they choose. It also has a motivational feeling as she talks about being free to be you and ends with you being happy to be yourself.

71. In my best moments I learn a lot about myself. I am proud to be the person I am today. I wake up excited and ready to take on the day because I know who I am. I am self-confident and determined. I am fearless and ambitious. I am intelligent. I work hard and play harder.

72. Self-affirmation statements are a great way to remind yourself of things that you love about yourself. While this exercise may seem simple and easy, it has been shown that self-affirmation is extremely effective in improving self-esteem and your ability to take action toward your goals.

73. I am happy to be Myself. I’m happy to be myself, right here right now. It took me six months to realize the importance of self-confidence and to regain it! I woke up one morning and asked myself what I want in life. I started listening to my inner voice, and everything became easy. Now I am happy to be ME. And this is a beautiful thing!

74. I’m rocking my own style. I have passion, drive and determination. I have a strong will to succeed! I have passion. I have a drive. I am determined to succeed! I am a passionate girl with the drive and determination to succeed. I have a strong will to always be at my best.

75. I have a strong will to succeed and I have a strong desire to achieve my goals. I know that a winner never quits and failure is not an option!

76. I want to prove to myself and everyone else around me that I can be a winner! I’m willing to succeed, learn from any mistakes, and never give up. I will work hard to achieve success at all costs!

77. I am driven by the determination to always be better than I was – yesterday. No matter what the cost or sacrifice, I know that winners never quit and quitters never win.

78. I know I will succeed and I’m willing to work hard and ignore my failures. If you want to reach your goal, then you will have to be ready to fight for it!

79. I’m a driven person who’s passionate about everything I do. I’m a driven person who’s passionate about everything I do. I work hard and have the strong communication skills needed to succeed in my career.

80. I’m a driven person who’s passionate about everything I do. If you’re not driven, and if you don’t have a passion for the things you do, then good luck with that. I’m more than just a cup of coffee – I’m a driven person that’s passionate about everything they do.

81. I am a driven person who’s passionate about life! I’m an ambitious person who’s always looking for challenges. I’m always aiming for greatness!

82. I don’t believe in just putting in the hours. I take action. I could spend all day talking about my journey, but it’s my actions that make all of the difference. Everything I do will go from 0 to 100 without any hesitation.

83. I have a willingness to do whatever it takes to get the job done right. I am an unstoppable force with a thirst for knowledge, experience, and opportunity.

84. Make the most of what you’ve been given. Never forget where you came from. Remember who you are. I am special and happy to be who I am. Even in a world of seven billion people, I am special.

85. I am smart, beautiful, and truly unique. I am invited to be myself at all times and to share my gifts with the world You are the love of my life. I believe that you are smart, beautiful, and truly unique. You are invited to be yourself at all times and to share your gifts with the world.

86. You are more than you believe. I know you have a special gift to share with the world. You are invited to be yourself at all times, and to live a life of abundance! I will embrace the best version of myself and share my gifts with the world.

87. You are brilliant beyond measure. You’re ready for this world and able to make a difference in it more than you know I am a chief who is capable and driven to create positive change in my community.

88. I am a unique and remarkable person. I make the most of my natural talents and capitalize on my advantages. Unique and gifted, I am a force to be reckoned with. Not only do I live up to my own expectations, I exceed them.

89. I’m an individual with goals and dreams. I’m driven by a relentless desire to achieve every ambition and achieve my full potential. I will continue to develop my skills in ways that make me stand out. I am an innovator, always thinking of new ways to do things better.

90. I am unique in every way, and my unique talents can help others. A diversity of views, backgrounds and beliefs makes organizations stronger, so I look to others for inspiration and ideas.

91. I am an active, motivated person who rises to the challenge. I have the energy and determination to reach my goals. You were born to make a difference. Your genius has no limits. The world needs you now more than ever before.

92. You are unique, and the only one like you in the world. Never stop doing what you love because even if it doesn’t go mainstream, you can still be excited by your journey towards self-fulfilment.

93. It doesn’t matter who you are or where you’re from, everyone has something to offer. At Verizon, we believe in providing resources that can help change the world through mobile technology. Join us.

94. We have all the ingredients to become wildly successful and happy. I am happy to be me. I accept everything that I am. It’s okay to be different because I am special, just like everyone else in the world. Believe in yourself and you can be anything you want to be.

95. I feel happy and lucky every day that I get to wake up in my body. I know it is a miracle and I am truly grateful. I am truly grateful that my body carries me through my days. Every morning, I thank the universe for this tremendous opportunity and promise to be the best I can be.

96. I wake up with a smile on my face. Every morning, I am grateful to be breathing, alive and healthy. Everyday, I am so grateful to be alive. My body is my vehicle to living a fun, exhilarating life in a human form with abilities that we often take for granted. Fail to appreciate your body, and you are limiting yourself to mediocre existence.

97. I wake up every morning grateful. I inspire. I motivate. I act. It is a miracle that we are alive, but I still haven’t received my superpower.

98. For those who are a bit short on hope, here is a quote from a famous author that can persuade you otherwise: “If you are depressed you are living in the past. If you are anxious you are living in the future. If you are at peace you are living in the present.” -Lao Tzu

999. I have not always been who I am today. I have experienced many hardships that shaped and moulded me into everything I am. I may not be perfect, but I love myself for all that I am capable of becoming.

100. I believe in being myself; I believe in being a good human being. I’m all about positivity, thoughtfulness, and happiness. We are the best versions of ourselves when we accept ourselves for who we are and work on improving our weaknesses.

Never forget that you are a great person inside. You have many skills and talents that make you who you are…Just like these I am happy to be me quotes, always remember how great you are.

If you pay more attention to your negative aspects, it will eat away your self-confidence and good perspective on life.


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