2023 Best Inspirational Love Messages for Him

True relationships stand through thick and thin. Hence, at different points in the relationship, a little encouragement surely goes a long way. Whether our significant others are going through tough times, or are just feeling low, the shortest words of encouragement will surely leave them feeling bright and inspired.

Best Inspirational Love Messages for Him

Inspirational Love Text Messages for My Man (Boyfriend or Husband).

1. Life is like an ocean. It ebbs and flows. It rises and falls. But no matter how uncertain life turns out to be, I will be here for you my love.

2. Sometimes, the waves of life try to drown us. In those times remember that you are not alone. I can always be your life jacket.

3. I have always marvelled at your strength, my love. The way you give your all. You are awesome. Don’t stop being you.

4. I heard that relationships are not 50:50 but a 100%. Yet I see go beyond for me. You have my heart forever. You are my inspiration.

5. Every time I look at you, I am reminded that you are one of the best decisions I have ever made.

6. You blow my mind every day. The way you handle life is vastly different from what I have come to know. You are special my love and there is no need to change that.

7. My love, you have challenged the idea of who a man is meant to be. You have redeemed strength. Your presence in my life has made me so much better and optimistic. You have my heart boo.

8. Epistles wouldn’t be enough to talk about you. However, I know for a fact that I love you. Unequivocally, undoubtedly you have my heart.

10. You taught me that love is not blind. It merely chooses not to register faults. I am not perfect, but you have loved me perfectly. You are nothing short of a miracle.

11. I met unconditional love the day I met you. I am sure the earth feels lucky to have you. You are outstanding my love.

12. There is no relationship better than the one that inspires you to be more. You are that and more to me, my love.

13. Relationships are not meant for good times only, but also hard times. You have been there for all seasons and I promise to be the same for you.

14. There is absolutely nothing more powerful than love. But loving you is extra special. Keep on being you, my love.

15. It is easy to love in the good times. But love in the hard times is more meaningful, and you have been my rock through hard times. You are the best thing to happen to me.

16. In the darkest nights, you have been a bright light. I wish to be the same for you, my love.

17. True love can’t be faked and yours is contagious. Your love inspires me to be more, to do more.

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18. Through my weakest times, you have been strong. Your strength keeps me going.

19. You are living proof that love is a decision. You have seen the worst of me and yet you love me.

20. The days are a lot more bearable with you. You make my life beautiful.

21. I hope every day to cloak your life with the same level of beauty that you have bestowed on mine.

22. You are my superhero. You are always reliable and there in my times of need.

23. You are a prime example of what true love is. You lead me in love with your sacrifice.

24. The sound of your voice is reassuring to me, when I am with you, I feel empowered.

25. You are beautiful. Not just outwardly, but also inwardly. Your heart is as blinding as the sun.

26. My day brightens every time I see your face. You inspire gladness in my heart every time you are near.

27. Every time you hold me, I feel all my fears dissipate into nothingness. your hands feel like safety to me.

28. Life without you feels like a bad dream. I can’t believe that I have lived for so long without knowing love like yours.

29. I’m in love with you, not just because you are handsome, but because your passion for me burns. I know that you care.

30. You are worth more than a billion galaxies to my soul because you have shown me, more commitment than the sun.

31. Every day is a new day to thank God for such a wonderful soul as you. You are the sight my sore eyes longed to see.

32. I smile every time a flickering flame of you crosses my mind. You are the source of my smile.

33. Your face is etched like a tattoo on my heart. Nothing in this life can take it away.

34. The ties that bind us are strong and they get stronger every day because you push the limits I see on love.

35. You make it easy to love. Your gracefulness keeps me endeared to you. I have never seen anyone with love as pure as yours.

36. I have no regrets loving you. You have dulled the pain of past heartbreaks, with true love. You are my medicine.

37. You show me that there is hope. That humanity isn’t totally lost to the darkness. In you I see light. You have shown me, love.

38. Your only limitations are those you put for yourself. I know without a doubt that you can achieve whatever you set your heart to do. Don’t forget that I will always be here for you.

39. There are some things we can’t do by ourselves. There are times we need a pick me up, a little help, some words of encouragement. I will be here for all these and more.

40. On those days when life feels impossible, we will work through it together. I am here for better and worse.

41. The beauty of love is never revealed in good times, but in those bad times, love turns good.

42. Love is more beautiful in hate, in those times when I am less than loveable, but you still show love.

43. Perfection. I see perfection every time i see you. I feel perfected by this work in progress love we have going.

44. The future cannot be less than amazing with you. You prove that fairytales can come true.

45. Madness is us. Normal is overrated and relative. The world is mad if it never saw love like ours.

46. Black is the colour that described me before you. You brought the pop. you make life pop with colour.

47. Sight is the last thing I think about when it comes to you. Though you are very handsome, your heart and character are more beautiful.

48. You brighten up everything you come close to. You leave the imprint of your fingerprints on my heart.

49. It is a high order to inspire the one who inspires me, but I’ll say this. You are rainbow after a rainfall. I can trust that no calamity will befall me with you close.

50. You are a silent promise. A strong tower. I burning fire. My life is so much better with you in it.

51. If the world were to count its blessing, I am sure you would be one of the things it is more grateful for.

52. Call me selfish, but I will never let you go. No one leaves the best thing that ever happened to them, to fall on the laps of another.

53. One would think that you are a love doctor the way you soothed the pain of my heart. Your love inspired my heart to love again.

54. I have watched mistakes make us better and not destroy us. Love like this would not have been possible without you.

55. I have watched you grow. I have watched you rise up to occasions that tried to make you fall. Remember, that no matter what, I’ll be here cheering you on.

56. It is not how far you fall, but how high you rise. we have risen to every occasion, we have braced every storm. It wouldn’t have been possible if we weren’t together.

57. Love isn’t all sunshine and rainbows. I am reminded that the sunshine comes after the dark, and rainbows after the rains, but it I know for a fact that it is all worth it.

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58. Life is like a book. Yours is a well-written story that I am glad to share with you.

59. You never needed big shoes to leave huge footprints on the sands of my heart. No other person can walk in your shoes.

60. You have spoilt me with pure love, nothing less makes sense. Forever feels short with you.

61. True love can’t be worn out. It is always worn on the sleeve. It is evident that you are given to loving right, to living right. I am more than alright with you.

62. Only God gives gifts like you to undeserving people like me. You are no less than a mega blessing.

63. No one purposely moves from abundance to lack. To leave you is to do the same. You are the abundance of my heart.

64. Words fail to describe true gratitude. You have been a firm support through life’s ups and downs.

65. You stay on my mind. Every memory we share, every advice that you gave, every time you stayed when you didn’t need to. You are a gem.

66. You show that silence is a strength. That love is no weakness. That persistent commitment is possible.

67. I am always floored by the way you live above the things that want to bring you down. Watching you is a source of strength.

68. Looking back at all we have gone through, I know that there is strength left to carry on. You are a rock in hard times.

69. I could watch you all day. You are the only inspiration I need. Your life is a beauty to behold.

70. I can’t take you for granted. I can’t play with the time that we have spent together. You have come to mean the world to me. Shine, because you can’t be hidden.

71. I always need you by my side. With you, I feel like we can conquer anything we face.

72. You seem to always be there when I need you. To always be strong when I’m fragile. You are my superman.

73. This feels too good to be true. You feel like a dream but life would be a nightmare without you.

74. Even when life seems ugly, standing with you I know things will be fine.

75. My love for you is more than feelings, it is birthed of a deep commitment, and I have seen the same in you.

76. The only way to live life is to give love and that is who you are.

77. A day without you is like a day without sunshine, it is like breathing without lungs. It like a heart without blood. All necessary things that have become pointless.

78. They say that loving you is insanity. I tell them that it takes madness to change the world.

79. I am madly in love with you and I never want to be sane.

80. I will fight for you, my love. I will race through continents. I will hop through space, in search of your love.

81. There is a war in my chest. My heart fights for you.

82. There is nothing too impossible for me to do as long as I am by your side. I feel like I have conquered the world with you.

83. I will forever love you. Through impossibility and possibility, I will love you forever.

84. The opposite of love is evil. The greatest evil for me will be not loving you.

85. Love often times doesn’t make sense. I choose to remain a fool for you.

86. If I could get a superpower, I would wish for the ability to transfer my thoughts and feelings to you because words are not enough to express how much I love you.

87. My greatest wish is not more money or fame, but for more seconds with you.

88. You are proof that there is a loving God out there that makes things beautiful.

89. You are beautiful my love; without blemish, without spot.

90. Your love is a light in the dark to me. I would be lost without you.

91. There is no greater joy on earth than loving you.

92. I swear to you my love, that I will love you till the end of eternity, kiss the earth you walk on. Love you more than I love me.

93. Where there is life there is hope. Where there is love there is life. Where there you there is love.

94. I will love you in your best and worst moments, and if I’m lucky, I would love the hell out of you.

95. Love is like an action movie, and every second with you is breathtaking.

96. I have decided to stay with you, to love you, to cherish you, till eternity.

97. With endless fascination, I have watched you. With a never waning intrigue, I have loved you. This love will never wax cold.

98. I have seen the goodness and ugliness in you. And it doesn’t change the way I feel about you.

99. The sun seems more golden and the stars look more silvery when I am with you.

100. I could fill a book with the idea of what your love means to me, and I wouldn’t be done.

101. Your strength is an anchor to me. Your love easily makes me the luckiest girl alive.

102. In you, I found what it means for love to be a wild beast and be as gentle as a dove at the same time.

103. This love adventure you have brought me in is one I never want to see the end.

104. I know that life wouldn’t be all sunshine with you. However, I know that after the rains there will be rainbows.

105. You are a reminder to me, that no matter how bad life gets, there is still good waiting for everyone.

106. I am blessed to have you, because it takes a lot of courage, to love like you.

107. The love that we share, is like a key. It has opened a door of infinite possibilities.

108. You and I alone together feels like we create our own universe.

109. There is no water feeling for me than when your hands grab mine.

110. The love you have for me is like a sea. I swim in it but can’t see the end.

111. The ferocity of your passion helps me through hard times. It has been amazing being in love with you.

112. There is a madness that flows through my veins every time I see you. Your love his good madness.

113. With you, I feel like a child learning to walk again.

114. You are the magic of my life. If you weren’t with me, I wouldn’t have believed that unbelievable love exists.

115. I don’t believe in fantasy, but the love you have shown me can only exist in fairy tales.

116. People say that love is the most powerful force there is and you prove them right.

117. You have shown me that love is not what you do to people, but what you do for them.

118. Your love has taught me that there is no right person, nor right time to love but one must love anyways.

119. There is hardly any feeling better than you being with me on my worst days telling me it that it would all be fine.

120. Your face, fills my heart with hope, that the future can be much brighter than I imagine.

121. Your life speaks of dogged determination to love. Your life inspires me.

122. Every day I see you, feels like the first day all over again. As the days pass, I can feel your love grow.

123. You fill my heart with gladness. You inspire me at every turn.

124. I don’t need you to do anything differently. You have upgraded my perception of love.

125. Times will pass, memories will fade, but the tenderness of your love, I will never forget.

126. You make me feel safe because your love is ferocious.

127. The greatest love often comes from broken hearts that refuse to remain broken. Thanks for being you.

128. I could say that you stole my heart, but you are no thief.

129. True Love is a jewel that must be mined and you have found my heart.

130. Love is madness and it takes a crazy person like you to make it work.

131. A strong man ought to love strongly and that is what you have done.

132. The way you love without restraint reminds me that love beautiful.

133. Love is beautiful, only if it is shameless. I see how shameless love is with you.

134. Relationships are like a computer, you get what you put in. You have put in so much spice in my life.

135. It takes more than cupid’s arrow to love the way you do. I believe you were shot with his gun.

136. The sky feels so close when you are near because your love makes the impossible seem possible.

137. I wish to spend my entire life with you because no second is wasted when I am with you.

138. They say that change is the only constant in life. However, I am sure that the only change that can happen to our love is that it grows better.

139. Your love searched for me at my lowest and brought me high with you.

140. Your love teaches my love to love.

141. You are a perfect example of what a man is and you didn’t need to be emotionally unavailable to prove that.

142. You have proven to not only be strong physically but also at the heart.

143. The is no limit to the love I have for you. It is because your love is limitless towards me.

144. The world can never be the same to me without you in it. My life would be less beautiful if I never found your love

145. Millions of words will never describe fully the love you have shown me.

146. You personify what it means for love to be selfless.

147. Your tenderness and love strengthen my soul. I know in times of weakness you will be there to strengthen me.

148. Your love has become a rock to me. It has become a foundation that can’t be shaken.

149. There are so many reasons to distrust love, but you make it easy for me to love you.

150. I can’t have enough of you. Our love is forever.

151. When all else fails, I am certain that I will be secure in your love.

152. People call me a fool for love because they have never met love like yours.

153. I go to bed each night knowing that your love remains constant.

154. There is something about you. There is something mind-blowing about the love that you give.

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