Mall Madness Quotes

Mall Madness Quotes

Mall madness is an addictive game that is popular among people of all age groups. The main aim of this game is to reach the mall in the time given to you. You will have to avoid accidents and other hurdles on your way to reach the mall. It takes the player on a shopping spree through the mall. The player must choose products to buy and then return them at the end of each day.

You are given a certain amount of money to spend on items, but you can also earn additional money by completing missions. If you want to save your money, you can also go through the game without spending any real money. The goal of this game is to make as much money as possible by selling the items you purchase at the store.

You can also sell items directly from your inventory and get more cash for them. Once you have enough cash in your account, you can visit the bank and withdraw all your earnings in one go or continue working until your next paycheck arrives.

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Mall Madness Quotes

A fun and addicting game, Mall Madness is all about riding on a skateboard and completing mazes in the mall. To complete each level, you’ll have to collect all of the items, unlock doors and weave through moving obstacles. Keep your eyes peeled for power-ups along the way.

1. Mall madness is an entertaining game that allows children to have a fun time playing with it. It is made of PVC material, which makes it safe to play with and easy to clean afterwards.

2. Mall madness is a great way for your kids to have fun and interact with their friends. It’s safe and easy to clean up, ensuring that you won’t have to worry about the mess!

3. Mall madness is a fun, fast-paced real-time strategy game where you have to build the best mall in town. You have to do this by tapping on the right buildings when they are ready or they will go over budget.

4. Mall Madness is a fast-paced arcade game in which you must prevent your mall from going out of business by tapping at the right time to construct commercial buildings for shoppers and tapping on stores that are about to go out of business.

5. if you’re a fan of shopping, then you’ll love Mall Madness. You’ll get a big kick out of playing this action arcade game as you travel through time and space, in search of the greatest deals on clothes and other products.

6. Mall madness is a shopping mall simulation game that allows players to purchase products, increase their sales and open new shops.

7. Mall madness is a simulation game where the player must build and operate a mall, create shops and place them in the mall. The player can also set prices and hire employees to help run the mall.

8. The bigger mall, the better selection! Mall Madness gives you an opportunity to play a modern version of the classic board game and rack up some rewards.

9. Mall madness is a popular game in which people go to a mall and run around like crazy. While doing so, they have to avoid security guards who will stop them from running.

10. Mall madness is a game many people have played in their lives. It is a good stress reliever and entertainer, who can have fun with family and friends.

11. Mall madness is a game that you may have played over and over again. It is a game based on a cartoon style. Players control a character that goes through an interactive mall filled with lots of puzzles, clues and items.

12. Mall madness is a game where you move your finger around the screen to run for the hills until your battery dies. Also, the text is all in lower case which suggests that it was written by a small child.

13. Mall madness is an action-packed game of strategy that is sure to be a hit with visitors of all ages, you must strive to cover all the tiles before your opponents by utilizing your character’s skills as well as special items such as lightning balls, ice crystals, and bombs. But beware, as these items can cause chain reactions that can lead to some explosive results!

14. Mall madness is a retail therapy game that helps you relax and de-stress while having fun.

15. Mall madness is a simple yet addictive flow chart-style logic game. It was created to help relieve stress and boredom. It is something that you can play, put down, and pick up at any time.

16. Mall Madness is a great way to light up your screen after a long day in the office. Its simple yet addictive gameplay makes it relaxing and fun to play.

17. Mall madness is a fun, interactive game that teaches kids how to save money and spend wisely by visiting their local mall. Play through eight different stores on your way to earning a million dollars, or switch it up with a different ending each time!

18. Mall Madness is a fun, challenging family game that can be played by two to six players. Players run their own stores, competing with the other businesses in the mall.

19. Mall madness is a fun and interesting game where the main character needs to go through the entire mall and find gold coins. The player will encounter various obstacles on their way, so you will need to be very attentive in order to finish this game.

20. Mall madness is a devious new physical game that attracts players with its promise of a reward (whether it’s a bigger load of shopping bags or a cash prize), only to cause them more than their fair share of frustration.

21. Mall Madness is a fast-paced game where you must fend off an attacking horde of shoppers. Your goal is to protect your store from this unsavoury crowd, who will do anything in order to get a bargain on the latest style trend.

22. It’s a survival game where you must be quick, attentive and cautious. Mall Madness is an exciting game that requires you to survive at the shopping centre by killing zombies. In this game, you are the only person who can save yourself. You have to kill them before they kill you!

23. In mall madness, the player must avoid obstacles and take as many pills as possible. The goal is to collect enough coins to buy all the upgrades for your character.

24. The Mall madness game is a small game that is easy to learn, but difficult to master. It will test your reflexes as you play as a shopper in the mall, trying to get the best deals on items. The player must rush from store to store in order to get the best pricing and coupons.

25. Mall Madness is a fun, family-friendly shopping game where players take on the role of savvy shoppers who must purchase items from their favourite stores. This fast-paced card game brings the mall to your tabletop or kitchen table.

26. Mall madness is a platform game that takes place in a mall. You are the personification of some shopping habits. Your goal is to collect all the coins scattered through the mall before the time runs out.

27. Mall madness is an exciting new, free game that challenges you to outwit your opponents and win the grand prize.

28. Mall madness is a game where you play as a security guard in a mall. Your goal is to stop all the shoplifters and other people who are up to no good.

29. Mall madness is a popular arcade game that involves strategy and timing, where players must avoid being devoured by a monster while they try to eat three pieces of food. The control pad on the main console allows you to move your player left or right around the screen and the red button on top of the console turns the sound on and off.

30. Mall madness game is an awesome game full of excitement and adventure. You are going to have a great time playing this game, an adventure full of surprises.

31. The Mall Madness game is one of the most amusing and entertaining games available. The goal of the game is to reach a store at the end of a mall before it closes. You have to travel through other stores, as well as avoid security guards who appear at random times, in order to win.

32. Mall madness is a strategy game where the player is required to strategically place his stores on the mall floor plan. The goal is to develop a happy and profitable mall by buying and placing different kinds of stores so that they get maximum returns and collect as many mall tokens as they can.

33. Mall Madness is a game for all ages. Your objective is to fight your way through the mall and escape with your life. Easy arcade-style controls allow you to play this game on the go or at home.

34. Mall madness is a really exciting game and can make you addicted to it. It has a lot of different missions which are very interesting, funny and sometimes challenging. This game will make you use your brain more than other games where you just shoot and kill portals or monsters.

35. Mall Madness is a strategic game to test your speed and agility. You control a person that has to move around in a shopping mall, either alone or with other players, collecting different objects that appear every few seconds and then taking them to the appropriate box’s colour. But beware of the thieves who will try and steal your things!

36. The Mall Madness game is the first in a series of games that will test your general knowledge. You have to move the character from the entrance of the shopping mall to the exit, solving twenty different puzzles in order.

37. Mall Madness is a game in which the goal is to build a mall. In this game, players use various methods to gather the resources needed to construct their very own shopping centres. Players can also customize their mall with different themes and decorations.

38. Mall Madness is a game where users can virtually explore the vast and exciting world of malls starting from an entry-level mall to the most advanced and futuristic malls in the world.

39. This fun and challenging game is designed to put your skills as a shopper to the test. In this Mall Madness game, you must get from one end of the mall to the other. While this may seem like a simple task at first, it quickly becomes more difficult as you play. Along the way, you have different objectives that change at each level of the game.

40. Mall Madness is a challenging game that requires fast thinking and quick reflexes. Participate in a fun-filled mall race in this exciting action game! Shoot like crazy to blast away the people who are blocking your way. Avoid being tripped by screaming shoppers and knock them down for an extra bonus!

41. The Mall Madness game is a fun way to add a dash of excitement to your shopping expedition. It offers light-hearted competition and an original twist on an old-fashioned activity – window shopping through virtual stores.

42. In Mall Madness, you must manage 3 stores in order to win. You’ll get limited time to build your store and bring income back. If you are unable to maintain the income level in each store, then you will lose and have to start over.

43. This is a game to help you learn more about the mall and how to deal with traffic. You are given some time, then you must drive through the mall in order to get somewhere quickly. There are only 3 lives, so there is no room for error.

44. Mall Madness is a new, fun and exciting video game. Take on several tasks to unlock more levels. The more you play, the more levels you can unlock.

45. Mall Madness is a logic puzzle game in which you have to move each circular item on top of its appropriate space. You have to push objects around in an enclosed space and match them together. If the coloured circle overlaps another coloured circle, they must be the same colour and touch each other.

46. Mall madness is a game of shopping in which you must try to find all the items listed on your card before time runs out. The fastest shopper wins!

47. A game of Mall Madness is played with a deck of cards and a timer. The game consists of two decks: the main deck and the special deck. Each player gets one card from the main deck to start with, then draw one card from the special deck at the beginning of each turn.

48. Mall madness is a great game for your kids. It’s fun and interactive, which is great when it comes to encouraging learning – it also makes a great birthday present or Christmas stocking filler.

49. Mall Madness is a strategy game in which you must create a path to get to the exit, but you have to do it while avoiding getting chased by enemies.

50. This is a game that simulates the experience of being at the mall. Players must interact with different stores and purchase items for their avatar’s wardrobes. As their points increase and shopping bag fills, players must avoid the security guard as he patrols the mall looking for shoplifters.

51. Mall madness is an arcade-style game where you need to run and avoid obstacles and collect coins. You can buy props, power-ups and all other things you need to complete this game.

52. Mall Madness is the most addictive and entertaining game! The goal of Mall Madness is to destroy as many shopping stores as possible in a limited amount of time.

53. Mall madness is a game where you take control of rows of shops within a mall, and try to increase the total number of customers visiting them. Each shop has a certain percentage of customer that are attracted to it and if you build enough shops that attract the same customer, you build up a customer base.

54. It’s the mall madness game. Your mission – is to clean up slags and keep the mall in pristine condition. It is you who will decide how to go about this mission.

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