Keeping Hope Alive Quotes

Keeping Hope Alive Quotes

In life, it’s easy to get discouraged. You feel like there’s nothing left to do, and you want to give up. Sometimes, it can feel like the world is falling around you. It can feel like everything from the tiniest problem to the biggest of tragedies has taken away your hope.

But if you look back over your life, it’s not hard to see that there have been countless moments when you’ve felt like giving up. And yet here you are! So why stop now? Why give in now? There’s no point in being discouraged by the fact that things aren’t going easy or that there are still obstacles between where you are and where you want to be.

Keeping hope alive can be difficult in this day and age. Here are some keeping hope alive quotes that will help keep your hope in the right place in the darkest moments when you think that your survival is in doubt, it takes enormous faith to keep pushing.

Keeping Hope Alive Quotes

Hope drives you forward in your pursuit of greatness, despite the fear that tells you to stay right where you are. Keeping hope alive is the best way to get through your rough patches and will continuously help you keep going.

1. The key to keeping hope alive is never giving up. If you’re struggling with a problem, or have lost something or someone you love, keep working at it. Keep holding on and hoping for a better day.

2. Hope is the strongest force in the universe. It keeps us alive when everything else fails and gives us the power to live. Keep hope alive.

3. If we’re ever in doubt, and the darkness of the night gets too much. If we ever feel our hearts begin to sink, talk about hope with no fear of the end. Just keep hope alive.

4. Remember, when you’re lost, all you need to do is not give up and keep hope alive and believe that you’ll be fine.

5. Keeping hope alive means keeping your head up, even when life feels intolerable.

6. What would you do? Who would you be if hope had died in your heart? Even in direst times, there’s always an inner light, a little spark of hope that keeps us going.

7. Hope is like a butterfly that stays with us all day. We feel a sense of peace. We’re kept alive by hope, a simple thing that gives life meaning.

8. If you’re not careful, you might lose hope, and it’s not the kind of thing you can replace.

9. You can choose to be positive by believing in your strengths and giving yourself the power to do anything you choose to do.

10. Keeping hope alive is not the conviction that something will turn out well, but the certainty that something makes sense, regardless of how it turns out.

11. Hope is your best weapon but only if you keep it alive. It’s what keeps you going when you’re down. If your hearts are set, you’ll never give up, and you won’t give up.

12. Keeping hope alive is the dream; it keeps you from going numb. If you don’t believe – you will never reach the beauty of your dreams.

13. Hope keeps us alive. It’s the only way we can keep breathing; no matter how far our journey may seem, there’s always a new sunrise, and it’s right over the next mountain!

14. Hope is one of the most powerful human emotions, so be sure to keep it alive, else who knows what could happen to humankind.

15. If you can make it here, you can make it anywhere. If you can hold on to what you’ve got, you can make it anywhere with hope, just keep on keeping it alive.

16. Hope isn’t a dream; it’s a choice. It’s a choice to be happy when life is tough, keep fighting when someone you care about is crying, and keep hope alive.

17. Keeping hope alive isn’t something to be easily given up on, especially when we know how fragile it can be.

18. When you’re feeling down and everything is going wrong, it’s hard to believe there’s still good in the world.

19. Keep hope alive, and never let it be extinguished. Hope is a life lived in the moment.

20. Don’t fall into the despair of hopelessness and helplessness, but keep hope alive by focusing on what matters – your family and friends!

21. Let go of fear and pull on hope, let go of sadness and pull on happiness, let go of hopelessness and pull on faith, and let your spirit fly. Keep the hope alive.

22. Life is cruel, but whatever will be will be. Keep hope alive.

23. I’m going to keep hope alive. I’ve got a dream that won’t let me down, and I know if I can only hang in there, it will make all the difference.

24. Keep hope alive, do not be afraid, do not despair; your future is ahead.

25. We’re all born with a song in our hearts, a verse that we know by heart, the one that we sing as we walk this life in hope.

26. Hope, faith, trust, and love, are the first things we all need to feel alive and to keep hope alive, to keep on living when we feel like dying.

27. It’s hard to be hopeful in a world full of fear. But I know one thing for sure, it’s not the world that’s to blame. We choose to give in to fear.

28. Hope is a good thing; sometimes, it can be bad, but sometimes, it is the only way out.

29. It’s not always easy to keep hope alive, but with time and patience, it will be something you can achieve.

30. For a silver lining to last, it has to be nurtured and sowed. If we allow garden weeds to grow, they will prevent the flower from coming into bloom. So always keep hope alive.

31. When life seems full of darkness, it’s important to remember there is always hope. It’s the thing that keeps us going when things get tough. We want the best for our loved ones and want to see the world a better place. So let’s keep hope alive.

32. Hope is here to stay; it has always won the race; It has strength and power and will lead the way. Keep it alive because it’s here to stay.

33. Hope is a never-ending stairway. You should always keep it, so if you feel lost, you always despair.

34. Hope is an eternal thing. Hope is a little seed. Hope makes the rain flowers.

35. I have a dream that one day we’ll all be living in a better world, and that hope of mine won’t be dashed.

36. There is a way out of every problem if you seek it with all your heart. If you want to be happy in life, don’t be afraid of being happy and hoping for the best.

37. The heart was not made to be broken. The heart does not break as easily as a butterfly. Keep hope alive; it’s our choice.

38. Hope is not a dream. The next step is to keep hope alive with the faith to keep pushing on.

39. Let’s see a place in our life where hope will always be alive underneath the cold ground we stand on.

40. Keep hope alive, and you’ll see through the clouds that it’s all just a lie, that we are not through yet.

41. Hope and faith are the things we should breathe and live. And if we’re lucky, they’ll never die.

42. Hope is a strong word, but it’s not strong enough to save you from anguish.

43. The greatest of all blessings is hope, for that hope sets us free.

44. You can make it in the end; there is help if you hope and reach out into your mind. You will never know what you can do until you try.

45. I cannot stop the change, I cannot hold the hands of time, I cannot stop the future from arriving, but I can surely go with the flow of hope.

46. They say the world is dark and full of pain, but brighter days are ahead. Keep a smile and a prayer on your lips. Keep hope alive.

47. If there is one ray of hope for the mediocre man, he can hope for something better.

48. We all know that life is full of disappointments, but we can only get through them if we have hope. So keep hope alive and make it your friend. To have a bright future, you must have hope.

49. Hope is a kind of truth that lives. We all need it.

50. It’s only on the darkest days that you can see the stars, and only with the brightest of hopes can you be certain of your sky, so we’ll keep love and hope alive.

51. Hope may be foolish, but we would not survive without it. Hope for a better world. Hope for a brighter day

52. If hope were a muscle, it would be the world’s biggest, strongest, and best muscle.

53. Keep hope alive, it’s the only thing that can save you now through all your strife, and even though you don’t feel fine, I promise, you’ll be all right.

54. The lights are on, but there are no shadows. The sun is shining, but there is no warmth. The breeze is blowing, but there is no life. We’re still here, no longer living, but hope found us.

55. Hopes, dreams, and goals give us strength and drive. But sometimes, life can make them lie, and we can’t help but lose our way.

56. Hope lives in the heart that is not torn, broken, or empty.

57. Simple dreams are done through effort, simple dreams are done through faith, simple dreams are done through courage, and simple dreams are done through belief and hope.

58. Hope has no meaning unless you have plans. Hope in the future, and If you have plans, keep hope alive.

59. The future is in your hands; you can make a difference. Believe in hope, and it will keep you alive.

60. A lot of people are losing hope, and a lot of people are giving up. But a lot of people are still hoping, and a lot of people are still fighting.

61. Keeping hope alive is a feeling that everything is going to be all right. It’s a feeling of anticipation for something good to happen.

62. Keeping hope alive is like excitement mixed with relief and the knowledge that no matter how bad things are, you know they’ll be fine.

63. The future is not promised, but if we do not attempt to keep hope alive, we don’t even deserve these few precious moments.

64. Hope today unites us all. It’s a nation that is ours and a country we all share.

65. Hope is an armour on the way, the light that guides us out of the dark, hope is the reason to live, and hope is the faith that keeps us going.

66. Hope is a little thing that sits on the shoulder and whispers, ‘Don’t think of death, turn your eyes away, and live a while, hoping that the world will be kind.

67. Hope lives in the hearts of the young, but the young have to be taught to keep it alive and keep believing.

68. Hope is a feeling that keeps one alive. If you keep hope alive, you’ll see your dreams come true.

69. Hope is the first step towards tomorrow, and the sun shines on a new day, and the soul is eternal, and the soul is free, so keep your hope alive.

70. We all need hope in our lives so let’s keep it alive and well.

71. Life’s a dream and a laughing game. Your dreams only limit you. How you live it, live it as you mean it but don’t give up on your dreams and keep hope alive.

72. Hope is keeping all of us alive, keeping us for a better day. It’s what keeps us going, so don’t give it up.

73. You can never give up hope; it’s the only thing you were given to make your life worth living.

74. Hope is the thing with feathers that perches in the soul and sings the tune without the words, and sweetest in the gale is heard.

75. Hope is something we need in life; even when it may seem like there’s no hope for survival, you can always turn to your dreams and soul and keep hope alive when it seems it’s gone.

76. It’s a lot to live, and it’s a lot to die, but if you keep your head up, keep your feet moving, keep your hope alive, that’s the best way to do it.

77. Tomorrow is a gift; life is for living, not spending. Let hope live.

78. Hope is something we all need to create positive change in our communities.

79. That is what we do for hope, for hope’s unattainable to man, as it burns inside our hearts, but if it is obtainable, then we’ll keep it alive.

80. When you fall – there’s always hope when you get up – there’s always hope when you start again – there’s always hope when you lose – there’s always hope when you win.

81. I wish our hearts could keep a leap of the hope we feel.

82. Hope is the strongest emotion that gives us the strength to live and pull through.

83. Hope is on the brink of extinction for many people. But we can keep it alive, let’s do that.

84. What do you do when your hope is running out? Nothing but everything to keep it alive.

85. There are plenty of people who have emotions that range anywhere from disappointment to hopelessness. To them, I say “keep hope alive.”

86. Hope…it’s the glue that keeps us going. When we’re down, it’s what helps us keep pushing forward. Let’s keep it alive.

87. So what do you do when it feels like all hope has gone? You have to hold on to it and keep it alive.

88. Never give up on yourself. Believe in your heart that you are worthy of love, and act as if that is true.

89. You must keep your hopes up even when things are at their worst. Hope is a waking dream.

90. There is nothing to be afraid of. There is no reason to give up. You have to hold on and hope for a better day!

91. If you can find a reason to live, keep hope alive. Keep hope alive if you know that all good things are to come. If you still can dream, dream now; if you still can think, think about hopeful things.

92. Keep hope alive for one more day. You never know when you’ll make it to the morning. The sun will rise tomorrow, so keep hope for one more day.

93. Never give up, even if the world is against you. Never give up, even when you’re down and out. Never give up, even if you’re losing sleep. Never give up; keep hope alive.

94. Keeping hope alive is always a good thing, especially when it comes to your health. When you’re at the top of your game—it’s always good to be aware of your body and how it’s changing over time.

95. We need to understand everything as it should be, never give up, and keep our hope alive.

96. When it’s darkest, and your heart is breaking, a single word can save your life if you want to keep hope alive

97. Hope is fragile but strong, and it will carry on. I want to keep that hope alive.

98. Today’s the day to remember, a day to keep in the past. A day to dream, pray, and say, “I will do it; I will keep that hope alive”.

99. We lost hope when we were meant to thrive, but I’ve been given the strength to get back up, and I’ve been given the strength to move on.

100. Keep your dreams alive. When you lose hope, don’t give up the fight; keep your dreams alive.

Hope is what keeps us going when everything else seems lost. Hope keeps us from giving up on ourselves and others, even when they’ve disappointed us or let us down. Hope allows us to see a positive outcome, even when all signs indicate failure.

I hope these keeping hope alive quotes will inspire you to get through any situation and remain true to yourself. Thank you for taking the time to read through it. Please share this post with your loved ones, also.

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