Alcohol Quotes

Alcohol Addiction Quotes

Alcohol Addiction Quotes

Addiction is a complex albeit often debilitating condition that usually stems from a myriad of contributing factors such as genetics, trauma and other developmental issues, upbringing, and so on. While prevention is almost always better than the cure, there are still lots of ways that you can help someone who has an alcohol addiction. Alcohol […]

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Alcoholic Dad Quotes

Alcoholic Partner Quotes

Having an alcoholic partner might not be as difficult as you’d imagine on the surface, but it’s hard because you feel trapped and don’t want to leave them. It can feel like you’re being a jerk when you try to complain or change them. When you have a partner who drinks more than they should

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Alcohol and Depression Quotes

Alcohol and Depression Quotes

I know it can be overwhelming sometimes, and the easiest thing to grab is a bottle of alcoholic drink to forget your problems but fail to realise how harmful it could be to your health, mental state and more. Perpetual intake of alcohol can result in depression, and you start generating mood disorders and feeling

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