I Hope Your Son Gets Well Soon Wishes and Quotes

I Hope Your Son Gets Well Soon Wishes and Quotes

No one prays to be sick, no sane human will prefer sickness in the place of good and sound health. But then, the body isn’t an engine (scientists might come after me for this though), after several ups and downs, exposure to different weather and elements, one’s health might suffer a relapse.

As an adult, well, this may not be a big deal. You can get back on your feet with your efforts. But kids require special treatments. That’s why child care is a very unique talent that not all adults can exhibit. There are many ways to protect your child that you should get familiar with.

Children are special, when they fall sick, they make your tensions build up and your anxiety running wildly. But as an adult (whether you’re the parent or not), you should not hesitate to do all you can to make them get well quickly. Listening to them and bearing with their excesses at that moment, now, that’s one of the ways you can show love to a sick child.

You will make your sick child happy if you go out of your way to carefully get them what will interest them, that’s if you can afford it. If you cannot, you don’t have to break your back. What you can do is make use of the time they’re indisposed to bond with them. These and more are the little things that count with a child and also one of the ways to touch a child’s heart.

It’s a critical time for a parent whose son is currently down with flu or suffering from one illness or the other. To show to your friends, families, acquaintances and colleagues among others that you care about their son’s wellbeing, sending them some words of hope, encouragements and wishes will be a great thing to do.

And this post might just be the magic drug that they need to speed up their healing process. Let your friends and family find comfort in the fact that they’re not alone but your thoughts are with them too as they take care of their ailing child.

Apart from some advice on how to get home remedies for flu or treatment for a dislocation or the likes, send any of the ‘I hope your son gets well soon wishes and quotes in this post as it has been carefully put together just to suit the atmosphere and the occasion you need it for. In a way, you’ve added peace to their mind and bring comfort to them. Even though it’s an adult son or a child, these wishes are just great.

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May Your Son Get Well Soon

I know how unsettled your mind will be at the moment about your son’s health. I want you to know that my utmost prayer right now is that soon enough, he will get well and perfectly healed too.

1. I join my faith with yours and hope it gives you all the courage you need that your son will get well as soon as he can.

2. This is the time you have to stay as relaxed as you can be because I’m very confident that your son will be healed and soonest too.

3. Make sure you don’t worry too much, in fact, you must cheer up because nothing is going to happen to your son. He’ll be fine.

4. I’ve seen more than enough of you to know that you are the strongest human around here and fortunately, your son is built the same way. You see there’s nothing to worry about?

5. Your son is a strong human, I know that because I’ve seen enough instances of his strength. He’ll recover soon enough, don’t worry yourself too hard.

6. I’ve prayed for you, the Lord will bless your son with good health, I trust that so much.

7. We all miss seeing your son jump about with great strength, don’t worry, he’ll be back on his feet quite soonest too.

8. Your son is a sweetheart, I miss seeing him running about but I’m sure he’ll scale through this. He’s a strong-willed young man, he’ll definitely be fine.

9. Our champ with unrivalled strength, that’s your son. He’ll be fine, don’t worry yourself too much.

10. Hey, I miss your son’s smiles as much as you do. So know that I’m praying hard and he’s going to be fine soonest.

11. He’s not just your son, he’s our joy giver. Be rest assured that we all got you and he’ll be fine.

12. I know just how worried you’ll be right now because I am too, but I’m confident that he’ll be fine soonest.

13. The only reason it seems like I’m not worrying too much about your son’s health is that I’m certain he’ll get well soonest.

14. I know this is not the best of times for you and I’m sure you’re strong, but then let me remind you that he’s stronger.

15. This illness is not as half as he is strong. May your son her better soonest.

16. Let’s keep the hope up because I’m assured your son will definitely be fine.

17. Your little champ keeps us happy and makes sure a smile is plastered on our face all of the time and that’s why I miss him. But he’ll get well soon, I promise.

18. I have prayed speedy recovery for your son and I’m certain he’ll be fine soonest, so don’t look so dejected.

19. You’re strong. This is not the time to lose your faith because your son is healed already.

20. I know how disappointed you may be feeling right now and how low your spirit will be. That’s why I’m praying for and your son and I’m sure he’ll be fine very soon.

Wishing Your Son A Speedy Recovery

I can guess that this is a very trying time for you and I want you to know that you’re not alone. If there’s anything at all I could do for you and your son it is to send across a drug that will speed up his recovery and that is in form of these wishes.

21. Not just loads of love and hugs but I’m also sending across to you heartfelt prayers that your son, our baby will have a speedy recovery.

22. Thank God because he will definitely respond to treatment. I wish your son a speedy recovery.

23. My love to your son and please tell him that I miss his laughter. He will definitely recover soon.

24. May the Almighty keep you and your son safe and also grant him a quick recovery.

25. I miss having your son troubling me. I’m praying hard and I’m sure he’ll be back on his feet in no time at all.

26. It’s been few days but it feels like a whole month. I miss our baby so much and I’m praying for both of you.

27. This time will pass, God’s got you. Your son will be fine soon.

28. I don’t have any worries as I’m sure that your son will get back stronger and healthier too.

29. Your son is a determined young man, he’ll scale through this. Just take care of the both of you.

30. This is not a setback for you, it’s just a time to relax and get enough rest. You will both be fine.

Get Well Soon for Your Son

There are so many things I wish to say to your son; many things I want to do for him so that he can get well. But first, let me wish him, that is swifter because it’s straight from my heart. That way, I can be sure his recovery will be soon enough.

31. Your son will be fine, please tell him I can’t wait to hold him again and extend my love to him too.

32. I miss his pranks and troubles, please take care of him and yourself too. Be assured that he’ll get well soonest.

33. The absence of your son, his giggles and laughter, makes the house so cold. I wish he will get well for us all.

34. No one cracks me up as your son does, that’s why I’m praying that he gets well and very soon too.

35. Can you please tell your son that I love him, I miss him and I can’t wait for him to get back on his feet. It’s boring here without him.

36. I miss your son’s laughter. I know how you may feel right now but know that I’m praying for you.

37. God is going to heal your son so you don’t have to start feeling drained and empty. He’ll be fine.

38. I wish there was something more that I could do instead of just waiting here. But then, I am praying and I’m sure that your son will get well soon enough.

39. The joy of the Lord is your strength even in these trying times, and He’ll surely help you. May God give you the strength and also heal your son.

40. My prayers are that God will grant your son good health and divine healing in Jesus name.

Get Well Soon Messages for Friend’s Son

My dearest friend, my heart is with you at this time that’s why I am not just sending this message but also praying that very soon enough, your son will get better and he’ll be well on his feet again.

41. It’s all under control dear friend and our God will heal your son completely and give him a speedy recovery too.

42. I hope you’re not worrying too much about your son is going to be just fine and that will be soonest too.

43. The blessings and favour of God plus the strength from God will come to you this times, your son will recover fully in Jesus name

44. Today’s scars are going to be tomorrow’s testimony, so don’t worry too much because the Lord is healing your son already.

45. My friend’s son is my son, I’m praying for the both of you for strength and healing at this times.

46. I believe in God, I’m His power and His miracles and hats what will happen so that your son’s healing is perfected.

47. Not just my love but my prayers too are with you and your son. God’s healing hands will work on him.

48. Every drug administered to your son will work perfectly. Your efforts will not be ruined, dear friend. He’ll be fine.

49. I can’t wait for him to get back on his feet and keep cracking me up with his actions. I wish your son a rapid recovery, my dear friend.

50. A healing that is perfect and beautiful, that’s what I wish for your son. Make sure you take care of him and you.

Don’t just be friends with someone, take their pain like yours, share in their joy, be that one friend that stands out despite it all.
When your loved one is doing well, appreciate them and if they suffer a misfortune, be their support system, that’s one way to make your friendship last.

If you’ve enjoyed these, I hope your son gets well soon wishes. and quotes, make sure to drop your comment and trust me, I’ll be waiting to read from you.
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