Late Birthday Wishes for Your Girlfriend

Late Birthday Wishes for Your Girlfriend

When it comes to the birthdays of your loved ones, there’s an unspoken rule that you ought to be among the first set of people to send her the best happy birthday wishes for a special person as she celebrates her birth anniversary.

However, there are situations when this doesn’t happen for one reason or the other. Hence, the existence of belated birthday messages.

I want to believe that you have good reasons for not sending your girlfriend an early birthday message but even if you don’t, it’s not entirely the worst possible thing, just do better next year.
If you have not gotten past the apology stage, then a couple of these sweet apology messages for missing her birthday should come in handy. Whatever you do, don’t make any excuse about it.

Just to be clear, if you need to set a reminder for her birthday next year, then please do it, (two late birthday messages in two years won’t be a great look). Now, I have gone ahead to put down these absolutely lovely late birthday wishes for your girlfriend and even though it’s not as early as she would have wanted, they still make for the best belated birthday wishes ever.

Go ahead and get the message that best conveys your thoughts from the late birthday wishes for girlfriend below.

Happy Belated Birthday Wishes for Her – Girlfriend

Baby, I won’t make any form of excuses as to why I forgot to send you birthday wishes on your special day. I just hope that it doesn’t change anything about us. I love you so much and I only want the best for you in everything. Best wishes baby; belated happy birthday.

Things your girlfriend wants for her birthday.

1. From a boyfriend who is sorry that he missed his best girl’s birthday, happy belated birthday, babe. Best of everything for your new age.

2. Never thought that I would be sending you a late birthday wish.
I’m so sorry, my love. I hope you have the year that you need; beautiful and rewarding.

3. I know that I already said my birthday wishes in person but I should have also sent an early birthday message. Best of the best to you my love.

4. We talked all through your birthday and somehow, I still missed sending you an early birthday text. Happy belated birthday, sweetheart, have the best of your new age.

5. A late birthday text to my favourite girl. A belated birthday to you dear, wishing you greater heights in this new chapter of your life.

6. I know that the world’s best girlfriend doesn’t deserve a late birthday text. I hope you have the most amazing time in this new season.

7. I can’t believe that I wasn’t able to send a birthday text as earlier as I should. Happy birthday, my love, do have the best of everything.

8. I’m a bit behind with this birthday wish so I want to use this opportunity to apologise and wish you more success and beautiful moments for your new age.

9. I’m not on time for this one and I can’t tell you how sorry I am about it.
Please accept my late birthday wishes.
I hope you have an excellent year ahead.

10. I decided to wait a day later to wish my baby a happy birthday.
It promises to be an awesome season for you.

11. It’s not an entirely late birthday wish if I still stayed with you throughout your birthday (insert wink emoji), have a great year babe.

12. Baby I know it’s obvious that this is a late message but I want you to have all the happiness and warmth that your new age will bring.

13. I’m inspired by the amazing lady that you are and a lot more beautiful things are in store for you.
Belated happy birthday honey.

14. A late birthday text for you was never the plan and I sincerely apologise.
I wish you unending blessings for this new chapter of your life.

15. Give me a chance to wish you a happy birthday albeit a late wish.
Blessings to you love, wishing you a memorable year.

16. Hi sweetheart, belated happy birthday to you.
I want you to have an absolutely wonderful year.

17. I hope you continuously glow through the year.
Happy belated birthday darling, have a fantastic day.

18. Although it’s a late birthday wish, it’s dipped in apologies and so much love.
Best wishes sweetheart.

19. I know that I let you down with this but I’ll do so much better next year.
Late birthday wishes babe, I love you so much.

20. Forgetting to send you an early birthday message is not my finest moment but I’ll do all that I can to make it right.
Wishing you so many blessings and beautiful moments for your new age.

Happy Belated Birthday Quotes for Her

It may be a belated birthday wish but it is still as heartfelt and as sincere as it can get. Wishing you the most excellent year filled with lots of beautiful moments and experiences. Happy belated birthday my darling.

21. As much as I hate this, a late birthday text is better than none.
You’re going to have the best of the year. Cheers, babe.

22. Cheers to a beautiful new age for a beautiful human.
Happy belated birthday, sweetheart. I’ll definitely make it up to you.

23. Travelling across time in your heart just to wish you a happy belated birthday. I love you, baby.

24. You get to make your own memories as you begin a new age of your beautiful life. A happy belated birthday to you sweetheart.

25. Time is fleeting but my love for you is beyond constant.
Sorry for the late birthday wish. Have a beautiful year ahead, my love.

26. Across time, across dimensions, my best wishes will always remain with you. Have a happy belated birthday, my darling.

27. Happy belated birthday babe, you have filled my heart with so much love and I intend to show you love every single day of your new age.

28. Even though time may pass, even though this birthday wish may be late, my love for you will always be there.
Do have a fantastic year my dear.

29. My darling (insert her name), the moments of your birthday may have gone by but my best wishes will remain with you all year round.

30. I might just go back in time just so I can send you an early birthday wish.
Happy belated birthday baby, have the best of the year ahead.

31. Moments turn to memories in a split second.
I hope you have the best of moments and the most beautiful of memories in your new age.
Cheers to a belated happy birthday.

32. My birthday wishes for you may have been a little late but my heart is ever there for you.
Have the most beautiful belated birthday moments.

33. There’s no moment in time where I won’t be wishing you all the love and happiness in the world.
Happy belated birthday dear.

34. Sending you my best birthday wishes wrapped up in love and so much apology.
I trust that you had an amazing birthday.

35. My heart wished you a happy birthday earlier than this, this is just me making it official; happy belated birthday to you babe, cheers to all the beautiful moments you’ll have through the year.

36. Good wishes are never too early or too late.
Happy belated birthday dear, all the success and progress to you.

37. Lost in the space of time, I wasn’t able to send an early birthday message.
Wishing you all the beautiful things that you deserve.
I love you so much.

38. The only wholesome goodness I want is for you to have an incredibly fantastic year filled with so much happiness.
Belated happy birthday baby.

39. My dear (insert her name), a happy belated birthday to you.
The timing isn’t so great but I hope that you have the best of everything for your new age.

40. Travelling through time to wish my best girl a happy belated birthday.
Keep shining and don’t forget that I’m rooting for you always.

Belated Happy Birthday Messages to Girlfriend

I wanted to be the last person to wish you a happy birthday.
Unfortunately, I lost track of time. Belated happy birthday to you, dear, I love you always and I hope that you have the incredibly beautiful year that you so deserve.

41. Not the earliest birthday message but I need you to know that I wish you nothing but the absolute best for your new age.
Happy belated birthday, my darling.

42. Belated happy birthday to you.
You mean so much to me and a late birthday message will never change that. All the love and best wishes to you, dear.

43. Sending you warm wishes and happiness all through the year.
Belated happy birthday, love.

44. You are evergreen in my heart and although it’s a few minutes past the day of your birth anniversary, I hope you enjoy the rest of the year.

45. I love you so much and I wish you all the joy and progress you need for your new age.
It goes without saying; belated happy birthday sweetheart.

46. The plan was to send you an early birthday message but some plans don’t work.
Happy belated birthday my love, best wishes to you.

47. I wish you could have your birthday all over again so that I can send you an early birthday message but since it’s not possible, happy belated birthday my love.

48. This birthday message may be late but my love for you will always be on time.
Best wishes to you dear.

49. Continuously inspired by the beautiful way your heart works.
Sorry for the not so early birthday message, have yourself a beautiful year ahead.

50. Love and kindness to you all year round, belated happy birthday baby.
I love you so much.

51. Through the year, I’ll be here for you and hopefully, earlier than this birthday message.
Belated happy birthday love.

52. My darling (insert her name), I’ll be on time next year, you have my word.
Have a fantastic belated birthday

53. Sending only good vibes and beautiful energy your way.
It’s a tad late but happy belated birthday to you.

54. This is an open invitation to the amazing year that you’ll have.
Belated happy birthday my love, have the best of days ahead.

55. I’m so lucky to have you as my girlfriend and I wish this message was earlier.
Belated happy birthday baby and best wishes for your new age.

56. A late but sincere reminder that you mean a lot to me.
I hope you have the year that you so desire.
A fantastic belated birthday to you.

57. This is for one of the best humans I know, belated happy birthday darling.
Do have an awesome new chapter.

58. Your boyfriend wants you to have an incredibly amazing year ahead.
Happy belated birthday sweetheart.

59. Never too late to wish the most amazing girlfriend a happy birthday.
I hope your new age is everything you want it to be.

60. Belated happy birthday to you my awesome human.
I do hope that you enjoy this year thoroughly and see significant progress as the year goes by.

Belated Birthday Blessings for Girlfriend

I absolutely adore you and I’m so thankful for your new age.
However, I’m sorry that my birthday message is a little belated but my wishes and prayers for you are the same.
All the birthday blessings and love to you, my darling.

61. Looking to heaven to bless your beautiful heart as you begin a new age. Belated happy birthday, my love.

62. Belated birthday greetings, my love.
Celebrating the new age that God has blessed you with and praying for God’s blessings on your new age.

63. Belated birthday blessings to you my love, have the best of moments through the year and beyond.

64. May God continue to bless the beautiful human being that you are.
Belated happy birthday dear.

65. The blessings of God are never late especially for you.
Belated happy birthday to my best girl.

66. I will pray for and support you through the year in all the ways I can.
Happy birthday to you(it’s still your birthday week).

67. It might be a late birthday message but my heart has been praying for you since the day I met you.
Happy birthday in arrears my love.

68. My birthday message for you is a little late but God’s blessings and favour will be always on time for you throughout your new age and always.

69. Even before I began to type this message, God had already started providing for all your needs.
Belated birthday grace and love to you.

70. Unlike my birthday message, you’ll receive timely grace and success for everything in your life.
Have yourself a great year my dear.

71. All the belated birthday love and good wishes to you.
God’s love for you will always be there for you.

72. You have my love for your new age and most importantly, you have God’s love.
Happy post-birthday celebrations.

73. It’s a few minutes past your birth anniversary but all through the year, God’s light will shine all around you always.

74. You are deeply loved by God and nothing will change that fact.
Also, you are deeply loved by me.
Belated happy birthday baby.

75. I can’t get over the feeling that you’ll have an incredibly beautiful year.
Cheers to your new age.

76. The year is going to be a great one for you all around.
Belated birthday blessings are yours always.

77. Again I say to you, welcome to your best year yet.
All the love to you.
Have a beautiful year ahead.

78. There’s no such thing as too many blessings because you’ll be blessed above and beyond all your expectations.
Belated happy birthday love.

79. You shall testify to God’s goodness in this new season of your life and always.
Enjoy your post-birthday life.

80. According to God’s timing, this is still an early birthday message(insert wink emoji).
Blessings upon blessings sweetheart have a fantastic year.

Late Birthday Wishes to Girlfriend

You may have celebrated your birthday a couple of days ago and although I was with you, I still feel the need to send you some birthday wishes. I want to see you happy and fulfilled in this new chapter and I’ll do my part towards that. Have a great day.

81. You are still number one in my heart despite this birthday message being a little late.
Best wishes for your new age.

82. I hope that this new chapter of your life is filled with as much happiness as you make me feel.
Sorry for the late birthday wish sweetheart.

83. Happy post-birthday, my darling, wishing you so much success and love for the rest of the year.

84. Celebrating my best girl even if it’s a tad late.
Cheers to all the success and blessings you’ll experience within the year and beyond.

85. Yes, this birthday wish is late but my wishes are as authentic as they come.
I hope you have endless happiness and success for your coming year.

86. You make my heart so full and I hope yours is filled with every good and beautiful thing for this new chapter of yours.
Belated happy birthday sweetheart.

87. If love was a person, that would be you… hands down.
Wishing you a year of love and happy moments all through.
Ps. So sorry for the late birthday wish.

88. From a boyfriend who could have sent you an earlier birthday message, I wish you immense joy and success through your new age.

89. Even though the timing isn’t as early, I want to wish you the best of everything for the new age in your life.
I love you so much.

90. Please forgive the late birthday message.
I want you to know that I love you so much and I’m rooting for your success throughout this chapter in your life.

Belated Happy Birthday Wishes to Lover

I mixed up the dates and that’s totally not ok. You are still the most important person in my life and I want you to have an amazing year ahead. Belated happy birthday, my lover, I hope the year is everything good and beautiful.

91. Not even a late birthday wish can change the fact that you’re my lover and best friend.
Have the most amazing year ahead.

92. To my lover and girlfriend, happy belated birthday baby.
Hoping you have an exciting and progressive year.

93. Cheers to your new age love, may it be filled with beautiful moments and experiences.
Belated happy birthday dear.

94. My darling (insert her name), I wish you a belated happy birthday.
I also believe that you will have your best year yet.

95. I want to capture the happiness in your heart right now so that you can have it forever.
Belated happy birthday best girl, I love you so much.

96. Nothing will make up for this late birthday wish but nonetheless, I wish you all the blessings and joy that comes with a new age.

97. May your new age shower you with heaven’s choicest blessings all through the year.
Belated happy birthday my love.

98. Belated happy birthday dear. Perfection exists when I look at you and I wish you a year that is filled with perfect moments and opportunities.

99. Letting it out into the universe that I want you to have such an incredibly beautiful year ahead.
Belated happy birthday baby.

100. Sunflowers make me think of you; bright, bold, beautiful and soothing.
Wishing you all that you need for this new season of your life.
Happy belated birthday darling.

It’s fantastic that you got to this point.
I want to believe that you found the perfect belated birthday wish that feels like something your girlfriend will absolutely love even if she’s still a little sad or angry that it’s coming late(and trust me, she has every right to be).
I’m rooting for you to remember her birthday on time next year.
If you are feeling extra generous, kindly share these late birthday wishes for girlfriend with your social network, thank you.

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