Loneliness Can Kill You Quotes

Loneliness Can Kill You Quotes

Loneliness can kill you. It’s sad but true. Some people are naturally more comfortable being alone, but others like being around others, especially on an emotional level. However, being lonely can be a dangerous thing. As social animals, our bodies are very aware of the feelings of those around us, and loneliness can make us feel alone, even amid a crowd. Consequently, loneliness can lead to depression, anxiety, and even heart disease.

Loneliness is the state of feeling isolated from others, and it often comes with a feeling of not wanting to be around others. It can be very draining and emotionally draining, leading to depression, anxiety, and even thoughts of suicide. It can take years off your life.

So, what can we do to prevent ourselves from falling into this lonely pit? Have you been depressed lately? Are you a loner? Do you avoid others’ company? Are you tired of being a hermit? Care to mingle?

Here are some loneliness can kill you quotes about loneliness and how it can affect you.

Loneliness Can Kill You Quotes

Loneliness is the worst feeling in the world, especially when you feel like there’s no one to turn to. Loneliness can be incredibly painful, so preventing it from happening is vital for living a happy life because loneliness can kill you.

1. If you aren’t careful, loneliness can kill you from inside.

2. Loneliness can kill you. Your life will be a tragedy when no one cares, and no one’s there to help.

3. Loneliness can kill you. You feel achingly lonely when your heart is empty, when no one cares or shows up. You die slowly but surely, of loneliness.

4. Loneliness can kill you, but first, it leaves you all alone to die of boredom and stew in the juice of your own company.

5. Loneliness can kill you. It can make you sick and sad. It can make you forget about everything and all you care about.

6. When night falls, silence washes over me; I am alone in the world. Killing me softly, this dreaded loneliness of mine.

7. Loneliness kills, don’t let it strike you. Please don’t allow it to creep on you. Combat it by doing things you love and enjoy and spending quality time in the company of amazing people.

8. It all started the day I found your picture. You left without a word. You left without saying goodbye. I feel so lonely that it feels like death. I couldn’t stop crying in my heart; I knew that nothing could ever change that you’re gone forever.

9. Loneliness can kill you. Many people have died this way. I’m blessed with my loving family and life. May I not feel loneliness.

10. Loneliness can kill you, letting your sadness and dread consume you, the toll it slowly swallows you.

11. It’s lonely here. I feel dreadfully alone, all alone. I don’t have anyone, no one to talk to.

12. You may be alone, and the world may treat you wrong, but you’re not. Loneliness can kill you only if you allow it to take a grip on you.

13. A lonely person’s soul is hurt. A lonely person’s heart bleeds. A lonely person’s life is just a bleeding waste.

14. Loneliness kills you, so try your best to avoid its vice-like grip. Loneliness will kill you, again and again, so try your best to escape.

15. Loneliness can kill you if you let it. It can bring you to your end if you let it choke you in its evil grip.

16. When you’re alone, sitting in your room, with no one to talk to, you think you can’t get any worse, but when you look in the mirror, you realise the truth. You are dying slowly but surely, of loneliness.

17. Loneliness can cause depression. Depression can cause high blood pressure or suicidal thoughts. Loneliness is a silent killer to be avoided.

18. You are all alone, teary and sad with no one to comfort you. Your eyes stray everywhere, puffy and red. No one cares; no one listens to your heartbreaking sobs because you’re all alone and lonely.

19. Loneliness can kill you, steal your joy, disrupt your carefully ordered life, and make you do wrong. Loneliness is a terrible and fatal disease.

20. Loneliness can kill you and make you do things you might regret, like cheating on someone you truly love.

21. Loneliness causes pains, daily pains. Depression, sadness, and anger are products of loneliness. Loneliness is destructive; it makes one cry a river.

22. The birds chirp happily, the bees dance on flowers, the trees grow and multiply, but my heart feels empty. There is no one to warm my bed as I’m dying inside.

23. Loneliness is as cruel as cancer. It burrows in and eats you deeply, leaving you scared and scarred. You need the company of someone to hold, love, and share.

24. Loneliness, your deadly sting makes my heart ache. When I’m lonely, it feels as if I’m dying.

25. Loneliness kills. You lose yourself; your mind becomes vacant, your eyes lifeless while your heart is still beating. You’re in a fight, and you’re losing. Your life is uncertain while your heart bleeds out.

26. Loneliness kills you. How would you feel when no one is around? Lonely, cold, jittery and incredibly sad.

27. Once it holds you in its grip, Loneliness can kill you in the dark of night, while you’re alone in the dark because no one loves or cares for you. You are all alone.

28. Loneliness can kill you, but not at once. Like dripping water, it kills slowly and steadily until the job gets done. Loneliness is no one’s friend. You may think you’re better off alone, but you’re wrong, my friend; loneliness can destroy you.

29. Loneliness is deceptive. It kills you in the end, but first, it convinces you it’s your best option. Withdraw from others, embrace the faux comfort of loneliness till it hits you hard and fatally when you are defenceless and at its mercy.

30. No hired assassin is as deadly as loneliness. It’s invisible and invincible. Loneliness can end you, swallow you whole and drain your spirit completely before going for the jugular.

31. Loneliness can kill you, so stay far away from it.

32. Loneliness kills. When you can’t stand the pain, you’re left with no outlet. Loneliness can drain you and leave you empty.

33. Loneliness kills. When you’re completely withdrawn from yourself, it strikes where it hurts in your heart. Your heart breaks, and your mind is confused, no longer lucid.

34. Lonely and drained of life, you sit alone, thinking life is cruel.

35. Loneliness is a killer. It can make you go crazy and take over your life.

36. Loneliness can kill you mercilessly. It can drain you and make you insane. Why do you want to be alone? You love your friends and make time to bond and have fun. That’s how best you can beat loneliness.

37. Loneliness can kill you. Please don’t be lonely. You will become filled with sadness.

38. Loneliness can kill you. Don’t let it get to you; you’re never alone.

39. Loneliness can kill you. The lonely only hurt themselves by pushing away all love because it isn’t fair.

40. Loneliness will kill you slowly, so do not sit alone in silence. Reach out to someone, and let someone hold you.

41. Loneliness is like a cold wind; it can kill you slowly or cut you from head to feet.

42. Loneliness can kill you. 2 minutes of feeling alone, Any minute can feel like forever.

43. Loneliness can kill you, as it can rip you apart and leave you disappointed.

44. Loneliness can last for days, months, or years. It can hurt and drain away from your soul.

45. Loneliness can kill you. Wishing for a friend to talk to, Loneliness can make you cry. Try as you may get out of it.

46. Loneliness is horrible. The quietness of being alone with no one to talk to. It can make you go crazy because you can’t take its pain. The silence of loneliness is excruciatingly deafening; you want someone to talk to or go bonkers.

47. Loneliness is love’s deadly foe. It destroys lives and souls. Once in a lifetime, loneliness can strike,

48. Heart, be still. Don’t fear, be strong, and don’t let loneliness kill you.

49. Loneliness can kill you, or at the very least, it will bum you out.

50. If loneliness could kill you, you would have died long ago. I feel you with me in all of my darkest hours. Your love keeps me warm, alive and well.

51. Loneliness can kill you and take away your hope, your life, tears, pain, and sadness. Loneliness can kill you.

52. Before loneliness kills you, you begin to feel like nothing exists or matters; no one sees you

53. Solitude is a kind of torturous death. It is a feeling which can choke you to death.

54. The feeling of loneliness can almost kill you. Feeling all alone is the worst feeling

55. The loneliness comes on slowly like slow-growing cancer. Then you get up one morning and realise you don’t feel right.

56. Loneliness is a deadly disease. It kills you, slowly but surely. It crushes your spirit and leaves you broken.

57. Loneliness can kill you when the one you love is so far from you.

58. I’m lonely, and there’s nobody here to cheer me up. Sometimes life becomes lonely, hopeless and helpless when no one understands.
Sometimes life seems hopeless, and there’s nobody here to cheer me up.

59. Loneliness kills you slowly. As you feel your heart grow colder, so will your mind and soul. If only you had someone to love.

60. Loneliness kills you. When you can’t have a friend, you feel so alone and unwanted.

A little loneliness never hurts anyone and can even be good for your soul. Real friendship is where loneliness can be turned into pleasure. You can never get enough of the people you love because real friends are always there for you. But being completely withdrawn is worse than a terminal disease.

Loneliness is dangerous and a threat to humanity. Please, help someone snap out of their lonely tendencies by sharing these loneliness can kill you quotes on your social media handles and email subscription. I’ll gladly welcome your questions, comments and suggestions.

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