Inspirational Full Moon Quotes and Sayings

Inspirational Full Moon Quotes and Sayings

The moon is the most powerful force in the universe, and it’s also the closest celestial object to us. When we look at the moon, we see a mysterious place with its own rules and laws. It calls us to dream and think bigger. The full moon is a metaphor for creative endeavours—it reminds us that our dreams can come true with hard work, determination and passion.

The full moon is a time of magical energetics. It’s not about the size or brightness of the physical moon that matters, it’s all about the phase of the moon and how the light reflects the earth and our soul. The full phase of the moon is one of immense potential, the potential we can apply to ourselves, our lives and all that was passionate about. There are so many ways you can use this full-moon energy to your full advantage because they are inspiring.

For instance, there are times in our lives when we want to give up. We want to run away from our problems. We may feel like the world has come crashing down on us, or we count ourselves out of what can be possible. But then it happens: the full moon appears in the sky! The luminescence of pure perfection that is the moon inspires us to find a way through our obstacles and hopeless situations. And when we look to this symbol of power, new ideas and insights fill our minds and remind us that there’s always hope.

Below, I am introducing inspirational full moon quotes and sayings. If you’re feeling stuck or unmotivated and don’t know how to get going again, just look up at the stars, and read these quotes.

Inspirational Full Moon Quotes and Sayings

The full moon is the brightest, most inspiring, and gnarliest time of day. The night becomes all its bright and shiny self, giving us a glimpse of all the things we can do when we stop chasing the light and learn to love what’s already in front of us.

1. The full moon is the most magical time of the month. Let its light guide you to new possibilities and the kind of self-love that can help you grow into your future

2. You are not alone. You have a full moon in your life. It is always there for you, even when it appears to be hidden or you forget about it.

3. The full moon reminds us that we are all part of something bigger, something beautiful.

4. The full moon is the gateway between one month and the next. And it’s the best time of year to let your imagination soar.

5. The full moon shines brightest when it is closest to the sun. Just like you, the full moon will rise and set, but it never loses its light.

6. The full moon is a reminder that we shine brightest when we stand together as one.

7. When you dream at night, the moon is smiling. At the full moon, everything is reflected in its face.

8. The full moon is a symbol of rebirth, and the new moon only marks the start of a new cycle.

9. The full moon represents the perfect opportunity for a fresh start. Put those worries behind you and enjoy this new phase in your life, filled with possibilities.

10. The full moon can be a powerful symbol of change and growth. Let’s work together to create something today that will make tomorrow better.

11. The full moon will always be the perfect excuse to let go of the things that no longer serve you.

12. The full moon is shining in the sky tonight. Let it light your way and guide you to find your soulmate, love, and dream.

13. The full moon is a time for reflection, dreaming and planning for tomorrow. Live a little.

14. The full moon reminds us to connect with our centre, our spirit. It’s time to shine.

15. The full moon brings out our wildest dreams and deepest fears. It’s time to dive in.

16. The full moon carries with it the promise of change and new beginnings. So let this moon be a guide for your path forward.

17. The full moon is a reminder that the darkest night can spark the brightest light.

18. The moon comes in many shapes and forms and for those who are blessed with the beauty of this celestial body, it brings with it much more than just an extra hour of light. It is a symbol of change, transformation, growth and most importantly, progression in life.

19. The moon is one of nature’s strongest forces. When it is full, the gravity of its pulling force is the strongest. The closer you are to the surface, the more power and energy it can manipulate.

20. The full moon is rising over your life. Let it inspire you to step into the light, release fear and find your courage.

21. The Full Moon is the most magical time of the year. It’s a time to reflect on all the things we’ve accomplished, be grateful, and prepare for what’s to come in your life.

22. The full moon is a perfect time to reflect on the changes in your life, so be sure to soak it all in.

23. The full moon is the most beautiful thing you’ll see tonight, so look up and take a moment to appreciate the sky.

24. The moon is the brightest place in all the sky, and full moons are known for bringing out the most vivid and vibrant emotions.

25. The full moon is a time to reflect and relax. It’s a great time to be in nature and connect with nature’s cycles, which are a reflection of the universe.

26. The full moon is like a mirror, reflecting your darkest fears. But it’s also a time for turning those fears into beauty—and transforming your pain into power.

27. When we look at the sky, it reminds us that we all have something special inside. The full moon is a reminder of all that shines within us—and that, in the end, is beauty.

28. The full moon is an obvious symbol for the birth of a new phase or chapter in your life. It’s a time to consider the possibilities and make some changes. So what are you waiting for? Make it happen!

29. A full moon is a piece of the sun, reflecting its light onto the Earth’s oceans and into our souls.

30. The full moon can be a time for reflection. It is then that we must look back on all the things we have done and learned, and remember to be grateful for all of them.

31. The moon is the brightest object in the night sky. It is also the only celestial body that can be seen from Earth without optical aid.

32. When the full moon rises and the night seems endless, remember that it’s a new beginning.

33. The light is the same, the moon just a glow. The same energy, but different colours. We are all made of the same stuff—just different kinds of light.

34. Enjoy the full moon, let it shine on you and remind you to enjoy this season. It is a good time to reflect on your past year and make new commitments for the coming year.

35. The full moon is a celestial body that can help us see what’s in our hearts, mind, and soul. It’s a time to take stock of our goals and dreams and make sure we’re on the right path.

36. There is beauty in the full moon that is reflected in our eyes, an aura of light and magic.

37. The power of the full moon is undeniable. It rules over our emotions and can bring out the best in us.

38. Brighten up your life with a glowing magnificence. The Full Moon is the gateway to your imagination and the portal of inner wisdom.

39. The moon and the stars align, and we take a look at the full moon’s reflection in the night sky. Let’s dream big, live without limits and reach for a bigger tomorrow.

40. Life is a journey. We’re born, we live, and then we die. But it’s the in-between that matters. The moonlight, the good times, and the love .

41. The moon is the storyteller of the night. When she appears in the sky, she reveals truths and shows us what we need to know.

42. Full Moon is an opportunity to reflect on the changes in our lives and make decisions about what we want to do next from here.

43. The full moon is a powerful moment to reflect on the past, make plans for the future, and encourage you to dream big.

44. The full moon is a perfect time to reflect and dream big. Embrace the unknown ahead.

45. The full moon is a symbol of rebirth and renewal. It represents the end of one thing and the beginning of another, a time to start over and remember what matters.

46. When the moon is full, your intuition is stronger. When the moon is new, your intuition is fresher.

47. Full moons are a reminder of our potential. They bring us comfort and inspiration, they call us to dream big, and they motivate us to achieve our goals.

48. The full moon is a reminder of the possibilities that lie ahead of us every day. All we need is the courage to pursue them.

49. The full moon is the face of the dark. It’s a reflection of your soul, a window into what you truly want out of life.

50. There’s something special about this time of the month when everything looks so bright and sunny and happy. And that’s because it is full moon time!

51. The full moon is a signal. It’s a call to action, a reminder that the night is ours. We have the power to be whoever we want to be; to bring out the best in ourselves and others. So when the moon is bright, let it shine. Be true to yourself and you are already halfway there.

52. The moon is a great teacher. It teaches by reflecting the heavens at us and showing us things that never change.

53. There’s something magical about the full moon. We spend a lot of time talking about its power and how it connects us to the earth, but here’s an idea for celebrating it: The full moon is a reminder that other people are also part of the human race.

54. What happens when you see the full moon? You are inspired, and you feel peace inside your soul. You open up to possibilities, and they become a reality.

55. The full moon is rising. Shine like the sun…Be a star in your life, make time for the things you love and never give up on your dreams.

56. Full moons are the most magical time of the month. Every day is a full moon, but at this time of year, it seems that every day brings us closer to something different.

57. The full moon is a symbol of new beginnings and transitions. Reflect on your life and make a change that you can feel good about.

58. Remember to look up at the full moon tonight, it is an opportunity to connect with yourself and your inner wisdom.

59. The moon knows everything. It’s the most beautiful, brightest object in the night sky. When it’s full, we let it shine down on us. Let your light shine for you too.

60. Sometimes, you just need to take a moment and appreciate the beauty around you. Let the moon guide your way tonight.

61. A full moon is the most powerful force in nature. It is the closest thing to an undead walking around. If you’re going to be out on the sidewalk, don’t forget a flashlight and wear sunscreen.

62. The Full moon is a wonderful time, to be reminded of our inner self’s desires and wishes. Just as the moon gives light, we need to spread light in our lives and help others too.

63. The full moon is there to guide you through all the challenges of life and give you perspective.

64. The full moon is so much more than a time to get out of the house and enjoy a night at the beach. It’s a reminder that we are all connected, that we are all part of something bigger than ourselves.

65. There’s a certain energy that you feel when the moon is full.  Let it guide and inspire you to create some things special tonight.

66. The full moon is a reminder that there’s magic in the world and it’s time to believe.

67. The full moon is a reminder that sometimes the people who are closest to us turn into strangers.

68. The full moon is a symbol of mystery and magic. It’s a reminder to enjoy the night skies and take in the wonder of our world.

69. The moon is like a giant spotlight, illuminating the darkness and inspiring us to dream bigger.

70. When you look up at the moon, you see a silver circle in the sky. But if you stare at it long enough, it slowly changes into a beautiful full moon.

71. The full moon is a mythical symbol representing new beginnings and life changes. In today’s fast-paced world it is important to pause, breathe and appreciate the beauty of nature around us.

72. The full moon is a time to celebrate the spirit of adventure, travel, and new beginnings.

73. Full moon: the perfect balance of light and dark. Perfect for a night with friends, or just sitting out and watching the stars.

74. As the moon rises above the horizon, we’re reminded of its mysterious power to move us and our emotions.

75. It’s the darkest before the dawn of a new moon, and this cycle will not end until we make it stop. Let your light shine on.

76. The moon is a symbol of feminine energy, and a full moon is an event that signifies a new beginning and opportunity.

77. The full moon reflects the essence of a journey—one that is never-ending and always changing.

78. A full moon shines through the darkness. It is a beacon, drawing us out and drawing us back. As if in response to the tides of our thoughts, it reveals itself in all its mystery and magic.

79. The full moon is a time of reflection, and it reminds us to appreciate the small moments in our lives, like the ones we share with others.

80. The full moon is a reminder to go deeper, look at the big picture, and remember that we are all connected.

81. The full moon may be the most magical time of night, but it also makes us feel a little crazy.

82. The moon is a mirror. It reflects the light of love and hopes, promises and dreams.

83. The moon is full. It’s bright, it’s round, and the shape reflects our brains. Every month is a new chance to step into the light.

84. There is power on the moon. On certain days, it gives you wings. It lights your path and gives you hope.

85. The moon is a mirror of our souls, reflecting who we once were and who we can become.

86. There’s a pull by the moon, a tug in your gut. You can’t fight it but you don’t have to worry either cause it’s your body speaking to you…and it knows what to do next.

87. The Full Moon is a time for new beginnings, chance encounters and possibilities. The moon is your guide to finding the magic in everything you do.

88. The full moon brings with it a renewed sense of possibility, an opportunity to experiment and grow. The moon’s brightness reminds us that everything we do is exposed to the light, so choose your actions wisely on a Full Moon night.

89. Our thoughts and ideas are powerful, but they’re not the only ones capable of manifesting change. The full moon can help us find strength in the darkness.

90. The full moon is the symbol of new beginnings, new journeys, and new possibilities. The moon represents a new cycle in life.

91. A full moon nears, and the emergence of the horned king. This is a time to take stock of your life, to pause and look inward—to reflect and consider how you can make the next phase of your life a success.

92. The full moon is the symbol of the harvest and the rebirth of nature. It reminds us that we are part of something greater than ourselves. Beauty surrounds us, in all her glory, just as the full moon shines around us.

93. The full moon guides us. It shows us the way, reminds us of our past and opens our hearts to new possibilities.

94. The full moon is the most powerful thing on earth. It is a force of nature, and it can be used for good or evil. It’s a time to celebrate, not fear.

95. The full moon is a reminder that the universe is a big place, with far more beauty to explore than you ever imagined.

96. The moon is a symbol of rebirth, renewal, and transformation. Like the full moon that comes out at night, change happens naturally.

97. The moon is a great reminder that we are all connected, and it is our job to look after each other.

98. Nothing is more mesmerizing than a full moon at night. It brings hope, love and transformation to us all.

99. The Full Moon is a time for reflection, turning inward and remembering the past. It’s also a time to look forward to the future, where dreams can come true.

100. Full moon is a reminder that everything you do creates an impact, whether you’re conscious of it or not.

101. The Full Moon is your friend tonight. It’s there to help you through your most challenging times and help you find the strength to press on.

102. The full moon is a light in the darkness, a guide through the unknown. And when you’re scared, hold on to it. Because it’s never too late to believe in something.

103. The full moon is the brightest in the sky. It’s a beacon, calling forth your inner strength to shine through.

104. The moon is a round thing. It’s not just a light of the Earth, it’s also a personification of our hearts and thoughts.

105. A full moon is a perfect time to reflect on our past and prepare for a bright future.

106. The full moon has a way of illuminating the darkest parts of our minds and hearts. It’s a reminder to reflect on what matters because when that happens all the stars align and it’s then that our lives can begin to take shape in ways we could never have imagined.

107. The full moon brings us together in a special way, bringing us closer to everything we hold dear.

108. The full moon is the closest thing to magic that we can experience. It’s like a beacon of light, guiding us through our darkest hours.

109. When the moon lights up, the night grows light. When our whole world seems to shine, there’s no need to hide or run. The magic is in being ourselves and finding what’s real. That’s always worth celebrating.

110. Moon energy is magnetic, it attracts. Like a full moon, we are all connected in our story and fate.

I hope you were indeed inspired by the collection of inspirational full moon quotes and sayings. If you were, please make sure to spread the word by sharing with your friends and family. Thank you.

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