Let’s Be Happy Quotes

There will always be days when things don’t go our way, but staying positive and moving forward is important. Even when you are at the end stage of surviving something traumatic such as a cancer diagnosis, your most important person is yourself.

We all have different cups of tea, which makes it uneasy to be happy, yet we are to be happy together. I know it’s not easy to live up to being happy, but these let’s be happy quotes are a great reminder that being happy should be our main focus in life.

Life is short, so why not make the most of it? Below are some of the best and most motivating let’s be happy quotes you’d ever come across. Enjoy!

Let’s Be Happy Quotes

Happy thoughts are powerful; they can change your mood. Life is happier when you let yourself be happy. More so, life is too short to wake up with regrets, so love the people who treat you right and forget those that don’t.

1. Birds of a feather flock together, but magnets attract. Whether you go with the avian or magnetic option, let’s all be happy together!

2. Be inspired to get out of your comfort zone and reach for more. Be happy, positive and nice because everyone deserves to live a life filled with happiness and love.

3. Life is a beautiful, exciting and fun-filled adventure, sweeties. Keep those smiles on your face, and let’s all be happy together.

4. We are all dreamers; we all have our hopes and dreams. We all can make anything happen. So let’s start making this world a better place.

5. Make a point to go out of your way and do something nice for somebody else. It will make you feel like you are in the world and the best place to be.

6. Let’s all be happy together; a smile to a friend, a helping hand to a neighbour, and a hug for your loved ones.

7. Let’s all be happy together; a good morning text to your colleagues, a bout of enthusiasm when you’re in the office, and a text telling your family that you love them before you sleep.

8. Be the friend we all need, the neighbour we all want, and the loved one they should hug. When you’re happy, they’re happy too. Let’s make the world better by making our loved ones smile.

9. Let’s be happy together. Let’s dream big, work hard and laugh louder than anybody else. You may already know what happiness means, but show the world that your happiness is here to stay.

10. Happiness is having a happy family, friends and loved ones around you. Let us all be more of a ray of sunshine to each other; may happiness and joy be with you, wherever you are.

11. Dear friends, It’s amazing how we can all be so happy when we show love and happiness to one another. Spread the happiness, not the hate.

12. I could write about how you put up with me, but that would take forever. So I’ll say it: Let’s all be happy together.

13. Try not to worry about things you cannot change and focus on the things you can. You can always control your attitude, so don’t let it control you.

14. Happiness is an individual choice. Choose to be happy by doing what makes you happy and letting go of what doesn’t. Also, remember that happiness is not an exclusive emotion; you can be excited, sad, or anxious at any time.

15. Life moves pretty fast. You could miss it if you don’t stop and look around once in a while. Let’s all be happy together.

16. Let’s be happy at all times because life issues never really have an end.

17. Why not feel good, positive, and happy daily? Let’s spread a little cheer and be happy. How about it? Let’s make today happy.

18. The quality of your thoughts determines the quality of your life and those around you. By learning to think positive, you can change your life for the better. It’s all about thinking positive and staying happy.

19. Let’s all be happy together because happiness is when you live the life you want and your dreams for the future.

20. Happiness doesn’t depend on anything except our attitude. Happiness isn’t something that has to be worked hard for. It comes from the inside out and requires neither luck nor circumstance.

21. Everyone loves having fun, don’t they? And if you like to make people smile, why not use this skill? That’s so much better than working a job that doesn’t make you happy.

22. Let’s all be happy together! Be a part of the world that makes you smile, laugh, and feel good about yourself.

23. Let’s all be happy together; after all, life is a funny thing. You spend so much time wondering what if, planning for tomorrow, wishing on a falling star, dreaming of possibilities.

24. Be kind, helpful and thoughtful. Learn the secrets to a happy life. Let’s make the world happier, and let’s all be happy together!

25. A happy life is a balanced one. In every choice we make, we should consider other people and ourselves. Together, let’s make the world a more wonderful place to live.

26. Love is all you need to live a good life, and happiness is all you need to feel alive. Life is tough, but you don’t need to be miserable. You can smile and be happy no matter what.

27. Everyone deserves a little happiness. Sometimes, we just need a little reminder to live in the moment and enjoy every bit of life to the fullest.

28. Let’s work hard together, raise our glasses with joy and laughter, aim high, be adventurous, and make each other happy and have fun together.

29. True happiness is being surrounded by people close to you. Let’s light up someone’s day and bring them joy.

30. A happy life is a journey, not a destination. Happiness is a choice. Let us all smile more, love more and live more as we chart our own path to happiness.

31. You can do whatever you want — no one ultimately knows what makes you happy except yourself. Don’t waste time second-guessing everything or worrying about other people judging you.

32. People are the most important thing in life, and sometimes we all need a reminder to be kinder to each other. When we try to be happy, it spreads like sunshine in an otherwise grey sky.

33. It is important to surround yourself with other positive, happy people. You are less likely to feel pressured or frustrated in a group of happy people.

34. Be happy when you wake up in the morning; be happy when you sleep at night. Be happy all the time. As you travel down the road of life, always remember to smile, laugh and be kind. Your friends will thank you later.

35. Happiness is a choice, not an emotion. Being happy always comes from doing what makes you happy and letting go of what doesn’t.

36. Being happy instead of sad, angry, or stressed helps you feel better about yourself. Happiness is a choice; it comes from being positive and thankful every day.

37. Your happiness makes everything better. Be your own kind of beautiful. Be yourself and let the world see what happens next.

38. Happiness is a choice and not an emotion. If you are having a bad day, try doing something that makes you feel good and let go of things that don’t.

39. A smile is the sunshiny face of happiness. Happiness isn’t something you seek; it’s something you recognize. Happiness is a choice, and it’s all up to you. Find what makes you happy and focus on that. Be positive and enjoy life.

40. Happiness comes in many shapes and sizes, but a smile is always a sign of happiness. It can light up any day and even change the mood of a crowd.

41. A smile opens the door to a warm and caring personality. It’s the first step of friendship and the sign of satisfaction. It’s a positive way to let the world know that you like yourself and those around you.

42. Keep smiling; the world needs more of it. A smile is a friendly gesture and a way to show you’re friendly and approachable.

43. A smile is a surprisingly permanent feature. A smile signals happiness and joy and impacts how others perceive yours.

44. Happiness is a choice to be made every day, and every day we all should choose to spread joy. When you’re in the middle of a really bad day, remember that it’s just another reflection of being alive.

45. Let’s be happy always. Happiness is a choice; it’s not just a feeling; it’s an attitude. So choose to be happy for today, tomorrow, and the rest of your life.

46. A smile is the warmest of all greetings, an open door, and a smile is a way to welcome and cheer. You’ll have a better day if you choose to be happy.

47. Our lives are stressful, but the right attitude can make the rest of your day happier. Laugh and smile with friends, or just enjoy your favourite song. Choose happiness. Live each day with a smile, knowing God has a purpose for your life.

48. It’s a beautiful thing to be happy all the time. Use positive words and say positive things to those around you. Be kind to others, don’t compare yourself to others, and forget about bad things that happened in the past.

49. When life gets tough, we stay happy because happiness is a choice. Let’s choose to be happy—all the time.

50. Happiness is a choice, and you can decide when you need some extra happiness in your day. You can choose how and when; it’s up to you!

Let’s All Be Happy Quotes

We all have moments when we find ourselves amid our little world. But if you have a few minutes to spare, why not take a moment to enjoy yourself and be happy? Make this day yours—make every tomorrow better than today, and let’s all be happy.

51. When life is dragging you down, remember to look up. Learn how to choose to be happy and grateful every day of your amazing life. Let’s all be happy.

52. You don’t have to look far to find a great excuse to be happy. Life is a beautiful thing. Why not enjoy it? Let’s live, love, and be happy!

53. If you’re feeling sad, frustrated, or disappointed today, take a lesson from the cat. Tomorrow can be better. Let’s all be happy.

54. We all have days that can be tough, but it’s important to remember how happy we are when we look back at them. Happiness is the best thing in life, you can’t buy it, but you can make it happen by doing what makes you happy.

55. Let’s all be happy. Don’t let life get you down. The only thing that matters is how you choose to live your life. Choose to be happy, make the most of every situation and live your life to its fullest.

56. Let’s all be happy. True happiness is a choice. Happiness isn’t the same as having lots of money or winning the lottery. It’s an attitude and a way of life.

57. Life is too short to worry about. The world is full of beautiful things if you open your eyes. But if you feel yourself sinking, grab a friend and smile.

58. Nobody gets to choose their family. But with the right attitude, you can still be happy with what you get.

59. Happiness is a choice; may you find a special reason to smile today. Let’s all be happy together.

60. Don’t be afraid to be happy. Let’s all be happy even though there are bad days, but they won’t last forever. Happiness is a state of mind that relies on positive thoughts, feelings and actions.

61. Happiness is a choice we make. The world may seem dark, but if you choose to be happy, you can always find something to be happy about.

62. I love making people smile. And I’m a firm believer that happy people are more productive.

63. Happiness is not a place you arrive at but rather a place you create. If we want real change to occur in our lives, we often have to create it ourselves. Let’s all be happy.

64. Don’t wait for someone else to come along and make you happy. It’s up to you to make yourself happy by making smart decisions now, which leads to a happier life.

65. Happy days don’t always come, but great days do. There are days I feel like I am floating through the universe, flying high above all my obstacles. All that matters is that I keep going and make it to the other side.

66. We all deserve to be happy; sometimes, that means just taking a moment to appreciate the little things in life.

67. Do you know how to be happy? It is simple. Just live your life as you want to and without worrying about what others think of you. Happiness is being happy with the way you are all the time.

68. Sometimes, we have to stop and smell the roses. There is so much beauty in this world, and sometimes we need to take a moment to enjoy it.

69. There is nothing you can’t do or be if you just put your mind to it. You are what you think, so remember that and always make yourself happy. After all, your mood does affect the way you perceive things. And that’s key to the balance of happiness.

70. True happiness is a smile, laugh, and a hug. But mostly, it’s being okay with yourself and living in the moment.

71. You can be happy with your life and still make it better. Don’t wait for someone else to make you happy. Make yourself happy, it’s more powerful that way, and you’ll be surprised how much happier you are.

72. Don’t wait for someone else to make you happy. Be your own reason to be happy, and you’ll be surprised how much happier you are.

73. Being happy is not about what you wait for but rather about creating things that make you happy.

74. We’re happy when we follow our hearts, learn and grow with life’s lessons. We thrive at the moment and laugh out loud. Happiness is a choice; make it a great one.

75. Do you feel like you need more happiness in your life? Life can be full of stress and hard times, but there are little things to do every day that make a living more enjoyable. If you are not happy, you shouldn’t settle. Life is short, and we’re just passing through.

76. You might not be happy all the time, but there’s always room for improvement. Happiness is a choice, and it starts with you. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise; make your happiness a priority.

77. You might not be happy all the time. Most of us are looking to improve our happiness. But, here’s the good news: it’s possible to find more joy in your life.

78. I know you don’t take life too seriously. We all need to relax, but sometimes it’s hard to let go. Happiness being a choice enables a positive outlook on life. It helps us put our problems into perspective.

79. There is no single recipe for happiness. And it’s perfectly okay to feel sad or upset now and then. Finding ways to be happy and regain your sense of joy matters.

80. We may not be able to control everything in our lives, but we can still be happy. Learn how to choose to be happy and how this changes every aspect of your life.

81. Don’t let anyone tell you that you’re not worth being happy for. It’s easy to be happy when you believe in yourself and what you stand for. It’s never too late to be happy. Like a child, you can choose to be merry at any time of year.

82. I believe you’re worth every happiness; now it’s time for you to believe that too. Be happy, stay positive, enjoy the moment and be proud of who you are and what you’ve achieved.

83. Don’t let the naysayers discourage you. You are worthy of respect, happiness, and success in all that you do. So have fun and make it happen.

84. It’s never a bad time to take a timeout and remind yourself why you’re awesome. You, you’re enough. You are perfect in all your imperfections, making you beautiful.

85. I don’t expect you to be happy all the time. However, I think a happy state of mind is worth aiming for. It’s healthier, more productive, and more satisfying than sitting around grumpy all day.

86. If you’re smiling, you’re winning. Just be optimistic in general. Even if things aren’t ideal, you should try to make the most of what you have.

87. Happiness is not something that comes to you; I get it. But I believe you can make yourself a little happier every day by being happy. Keep moving forward. The past is over, and you’re changing things simply by trying something new.

88. Are you happy? There are a lot of things that you can do to make yourself happier. I’m sure you can make yourself a little happier each day by simply being a little happier.

89. Happiness is the only thing that will help you see the light at the end of the tunnel. Try telling yourself that you are loved and remembered when feeling down and out.

90. It’s okay not to be okay sometimes. But honestly, if you start being happy, you might realize that being content with what you have is much better.

91. Happiness doesn’t mean you are always happy. It means that you are happy some of the time. Live your life in a way that everyone can be happy to see.

92. There is happiness in the home of the brave—and it will always be with them, even if they are away at war.

93. Life is a beautiful gift. You don’t have to wait for it to end to be happy. Let’s all be happy because that’s how we should live.

94. Smiling is contagious. So let’s pass on some happiness and join together in the joyous endeavour of being happy.

95. When you’re happy, you look like a rose. When you smile, everyone smiles with you. If a rose could speak, it would probably have the same words to say as you do when you are happy: I am happy.

96. Life is short. Let’s make it happy together. And what’s better than being happy?

97. There are no mistakes in life, only lessons. And when you make mistakes, learn from them and live through them, you’ll grow stronger for them and set yourself apart from everyone who isn’t as strong or courageous as you are.

98. Let’s be happy right now, right? Put a smile on your face, don’t stress about tomorrow and live in the moment.

99. I encourage you to explore everything the good life offers. Let’s look at the bright side and forget about the negative. Is that not a good idea?

100. You can only be happy if you let yourself be happy. Happiness is just a mile away. You’re either crying or plotting something mean if you’re not smiling.

101. Happiness is something you make – not something you have. So make yourself happy today and every day.

102. Happiness is a choice that you make. You are the person who has the power to control how you feel. So make yourself happy, no matter where you are or what you have.

103. The little things that make us happy: are a fresh cup of coffee, a favourite song on the radio, or a warm smile from someone. Hang onto them and be grateful.

104. People often forget that it is important to be happy, not just successful. Just remember this, and you will be fine.

105. Life is going to be very happy for you. You will enjoy having fun. Nothing in the world makes a man happier than when he realizes his desires are coming true and he is where he wants to be.

106. You’re a unique individual, no matter what other people tell you. You’re special and have your place in this world. And yes, you deserve to be happy. Yes, it is simple. Focus on making yourself happy instead of other people.

107. Depression affects many people and is not just a “personal problem.” Depression can affect anyone at any age, including children and the elderly. That’s why it’s important to talk and listen to each other.

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