Loneliness Is Addictive Quotes

Loneliness Is Addictive Quotes

Lonely people often find themselves falling into the same traps. The cycle of addiction is often one of loneliness and loneliness. Loneliness becomes addictive.

Loneliness can be one of the most painful experiences in life. Disconnection makes us feel inadequate and insecure, leading to negative emotions. But loneliness can also be addictive. You may not want to admit this, but loneliness is addictive.

And just like substance abuse, it can be extremely hard to stop, which is why it’s important to recognise when you’re in an unhealthy relationship and take steps to get yourself out of your loneliness and into healthier relationships.

Are you lonely and desperate? Do you want out of loneliness and its addiction? Do you want to break the vicious cycle of loneliness? You are at the right place. Here are several loneliness is addictive quotes.

Loneliness Is Addictive Quotes

Loneliness is addictive, it’s a form of self-control. I have to control loneliness and disconnect from a lot of people because it’s too hard. It’s like a drug, and I don’t want to do that anymore. Loneliness is also a form of pain and suffering that can bring despair, emotional and physical illness and even death.

1. I love being alone; I love the times I feel numb, When all I want is to sit, Alone in my room with no distractions.

2. Loneliness is a drug; it’s addictive. And when it hits you, you’ll never want to quit it.

3. When you get used to the silence and pleasure of your own company, it’s downright hard to share space with others. Loneliness is addictive.

4. Nothing will ever replace the taste of loneliness for those who are set in their ways.

5. Loneliness is addictive. First, you take your dose, then get high on it till the feeling becomes addictive.

6. Loneliness is addictive. Once you get used to being alone, spending time with others makes you wary, if not tiresome.

7. Loneliness is addictive and strong, but despairing.

8. Loneliness is addictive. It’s like opium; you can’t stop. It’s like your heart is on fire, and you can’t control yourself.

9. Loneliness is addictive when the abnormal becomes normal.

10. Loneliness is addictive when you fall in love with your company and being with others becomes exhausting.

11. Loneliness is addictive. You crave silence, begrudge, intruding presence and feeling comfortable all by yourself.

12. Loneliness is addictive. It sneaks up on you like a deadly virus and controls you.

13. Loneliness is addictive and makes you feel socially inept when with others. Like crack or morphine, it’s a horrible feeling, but the real pain of loneliness is the crushing emptiness when no one is there.

14. Loneliness is not as beautiful as it appears. It’s addictive and destructive.

15. Loneliness is addictive like crack or heroin, a drug that will drain you of your soul and leave you empty.

16. Loneliness isn’t only dangerous; it’s the most addicting drug.

17. Loneliness is dangerous and addicting. It lulls you into a false sense of blissful solitude and convinces you you’re better off alone, away from people.

18. A solitary existence is beautiful until it becomes addictive and oppressive.

19. Loneliness kills like a hard drug. It’s intoxicating and addictive. To some, it’s a curse, but to others, it’s bliss.

20. Loneliness is like drug addiction; you can’t stop once you start. It’s just like an addiction; it gets stronger over time.

21. You are all alone because loneliness beckons you. It convinces you it’s your best friend forever. Everyone else is a betrayal; no one cares or measures up. Loneliness is addictive; it kills the soul, slowly but surely.

22. Loneliness is addictive. You feel it with every breath. You’re addicted to the loneliness. You stare out into space, wondering if you will ever find someone who feels the same. It’s so lonely that you sometimes wonder if you’ll ever be free of your self-imposed prison.

23. Feelings of loneliness are painful, ugly things that try to steal one’s happiness.

24. I feel alone and lonely. My light fades slowly and turns to blackness because I succumbed carelessly to the addictiveness of loneliness.

25. You are my addiction, one that I cannot shake. The pull I feel to be with you is like a drug. Loneliness is my faithful companion.

26. Loneliness is addictive. Like a drug, I crave it as a cold drug addict craves a drink.

27. Loneliness is addictive. It makes you fall and fall deeply into its trap. There is no love, no second chance but solitude and deep silence.

28. Loneliness is addictive. So addictive, it’s taking over your mind. You can feel it creeping inside. You want to get away, but you can’t escape its awful grip. It sucks you in, and hold on tightly.

29. Loneliness is addictive like a drug. First, it helps you to forget your pains. It fills your mind with hallucinations you can’t resist. Then, it takes over with depressing blue. The sadness is ugly and can drive you insane. Yet, there’s no escape route.

30. Loneliness is an addictive addiction that eats away your heart and soul. It’s even worse than an addiction when you dread being alone.

31. Loneliness is addictive; it feels like heroin and makes you feel high until it fades off and reality sets in. You’re left with your drugs of choice: loneliness or heroin.

32. Loneliness consumes at once. It’s addictive and cruelly restricts one’s fun imagination.

33. You get so used to being on your own that you start resenting the unavoidable intruding company of others. Loneliness is so addictive that you can’t find your way out of it.

34. Loneliness is deadly addictive. It’s like a disease that slowly eats away at you, tortures your thoughts, and makes you withdraw into your shell until you shut out the world.

35. When you’re alone, it’s hard to cope. Only real friends are a crutch to lean on as you escape the addictiveness of loneliness.

36. Loneliness makes you addictively lonely. There’s no love in sight, and no one around when your heart is bleeding.

37. Loneliness is addictive. When you wake up alone in the night to the sound of silence, scared with heart thumping wildly, then know you’re at a crossroad: freedom captivity.

38. Loneliness is as addictive as hard drugs to a junkie or chocolate to one with a sweet tooth. Breaking free is just as hard.

39. Loneliness is overwhelming and addictive. You can’t break free without a serious struggle.

40. Loneliness is an addiction that I can’t kick. This addiction keeps me from feeling alone until I’m bored with my company.

41. Loneliness is addictive. It’s so bad for the soul. The emptiness inside is so deep; it’s like a bottomless pit, a void which can kill you.

42. Loneliness is addictive; it’s an addiction I can’t break. So I sit alone in my room, fixating on your image in my thoughts.

43. Take a chance on love, on forever; there’s someone out there for you, someone who will love you forever. Someone who will help you break the jinx of loneliness.

44. Loneliness is addictive. It makes you paranoid. It makes you feel powerful and invincible. You are a paradox – dark and strange. Anxious, addicted and terribly lonely.

45. Loneliness is an addictiveness seductress. First, it makes you feel awesome and build a wall of resistance to ward off the rest of the world. Then, it crashes and leaves you numb, lonely, alone and sad.

46. You are addicted to loneliness like a junkie, high on drugs. You’re a prisoner in a prison of your own making.

47. Loneliness is addictive and inhibiting. Happiness is free but comes with a price.

48. Loneliness is addictive. You’ve been alone for far too long. It hurts so much and leaves you empty, numb and bereft.

49. Loneliness is addictive and intoxicating. It draws you close and sucks you in. Unable to resist, you can’t break away.

Solitude. A place I never wanted to visit, Where pain, fear and loneliness once dwelled. Loneliness is toxic, t; the antidote for loneliness is love.

51. Loneliness is addictive. You find yourself wanting more and more. You want to surround yourself with people. You crave attention and affection, but you can’t break free because loneliness is addictive.

52. Loneliness is a deadly addiction. One touch and you’re hooked.

As you can see, loneliness is addictive quotes. So, the next time you are lonely, read a book, a movie, or go for a walk in your neighbourhood. It’s time to break free from the addictive habit.

I’m glad you know better now when it comes to loneliness. Please, share with your family, friends and followers on social media handles. Your questions, comments or suggestions will be appreciated.

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