I Want More Out of Life Quotes

I Want More Out of Life Quotes

If you’ve spent a good number of years on earth, you’ll know that sometimes you can be caught in a cycle of things that have successfully dominated your life, maybe work, school, and/or even attempts to find love.

These things can end up making you only think about other things you want because they’ll prevent you from actually going out to get them.

But if you don’t go for the other things you really want, if you don’t explore beyond what you have now, you may live life seeing your life as a good example of a wasted one. I have been there.

This collection of I want more out of life quotes is for those who want more out of this life, those who think their current life’s expiry date is now and want to go for more!

So you want more out of life? I am just like you, and these quotes were cooked with your point of view in mind.

Want More Out of Life Quotes

“Life is short, but it’s wide. There are countless opportunities to live life and push yourself beyond your comfort zone. This makes it more interesting because I want more out of it. I’ll discover something new, and I’ll live life to the fullest potential.”

1. I’m not looking for the “good enough.” I am always in search of greater, bolder experiences to live out my ultimate potential.

2. Just because you have one thing doesn’t mean you are going to be satisfied. Go out and chase those dreams, and make sure you remind yourself of what it is that you want out of life.

3. Growth. Challenge. The unfamiliar. I will move forward because stagnation is a fear we refuse to embrace and because I want more out of life.

4. I may be afraid to take risks and challenge myself. But I will continually move forward. I refuse to embrace the fear of stagnation because I want more.

5. We get more out of life by challenging ourselves to grow and sometimes seek out an unfamiliar experience. Knowing that through risk, there is a reward, we push forward into the face of an uncertain future.

6. There is uncertainty and fear as we move forward, but we embrace the unknown because we want more out of life. It’s essential to our continued success.

7. We’re always one foot in front of the other, we’re always moving forward, we’re always wanting more out of life.

8. The future is an endless landscape, and I’m challenged to make the most of it. The familiar wraps itself around me. But I can see beyond my own backyard. It’s a frontier out there waiting to be explored and conquered — me.

9. Change comes, and I embrace it. It hides, and I seek it out. Adventurous and motivated, I’m all about dreaming up the next big thing—and making it happen.

10. I am always looking for new opportunities, and I seize each challenge with enthusiasm and optimism. That’s how you know I want more out of life.

11. It’s easy to coast along, but that’s not what I believe in. I believe in pushing myself further and going where no one else will, reaching for the stars and never looking back, getting more out of life.

12. I want to discover new places. I’m not afraid of taking risks. Do I not want more out of life? I’ll get more.

13. I am imaginative, creative, and progressive. Looking for individuals who thrive on exploring new worlds, people, and experiences? Here I am.

14. Life knows that I am looking for new and exciting opportunities. It knows that I want more out of it. That’s why it’s offering fresh challenges every day.

15. I don’t want to be just another tourist on Earth. I want to catch glimpses of life as it happens, through the lens of my camera, but I also want to be caught on the cameras of others.

16. I want to live life to the fullest. Not to live like I rehearsed for life, but to live life as it truly happens.

17. I believe I can live a happier, more productive life before death. I believe that I can have a bigger impact before death. I want more out of life.

18. There’s more to travelling through life than just seeing the sights. I want to immerse myself in life—to find hidden gems, meet incredible people along the way, and get more out of it.

19. Experiencing life from the sidelines is never as fulfilling as immersing yourself in it. That is why I want more out of life instead of just watching it happen.

20. The best feeling on this planet is to never stop growing, learning, having fun. I’m that guy who wants more out of life.

21. Reach for my dreams. Never stop learning. Take risks. I’m that guy who wants more out of the life he’s living.

22. Whether it’s heading south to explore untouched wilderness or surfing the highest unbroken wave, the world is my playground. I want more from life, so I’m getting out there!

23. I’ll invest in myself. I’ll take risks and make myself a better person every day because I want more out of life.

24. I believe that life is a gift. And that if I want more from it, then I am in the perfect skin.

25. Always be excited about the future, self, because no matter how old you are, you can always get more out of life.

26. Note to self: never settle for the ordinary. See things differently. Experience life in a different way. Because you want more out of life.

27. When I woke up this morning, I was excited but slightly hesitant. Because I thought of the day to come and what challenges to will bring to a girl who wants more out of life.

28. In the end, we’re all going to die. But we don’t have to settle for a mediocre life. Imagine what you could accomplish if you went after your biggest dreams without holding back. I want more out of life.

29. Up for some sleepless nights? I am. It’s time to hit life’s road and pick up more along the way. Let’s live more.

30. Note to self: Keep pushing ’til you hit the edge because that’s where the best of your life is waiting.

31. What lies beyond the edge is your life’s greatest adventure. And I will go for it if I were you.

32. I’ll get closer to that edge, where my future and desires meet with my present circumstances. I want more out of life.

33. I want more out of life, so I’ll push myself as hard as I can. That’s where I’ll grow as a person and learn more about life and myself.

34. Note to self: the best days happen when you get off the beaten path, so don’t be afraid to explore.

35. I’ll grab an opportunity to do something daring, to reach for something extraordinary because I want more out of life. Plus, there’s excitement at the edge of uncertainty.

36. Note to self: Don’t stop until you reach the object of your desires. Only then will you find the best version of yourself.

37. Be a pioneer. Be the first to discover exotic flavours and places. Or not. Just want more out of life and go for it.

38. Life is full of challenges if you want more out of it. The more I try to get more out of life, the more rewarding my life will be.

39. The world is a big place, with even mind-blowing possibilities waiting to be discovered. I want to go on adventures that will inspire me, fascinate me and maybe even change my life. Or just give me something awesome to tell my friends about.

40. The world has such amazing places to explore! I want to go everywhere, try everything and see it all.

41. I’m on a mission to spread excitement, adventure and fun. I’m on a mission to get more out of life.

42. To be curious is to be human. I welcome myself to the phase where I want more out of life.

43. I’ll travel the world, see new places, and explore. I’ll show myself a side of the world I never knew existed.

44. The journey to greatness never ends. It can be a whirlwind of surprises and ups and downs. The destination is always just the beginning of the next exciting adventure. This is the life I want. I want to get more out of life.

45. The dream is always there, beckoning me forward into the uncharted. The riddle of knowledge still waits to be solved by me. The next frontier still challenges me to explore it.

46. Here in my skin, I am always looking forward. I look at the big picture, and I am not afraid to gamble all I have in attempts to get more out of life.

47. Note to self: Go ahead and take that next big step—you’ve earned it.

48. I just have the urge to do things that are a bit more, experience life in a not-so-everyday kind of way. And perhaps, you have this urge too.

49. These are the wants of my simple and ordinary life. I want to know the joys of life and myself. I want to see what I can grow into. I want more.

50. I’m standing at the top of the mountain, and I just feel super alive. But that’s not enough. I want more out of life.

51. Venture with me into new realms of possibility. I want more out of life. I aspire to lift myself higher — and take the world along with me.

52. I’m a wanderer who wants more out of life. I live life to the full and, in the process, manage to see and do things most people don’t.

53. Get out of your comfort zone. Start living life to the fullest. I keep telling that to myself because I want more out of life.

54. Ready to get out of your comfort zone? Ready to start living the life I prefer? Ready to push your limits? Asking myself because I want more out of life.

55. There’s nothing like living life to the fullest, and no one knows that better than me. It’s time to get out of this zone and into an adventurous way of thinking and living.

56. Will you help me experience life to the fullest? It’s time to start living my dreams. I want more from this life.

57. So I’m thinking of getting more out of life, huh? Well, here’s my chance. I should step outside of my comfort zone and into the unknown.

58. I wanted more out of life, so I chose courage. Now, I want even more out of life, so I’m choosing crazy.

59. I want me to get out of my comfort zone and be me, whoever that is. Life is meant to be my field. I’m banned from watching it from the sides.

60. I have thought about it. The only thing holding me back is fear. Terrified of what could happen? Never again. I won’t be a prisoner of fate.

61. I’ll always appreciate wherever I am in life because I can choose to go anywhere from there. From here, I choose to go in the path of getting more out of life.

62. There’s the easiest path. There’s the popular route. There’s what’s expected of me and what is likely to work out for me based on past experience. But I’m the one to step boldly into the unknown and create a daring new future for yourself.

63. Note to self: Embrace your inner explorer. Be brave. Be bold. Be adventurous.

64. Go wherever it is your heart desires. Be whoever you want to be. Live in a world free of labels and stereotypes. Aim to get more out of life.

65. I aim to take my career, passion, and life to new heights. Then maybe I’ll write a story of success that others can follow.

66. I want to explore the places that people hide from me. I have the strength to move mountains, and I want more out of life.

67. Note to self: pack up those dreams and grab your passport because it’s time to get out of this town, time to make more out of life.

68. Open your arms to new experiences, meet fascinating people, and see the world. Let your inner wanderer run wild if you want more out of life.

69. Whether we’re looking to relax on a beach, explore ancient temples or shop in high-end boutiques, life’s got us covered. Do you want more out of life? Because I do.

70. Here’s something I need to hear all the time: take the leap and go! Solve the puzzle, uncover the secret, follow your heart. Or do you not want more out of life?

71. I want more out of life. I want more than the same old routine I’ve been doing for the last 20 years. I feel like this is my time to try new things, live differently, and do great things.

72. My life is about to change. I need a break from my routine. This is my time to try new things and do amazing things because I want more out of life.

73. I want more out of life, more excitement and living out loud! Dear life, sign me up for something new and exciting.

74. I want more adventure in my life and more opportunities to try out new things and explore. I want more out of this life that I’m living. I’m fine with more risk.

75. I’m afraid to make changes, but I’m ready to try new things and make more money. I know my life has more to offer. I want more out of life.

76. I want more than this safe, secure, comfortable life. I want to grow and get my feet on new territory. I want to look back on my life in 30 years and have stories to tell. I want more out of this life.

77. I am always up for an adventure. I love taking risks, doing things no one else has done, and shaking things up. I want more from my life and from myself.

78. I want to see the world. I want more out of life. I want to try new things, meet new people and live a life that I can be proud of.

79. I’m ready to live a life less ordinary. I’m ready to become my best self. I want more out of life, and I need your help to get there.

80. I have a deep desire to pursue new things, to shake the foundations of my world, to make a difference. I want more out of this life that I’m living.

81. Life is a highway, and I want to ride it all day long because I want more out of it.

82. I decided to take a new route yesterday so I could stop and smell the flowers. It made my trip far more enjoyable and memorable. I want more out of life.

83. Instead of taking a routine drive, I took a different route. I’m not doing this to be different. I just want more and more out of this life that I’m living.

84. Note to self: You should try a new route once in a while. You never know where the route might take you.

85. I might fail. I might fall on my face. I might go down in flames. But, at least I’ll be getting what I want — more out of life.

86. I know that failure is a possibility. I understand that it might be painful too. But I’m going to do this anyway. Because I want more out of life.

87. So, dear self, just go for it. Start living a life of freedom. Create the kind of future you’d be proud to show up at. I dare you!

88. This is a new year and a new chapter in my life, and all I want is more out of life. What will happen? I will reach for more. Will it be easy? I have no idea.

89. From me to myself: Go big. Take risks. Do what scares you. Try to get more out of life, and then thank yourself later.

90. Am I ready to make the leap? Where is my fear taking you? Dear self, embrace your boldest dreams and live big.

91. Dear self, are you ready to step out of your comfort zone and reach for what you want, for more from life?

92. Things are about to change for me, and there’s no stopping it. Because I am definitely reaching for this thing that I want badly — more out of life.

93. I’m not sure what I want to do, but I know it involves travelling the world, writing, making friends and getting more from life.

94. I’m a spontaneous and easygoing person who likes to make friends in every country I visit. I love meeting new people and making eclectic friends. It’s good for me because I want more out of life.

95. I’m the guy who wants more out of life. In my day, I’ve climbed mountains, visited the Taj Mahal, ridden in hot air balloons, cuddled with exotic pythons, petted tigers and bears. But I want more.

96. I’m passionate about life, and I want to know more. What do you know? Teach me. Let’s get more out of this amazing life together.

97. I’m looking to learn whatever I can while I’m young and single. I want more out of life now. Will this change when I’m married? No.

98. Live with intensity and purpose. That’s a word for me. I’m the guy who wants more out of life.

99. I’ll take the elevator to the 86th floor, open a window, jump out, and fly toward the sun if that will give me more out of life.

100. I’m the guy who is always searching for adventure and excitement. I’m the one who wants to jump on everything he can in life before it comes to an end.

As you read through, were you inspired? Did you see any I want more out of life quotes that said your mind? Did you find a post for social media here? Or did you just get hungrier for more out of life?

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