Love Behind Anger Quotes

Love is the most powerful feeling that exists. It is the energy that keeps the world spinning, it is the energy that fuels the human heart, and it is what keeps us alive. Love is what makes life worth living.

But, sometimes, love is not enough. Sometimes, it takes anger to make us see the truth. It takes a strong emotion like anger to make us wake up and take action. However, when we choose to let our anger consume us, it can lead to depression and anxiety. When we allow ourselves to get lost in feelings of anger, we forget about what we are angry about and lose sight of our true purpose in life.

When we use that anger as fuel for change, it can be used for good rather than evil. In order to help others understand this concept, here are five things that can help you recognize the love behind your anger:

These love behind anger quotes will help you understand what you should be doing in order to take control of your emotions and make the most of them. Also, if you feel the need to send some love behind your anger, consider these quotes that ring true on both sides.

Love Behind Anger Quotes

Anger without love is dangerous. It destroys trust, friendships and relationships. While it’s natural to feel angry, frustrated and even rage, why not let your softer side shine through when you need to persuade? Not all anger shows resentment, some are because of the underlying love.

1. Anger resides in the heart of fools. That’s why when you love someone, your anger becomes only fleeting to such a person. You can’t connect to your passion without opening your heart. True passion is the key to developing a meaningful connection with your audience.

2. When you’re angry with someone, your heart is really trying to tell them that they’re the most special person in the world. There is a love behind the anger one is showing to someone one loves.

3. We all get angry, but hiding behind your anger can be toxic. Try to forgive instead and you’ll feel better. Show love and you’ll see that your anger will not malicious.

4. Your anger may actually be love for that special person. The love behind anger is what makes people stay stronger and better.

5. Anger is the emotion most often indicative of the love and caring. Anger indicates that a person or situation has deviated from an expected norm, and when anger is present, it is a very good sign that the anger is coming from someone who loves you and cares about your well-being.

6. When you love someone, even your anger has an underlying love. Anger motivates people to take action. It’s an expression of emotion that inspires confidence and trust in a person or group. Because of this, it’s often better to express anger than hiding it.

7. Oftentimes, anger is corrective to the person you love. This is because love and care are behind the anger.

8. The love behind anger is what will make your loved ones listen to you when you correct them or scold them.

9. It’s true that from time to time, your loved ones will only believe half of what you tell them. However, with some love and patience, they’ll start to remember everything you say before you’re even done saying it!

10. Love is the most powerful motivator there is. In anger lies a love for someone you desire to correct or scold. The ones who love you will love you no matter what, and their eyes are the first place to find that.

11. Some anger is basically corrective and not the other way around because there is love behind the anger.

12. Love behind anger is what everyone needs and it is the most effective way to change a person for the better. This allows us to better communicate with others and limit issues when tension arises.

13. Anger is sometimes right. In fact, it’s a way of showing love.

14. Love behind anger is the key to a healthy and happy life. If you can’t find love, you deserve nothing but despair.

15. Love behind anger is what keeps people focused in a relationship. Hateful anger is damaging to your well-being and health.

16. When you focus on your own anger, and then are you unable to love. But when there is love behind even your anger, then are able to live without resentment.

17. Love is an emotion that everyone feels. Sometimes we feel it for our families and friends, and sometimes we don’t even realize it when we are feeling it for someone else entirely, yet, when we get angry, it seems it’s all gone.

18. Love and anger are different extremes, but they are often closely related. That’s why the love behind anger is the sweetest mode of correction.

19. Psychologists around the world are proving that angry people are in love. The evidence is obvious.

20. Need to make a case for your anger before that special someone? Let them know how you really feel! Break back through the barriers!

21. The love behind anger is soothing though the anger may make one feel uncomfortable.

22. You might be wrong sometimes, but the people around you will still love you and come to understand you even when you express your anger towards them. That is the love behind the anger.

23. Being angry is sacred just as love is important in a relationship. Love behind anger is sweet.

23. The next time someone gets angry at you, just remember that it’s actually love in disguise. People only get mad when they care but don’t know how to express it.

24. When you are angry, it is hard to feel love for the person that you are angry with. Make sure to separate the anger from your love for them.

25. Anger is part of the human experience. It’s a natural response to negative external events. That doesn’t make it productive or healthy, it only means that your anger is normal and that is the underlying love.

26. Love behind anger may not be seen at first because the anger may seem detached. But when it gets heated, it becomes a passionate conversation; one that’s constantly compelling you to question yourself and your life.

27. Love behind anger offers us the opportunity to communicate effectively, calmly and in a way that avoids conflict. It takes compassion and awareness to fully understand this.

28. You need to learn to control your anger before it consumes you and destroys every relationship in your life. That is the reason why your anger should be borne out of your love for the person and not the other way around.

29. When you live with genuine anger, your heart opens and connections are built. True anger is sacred because there is an underlying love.

30. Whether it’s for individuals or for organizations, anger often corrects. This is because oftentimes love and care lead to anger. It’s about growth and development.

31. Why is anger sometimes needed? People who experience anger are seen as leaders that are passionate about what they do. This is especially true when there is love behind the anger.

32. When you’re angry and frustrated, you can make a change. You can show people how much you love them because love behind anger changes faster than the most sincere rebuke.

33. More often than not, anger masks love when it is directed at someone close to the heart.

34. Anger is healthy and necessary. But it can also be misunderstood. Being angry is not just sacred, but also beautiful because if it is for the one you love, there is love behind the anger. It’s what keeps a couple together.

35. When you’re in doubt, look to the people you love to be the source of truth. And when you are angry, let there be love behind it.

36. When thinking about your loved ones, remember this: people who genuinely care for us cannot help but show it, even in anger because there is love behind anger. Don’t forget to let them know.

37. Those who do not wish to amend their ways will never see the love behind anger. However, for someone who understands, it is the best thing to experience.

38. Now is your chance to understand what true love means. It can be hidden in anger also. Reach out if you’re ready to give it a try!

39. You will never be able to love others until you love yourself first. If you don’t find something to love about your life, you can’t give love to anyone else. Let there be love hidden in your anger.

40. It’s true that there is love behind anger. Families may misunderstand what you’re saying, but they will always love you, and eventually come around to wanting to believe you.

41. Anger only becomes a problem when love is not in the equation. The most powerful love can come from anger and frustration. It is possible to reach a new level of communication in your relationship by being more aware of your partner’s moods.

42. Love and anger are not opposites. They are the two sides of the same coin. Angry people make the best lovers in town. It’s because they have a soft side you cannot see.

43. We all know it’s easy to be angry, but the only way to improve your life, and the lives of others, is through compassion and understanding. Let there be love behind your anger.

44. Deep down beneath the rage is a heart that feels the most. Why not go ahead and express your love behind anger to get your message across?

45. The truth about anger is that we’re mad at something else entirely. Love behind anger makes you look at the offence and not the offender.

46. You need to start seeing the love in your anger. In fact, if you want to be truly successful, it’s not just a good idea to pay close attention to the good in your negative emotions, you won’t get very far without it.
47. You have the power to command love into your anger because it is only by love that you get the change you want in others. Learn to make your love reside even in your anger.

48. In life, it’s easy to show your anger to others. But once you’re ready to be a better person, you’ll see that the best way to show it is through love behind anger.

49. Anger may be destructive but the love behind anger urges people toward change. It shows that you care enough to want something better. This is why anger is corrective.

50. While throwing tantrums at people make you feel better, it is better to imbibe the emotions of love in your anger because it is only in your love that the result becomes better.

52. Anger is a natural part of life; anger is an emotion that we all feel. It’s ok to get angry sometimes. As long as it doesn’t last too long, it’s actually healthy to get angry when you don’t agree with something or someone.

53. When we put love in the equation, anger will not be a problem anymore. We are passionate about helping people gain control over their emotions, and that’s why we’re here: to provide you with access to the best anger management techniques anywhere.

54. The love behind anger is never seen by those who do not wish to amend their ways, but for someone who understands, it is the best thing to experience.

55. Over time, you can convince your loved ones of anything you want. With enough time and patience, you will change their minds. They’re waiting for you to be the one to show them what to do.

56. It’s not a temper tantrum. It’s a sign of love. Happiness cannot exist without anger, but it becomes dangerous in the absence of love. If you have ever experienced anger that you regret, you should try this. It will show you the way of a better person and it’s one of the best things in your life.

57. Love is the glue that holds your relationship together. Love can make people do crazy things. It can make you smile, it can make you cry, can even make you angry, and can inspire you to be and do better. Love is what keeps us going.

58. You’ll be relieved and excited to discover how anger can be your friend, keep you safe, and connect you to others. Do you feel angry? Why not give them a piece of your mind while you do the same with yourself by adapting the spirit of love behind anger!

59. Do you want to build a stronger relationship with that special someone? Then tell them why you’re angry! Show them the love behind your anger.

60. Anger gives us a way to communicate when we’re feeling hurt or angry. By dealing with it in a kind, non-violent way, we can set limits and create boundaries that don’t lead to violence. Love behind anger settles it all.

61. True anger is sacred. It is a love behind this anger that keeps people in the right state of mind in their relationships. Even the staunchest of us have a few people who care about us dearly. It’s the ones who want us to be happy that take it upon themselves to show it, often at the cost of their comfort.

62. Remember to look for the love behind the anger. We’ve all been there. Perhaps you should let them know about your emotions instead and tell them exactly what it means to you.

63. Below the surface, your trusted loved ones want to believe every word that comes out of your mouth. If you’re looking for a way to feel more alive and change the world, try being nicer and let your anger toward others be borne out of love. It’s one of the best things you’ll ever do.

64. Have a fight with your loved one? Don’t worry – we’ll help you. We know that anger is a sign of love. So we celebrate it. Some people don’t understand how much their loved ones care — those who truly care for us cannot help themselves from showing it.

65. When love behind anger is what you express, everything will be perfect.

66. Is there really love in anger? It’s a question that has puzzled us all: is there something behind anger that needs to be resolved? You love the person you’re angry at. See that love in your anger and trust that person.

67. True anger is sacred and when anger is expressed in love, there is peace.

68. The world would be a better place to live if we all would have love behind our anger. It takes years to develop a good understanding of what makes someone attractive, but the first place to look for it is in the eyes.

67. Contemporary scientists and therapists recognize that anger can be helpful in personal growth. They emphasize that anger is evidence of love and caring.

68. You think love is all about hugs, rainbows, and puppies? Think again! It can also be full of pain, suffering, and frustration.

69. Deep down inside of us all is a heart. Even the worst of monsters and villains have one, so why not go ahead and express your love behind anger to get your message across?

70. When anger is more than just a state of mind; it then becomes laden with love. People under-appreciate the care their loved ones give them — those who truly care for us cannot help themselves from showing it.

71. When you love people, it is hard to see them in pain or anger, but how else are they going to repent? Anger is a catalyst for change and we must be willing to overcome the heartache of seeing loved ones suffer.

72. When used constructively, anger can make many positive things happen. It has the potential to keep you safe, advance your career and help you avoid potentially dangerous situations. It’s simple. Anger is an opportunity that should not be ignored.

73. Is There Love in Anger? Yes, these happen when one wants to pass a loving message to another person for a change. There is love behind anger.

74. Do you want to build a stronger relationship with that special someone? Are you looking for the best way to show them your love even in anger? Speak from your heart – tell them how you feel. Show them how much they mean to you.

75. A stronger relationship starts by simply telling someone why you’re angry. From anger stems love. If you don’t change, people will never see how much you love them. But if you change, people can see how much you love them every day.

76. Anger is a mental state that’s often caused by a perceived threat. If you feel angry, it’s important to resolve your feelings so you can move on. This can be done by having love behind our anger.

77. It’s true. No matter how angry your loved ones get, they still love you below the surface. Give them time, and they’ll come to understand that in time they’ll believe anything that comes out of your mouth.

78. Anger has the power to help you get your message across. The challenge is to understand and appreciate it. This isn’t easy, but it can be done with the right tools such as love. Love behind anger is real and genuine.

79. When you’re angry it’s a good thing. You’re in the right state of mind to change things. The love behind anger is not seen. But when you’re ready to try the way of a better person, you’ll see that it’s the best thing to experience.

80. If your boss is giving you a hard time, find the source of their anger and take it from there. It could be an internal problem, or maybe they’ve been working hard. Either way, you have to talk to them about it.

81. The person to whom our anger is directed may not see the love behind the anger but when properly expressed, it is the most effective way of resolutions of issues.

82. When done properly, anger allows us to resolve a disagreement peacefully, with understanding and love. It also has the ability to improve our relationships and strengthen our connection with others.

83. You can find love in your anger if you can trust that person. Anger can be a transformative catalyst. When people are angry, they can be brave and decisive.

84. The next time you’re angry, take a deep breath and think of the love underneath it. Your emotions are the words that keep you connected.

85. If used correctly, anger can be a powerful tool. When directed at the appropriate party, anger is seen by some as a sign of love. Believe it or not, your anger or frustration is sometimes a reflection of love.

86. There is love behind anger in the eyes of those who cherish us. It takes a deeper level of understanding to realize this. If you do not change your attitude, you will never attract love. However, if you take steps to be a better person, people will treat you with kindness.

87. Living with genuine anger opens your heart and builds connections. True anger is sacred. Love isn’t just some magical, feel-good feeling. True love is much more powerful than that. It is the reason why we truly live.

88. It is true that anger has some level of corrective ability, but it is most destructive because it lacks love. You will find that by seeing the love in your anger, you will be able to trust that person.

89. When you love someone, your heart is filled with deep anger when they are doing things to destroy themselves. This kind of anger is the biggest compliment you can pay to a person. You are showing them that you don’t care!

90. Rage is destructive but charm is really loving: it only becomes coercive when there’s no love attached to it. If you can’t see the anger in this statement, then you are not doing it right.

91. Being angry is scary but with love, it is well understood. Love is what keeps people focused in a relationship. Genuine anger has the ability to ignite desire and bring us closer together. It is a healthy part of all our lives, so we should be grateful we feel it and choose how to use it.

92. Your anger can mean the difference between a relationship that thrives and one that dies. Anger is a fiery emotion that can be harnessed to inspire positive change. When acted upon in the right way, anger has the ability to help us reach our goals and improve the world around us.

93. You need to trust your intuition and face the anger in your community with love. Anger is not just destructive and unproductive; it’s an instrument of change when love is inbuilt.

94. The people who love you will love you no matter what, and their eyes are the first place to find that. Anger is often a useful tool. If we can harness it, we’ll be more likely to protect and preserve the things we cherish.

95. Anger exudes passion. Passion can be the result of great love. While it may seem like anger is the absence of love, you need to look a little deeper.

96. Most people think their loved ones don’t care enough — those who sincerely care can’t help but show it. Anger is healing. It allows you to feel your emotions and connect with others.

97. Don’t let a little fight get in the way of the love you feel. Do you want a stronger relationship? Do you want to feel more love? Do you have anger issues? Anger can sometimes hide love because the person involved sees the anger and the love behind it.

98. If you want to unleash the fire, you got to kindle the flame. Life’s like a love-hate relationship; it’s a battle between pain and passion. Try to see things from their perspective. They could be very upset and angry at you, but they just don’t know how to show it. It is the love in anger that you should look at.

99. Anger can sometimes hide love. Has someone ever done something for you and you didn’t thank them? You might not have realized or failed to show your gratitude but showing someone that you care is really important.

100. Anger is sometimes needed. In these cases, they are seen as love behind anger. It’s easy to get angry. Instead of getting mad, try forgiving and opening up to new opportunities. When you understand the root behind your anger, you’ll realize that forgiveness is the ultimate path to leading a life of abundance, respect and love.

I hope these love behind anger quotes proved to be useful and relatable to you. If so, let me know in the comment section. Thanks.

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