Avoiding Pain Quotes

Avoiding Pain Quotes

Pain is an inevitable component of the human experience, but pain need not be inevitable in our lives. There are times in life when we’re forced to face pain and overcome it. It might be a breakup, or getting into a car accident. Sometimes the pain is physical and not emotional, although both are heartbreaking.

Other times, we experience pain because there’s something greater ahead. This kind of pain is not to be avoided, because you will never reach your goal. This pain is a part of life everyone should embrace because there’s great something in it. Pain is a part of life and we don’t get through this world without some sort of pain. This can take many forms and have many different meanings to each of us.

It is natural to want to avoid pain, and through experience and practice, it can be easy to achieve this. So if you’re looking for quotes about avoiding pain, you’ve come to the right place. The following avoiding pain quotes contain the best words about dealing with pain.

Avoiding Pain Quotes

If you are in pain, it is not because of others. It is because of yourself. Do what you can to get out of the pain, and you will see that your pain will stabilize or even disappear. To avoid pain, you must first acknowledge it and prepare to deal with it effectively. Avoidance is not the same as dealing.

1. Avoiding pain is natural; learning to make the pain your friend is wisdom.

2. Don’t avoid pain. Pain is a messenger. It tells us where we have been injured, and not to keep going that way.

3. The only way to avoid the pain of a broken heart is to love the wrong person.

4. We cannot avoid pain; we can only transform it into a source of wisdom and compassion.

5. Don’t be afraid of mistakes. You will know failure. Continue to reach out.

6. You can’t move forward unless you face some pain. The only way out is through.

7. Accepting pain is temporary, but your lessons are forever. The best way to avoid pain is to grow stronger.

8. We don’t want to escape the pain. We want to learn how to stand in the midst of it.

9. To avoid pain, one must avoid attachment to desires and expectations.

10. You can’t avoid pain, but you can learn from it and make it your friend.

11. We must all suffer one of two things: the pain of discipline or the pain of regret or disappointment.

12. I’m not afraid of pain, but I am afraid of a life that is not lived. The pain is part of the process so I’m not going to avoid it.

13. Pain is only temporary. It may last a minute, an hour, a day, or a year, but eventually it will subside, and something else will take its place. Don’t avoid pain.

14. If you avoid the pain, you’ll never learn the lesson.

15. If we don’t pay attention to our pain, it will haunt us forever.

16. The only way to avoid going through pain is to do nothing.

17. You can’t avoid pain. It’s essential to life. The only thing you can do is to avoid useless suffering.

18. Avoid arguments. Arguments are stupid. If you find yourself in an argument, it means that both of you are wrong.

19. Don’t avoid pain. Pain is part of the human experience; avoiding it doesn’t make it go away.

20. Pain is temporary, but a tattoo lasts forever.

21. There are many things that I find too painful to talk about and I can’t talk to anyone about them because no one else wants to know. I just want to avoid pain.

22. Life is pain. And we all have to go through it.

23. The most painful thing is losing yourself in the process of loving someone too much, and forgetting that you are special too.

24. Don’t avoid pain, but avoid the situation that causes pain.

25. You can’t avoid pain, but you can train yourself to be less sensitive to pain.

26. He who avoids pain, avoids reality. Don’t avoid pain.

27. The avoidance of pain is the shortest path to happiness.

28. Avoiding pain is not always negative. It’s not about enjoying suffering or causing harm to others, but rather understanding when it’s necessary to take a step back and let things unfold naturally without intervention.

29. You cannot avoid pain by avoiding life.

30. It is better to avoid pain than to risk pleasure.

31. Sometimes we become so accustomed to our pain and suffering that we are no longer able to recognize the harm they cause us. While we may not be able to avoid pain altogether, we can at least learn from it and move on.

32. Don’t avoid pain. Pain is a part of life. It’s what makes us grow.

33. Tomorrow, there will be more pain, more betrayal, and more things that make no sense and can never be explained but right now, I’m happy and I’m grateful for that.

34. It’s easier to avoid pain than to suffer pain. Avoiding pain will improve your life.

35. Why would you want to go through the pain? It’s easier to just avoid it altogether.

36. Many people believe that being able to avoid pain is much preferable to suffering it.

37. Many things are not worth it, but the pain that comes from them is. It’s better to avoid them.

38. Avoid pain in the future by taking action now.

39. We all like to avoid pain, but sometimes, we end up suffering an unbelievable amount of it.

40. Pain is inevitable, suffering is optional.

41. Avoiding pain is just like being afraid. Both result in misery and complications.

42. I’m thinking about avoiding pain. It’s a lot easier to avoid pain than it is to avoid suffering.

43. By avoiding everything that hurts, we end up enduring more pain.

44. Pain is a sign of weakness, avoid it at all costs.

45. All pain is avoidable. You just have to be willing to do whatever it takes, sacrifice whatever you need to sacrifice.

46. When you can’t deal with pain, avoid it.

47. The pain you feel today is the pain of discipline; the pain of a momentary effort; the pain of a conqueror; or the pain of a martyr. You must pick one.

48. Avoiding pain is just another way to say procrastinating in life. The only way to live is to feel the pain and love it because fear and insecurities are parts of us too.

49. Avoid pain, the fastest way is to say no. Whatever the costs, don’t start.

50. When it comes to avoiding pain during exercise, the idea is to do the RIGHT amount of exercise.

51. Just because it didn’t work out the first time doesn’t mean that it’s not worth trying again.

52. Nothing good comes from staying in an uncomfortable place. It’s always easier to leave than to stay.

53. The best way to avoid pain is to avoid love.

54. You’re likely to encounter pain in life, avoid it where possible.

55. Lucky for us, there’s a new way to avoid pain without avoiding movement.

56. The best way to feel better is to not let the feeling of hurt last long. If you avoid pain, you can never regret it.

57. If you want to avoid pain, don’t become a lion tamer. Unless you want your heart broken, don’t fall in love. Unless you want to be unhappy for the rest of your life, don’t make big life decisions during a time when nothing makes sense.

58. The most important thing to remember is there are lots of ways to skin a cat—and also to avoid pain.

59. Life is all about avoiding pain, and it’s no different when you’re making coffee.

60. We’re so used to pain that we can’t even see it anymore. We forget where it comes from, and what keeps it going. The moment we decide to get rid of our pain is the day we truly begin to heal.

61. You can avoid pain, but you cannot avoid the consequences of avoiding pain.

62. Avoid pain by avoiding the causes of pain.

63. Not all those who wander are lost. But those who avoid pain will never be found.

64. Avoid drama or anything that will bring you pain.

65. The easiest way to avoid pain is to say nothing, do nothing, and be nothing.

66. I’ve learned that pain is a kind of warning to let you know when something is wrong. If you don’t feel pain, then there’s no way of knowing if anything is wrong.

67. Don’t make unnecessary mistakes. Nothing good comes from worrying. Enjoy the present moment, and keep things in perspective.

68. Don’t let the negative aspects of life bring you down. Smile and stay positive, because pain doesn’t last forever—it will pass by, so smile while it lasts.

69. Avoiding pain is possible. Just not for very long.

70. Avoid the pain of procrastination. Do it today.

71. Most people make life harder than it needs to be. Avoid unnecessary pain in your life—avoid the things that cause you pain.

72. I couldn’t stop myself from thinking about the pain I had avoided all my life and how much worse it would be to live in continuous pain.

73. I’d rather feel pain from the truth than enjoy the comfort of a lie.

74. If you can postpone action in your mind, the pain of it disappears.

75. Don’t teach your kids to avoid pain—teach them to avoid the source of pain.

76. To avoid pain, we must risk pleasure.

77. No pain, no gain. Don’t let misfortunes steer you off your path.

78. Running away from pain doesn’t solve problems. It only makes things worse because you ignore the issues.

79. The path to success is to avoid pain. That’s why most people fail. To succeed, push through the pain and become comfortable with being uncomfortable.

80. You would rather feel pain than nothing at all. And that’s the reason why we constantly change and improve.

81. Beware of pain and suffering. They are a lot worse than death, trust me.

82. Quit avoiding the things that trigger you — they’re just painful reminders of what you need to heal.

83. Beware of the pain of self-doubt. Positivity. Kindness. Generosity. Friendship. These are the antidotes to pain.

84. Quit stepping on landmines in your relationships and learn to avoid pain-inducing situations before they even arise.

85. I want to avoid any pain. I live my life afraid of being hurt. So, I don’t dare to be with you.

86. The only way to avoid pain is to be so afraid of it that you never put yourself in situations where you’re likely to get hurt.

87. Avoid pain, and you avoid doing the things you love. And if you avoid the things you love, if you waste time perfecting safety, then you’ve set yourself up for pain. Because injury will have to be your teacher—it’s an inevitability in any endeavour where failure is possible.

88. Don’t be afraid to have some fun and take a few risks. There’s no reason to suffer through life.

89. The only pain is the pain that doesn’t go away.

90. Scared of pain or change? I don’t think so, the greatest lessons come from the hardest times in life.

91. You’d rather not feel pain again, and so you avoid the person who caused it.

92. You can’t avoid pain. All you can do is help it find a positive path.

93. Don’t be afraid to say “no” or “stop” when someone is being hurtful. Never let someone use you for a doormat.

94. The pain of discipline is nothing compared to the pain of regret.

95. Pain is a part of life for almost everyone. Sometimes, we do things to avoid pain and seek pleasure.

96. A true leader doesn’t just know how to avoid pain. A true leader knows how to avoid pain, and still get the job done.

97. Pain continues to hurt until the day you decide to stop living in it.

98. The only pain that lasts is the pain you choose to belong to.

99. Pain, especially the kind that makes you question your sanity, is a good thing. It’s a sign that you’re growing. It’s a sign that you have a desire to progress. It’s a sign of movement.

100. If you don’t feel pain, then it’s probably not working. Pain is a clear sign that the body is in healing mode.

I hope you find the collection of avoiding pain quotes I have here interesting and helpful. Please feel free to leave your comments and endeavour to share them with your family and friends.

Thank you.

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