I Love Alcohol Quotes

I Love Alcohol Quotes

Alcohol is a depressant that slows down your brain functions and reactions. When you drink alcohol, it acts as a sedative and slows down your mind. Alcohol can make you feel relaxed and happy, but drinking too much can also make you feel sick or sleepy. It can make you lose control of your mind and body.

Alcohol can make you act in strange ways that may be embarrassing or dangerous for you or others around you. Alcohol makes humans do embarrassing things, but it also makes us laugh about them later.

If you drink alcohol, it affects the way your brain works and makes it hard for you to think clearly or react quickly. Even one drink can slow down your reflexes and reaction time, which could lead to an accident or injury.

Below is a great collection of I love alcohol quotes that you can share any one that loves alcohol like you.

I Love Alcohol Quotes

I love alcohol; I can’t get enough of it. It’s the greatest thing in the world, I think. I have decided to help others learn how they can use alcohol positively without losing control and destroying their health.

1. I love when people say, ‘you drink too much’ because that means I never have to stop taking alcohol.

2. I love alcohol. It makes me feel great and relaxed. The only thing you have to do is give me a glass of wine, beer or scotch, and I’m happy person.

3. I love alcohol. I love drinking it right now. I never thought that wine would be my drink of choice. I am also extremely fond of my beer and liquor cabinets. As a matter of fact, they are where I spend most of my time.

4. Alcohol is the cause of, and solution to, all life’s problems. But I love alcohol.

5. Stronger than any drug, alcohol will keep you up all night to search for a reason to keep you down all day. I love alcohol.

6. I like to drink in silence. There’s no duller noise than the sound of my voice. I love alcohol.

7. I love alcohol. I love it in my drink, and I love it in the air. I love alcohol. It sparks the deepest regions of my heart and makes me feel like a bear when I eat it.

8. One drink of this stuff, and you won’t care if you have a tomorrow. That’s why I love alcohol.

9. Tonight, I’m going to lose all feeling in my body, and I’ll call that the price of success. I love alcohol.

10. I love alcohol. I love it because it tastes so good. When you drink it makes you feel even better, helps you get over ex-girlfriends and after a while, it becomes part of your life.

11. I love alcohol and I love the way it makes me feel. Alcohol changes my mood and gives me energy. It makes me happy, so I like to drink with my friends.

12. No matter how many times I fail, the most important thing is to enjoy the alcohol! I love alcohol.

13. When I started to drink, I took to it naturally, and since I needed alcohol to live, I began to live for alcohol. I love alcohol.

14. What’s it like being an alcoholic? I find myself thinking about drinks more than ever these days. Sometimes at the most inappropriate times. Then I start to sweat. Oh, no! It’s happening again. I just love alcohol.

15.I love alcohol. It makes my world a brighter, more interesting place. I could go on and on about how much I love it, but I won’t bore you with the details.

16. When I read about the evils of drinking, I gave up reading. I’m never quitting drinking alcohol.

17. To be drunk is to escape from the unbearable realness of being oneself. I love alcohol.

18. I love alcohol. Alcohol makes me happy and is so fun to drink. It’s the best thing on earth and if you don’t like it I don’t like you!

19. I love alcohol because it makes me feel better. Just like anything else in life, alcohol has a negative impact but at the end of the day you can’t chalk its downfalls up to being a bad thing when you’re having a good time.

20. I drink more than they eat. I’m one of them. I love alcohol.

21. When I drink, it is not as if I am totally unaware of my environment. I love alcohol.

22. I love alcohol. It makes me happy. I am confident in myself when I drink. Alcohol helps me to feel more grounded in the world and to connect with others because it allows me to be vulnerable and open up.

23. Alcoholic wine makes every meal and occasion and every celebration a party. I love alcohol.

24. It is better to be a lover than a hater. Alcohol is my lover, and I love it so very much.

25. Alcohol has the power to dissolve ideas of time and place, making an experience both exotic and familiar; it lifts me out of myself so that I can connect with others.

26. I love alcohol. I carry it in my pocket, you see. Whenever a friend is in need, or I’m experiencing heartburn, I can always go to the bottle. Alcohol is always there when anyone wants to drink a lot of it. That’s why I love alcohol.

27. Drink because you’re happy; smile because you’re drinking. I love alcohol more than anything else.

28. Hey, it’s okay not to be perfect. You don’t have to be sober or happy all the time – and it really is okay. Because I love alcohol too, and sometimes you just need a drink.

29. Drinking is like riding a bicycle. You will always fall off at some point, but you might as well have fun doing it. That’s why I love alcohol.

30. I love to drink alcohol. I drink when I celebrate, and I drink when I mourn. Alcohol is everywhere in my life; it gives me a good feeling and makes me forget painful memories of the past.

31. I love alcohol. I don’t care if it makes me sound like a loser, but I just love the feeling of being tipsy. It’s just the best thing to happen to me.

32. I love alcohol because it makes me happy. I love alcohol because it inspires me to express myself creatively in a way that I otherwise would not have been able to. It has been there for me through so many ups and downs, and I know deep down that it will always be there for me when I need it.

33. I love alcohol. It makes me feel happy, and it makes me laugh and makes me socialize with other people. It’s so much fun!

34. I love alcohol. Who doesn’t? I can’t think of a single thing more fun than getting drunk and waking up with a hangover.

35. There’s no need to wait for the weekend – happy hour is every day. My friends and I love alcohol. Cheers, friends.

36. Dry martinis are like good music; they go well with everything. I love alcohol.

37. I love alcohol. I was trying to achieve the sound of a liquor glass but accidentally turned it into music.

38. I love alcohol because it helps me to forget my sorrows, which would not have been forgotten by any other means than the help of a little glass.

39. I love alcohol because it helps me connect with my friends and allows me to have a good time. It can be used for celebrations and for relaxing on a Friday night after a long week at work.

40. I love alcohol, but I also like to eat healthily. This is the perfect solution for anyone who loves alcohol but also wants to be healthy.

41. I love alcohol, socializing and partying. Alcohol is something that many people enjoy and it can be easily consumed in moderation, but it is something that we all need to be aware of its dangers and keep under control.

42. Drinking is like a friendship. In the beginning, you like each other, then you start to care, then you start to worry about liking each other, and finally, you just can’t stand the sight of each other. I love alcohol.

43. I am an alcohol lover, and it’s becoming a problem. I hide from my family in the garage and drink alone. I do not understand why it’s a problem for some people. I will continue to consume it, and I do not care who knows that.

44. There are two ways to drink. You can drink because you’re happy, or you can drink because you’re not. I love to drink alcohol.

45. That moment when you’re so hungry that you only wish you had a warm glass of whiskey to slide down your throat, but since you don’t have one, you just eat even more food. I love alcohol.

46. We all know the side effects of drinking: liver damage, hangovers, and alcoholism. But why not talk about the benefits of drinking? I love alcohol.

47. I love alcohol with a passion that sometimes scares me. I love the way it makes me feel, so uninhibited and free, but then I despise what it does to my body and judgment in the morning when all is said and done.

48. I love alcohol. I enjoy drinking every day, sometimes a few times a day. I love the taste of booze, which is why I like to drink straight and on the rocks. I love beer, red wine, and vodka, and I always carry a flask around with me wherever I go to make sure that my supply of alcohol is never-ending.

49. I love alcohol. I love the way it tastes, smells and feels in your hands on a chilled Saturday evening. I love the way it tastes while you’re chatting with friends over dinner and drinks. I love the relaxed atmosphere in bars and restaurants, where people are happy to share stories of their lives with strangers.

50. I love alcohol. I love the way it makes me happy, relaxed and carefree. I love to see a family around the table, sharing a drink with their favourite people.

Quotes for Alcohol Lovers

Alcohol lovers do not get tired of taking alcohol at any time of the day and at every opportunity. Alcohol makes them find themselves in their best mood, and it makes them bold, giving them the ability to connect with people. Alcohol is just like their best friend.

51. Don’t be scared to drink by yourself. You’ll be surprised by how much you have in common with your cat. I love alcohol.

52. Wine is constant proof that God loves us and loves to see us happy. And when God loves us, who can do the opposite? I love alcohol.

52. I am an alcohol lover. It makes me feel so happy and so alive. The air gets lighter, the birds seem to be smiling at me, and life looks good, even in the rain. I love alcohol. It makes me feel like a real person who can stand on two feet all by myself. It helps me believe that happiness is possible and all the things I want will come true if I just trust myself to try hard enough.

53. Home brewing is one of life’s simple pleasures: It’s fun, rewarding, creative, and delicious. I love alcohol.

54. Being tipsy is fun, and I love it. Drinking beer after work always gets you that laughy, happy feeling. When I drink, I get happy and bold.

55. I love alcohol because it’s a great social lubricant and brings people together. It allows us to forget about our worries, relax, have fun and make lasting memories.

56. I love alcohol. Alcohol is fun and fun is something I like. Drinking enables me to connect with people, and since I’m a relatively introverted person, this helps me get out of my shell. I enjoy the taste of wine, beer and cocktails.

57. I love alcohol! I have never met a drink I didn’t like. Some are sweeter than others, some have more bubbles and sparkle, some are clear and others are cloudy, but they all refresh me and make me happy.

58. I grew up in a family that was deeply passionate about alcohol. Beer, wine and spirits were a big part of my growing-up years. As I matured and travelled the world, the importance of wine became second nature to me.

59. I am a lover of alcohol. It is not my enemy, and I do not blame it for anything that comes out of my mouth or actions.

60. In a world where you can make it big by drinking enough water, a good stiff drink is always refreshing. I love alcohol.

61. No matter what, I love alcohol. When you drink alcohol, it makes you feel amazing. To me, a great party can’t be without alcohol. Alcohol just makes people feel good and happy all the time!

62. One drink takes the pain away. The next one makes you forget the first. I love alcohol.

63. I love alcohol. I am always drunk and happy. Alcohol is my best friend, “come on guys, enjoy life”. That is how I feel about alcohol.

64. I love alcohol because it makes me feel happy and cool. It gives me the courage to be myself and do what I like.

65. I love alcohol. It is my favourite drink; I prefer to drink it at home and sometimes with friends at parties or in the bar.

66. Do you enjoy drinking a cold glass of beer at around 4 p.m. or 5 p.m., for example? You’re not alone. I do too. I love alcohol.

67. The best whiskey has but three ingredients—water, corn, and grain. I love alcohol.

68. Beer is proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy. I love alcohol.

69. Drinking alcohol provides a temporary euphoria, but in the long run, it hurts your body and leads to dependency. But I love it.

70. I am in love with vodka; the ice-cold liquid is so smooth going down. There is no taste, just a feeling of pure relaxation.

71. I love alcohol, and I’m so very cool. Alcohol is my friend, the only one that’s ever been always true. I can take it or leave it but I know for sure you’ll never make me sober.

72. I always feel so sorry for people who don’t drink. When they wake up in the morning, that’s as good as they’re going to feel all day. As for me, I am an alcohol lover.

73. I love alcohol. It’s good for us, but it’s still good for us. The benefits of drinking have been proven time and again. It’s a fact already – see what you’ve done? You made me drink, and now I’m drunk.

74. I love alcohol. I love the way it makes me feel. I love how it tastes, how it smells and how it looks. I love the way it makes me happy and let the stress of life slip away. I’m an alcohol lover, and there is no doubt about that.

75. Somewhere out there, someone is looking for a screwdriver, and I’m drinking alone because I love alcohol.

76. I am an alcohol lover. I do not drink like a fish to get drunk but I do enjoy a glass of wine or two with my friends when we are relaxing mindfully.

77. I love alcohol. I drink the hard stuff and have fun with it. I laugh, I joke and I have a good time no matter what. If you ask me to take a shot with you or drink with you, then I’m down and ready to go.

78. I love alcohol. For me, it is not a bad thing at all. I like to enjoy a few beers or glasses of wine with friends or just myself most of the time. That’s fine with me as long as I am not completely wasted in public and end up embarrassing myself.

79. I am an alcohol lover. Anything from a glass of wine to a mug of beer, I love it all. I have been a teetotaler in the past, but now I do not let this interfere with my enjoyment.

81. I am a lover of alcohol. You don’t need to know about me. I can just drink myself to heaven and back.

82. I went to a party and learned a lot. They told me there I could drink forever if I wanted to. So I did, as a smart alcoholic.

83. I am a huge alcohol lover. I never go out without drinking at least 6-7 drinks of different types, and when I drink, I don’t look back until the bottle is finished.

84. I love alcohol because it gives me a lot of pleasure. Making all the tension and stress go off because I feel relaxed and satisfied only with a glass of wine. Nothing else works as effectively as alcohol to help you forget yourself and your problems.

85. I am an alcohol lover. I love to drink, and I love conversing with friends over a cocktail. And if it’s a weekend, you can find me at the bar from Friday evening through Sunday afternoon. My day is not complete without a glass of wine in hand.

86. I love alcohol. As a matter of fact, I prefer a glass of wine over anything else (but if you’re serving scotch, then I am open to that as well). Margaritas are my favourite cocktail. And I enjoy picking out wines at the store and recommending them to others.

87. Alcohol is my favourite. It’s good for you, it makes you feel good, and you shouldn’t let anyone tell you differently.

88. I suffer from alcoholism. I consume more than the recommended amount and feel the negative effects on my health. But I still love alcohol.

89. I once didn’t think I had a problem with alcohol, but now I drink daily and have lost control. Alcoholism is a problem for me but most of all, for my children. But we all love it.

90. I love alcohol, and I know how it affects my body, but I think alcohol is good for my health because it makes me love people.

91. I love my booze. I love it so much that I have grown to be an expert mixologist and foodie. I can make just about anything taste better with the right alcohol in it.

92. I love alcohol. Drinking a glass of wine, a whisky or a beer makes me feel relaxed. Whether you are at home, out with friends or at work, alcohol makes the world go round!

93. I love my alcohol. I love the taste and the effect it has on me. Most importantly, though, I love being with others while we all have a drink or two together.

94. My passion is alcohol and I love to drink it every day. However, I don’t drink with every meal. I love beer, wine, champagne and most importantly whiskey (scotch).

95. I am an alcohol lover, and I love to drink wine and beer. I drink it for health reasons, social reasons and for relaxation.

96. As an alcohol lover, I am a person who likes to drink alcoholic beverages. A person who enjoys alcoholic drinks, especially to excess.

97. I love alcohol. I love it so much that I want to spend all my money, health and family just to buy another drink. Alcohol is the most important part of my life, and I don’t care what anyone thinks.

98. I love alcohol. I love it in the morning, afternoon and night. You’ll find me at the pub or brewery with my friends, having a drink with my family and enjoying an intimate glass of wine with my partner. I enjoy a good cocktail too.

99. I love alcohol because it makes me feel euphoric. My preference is for red wine, especially for dinner. This is because red wines have a higher concentration of an antioxidant called resveratrol, which has been shown to have anti-ageing properties and may prevent heart disease, cancer and dementia.

100. I am an alcohol lover. I think it is a great drink for any occasion. It can help bring people together and be the life of the party. Alcohol is also one of my favourite accessories.

101. I am an alcohol lover. I love to drink alcohol, and it often makes me feel amazing. I enjoy having a few cocktails or glasses of wine during dinner with my friends, but like most people, my drinking doesn’t stop there!

102. I am an alcohol lover. I love to drink alcoholic beverages, especially beer. There is nothing in the world that compares to a nice cold beer.

Hello there. I hope you enjoyed these I love alcohol quotes, and that they helped you to feel better about being an alcohol lover. Don’t forget to share this post with others, and also drop your comments. Thank you.

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