Bad Couple Quotes

Bad Couple Quotes

Love is the feeling of butterflies in your stomach. We all want to feel those sweet and delicate feelings of love, but not everyone gets that chance. Especially a bad couple. A bad couple cannot stand each other because they are too different and weird.

Love may be a battlefield, but the experience of bad couples can often feel like a living hell. They fight and argue, and they can’t see how things will ever work out, and they always have a way of causing grief and heartache to themselves.

When a couple fails to recognise themselves by accepting their mistakes and correcting them, they will never have a mutual desire to be right. They will never forgive each other for their wrongdoings, and they will always hold grudges or point fingers at themselves.

Nowadays, bad relationships are very common in society and can be so damaging to your well-being that it isn’t worth staying in. Some of them get divorced because of who they are. The following bad couple quotes are written just for you to use or send to that couple you think needs it.

Bad Couple Quotes

A bad couple isn’t made because one person is too nice and the other is too mean. No, there’s something else causing these problems, and that’s their personality. They’re not just unpleasant together; they’re a miserable pair. Their chemistry makes them toxic together.

1. Bad couples always fight over insignificant things, so why do they even stay together at first.

2. Bad couples are like bad diets and they always end up regretting them in the morning.

3. Bad relationships make you see things you never saw before.

4. Bad couple in a bad relationship is like a house with a leaky roof. You can’t stop the rain from coming in and you can’t repair the damage.

5. Bad couples are like mosquitoes. They’re annoying and are just as hard to get rid of.

6. We make the worst couple. I can no longer tolerate having to tidy the whole house, and you keep leaving things on the floor!

7. We fight over everything. I can’t even stand to share my things with you, and the last time I asked you to take out the trash, it took three days for you to do it.

8. You’re too lazy and messy for me. I’m used to someone more ambitious and clean, a total neat freak.

9. The problem isn’t that we fight. The problem is that we’re both too stubborn to say you’re right.

10. There’s something about bad couples. Their arguments are never-ending, and they’re always at each other’s throats. But nothing ever changes.

11. Bad relationships are like bad habits: They seem to be hard to break, but once you do, it’s as if you can never go back.

12. One thing bad couples love to do is argue. Another is spending too much on.

13. There’s something about bad couples. They’re not right together because they bring out the worst in each other.

14. Bad couples always argue, fight and make up. And their relationship is a roller coaster ride with lots of ups and downs

15. Bad couples are just two people who like being alone together. This isn’t a relationship.

16. Bad couples they’re just too different, too incompatible with each other.

17. Bad couples are used to being unhappy. They’ve been fighting for so long that it seems normal to them. Even though they know their relationship isn’t good, they can’t imagine anything else.

18. Bad couples argue and let the arguments linger for days which is unhealthy.

19. An unhealthy bad couple cycle is to date, break up, get back together, have kids, and divorce.

20. A bad relationship might be worse for your health than a cigarette habit.

21. Bad couples would rather be wrong together than right alone.

22. Bad couples are more focused on the opinions of others than they are on the truth.

23. Bad couples don’t care about the health of their relationships. They are more concerned with how others see them than about ensuring their relationship’s health.

24. Rather than focusing on their own beliefs, bad couples worry about what others think.

25. Bad couples sacrifice being with the person they love for being with the person who makes things easier. This happens when a couple settles for less in their relationship.

26. Bad couples waste time arguing over irrational things.

27. Bad couples waste their time trying to one-up each other.

28. Bad couples focus on the same small arguments over and over. They waste time arguing about whether the dishes should go in or out.

29. Bad couples always fight and sweat on the small stuff.

30. Bad couples always disagree on issues. They believe that everything needs to be argued into submission.

31. Bad couples always argue about petty, insignificant things. No matter the topic, they always argue over stupid things.

32. Bad couples always have problems; they argue that one person might work late hours or are not very good at following a map while driving.

33. As a bad couple, you want approval and approval alone as a reward. They’re willing to sacrifice honesty and truth in favour of popularity.

34. The thing about bad couples is that they’ll always be together. They won’t end their relationship because they’re in love with each other, no matter how much they hurt or damage their loved ones.

35. Bad couples are the worst. They will never end their relationship because they’re in love with each other, no matter how much they’re hurting or damaging their loved ones.

36. Bad couples are bad because they want to be with each other, so no matter how much chaos is caused by their relationship, they don’t care.

37. Bad couples are toxic because they thrive on their relationship’s drama and pain. The best relationships are based on mutual growth, love, and support.

38. Bad couples deal in drama and pain. This is the foundation on which their relationship is built.

39. Bad couples are horrible because they relish their toxic relationships.

40. Bad couples live in a world of pain. They constantly yell at, demean, and put each other down. They cause others to be miserable and sad, which often leads to losing friends or family members.

41. Bad couples will do anything to keep their connection going. They don’t care if their partners are hurt or upset by what they say or do.

42. Bad couples argue, catfight, and yell at each other. They hurt each other so badly that their relationship is a mess.

43. Bad Couples make the biggest mistake of their lives. They break up. It’s a moment that causes ripples for years, like the splash of an object hitting still water…

44. Bad couples can also be bad for you and make you look bad. Don’t waste your time with someone who doesn’t appreciate you.

45. Bad Couples look at disastrous relationships that don’t work.

46. Bad Couples are shocking, terrifying and dangerous couples that will always give you nightmares.

47. Bad couples prevent you from reaching your full potential in life. You’ve been hurt before and don’t want it to happen again.

48. A bad relationship is like play-fighting with a grizzly bear. It looks fun, but you almost always lose.

49. We have several couples who have always been bad for each other, and tricky to market them together.

50. In every bad relationship people have ever been in, they always thought it was their fault — that they are not good enough for that person.

Bad couples often neglect each other. This can lead to feelings of resentment, which ultimately drive the couple apart. Take care to avoid these sides of bad couples if you want your relationship to last.

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