I Can Breathe Again Quotes

If you’ve ever lost something of value, you may be familiar with the feeling of relief that comes when you get it back. Losing something important can have a devastating effect on your life and your emotional well-being, so when it is finally found again, that moment should be celebrated.

You may have gone through some sort of adversity; whether it was losing a job, or having a loved one pass away, but the most important thing to remember is that life goes on. You’ll be fine! if you look back with positivity at what you’ve overcome, it can be one of your greatest stepping stones moving forward in life.

Feeling good about life is a choice you have to make. You can choose to feel good about life or you can choose not to feel that way. Living in the moment is what makes you feel less burdened by things that are out of your control, so be grateful for everything you have and whenever you have time, take a deep breath and smile because it’s going to be okay.

The reality is that life is hard. Life is often filled with stress and challenges that leave you feeling as if you are being robbed of your very existence. There are times when you just want to say, “I can breathe again.” As such, this collection of inspiring I can breathe again quotes will express yourself better after fighting through a difficult situation.

I Can Breathe Again Quotes

I can breathe again. I’m free of anxiety and worry, safe from the dark cloud that used to hang over my head. I know some things could go wrong at any time, but right then I felt like nothing bad could happen to me again.

1. I can breathe again. I’m not the same person and now I’m the best version of myself.

2. I can breathe again but it was not easy. It has been a hard road, but I am so grateful for the opportunity and support to keep going.

3. I can breathe again; I no longer need to suffer.

4. I can breathe again, I smiled for the first time in days.

5. I can breathe again, and now I know that whatever life throws at me tomorrow, I’m going to be ok.

6. I can breathe again. It’s been a long journey and I’m not where I need to be, but I’m working at it; and one day, maybe I’ll get there.

7. I can breathe again; I can be myself again. I got it back!

8. I can breathe again. That’s all I can say right now, but it feels so good.

9. Finally, finally! I can breathe again. Not too long ago, my soul was deteriorating.

10. I can breathe again. The sun is shining on my face. A few moments ago, it looked like a thundercloud might roll in overhead at any moment

11. I can breathe again because I’m blessed with a beautiful day that seems perfect for celebrating life again!

12. I can breathe again because the fresh air of freedom has swept through my lungs for the first time in what feels like years.

13. I can breathe again, but only because I remember to exhale.

14. The air is fresh; the sky is blue, and I can breathe again

15. I have found the right person. So, I can breathe again.

16. Life is a journey and I’m happy I can breathe again.

17. I can breathe. I can feel and think again. Fear and anxiety have been reduced to a manageable level.

18. I can breathe again. I am set free to love. It’s wonderful.

19. I can breathe again, and I am so happy that I can’t stop smiling. I’m just so happy to feel like me again!

20. I can breathe again, no longer fatigue and I’m starting to feel like a normal person again.

21. I can breathe again. I can smile again because I’ve been given the courage to move on.

22. I can breathe again because I’ve gotten the strength to smile through my tears.

23. I can breathe again. What a relief to have no more clutter, no more stress, and no more worries!

24. I can breathe again. I thought my life was over, but it has just begun.

25. I can breathe again, and I am grateful for the breath of life because it means I can make a difference in this world!

26. I can breathe again, after the pain; I found a way to live my life again when death was so close.

27. I can breathe again. I have new hope for life, and work on my depression has paid off.

28. When I can breathe again, I can speak again. When I speak again, I can think again. When I think again, I feel alive again.

29. I can breathe again, I can think again, and I am, for the first time in a long time, truly happy.

30. I can breathe again. I know exactly how I feel and finally, I’m sure of what I want to do.

31. I can breathe again. I’m learning to live again. I’m learning to trust people again. I thank God for giving me another chance

32. I can breathe again; the fog has lifted, and all my problems are gone. I don’t know what happened but all of a sudden, things seem so much better.

33. I can breathe again. I can laugh again. I can cry again. I can smile again. All because I found myself in the process.

34. I can breathe again because for so long I didn’t realize I couldn’t.

35. I can breathe again; I feel the relief of this moment of clarity.

36. I can breathe again. I can hear it again. My life is making sense again.

37. I can breathe again, and it feels amazing. That’s how I feel right now because I’ve finally allowed myself to be put behind me.

38. I can breathe again. I could never have imagined the depth of my discontent.

39. I can breathe again. I know this because I can feel a refreshing sensation that brings joy to my heart.

40. I can breathe again. I’ve found my way out and now I’m facing my demons, telling them to get the hell away from me. I’m a survivor and not just that, I’ll be fine.

41. I can breathe again. I’m going to count my breaths. They are going to be deep and long, and every time I exhale, God makes another breath for me.

42. I can breathe again. Life is mine to command. I’ve never been so free.

43. I can breathe again because I could finally figure out what was wrong with me.

44. I can breathe again and it’s almost like I’m enlightened. It is freeing and relaxing, just like being in the ocean.

45. I can breathe again. I have made it through, if not unscathed, then at least alive.

46. I can breathe again; if I have the willpower, I can achieve what I set out to do.

47. I can breathe again. I don’t have to hide anything from you anymore, and I feel like it’s finally ok for me to be myself.

48. I can breathe again. I didn’t realize what a tight grip my stress had on me until today

49. These days I feel better. More peaceful and happier and I can breathe again.

50. I can breathe again because I have been able to fully express my pain and anger.

These I can breathe again quotes listed above has helped many individuals to find comfort amidst their depressing situation. I strongly believe that they will help you too.

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