I Am Not Anti-Social Quotes

Among other definitions, an anti-social person is not sociable or wants the company of others. They could also be termed introverts, who oftentimes need solitude to function better. These kinds of people easily get exhausted by social activities and prefer one-on-one conversations to small talk or extended conversations with groups of people.

As enjoyable as this life or behaviour seems to some people, others do not like being called introverts or anti-social. To them, being anti-social diminishes one’s quality of life. They feel being anti-social will make you miss out on opportunities to meet new people and build a strong rapport with them as well as have amazing conversations with friends and family.

To such sociable people, being anti-social is being alone and making decisions based on one’s limitations. They maintain that when you socialize interesting conversations can be sparked, advice gotten, new friends made and lasting relationships built with others.

If you are one of those who embrace the theory that one should not be alone but be social, then these I am not anti-social quotes were written specially for you.

I Am Not Anti-Social Quotes

I am not anti-social! I am just not like you. Socializing is a great way to learn to be happy and make my life easier. I like being around friends, family, and new people who could bring life-changing opportunities into my life.

1. I don’t have to be shy or hide from others because I am not anti-social and I can stand up for myself in any situation.

2. I am not anti-social and I can stand up for myself in any situation. I enjoy talking to people and forming my own opinions and bonds rather than just agreeing because that’s what we are ‘suppose’ to do.

3. I’m not anti-social. I am proud of myself. If you see me in public and want to say hi, don’t hesitate.

4. I am not anti-social but I do understand how to blend in. Nobody’s perfect, so it’s important to learn how to blend in and operate the way others do.

5. I’m not anti-social, it’s just that my mind is so loud, I can’t hear you.

6. I’m not anti-social. I just don’t like you. I’m so busy making new friends that I have no time to talk to the old ones.

7. I’m not anti-social and don’t understand why people feel the need to hide behind their phones. I’ve never understood the point of Snapchat anyway.

8. I’m pretty sure I can socialize with ease like an intelligent person. I’m not anti-social.

9. I am confident that I do not need to exclude myself from some of the activities that most other people enjoy.

10. I can go to a party where I don’t know anyone and come home with more friends than when I left

11. I don’t have to be shy or hide from others because I am not anti-social and I can stand up for myself in any situation.

12. Get out of your comfort zone, explore the world and enjoy it. I am not anti-social and I can stand up for myself in any situation.

13. Hey, look. I’m not anti-social and it’s okay to stand out sometimes. So don’t be shy and stand up for yourself in any situation.

14. I am not anti-social. I can be outgoing and friendly as much as the next person. It just takes a minute to read my bio to find that out.

15. I like to spend my free time travelling and writing. Nobody can ever come close to me, because I am not anti-social.

16. I am not anti-social, I just don’t want to be with people. I love my friends and I love having people over, but when it’s time to go to sleep at night I just want to be alone.

17. They say I’m anti-social. I say that’s just because I’m part of the conversation.

18. What makes you think I’m anti-social? If it’s worth talking to me, then I am all for it. But if not, I can Snapchat or text you.

19. It’s the age of connectivity and we’re more connected than ever. We live our life as it happens because there isn’t an end to the story, just a new beginning.

20. I’m anti-social, but I’m pretty good at standing up for myself!

21. I’m not antisocial, I am Selectively Social. When the situation gets uncomfortable, I get comfortable.

22. I am no longer anti-social, I’ve been cured and will never hide from anyone again.

23. I am no longer anti-social. I’ve been cured of introversion and I’ll never hide from people again.

24. I am not anti-social. I am a pro conversation. I get out of my comfort zone and talk to someone I don’t know.

25. Don’t let anyone walk over you because of your antisocial personality.

26. An anti-social person who is not afraid to speak his mind and let people know what he thinks; A man that is not afraid to tell people how it really is.

27. I’m sorry I can’t be there with you. I am anti-social and quiet, but that doesn’t mean I hate people.

28. We are all a little different, but we’re all the same in that we have unique interests and passions. I am not anti-social, I’m pro-solitude.

29. I’m an antisocial person. I don’t drink, party, or go out. But you know what? I don’t need to be your friend.

30. People have a hard time understanding my humor. I’m not anti-social, I just don’t care about you. Sarcasm is my defense mechanism.

31. I am not, I repeat, NOT anti-social. I do talk to people now and then but I don’t think that puts me in the same category as others who are always friendly, social butterflies.

32. People say that I’m anti-social but I am not. it’s just that I like my own company more than theirs.

33. Hahaha, no one will understand you when you say you’re not anti-social but just not their cup of tea.

34. I wasn’t anti-social when I was younger, I just found the internet. It’s just not the same as a conversation.

35. I’m about as antisocial as a guy can get. I watch all the major football games at home, with my dog and my six best friends.

36. I don’t have to be shy or hide from others because I am not anti-social and I can stand up for myself in any situation.

37. I don’t have to listen to people or avoid social conversations because I am not anti-social and I can stand up for myself in any situation.

38. I can hide in the dark and not be seen by others. I am anti-social, which means that I can’t stand up for myself in any situation.

39. I have no problem with other people and can stand up for myself in any situation.

40. I used to be anti-social and afraid to talk. Now I’m confident and I can speak up in every situation.

41. I am not anti-social. I know that I can stand up for myself in any situation. So what if I’m shy? I can learn to be social when it’s needed.

42. I am not anti-social, I am a social butterfly lol. I love spending time with my friends. I don’t need to be on Facebook to know I have you in my life.

43. Hey, I’m not anti-social. I’m just not your average girl. I may be the most unpopular girl in school, but I’m pretty sure there’s no one like me.

44. I’m not anti-social. I just choose to only hang out with people who are worth it.

45. I can’t be anti-social. I love people too much. You can’t get rid of me. I’m like the plague but without the boils or rats.

46. Nothing will ever bring you down. You’re strong, and you’re determined. Yep. You’re anti-social, and that’s totally all right.

47. You’re anti-social. That’s okay. You just need a little sunshine to light up your life.

48. You’re a social butterfly, and you know it. You love to hang out with friends, and everyone loves you.

49. I’m anti-social, so shy I just stand there like a wallflower. But I prove that I can stand up for myself in any situation.

50. Don’t worry, I’m not anti-social lol, But we can still be friends.

51. Hello. I am not anti-social. I just don’t want to spend all of my time talking about the same old boring nonsense.

52. I’m not anti-social, I just don’t want to be around you.

53. So I am anti-social. I’m the kind of girl that sits at the lunch table with a book at lunch.

54. One of my biggest pet peeves is being anti-social in social situations.

55. I’d rather be anti-social than miss a great opportunity to embarrass myself.

56. I’d rather be antisocial than have to deal with people.

57. No matter what other people think, I will stay true to my anti-social attitude and make no apologies for it.

58. I always want to be a good person and stand up for what’s right. But I prefer to be anti-social, even though I might miss out on making lifelong friendships.

59. Life is a little bit lonely, but not for you. You hate people, and you like being alone. You are the anti-social star.

60. You know yourself best, and you’re the only one who decides what makes you happy. Your best friend is your phone, but IT’S FINE.

61. Everything’s cool. You’ve got it going on, and your friends and family are so proud of you. Keep up the positive energy.

62. This unique personality of yours does not stop you from making friends, or going out and having fun. You have goals, you have dreams and the best part is that you’re loud about it.

63. You are strong. You are determined. You are driven. You can do anything you put your mind to.

64. You’re a great friend and a stellar coworker, but you just don’t feel like going to the party. Sometimes it’s okay to say no, right?

65. There’s never a bad time to get together with friends. And if you need help organizing that activity, count on us. We’ll make sure everyone has fun, every time.

66. You’re here to make friends, not enemies. Kindness is the key to your life. Say it with us now: “Friends are the family you choose.”

67. You can do anything you put your mind to. Your amazing personality is bound to get you to the top.

68. I have a weird ability to talk with anyone. I don’t get nervous or shy, so I can be the one to break the ice.

69. I’m a natural at talking with anyone and instantly putting them at ease. For me, networking comes easy.

70. I love to be social and talk to anyone. I make lots of friends and often am the one who gets everyone together.

71. I’m outgoing, charming, and confident. I can make anyone feel comfortable, even strangers at a party. I’m the total social butterfly.

72. I’m the type of person that everyone loves. I fit in with any crowd, no matter how awkward or different.

73. I am sociable and get along well with others. My ability to make friends easily helps create a friendly, comfortable environment.

74. I am the master of any crowd. I love breaking the ice with a joke, and I’m always the best dressed at the party.

75. I’m the guy who’s always talking to everyone. Whether you need me to start conversations or to keep them going, I’ve got you covered.

76. I’m a big fan of meeting new people and having interesting conversations. I’m great at finding common ground and making others feel comfortable and accepted.

77. I’m amazing at striking up and holding great conversations with new people.

78. I love making new friends and meeting people from all walks of life.

79. I’m the guy who gets the party started. I can work in a room and make people comfortable, no matter the size of the crowd.

80. If you’re out at night, I’m there to make sure your night is unforgettable and full of laughter.

81. I’m the type of person who can walk into a room and light it up.

82. More than having a lot of friends on social media, I’d rather have a few real ones.

83. I can’t stand people and I am sick and tired of feeling the need to hide.

84. I don’t need to worry about being judged by others or feeling awkward. I am confident in my skin and can interact confidently with others.

85. In social situations I tend to be quiet and uncomfortable.

86. I am not comfortable in situations where I am in a big crowd of people. I would rather be by myself or with one other person I trust.

87. I seek to avoid contact with others and have little or no interest in forming relationships.

88. I can still talk to people, I just don’t like talking to others.

89. I am quiet and like to mingle, but I speak volumes. People seek me out because I have something to say.

90. Do you always feel nervous around others? Do you have an overwhelming desire to be left alone? You are not alone. These feelings are normal.

91. Remember, it’s better to be ignored than to be embarrassed. Try to see the bright side of things, and be grateful that life is throwing you fewer opportunities to ruin everything you do.

92. I make sure that I always miss out on opportunities. There’s nothing better than missing out on something you can’t remember later.

93. Who needs to go out and look like an idiot when you can do that in the privacy of your own home?

94. I’d rather be at home alone. There’s nothing but bad news outside.

95. I love walking into rooms and just being able to have fun. Everything feels brighter and happier and it seems like you can get things done.

96. I’m a fun, social person who loves people. I can light up any room by starting conversations and making people smile.

97. I’m the sort of person who can light up a room when I walk into it. It’s one of my greatest strengths.

98. I’m really great at parties. People always want to be around me, and I like that.

99. My friends describe me as the life of the party. I always have a great time wherever I am and enjoy making others laugh.

100. Some people don’t like me. I don’t need to be like them and I’m not going to be like them at all. I can stand up for myself, I am not anti-social.

Socializing helps you learn about yourself and the outside world. It is important to work on being able to express your thoughts and feelings in a non-hostile manner. Trust me,

I hope these I am not anti-social quotes helped show that it is not worth being stuck in the house, staring at your computer, or avoiding your friends and family. Please do well to comment below and forward the post to others who will appreciate it also.

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