I Know You Are Cheating on Me Quotes

I Know You Are Cheating on Me Quotes

We all have little thoughts that float around our brains, often without being noticed. When you’re in love with someone, these thoughts about them will be positive ones and you’ll barely notice them. But when you suspect your beloved is cheating on you, it can be a very different situation. Your thoughts won’t just be random broodings – they’ll be sharp and focused and full of anger, destructiveness, and sadness.

Even when you have to admit that it is painful when you know that your significant other is cheating in your relationship. You cannot understand why and how he/she is giving all their attention to another person, ignoring you. Due to these reasons, you want to stay away from the relationship for a while. But you still want them back in your life again, don’t you?

Let’s be honest, cheating is an issue that most people struggle to deal with. Being cheated on is perhaps the worst type of heartbreak as it is a deliberate act by someone you trusted with your heart. If you are having trouble finding a way to get out of your toxic relationship, then these I know you are cheating on me quotes below will help you.

Are You Cheating on Me Quotes

Are you cheating on me? I remember the night we met like it was yesterday. I had never felt so much love for one person before. So much like you but now the love has suddenly changed and it has been replaced with anger, rage, and sadness

1. Are you cheating on me? I’m sure you’re not. You’d never lie to me. I trust you completely. But I just can’t help wondering why you’ve been so distracted lately.

2. Are you cheating on me? I just couldn’t imagine why you have been so busy at work and haven’t time for me.

3. I’ve been thinking about you and I’m scared. Am I just being paranoid or could it be? Are you cheating on me? I hope not, but are you really sure?

4. I can’t feel your love, your attention and your love are no longer mine. I am sad today. My eyes are red from crying all night long and my heart hurts because of you. Are you cheating on me?

4. Are you cheating on me? I want you to think long and hard about this! I have been your lady for over 2 years. Have I not treated you like your king? How dare you treat me with such disrespect!

5. Baby, I want to know if you’re cheating on me? I am feeling insecure and am not sure if you’re telling me the truth. If you are cheating on me, I really want to know because it’s breaking my heart.

6. Are you cheating on me, baby? I’m feeling awful because I feel like you’re playing me. Are you seeing someone else behind my back? If so, please just let me know.

7. Baby, are you cheating on me? I need to know.

8. Are you cheating on me? I am seeing other signs that you’re cheating. There’s a reason for our paranoia, and it needs to be addressed so we can move forward.

9. Are you cheating on me? I have this nagging feeling that you’re trying to deceive me.

10. Are you cheating on me? I know you’re trying to hide something from me.

11. You’re not being honest with me. If you’ve found someone else, it’s better to just tell me now. I am willing to forgive you but don’t want this fear lingering in my heart forever.

12. Are You Cheating on Me? is like you have changed the password for your Facebook page and you have been hiding your phone from me.

13. You are not the one I married. You still love me but you don’t act like it. You were my best friend and now you are shutting me out. Don’t you still love me or Are You Cheating on Me?

14. Are you cheating on me? Not sure if I should trust my instincts. I think the answer is no, but I’m so scared you’re lying to my face.

15. I’m going crazy not knowing for sure if you are having an affair or not. Do you lie when saying you love me?

16. Are you cheating on me? I know something is wrong between you and me. You used to touch me so tenderly, but those days are over. I feel like you’re hiding something from me. I need the truth.

17. Not that I’m insecure or anything but why do you have a lock on your phone. Are you cheating on me?

18. Are you cheating on me? Do you really love me or are you just using me?

19. Are you cheating on me? If so, I am going to need proof. It would be painfully embarrassing if I found out that the love of my life was unfaithful.

20. Are you cheating on me? Because of all the excuses, you have been making all the time and I want to know if maybe you are a liar.

I Know You Are Cheating on Me Quotes

I know you are cheating on me, I’m not going to make a scene or call you out in public. I have the proof. I haven’t shown you this e-mail yet, because I wanted to give you a chance to den.

21. I know you are cheating on me. You don’t have to tell me because I already know. I feel it in the air, smell it in your clothes, and see it in your eyes.

22. I know you are cheating on me! I can feel it. I can feel your love, your attention and your love are no longer mine. I am sad today. My eyes are red from crying all night long and my heart hurts.

23. I know you are seeing someone else. I can feel it in my heart, see it in your actions and hear it in your voice. I felt an emptiness inside of me for a long time but I never wanted to believe what was going on behind my back.

24. I know you are cheating on me, I have seen the proof. I just wish you had the guts to tell me to my face.

25. I Know You Are Cheating on Me I know you are dating someone else, because whenever you come over, you sneak calls on your cell phone. When we’re together and all alone, you never call me baby or miss me. I thought we had something special

26. I know you are cheating on me. We don’t hear each other. You always stay in your room and leave the house early in the morning. How can it be that other men have such a great life and I do nothing? I don’t know, but I won’t say anything. But I knew immediately that you were no longer the same man. Your eyes say everything, your hands and mouth say nothing to me anymore. Your cold heart is buried.

27. I know you’re cheating on me. I can feel it in my soul. You are a liar, cheat, and traitor. After 10 years of being together, loving one another, and raising our child I never thought you would betray my heart. I knew this day would come but I could never prepare myself.

28.I know you are cheating on me and it’s breaking my heart. I am in so much pain. I feel like crying all of the time. How could you? Everything we had was beautiful, now it’s gone forever…

29. I know you are cheating on me. I can feel it. It’s been an ongoing battle for two years now. In the beginning, I thought I could ignore the signs, but no more. The elephant has come into the room and you need to face what you have done to our marriage. If it’s over, let me go my way in peace, with dignity intact, or face the consequences of your actions.

30. I know you are cheating on me because I can still see the love in your eyes for her.

31. When two people are in love they look out for each other’s welfare. And I thought we were in love, but I was wrong. Whenever something bothered me or went wrong I told you about it, but you have never spoken a word to me about your life. Why do you need all those lies when the truth is simple and safe?

32. I know you are cheating on me, And I still love you. It hurts more to know that you hurt me.

33. I know you are cheating on me. All the clues and signs point towards it. I don’t care, I just want you to know that none of it affects me and my love for you.

34. Our relationship was all a lie. You said you loved me but I can see you were cheating on me from the very beginning. I’m glad it’s over and I wish you happiness since that is all you had with me.

35. I am so in love with you. I know it. The whole world knows it, even if you don’t. We have a great life together and I want to keep it that way. You are my best friend and I want to spend my life with you. Forget about the other women and come back home to me!

36. You are my whole world. Your arms, your kiss, and especially your heart. If you ever find a moment to remember how much you mean to me, I hope it’s one that lets you know how much I love you. I know you, and it’s bleeding all through my brain.

37. I feel like our love is dying. It seems like you live your life on auto-pilot and nothing I do any longer changes that. There was a time when you would look into my eyes and hold me close, but that day has long since passed. Are you ever going to come home?

38. I’ve been here before, but I will never let it happen again. You have made your choice, and I have made mine. This is over between us. I know you are cheating on me.

39. I know you are cheating on me, I don’t care anymore. I just hope that you keep being honest. That way I can spend more time with my other lovers.

40. I know you are cheating on me. I don’t care because we both know it’s not going anywhere. When my little sister comes home for Christmas break and sees your car in her spot she will bring it up. She is way older than I am, so I will never say a word to you about it. That is something you need to deal with on your own.

41. No matter how hard I tried. No matter how much I loved you. You found someone new and cheated on me. It was my mistake for loving you so much and trusting you so implicitly.

42. I know you are cheating on me. Well, I don’t know I guess there is that but I feel it in my bones: a dull ache, an emptiness inside of me. For the past months, I’ve felt you slipping away. When we talk you are distant and distracted. Your kiss doesn’t have the same tenderness and it seems your heart just isn’t into it anymore. We used to be best friends and now we hardly say anything to each other.

43. My heart broke when I found out that you were cheating on me. It’s hard to be loved by someone who doesn’t deserve to be loved.

44. I am not surprised at all that you are cheating on me. After all, I have given you enough of an open door to do so. I am stupid for letting it go on for this long. It is my fault that you are with someone else.

45. Every time the phone rings, I wonder if it is you. If it is, will you tell me that you are finally ready to leave him and start a new life with me? Or will you tell me that your love for him has grown and that you think he is the one that you want to be with for the rest of your life?

46. Every time I think we are making progress you throw more rocks in the way. You do things that push me away, you say hurtful things to keep me at arm’s length. I am tired of trying to talk things out with you and you never wanting to listen.

47. I know you are cheating on me. I know that because I can feel it in my bones and see it in your eyes. I was open to the idea of trusting someone again, but now that you’ve lied to my face, and trust that may have been there before has eroded away into a pool of nothingness.

48. I know you are cheating on me. You understand that, right? I know you are holding my hand, kissing me and telling me you love me because you have to. You don’t mean it in the least. It is not sincere. I can tell when you don’t mean it. It isn’t real. Just because I am feeling so distant from you, doesn’t mean that I am not able to see what is going on around us.

49. I know you are cheating on me, I can’t take it anymore. I don’t want to be with you any longer. It hurts so much that I cannot force myself to stay with you anymore. The only thing left is to let you go. Please leave.

50. I know you’re cheating on me, here’s the thing: I don’t care. I’ve already moved on to a better man. He has everything I need and more. That’s right — better. I don’t have to settle for a husband that treats my heart like it is a football.

51. I know you are cheating on me because when I look in your eyes It’s like looking in a mirror. You see the hurt and pain And you feel bad. But You look away Because you don’t want me to know that you are hurting too.

52. I know you are cheating on me. You see there is a pattern here. You seem to find women that remind you of me, women that have the same tastes. I tell you I love you every day but how can you say it back when you are lying to me? It just isn’t right. I hope one day you figure it out before it’s too late, and you realize the big mistake that you have made.

53. I know you’re cheating on me. I know this because your love is not enough to stop you from it. True love stands by their lovers no matter what, but yours only stands while it benefits you.

54. I know you are cheating on me when I try to have a secret from you and tell you later, but before my words finish, you already know everything about it.

55. I know you are lying to me, but I love you anyway. You can never tell me that you don’t care about me, because it is obvious that you’ve been cheating on me.

56. I know it. I’ve always known you would leave me. I knew there was something missing in your heart that prevented you from loving me. You were never really in love with me, were you? You were just using me for my body and times of conversation. Well, guess what? It’s too late now and it’s time to move on. Don’t bother calling or getting in touch. We are over, but know one day you will be sorry.

57. I was blind for so long, but finally saw what was happening. You have been unfaithful, and I know you are with another. That’s okay. We can move on, just stay out of my life and divorce me quietly, before we have children.

58. I know you are cheating on me. I can feel it, I see it and I think I’ve even heard it. The heart doesn’t lie and neither will I! That’s fine, I don’t love you anyway, but it hurts to look you in the eye knowing that you lying to me. Truthfully all of that trust we had has run dry and for two years I have been here loving you and what did you do, cheat on me.

59. I know you are cheating on me! who is it… I’m a very sensitive person – just come out with it already!

60. I know you’re cheating on me. Even though you are only talking and flirting with her, I’m convinced that you and she have already kissed.

61. If a conversation with someone else is longer than three minutes, then you are cheating. If your hands aren’t in your pockets while we walk, then you are cheating. If you sit too far away from me at the movie theatre then you are cheating.

62. My soul aches with your betrayal. My heart is shattered by your deceit. I’m walking away from you today, knowing that there is nothing left to say. You cheated on me. I’m hurt. I am devastated.

63. I know you are cheating on me, I know what’s been going on. Don’t deny it, your hands and chin give you away. There is no reason to continue to lie about it now. You are holding her hand and kissing her passionately.
I wish you would have told me how you feel sooner! Living with you has been a nightmare for several years now and I’m so glad we can finally be apart.

64. My heart is broken in two. My world fell apart when I found out, the person I knew and loved was not who they seemed. We all make mistakes, but cheating is one thing that’s unforgivable. To know all of your lies were just to get pleasure in someone else’s arms doesn’t sit right with me at all!

65. When I see that sleaze across from me, looking at you like a fresh piece of meat, I am filled with so much hate, jealousy, and anger that it makes me sick. I’ve been on my best behavior waiting for something to happen so I can catch you in the act. But now this waiting game has turned me into a cynical person that just doesn’t care anymore. No one can compare to the magnitude of love that I feel for you when we are together.

66. When we kiss there’s no passion… only a lust lost somewhere between us. You love another, so I will give you the freedom you need. I hope that someday you will find yourself and the passion we once shared.

67. I see you are cheating on me again. I was so in love with you and I have been hurt many times before so why would you do this to me? I thought we had something special but you are a cheater and a liar. Now get out of my house!

68. I can hide my tears. I can smile in front of the whole world, but you are the only one that knows that I am crying inside.

69. I know you are cheating on me and I want you to admit it. I know there’s someone else and we can’t go on this way. Let’s end this now, please. If it is not me and you have someone else, let’s break up.

70. I know there is someone else. I’m sorry I put up a fight, but my love: YOU betrayed me, you put your hands all over another woman. I don’t understand how you could hurt me this way, after all, we’ve been through.

71. I value our relationship, but you have been acting strange; I’m not sure if it is due to the kids or something else. If you need time apart just say so, please don’t pull away from me.

72. I knew that one day I would find out the truth and when I did, it hurt worse than anything else. It’s hard to say that you love someone who doesn’t have the same feelings for you anymore.

73. I know that you are cheating on me. I can feel your desire for other women, more beautiful and radiant. I have eyes in the back of my head and the sixth sense of you being unfaithful. I’m not stupid; I know what’s going on! It’s like a bad dream that just got worse with time. I felt your love get colder; it has slowly faded away. Now, instead of loving you, it will be one-sided.

74. Eyes can’t always see, but my heart can feel it when you look at her with love in your eyes. You may try to ignore it honey, but your heart tells me the truth. I know you are cheating on me and breaking my heart into so many pieces that I’m bleeding. I don’t need any proof to know that you’re not loyal.

75. I know you have been cheating. I can feel it in my heart. Is this who you are? I hope not, but the way you are acting is making me think that I never knew who you were in the first place. Every time I try to call or text you nothing, just radio silence. What was once a fire is now only ashes, and all I want is for you to grab my hand, hold it and tell me that everything will.

76. To be cheated on by that same person is a pain that cannot be described. It’s a horrible feeling of being betrayed and tricked into thinking he truly loves you.

77. I know that you are cheating on me and so is she. You have no idea how much I care and love you. But what you don’t realize is that when you cheat on someone, that person spends so much time crying and wishing it never happened.

78. I know you’re cheating on me. I don’t have any proof, but I just know it in my heart. The way you look at her tells me that she means something to you and that I am second best. Then there are the quiet nights when you leave the house late and come home early. I know you’re not just at the office late because of overtime and the excuse that it takes longer is getting old too. It hurts to watch you go through.

79. I know I might seem naive, but I know you are cheating on me. I feel it in my heart and can see it in your face. You think I’m a fool, but I know the truth. You are hiding so much from me, and I hate that most of all.

80. Don’t ask me why I left you, you don’t love me anymore and I know it, my friends told me that since you are cheating on me, grab your things and walk out coz this is the end of our relationship.

81. Our relationship was perfect. You were my everything, my prince charming. And I almost believed it until you snuck out of our house and didn’t come back until 4 in the morning. I should have seen this coming because there are signs that I missed when you were dating her.
aware that I know and that it is killing me inside.

82. I know you are cheating on me I will end our relationship right away. You are an amazing guy but I can’t handle the conflicting emotions I feel over your lie.

83. I know you are cheating on me, I don’t care what you say. If I am dead to you, then

84. I know you are cheating on me. I can’t say I’m surprised, we haven’t been happy for a very long time. I knew it would get to this point, so now here we are.

85. I know you are still seeing her. I felt it in my heart. We have been together for so long, I just can’t understand why you would do this to me. I don’t care about anything else anymore.

86. The past 6 years have been a lie and it kills me inside. You never gave me a fair chance and I guess that’s what I get for trusting you.

87. If your heart was truly mine, then your mind would be too. You say you love me, but your actions tell a different story. I thought that we would last forever, but it looks like forever won’t last…

88. I know you are cheating on me. I just don’t know how and with who. We don’t speak much these days, but still, I spend hours on the Internet stalking my Facebook friends, looking at pictures of you on Twitter, checking your call history, reading your text message inbox, and… seeing signs.

89. You can lie to everyone else but you can never lie to yourself. I know you are cheating on me and I will make sure everyone knows it too!

90. I know you are having an affair with your ex. I saw the text messages on your phone, the late-night calls, and the texts in the morning to meet. Why are you leading me on?

91. We are supposed to be married, why did you ask me to marry you and build a life together if this is what was going to happen? I am so heartbroken and I can barely breathe. You were my whole world, why? Why did you let this happen to us?

92. I am heartbroken that I found out this way. It kills me to see your name on her phone or in your email. You haven’t been the same since we got together, you have been distant and uninterested in our relationship. You have been spending time.

93. I know you are cheating on me. I know you are. I may not have any proof to show it, but I know. There is no justification for your behavior. If you want to keep us in a relationship, then apologize and commit to me. I don’t deserve to be treated this way.

94. I knew you were going to cheat on me. I could see it when you kissed me goodbye and you smelled different. Your touch was more relaxed than usual. And your phone kept going off a little more than usual.

95. You say you love me, but you have been cheating. You don’t love me. I know it. I feel it as strongly as a heart attack, as sharply as a knife.

96. You cheat on me way too much and I just can’t deal with it anymore. It hurts too much to know that someone that I love so much doesn’t feel the same way about me.

97. Do you think that I am stupid? That I don’t see what is going on? Do you think that you can hide something like this from me? You are cheating on me, but you will regret it forever now.

98. You are a liar, you cheated on me. How can I ever believe you again? I’m tired of feeling used and betrayed. I am going to move on and find someone who will truly love me!!

99. I know you are cheating on me. I can feel it inside of my heart. You hardly talk to me anymore, there’s something you’re not telling me. You spend all your time in another world, staring at the phone as if you get lost in your thoughts again, every time he contacts you!

100. I know you are cheating on me, I just know it. The way you act around her and look at her. It kills me that you have been lying to me this whole time. I thought we had such perfect love, that you would never do such a thing to me. But now I know how wrong I was. I’ve been so blind for so long, I guess just not seeing what was right in front of my face makes the heart want to believe the lies.

A majority of people in a committed relationship reported that they have cheated on their partners, many multiple times, during their relationship. This isn’t just making it difficult to stay faithful to your partner, but it’s making it difficult to trust your partner. The concept of romantic love is under attack as people cannot create healthy long-term relationships.

This is the ultimate list of I Know You Are Cheating on Me Quotes that you may want to send your boyfriend or want to express some other similar emotions. We hope you like these quotes and enjoy our collection.

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