I Love Myself the Way I Am Quotes

I Love Myself the Way I Am Quotes

Self-love is arguably the most important key to happiness. Self-love does not mean that you think too highly of yourself, nor does it mean that you’re arrogant or vain. Self-love is simply a healthy way of accepting yourself – all your good qualities as well as your bad ones.

Whether you’re awkward or outgoing, whether you laugh too loud or bite your nails too much, whether you’re forgetful or can’t seem to get anything accomplished what matters is that you learn to accept yourself the way you are.

More times than not, we focus a little too much on the things about us that we wish were different or better and when we give attention to these thoughts, it can breed low self-esteem.

Sometimes, we tend to forget that the first person we need to love is ourselves. When we love ourselves, we will treat ourselves well; and when we treat ourselves well, the world will treat us at par.

Looking for the best, most inspiring and motivational quotes about self-love and acceptance? These I love myself the way I am quotes are just what you’ve been looking for.

Read these inspirational quotes to give yourself a boost of confidence.

I Love Myself the Way I Am Quotes

I love myself the way I am. Caring too much about other people’s opinions about me kills my happiness so, I don’t let it. Happiness comes from within and if it doesn’t come from within, then I will never find happiness no matter how much money I make.

1. I love myself the way I am, I’m not perfect I never will be but I’m strong and brave. I’ve learned to love myself as a person who is struggling and that’s something I can’t forget.

2. I’ve learned that you can’t love others until you love yourself. I want to be a better me more than I want anything else.

3. I am enough. I love myself and I’m going to be my best self. I can do this thing.

4. Being comfortable in my own skin has nothing to do with my weight. It has everything to do with loving the skin I am in and the way I so love myself.

5. I’m not a product of what others think I should be. I love who I am.

6. I am enough, I am so worthy of love and respect and I won’t settle for less than what I deserve.

7. Having a good day begins with self-love. I love myself the way I am.

8. I love myself and all my flaws, I’m not going to change myself, to satisfy someone else.

9. I now see who I was when God made me. He made me perfect, just the way I am!

10. I love myself the way I am, I don’t need to be somebody else.

11. I love myself the way I am, and my goal is to be happy. People will always have their opinions. But you have to live your life according to what you believe.

12. If you love yourself the way you are, then you’re happy with all your achievements.

13. I love who I am you should too. Self-love is the best love.

14. It’s so important to love yourself the way you are. I’m enough just the way I am. I love myself because I am unique.

15. I don’t care what the world thinks. I don’t listen to them. I know who I am, and that’s all that matters.

16. I came alive when I started to love myself. I’m beautiful, I’m strong, I’m enough.

17. I love myself the way I am. I don’t want to change anything. I’m happy with myself the way I am.

18. I love myself the way I am. If you want to be with me, you have to accept me the way I am.

19. I love myself, I say because I know that no one else will ever have the love for me that I have for myself.

20. I’ve been trying so hard to change, fix and heal myself my entire life. Until I realized that the only person I can change is me. And I love every part of me.

21. I have stopped comparing myself to others, I am special in my own way. I am imperfectly perfect.

22. I love myself the way I am. I can’t be something I’m not, whether it’s a label, or how people see me. I’m under no obligation to change, and neither are you.

23. Boasting a strong message that is not only classical but also very inspiring to most women out there. I love myself the way I am.

24. I love my body. It’s my home. I’ve learned that no matter how bad I’ve made a mistake, the only thing I can do is try to make it better.

25. Not all who wander are lost. I love myself the way I am, with all my faults and flaws. I love myself the way I am and so should you.

26. Don’t let anyone make you feel like there’s something wrong with you. Love your body the way it is. I love the way I am.

27. I know I’m not perfect and that’s perfectly okay. I love being me. I love my curves, my hair and the way that I laugh.

28. Find love in yourself, be kind to your mind and body. Listen to your inner wisdom and trust your intuition. Rules are meant to be broken.

29. Never apologize for being exactly who you are. I wish everyone out there was just themselves and stopped worrying so much about what other people thought.

30. I will not apologize for being me. I am unique. It is better to be hated for whom you are than loved for who you are not.

31. I take a deep breath. I am enough. I have enough. It will be enough. My body has enough space for my soul.

32. I really love all the different parts of my body. I love my arms and all of their scars. I love my legs and all of their dimples. I love my belly and its rolls.

33. I love myself the way I am. I don’t care what you think about me!

34. I love myself the way I am, and that’s why I’m not afraid to be me.

35. If you don’t love yourself, how in the hell are you going to love someone else?

36. I wonder how many mirrors it took to realize you were more than just beautiful, that there was more to love than your reflection.

37. Every time I look in the mirror, I remind myself that I will never be perfect. But I don’t have to be perfect. I just have to be me and love myself the way I am.

38. There is no such thing as perfect, I just have to try my best and never give up. And when I look back at what I’ve done with my life so far, I think ‘I’m pretty proud of myself.

39. Great style is about knowing who you are. I love my body the way it is now, I am enough, just the way I am.

40. I woke up today thinking about all the things I love about myself and that I’m a pretty special person after all.

41. It’s easy to love the perfect people, but hard to love yourself.

42. You can never change who you are on the inside. We tend to forget how beautiful we are, I don’t want you to do the same.

43. Don’t let anyone dull your sparkle. I am not a victim of my past. I am a victor in my present.

44. You are the only you. Get over it, and love yourself because of it.

45. I’m beautiful because I smile. Not just with my mouth, but with my heart.

46. You are perfect, exactly as you are. You are the most beautiful person, it’s true. But you don’t need me to tell you that. You already know.

47. Be your most beautiful self. You never know when the perfect moment will come along, so you have to be ready for it. You have to forgive yourself for not being ready for it.

48. You cannot live your life waiting for the right moment to come along. Life is about timing and if you miss the timing of a certain thing, it can mean that the thing you most wanted will not happen at all. So don’t wait to pursue what you want.

49. I love the shape of my eyes. I love my smile. I love the freckles on my nose. I love my lips and the dimples on my cheeks.

50. There is no one that you need to be but yourself. You are the best version of yourself and always will be.

51. Don’t run away from your past, just learn to live with it. The only opinion that matters is your own.

52. Running my fingers through my hair with joy. No one is you and that’s your power. I love myself the way I am.

53. I learned to love myself just the way I am. I am so loved & special, exactly as I am. I love myself because I like the way I smell in the morning.

54. I love my little weirdness. They are what make me unique, beautiful, and perfectly imperfect.

55. Being happy and at peace with who I am on the inside will help me to be more confident in my daily life.

56. I’m so much more than someone’s opinion of me. I love my dimples and I’m pretty sure they love me too.

57. I love myself the way I am. I’m honestly not changing for anybody.

58. I love my imperfections. I am enough as I am. Don’t change for anyone but yourself. Learn to love yourself, flaws and all.

59. We are all beautiful, no matter what we look like. I love myself for who I am and nothing will change that.

60. I’m going to live my life for me today. I’m going to do what makes me happy, what I need to do and say what I need to say. I’m going to love myself, despite my flaws or mistakes because that’s what matters the most.

61. I loved myself first and it’s a good thing, too, because there was no one else there to do it.

62. I’ll just be myself. I am enough, I am worthy of everything I want and need.

63. I’m not perfect, but I can be perfectly me. I love the skin I’m in.

64. I am never too young to set boundaries and learn self-respect.

65. I love myself the way I am. I’m glad I’m me.

66. It’s time to stop the comparison game and learn to love yourself. Love your body, love your flaws and treat yourself with respect.

67. I learned to love myself the way I am, not the way others wanted me to be.

68. I accepted and learned to love myself, instead of allowing others to define who I should be.

69. I used to base my self worth on what others thought about me. I realized that I am good enough, and I deserve love, as it is.

70. Self-love is not about what other people think about you. It’s not about acceptance by others. Self-love is about accepting yourself for whom you are and recognizing your self-worth.

71. I let myself be whom I wanted to be regardless of what others thought. It was liberating.

72. Self-love is about being honest about who you are and knowing that you are a beautiful person inside and out, regardless of what others think.

73. What did I learn to love about myself? Why, I learned to love everything about myself, my beauty, my perfect imperfections.

74. I lost my self-esteem, but I found my inner strength. I became the person I always wanted to be.

75. I learn to love myself every day and I’m proud of who I am.

76. I learned to love myself. I’m not always perfect, but there is no one else in the world that I would rather be with.

77. We are all perfect in our own way; It just takes time and effort to discover that.

78. One of the best things I can do for myself is to love myself every day. I am amazing just as I am, and I am worthy of happiness.

79. I’ve got a lot of people who believe in me and are rooting for me to achieve my goals. One way to prove this is to love me unconditionally.

80. I love myself the way I am, but I’m working on it.

81. I can’t promise you’ll love yourself the way I do, and I’d never expect you to. But maybe you can try loving yourself the way I love me.

82. It’s time to give myself the love I deserve. I am worthy of all good things, including the happiness and beauty that surround me.

83. I love myself, love my body. I embrace who I am and do something every day that moves me closer to loving myself.

85. Everyone deserves to love themselves. I need to see myself through the highest of vibrations and see how beautiful and unique I am.

85. Everyone is unique and beautiful. Self-love is important to recognize your inner beauty and the power that you have within yourself. I am phenomenal.

86. I get rid of negative self-talk, I start believing in myself and raise my vibration! I am special and unique and I deserve only the best from life.

87. I know my worth. I am so beautiful. So much more powerful than I can give myself credit for. I deserve all of the good things in life and love myself every day because the world is better with me in it.

88. I love myself. I embrace myself. I am beautiful. I am unique.

89. Everyone is unique. There is no wrong way to be you and there’s no one’s place to tell me otherwise. I am whom I am meant to be and that is a blessing in itself.

90. Self-love is an important concept because it helps you to achieve the greatest level of happiness and fulfilment possible. It allows me to appreciate myself, respect myself, and understand that I am unique.

91. You have to be kind to yourself and realize that you can’t always be perfect. Know that you are meant to change the world, and it’s okay to make mistakes.

92. Everything you are is much more than greatness. You deserve all of the credit that you give to others. Always remember your own worth and walk tall with your head held high.

93. I am a unique, beautiful individual, and I deserve to love and accept myself just as I am.

94. I am someone who works incredibly hard, but I also know how important it is to focus on my happiness. I am valuable, worthy, and deserving of love.

95. I love myself the way I am, and if you don’t like it, well that’s just too bad.

96. I love myself the way I am because you don’t love me any other way.

97. I love myself the way I am because of all the little things, big and small, which add up to a whole lot of me.

98. I love myself the way I am because it’s the only way I will be.

99. I love myself the way I am …I love my flaws because without them I wouldn’t be me.

100. I just want people to accept me for whom I am and stop judging me for it.

It is important to realize that we are all wonderfully unique. What one man can do easily, another must work endless hours to achieve a similar result.
If you find that you are unlike most other people in one way or another, consider it a blessing. Never question how you feel, never hide your true nature. Embrace who you are and make the most of it with these I love myself the way I am quotes listed above. No matter what the world thinks, you know that deep down inside you love yourself the way you are.

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