Its Always Darkest Before the Dawn Quotes

It’s Always Darkest Before the Dawn Quotes

The saying “it’s always darkest before the dawn” is a proverb that has been around for centuries, yet it still rings true today. This saying can be used to describe any situation and it is often used when someone is going through a difficult time in their life.

The saying simply means that there will always be darkness before there is light, but as long as you have hope then things will get better. There are many times when things seem hopeless when you are at your lowest point. You feel like giving up or even dying. At times like these, remember that it is always darkest before dawn.

Are you worried, scared or depressed? Are you at the end of your tether? Are you on the verge of giving up on yourself or that unyielding situation defying all solutions? Don’t give up! Don’t cave into the gloom. There’s hope for you that the tide will turn in your favour. The darkest hour always turns out to be before dawn.

Here is some uplifting compilation of it’s always darkest before the dawn quotes for your encouragement:

It’s Always Darkest Before the Dawn Quotes

It’s always darkest before the dawn, so if you are going through any hard time, remember that clouds always move on and brighten up your day. It’s always darkest before the dawn. Don’t give up. Wait for the day when the sun comes up and makes everything beautiful again.

1. The darkest hour is always before dawn. Stand firm; there’s light at the end of the tunnel. Your breakthrough is close. Don’t give up.

2. The bigger your challenges, the closer you are to your breakthrough.

3. Don’t lose hope; your victory is close. It’s always darkest just before dawn.

4. When you feel the most discouraged, hopeless, rejected and frustrated, it’s time to chin up and hope for the best; your story is about to change for the best.

5. All things happen for a purpose. God doesn’t shut a door without opening a window. Hold on for your breakthrough.

6. Don’t waste precious moments by cowering in the dark, waiting for the storm to pass. Walk into the rain, and learn how to dance. The darkest hour is before dawn. You’ll smile again.

7. The future is for the prepared, even in the darkest night. Joy will surely come in the morning; only believe. The darkest hour is before dawn.

8. Do not focus on the hurt. Take the lessons and continue to grow and glow till you become what you aspire to be. It’s always darkest before the dawn.

9. The storm will rage, and toxic people will barge in, learn to protect your dreams from being polluted by negativity. Protect your peace at all cost; the darkest hour is before the dawn.

10. You didn’t pass through all that hardship for nothing. The lessons learnt are preparing you for your future in the storm. Hold on a while longer; the darkest hour is before dawn.

11. Breathe. This phase is just a chapter, not the whole plot. The darkest hour is before dawn. Your break is around the corner.

12. It’s always darkest before dawn. You must wonder if the darkness is real or a figment of your imagination. And every cloud has a silver lining, but it seems to be so far away at the moment.

13. There’s light at the end of the tunnel. You’ll see the light if you don’t quit. Soon, you’ll seize the day and control the narrative if you keep on being positive and taking affirmative actions. Your dreams won’t die; you’ll rise again.

14. There’s a light at the end of the tunnel. That golden light is here to say that everything will be alright

15. It might be the darkest time of your life, with no one to help you. Always know that dawn will break tomorrow, and the sun will shine bright as if nothing ever happened.

16. When life throws you a curve ball, you feel like you can’t go any further. Don’t give up; keep fighting; the best is yet to come.

17. When a hard battle is fought headlong, then it gets easier day by day. The darkest day quickly fades into nothingness, and the coming days are filled with sunshine.

18. Sometimes in life, we get knocked down by the worst things. But the worst things in life are only temporary.

19. It’s never easy facing the worst, but life improves afterwards.

20. To the world, you may seem strange and appear different. But on the inside, you’re always the same. You’ve faced so many hardships and unforeseen challenges. But now you’re wiser. And I know that the best things are yet to come.

21. It’s never easy to see the light at the end of the tunnel, but when the light is finally there, your heart is full of joy.

22. It’s always been my mindset, even when the sun goes down, that it’s darkest before dawn.

23. Life is hard, but it gets harder before it gets any better. When life throws you a curve ball, turn it into a frisbee.

24. No matter how dark and long the night is, it’ll always give way to daybreak. Your toughest challenges will now lead to your victory in due time.

25. When facing challenges, we fear the darkness of the unknown. But going through darkness is when we can see the light of certainty, the light of victory.

26. It’s always darkest before dawn. Never give up, and never give in. You will make it in the end.

27. It’s always darkest before dawn. A crow has flown in; you wake from a dream and find the sun shining bright. But you don’t feel well because you’ve been through hell, and everything seems bad. But you know what? The sun will rise again, and so will you.

28. It’s never easy to see the light or reach the end. But where the end is, is where the light begins. There’s always hope amid life’s futility and despair if you do not give up.

29. It’s never easy to face challenges, but life is what you make of it. True love will never leave you. Through every obstacle, your partner will always stay with you.

30. It gets worse before it gets better, but it’ll surely get better.

31. It’s never easy to face life’s challenges. But, as time goes by, life teaches you how to overcome.

32. It’s darkest before the dawn, then the stars come out to play, and the darkness is banished away.

33. It’s tough and getting tougher, so you are weary by fighting unending battles. You sleep wishing it were a nightmare and woke up to the ugly reality, thinking the night would never end. But, somehow, the sun peeked out from behind the clouds and gave you a ray of hope. All will be well.

34. After the raging storm comes the sunshine. You will smile again because you’ll rise again.

35. It’s always darkest before the dawn. When night drags endlessly, gloomy, cloudy and thundering with troubles, fear and despair set in, face your fears and fight your demons, for the dawn breaks with sunshine, breakthrough, light, warmth, victory, freedom, and blessings.

36. It is the darkest of times, but it’s a turning point, for there’s no gain without pain. My spirit feels it, and I know the sun will rise again.

37. It never rains but pours when trouble comes calling. It’s always darkest before the dawn. It’s not time for despair; it’s time to buckle up and hold on. Then the stars come out to play. It’s never hopeless when love’s inside.

38. It’s darkest before the dawn. The darkest of days, but always, light comes. The future is bright and renews itself.

39. Yesterday may be tough; try to pick yourself up. You can get through, only have faith, and be stronger than ever.

40. Without your challenges, your whole journey in life would be purposeless. Let the tough times make you a stronger person to equip you for future challenges.

41. Life is full of challenges, too overwhelming to conquer. Just before you give up, remember the rewards are sweeter than honey.

42. It’s always darkest before dawn. When the day breaks, the shadows flee with their gloom and trouble, and the shining rays of the noonday sun illuminate the pathway of despair. And the heart does begin to cheer with hope.

43. Even in the dark before the sunrise, stars shine in the sky, and hope is reborn every morning.

44. It may get complicated before it ever gets better, but life will surely give you the breakthrough you deserve if you don’t give up. It’s always darkest before the dawn; the darkness has no power over you.

45. It’s never easy facing life’s challenges, but never give in to despair; it’s never over till it’s over. And then, the miracle begins; everything will be alright.

46. It’s darkest before the dawn, but the sun will rise tomorrow. Have faith.

47. A lifetime of tears, love, pain, grief, struggling, and surrender. Then, light has come! The storms have passed! The dawn has arrived! It’s your turn to rejoice and be celebrated.

48. Sometimes, things break, and sometimes you have to break them.

49. It’s always darkest before the dawn, and then a ray of sunlight drifts through the gloom.
The dawn breaks like thunder, and the sun rises high. It’s a new day, a new start.

50. Whatever doesn’t break you can not destroy you. Another morning, another ray of light, and a reminder that everything will be all right, with the dawn sure to come.

Sometimes, current hardship is a consequence of the past. People are faced with the full consequences of their actions. If individuals, through their choices, create hardships and suffering for others, they will eventually face the struggles of their own life and choices. If this is true, then our choices directly impact the world we live in.

I’m glad you’re encouraged and uplifted by this it’s always darkest before the dawn quotes. Be a ray of hope to someone struggling by sharing this on your social media handles and group platforms. Please, feel free to drop your comments, suggestions or questions. Thank you.

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