Like Aunt Like Niece Quotes

Like Aunt Like Niece Quotes

Relationships are meant to be nurtured and developed so that we can fulfil each other’s needs. When an aunt shares the same similarities with her niece, it can bring them much closer to each other.

There are so many things that we inherit from our parents. Sometimes it’s something as big as their job or personality, while other times they may have passed on their hair colour. But sometimes there are some very unusual things that we inherit from our parents and this can be very interesting in the case of aunt and niece looking alike, which we are going to take a look at.

Aunt and niece relationships are special. As they grow older they grow closer, become more similar and look more alike. That’s why I’ve collected these quotes; to show my faith in these special relationships and also prove that most niece looks like their aunt.

Like Aunt Like Niece Quotes

Like aunt like niece quotes is a beautiful thing. It’s as if you have a part of your niece in you. How can you not love that? There is nothing sweeter than having a niece who looks like you. And who knows, maybe one day she’ll be just like her auntie.

1. Looking at my niece is like looking at a younger version of myself. Like aunt like niece.

2. You can’t help but notice the striking resemblance between an aunt and her niece. Like aunt like niece.

3. Aunt and niece looking alike a wonderful thing to behold. They share the same thoughts and have the same likes and dislikes.

4. Doesn’t every niece look up to her aunt and wish to be just like her? I always wanted to look like you, and I ended up looking exactly like you.

5. Because it’s not just that you look alike, but when people see you together, they think you’re sisters. Like aunt like niece

6. Treat yourself and your favourite aunt to a gift that is sure to remind you of those special times together. Like aunt like niece.

7. The perfect pair, in every way. They have the same laugh and giggle, the same crazy sense of adventure, and a special bond that can’t be broken.

8. The only thing better than seeing you is seeing you both. Like aunt like niece.

9. What does it mean when a niece is always like her aunt? It means she’s going to be like her aunt.

10. Truth be told, I’ve never seen such a strong resemblance before in my life. Like aunt like niece.

11. Never underestimate the power of having a niece in your life. Like aunt like niece.

12. There’s nothing like looking and acting like your aunt someone who loves you as much as your mother but in a different way.

13. It’s not just your eyes; it’s your smile. It’s not just the way you walk; it’s how you love. It’s not just how you say things, but how you make me feel. The more I think about it, the more I realize that I look like my Aunt in all these ways.

14. The best part about being a twin is acting like a twin. We’re more alike than we may realize.

15. Gorgeous curls, gorgeous smile; who is this stunning impostor? My niece looks like me.

16. If you’re feeling confused, just know that there is someone out there who thinks you’re perfect, just the way you are.

17. Your sister, your best friend, your niece, your other self. It’s no surprise you look and act like twins.

18. Nieces are a special kind of fun. They are like little sisters, but better. Like aunt like niece.

19. It’s a special day when you are an aunt. Having a niece that looks like you is like the fulfilment of a wish you never knew that you had.

20. Your niece is a precious gift, just like your favourite pair of jeans. You can dress them both up and down and they’ll always look great. Like aunt like niece.

21. My niece is my favourite person in the world. She looks like the younger version of me. Like aunt like niece.

22. Be like your aunt. Be confident and true to who you are; others will appreciate your authenticity. Like aunt like niece.

23. My niece and I play the same character, and we look shockingly alike. It’s creepy when we stand together.

24. My niece looks exactly like me. We have the best time because I feel like I’m hanging out with my sister. Like aunt like niece.

25. When you’re sisters, you can laugh at how much you look alike. But when she’s your niece, it’s just so amazing and unique.

26. Like aunt like niece. They have the same beautiful skin tone and big, brown eyes.

27. Aunt and niece are twins. They look and act alike. They are like sisters. Like aunt like niece.

28. Like aunt like niece. It’s cool to have your favourite relative look and act like you.

29. Like aunt like niece. It’s more than just similar; it’s genetic. Having a passion for the same thing.

30. Aunt and niece looking and acting alike is a pure coincidence. Like aunt like niece

31. Our relationship is a little weird, and everyone thinks we’re crazy, but we wouldn’t have it any other way. Like aunt like niece.

32. One of the sweetest things in life is seeing the bond between an aunt and her niece.

33. My little niece and I look so much alike that people often mistake me for her mom.

34. You’re basically twins, except she’s technically younger. But she’s got your eyes, your smile she’s definitely the more mature one.

35. Look at these two; they look so much alike. Everyone says they’re just aunt and niece but they actually aren’t, they are also friends.

36. You’re not just a niece, you’re a little me. Be a woman of substance with a soft voice and strong backbone.

37. The best-loved gift of all is the unspoken bond between aunt and niece. Aunts and nieces are not just like sisters; they are sisters.

38. You look just like she did at your age.

39. When you’ve got a good thing going, stick with it.

40. Aunt and Niece looking and acting alike is a blessing. Have you ever seen anyone else look so similar to their favourite aunt?

41. As an aunt, you can be an incredible role model for your niece by setting a good example and encouraging her dreams. Nieces look up to their aunts as much as if not more than their own parents.

42. Looking and acting alike may be more than a coincidence.

43. Two peas in a pod, two redheads in one family there’s never been two people who were more alike than my favourite aunt and my favourite niece.

44. What happens when you put two girls who look and act like sisters together? A fiesta of sisterly fun!

45. The bond between an aunt and her niece is special. After all, she’s the only girl you’ve been around for years.

46. I can’t get over how much you look like your Auntie. You’re the spitting image of her.

47. You can never go wrong with an auntie that looks just like her niece.

48. Gather around the selfie stick to see how much you look like your niece.

49. You know you got the stomach flu when your niece looks like you.

50. You are more alike to your niece than you realize. You’re more beautiful, and so is your niece.

51. Can’t believe I never noticed how much these two look alike. Like aunt like niece.

52. More than sisters, best friends. More than cousins, like twins. More than teammates, like family. Like aunt like niece.

53. I feel about my niece the way everyone else feels about their favourite shampoo or skin cream…I just can’t get enough. She looks so much like me.

54. To my niece I have no doubt you will follow your dreams. You can do anything you put your mind to, and I look forward to watching you do it. Like aunt like niece.

55. My niece and I have a lot in common. We’re both short with curly hair, in love with all things gymnastics, and always up for new adventures.

56. My niece and I are so much alike. Whether it’s our short curly hair or passion for all things gymnastics, we’re pretty inseparable when together.

57. Don’t let anyone tell you that you don’t look like your aunt when you are exactly the younger version of her.

58. When you and your auntie look like the same person. Just know that the family genetics is so strong.

59. I don’t know how it is that aunt and niece could look so alike. It’s crazy.

60. Aunt and I must be twins because we’re seriously so alike.

61. The best part about having an aunt who’s your look alike is all the fun you get to have experimented with hair and makeup.

62. Me and my niece looking alike, thinking “same look, same style.”

63. She’s my niece, and she looks exactly like me. I’m so proud that she looks like me.

64. An aunt, and her niece…same hair, same name…same quirky, fun little girl.

65. My niece looked so much like her Aunt today that she made me do a double take.

66. My niece looks just like me, and I’m obsessed. Like aunt like niece.

67. Nieces are precious gifts in the lives of their aunts. These women are often like sisters, and they act alike.

68. Nieces can often be confused for their aunt’s twins because they look so similar.

69. My niece looked just like me when I was younger. She’s such a sweetheart like her aunt. I see myself in my niece’s eyes whenever I look at her.

70. I have a niece, and she looks and just acts like me. Like aunt like niece.

71. My niece is my best friend. She’s smart, funny and beautiful. All the qualities I had. She’s exactly like me.

72. My niece is a beautiful and smart little girl, just like her aunt. Like aunt like niece.

73. I am so proud of my wonderful niece, who looks up to me as an inspiration. She’s grown up and looks like me.

74. My niece is such an amazing person who has always been there for me when I needed her. Like aunt like niece.

75. Aunts and nieces have a special bond, and it’s one that lasts beyond the family tree. They’re a part of each other’s lives for life. And they act the same.

76. Aunt and Niece looking and acting alike is a very common phenomenon. It’s like they are twins separated at birth.

77. They have some similar features, likes, dislikes, and even their style of dressing or hairdressing is the same. Like aunt like niece.

78. Aunt and niece are best friends. They have a special bond with each other. They want to look alike, act alike and talk alike.

79. The niece loves her aunt dearly and wants to be like her. She loves to dress up like her aunt and even pretend to be her aunt sometimes.

80. The bond between aunt and niece is very strong and unbreakable as they are always there for each other in times of crisis.

81. Aunts and nieces have a very special relationship that is unique to each pair. They share a lot of things together and can do a lot of things together as well.

82. Aunt and niece are two of the best relationships that can ever happen to a person. They share a bond that is beyond words, and they also look alike.

83. Niece and aunt are like sisters who can talk about anything with each other. They have their special bond, and they get along well because they have similar personalities.

84. Aunt and niece are best friends, so it’s only natural that they look a lot alike. It’s easy to mistake an aunt for her niece.

85. I can never be grateful enough for the love and encouragement I received from my Aunt. She is an extraordinary woman who lived through extraordinary times. She’s my role model.

86. My aunt taught me how to appreciate the simple things in life and how important it is never to take anyone or anything for granted.

87. I love my niece so much. She’s crazy and funny, and she makes me laugh. She also look and act like me.

88. My niece is the best thing that ever happened to me, and I’m not just saying that because she’s related to me.”

89. I may not be her mother, but my sister is still my daughter’s mother figure. My niece is beautiful, smart and talented, and I couldn’t be more proud of her. She reminded me of when I was her age.

90. Aunts and nieces have a special relationship. They’ve grown up together, and they know each other as no one else can. They look alike and act the same.

91. An aunt knows all of her niece’s secrets, and she loves her unconditionally. Like aunt like niece.

92. I love my nieces because she’s cute and they makes me laugh. I call my identical twin because she looks exactly like me.

93. My niece is my best friend; I know she will be there for me when no one else is. She’s my lookalike.

94. It’s great having someone who understands me and cares much about me. Like aunt like niece.

95. Auntie is always there for me when I need her most. She’s like an angel who descended from heaven just to help me through my hard times. My life wouldn’t be the same without her. She’s my role model.

96. Aunt and Niece are both wonderful, but there is a special attachment between the two. They are like sisters and friends. They have similar characters.

97. Being an aunt to this wonderful niece who looks and acts exactly like me is one of the most rewarding roles I can ever take on.

98. The best part about being a twin is acting like a twin. We’re more alike than we may realize.

99. Your niece is a precious gift, just like your favourite pair of jeans. You can dress them both up and down and they’ll always look great. Like aunt like niece.

100. The best-loved gift is the unspoken bond between aunt and niece. Aunts and nieces are not just like sisters; they are sisters.

Finally, there is nothing better than a quote that can convince you. These like aunt like niece quotes about aunt and niece looking and acting alike are the best way to get convinced. The next time you see an aunt and niece walking on the street, looking at each other and realizing that they look like twins, make sure you take a picture and send it to them as an email attachment.

Hopefully, you will be able to find some useful words of wisdom in the quotes I have shared that can help you know how to act around your niece and feel closer to her. There’s never a bad time to express love for our family members and developing a bond creates memories that last forever. So put down your phone, unplug from work, and get ready for fun with your niece, it’s time for quality time.

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