Married but Feeling Single Quotes

When you got married, it was one of the happiest days of your life. But after a few years of marriage, suddenly you feel like you don’t know your partner as well as you used to. You find yourself thinking that marriage is not a bed of roses; in fact, it is a bed of thorns.

You start wishing to spend more time with your friends than with your spouse. Before you know it, you’re comparing your marriage to other people around you, and you’re feeling lonely and lost, even though your spouse is around.

If you have this feeling, it’s not new, and you are not alone. Many married people often feel lonely or miss the excitement of being single. Here are some married but feeling single quotes that will help you better express this feeling to someone who wants to listen to your cry for help.

Married but Feeling Single Quotes

Many married people are going through some challenges like being married yet feel like singles because there’s no love and affection in the marriage. All you have to do is work it out with your spouse and be committed to paying the sacrifice of intimacy and companionship.

1. You can be married and still feel lonely, but you’ll never be alone if you have a loving and caring spouse.

2. Marriage isn’t the cure for loneliness. It’s okay to feel single in marriage. It happens to the best of us. You just need to keep yourself busy with things that bring you joy.

3. Feeling single in marriage doesn’t mean you don’t love your partner. Feeling single in marriage is just an adjustment because of the evolution of our lives. So much has changed.

4. Feelings of loneliness and abandonment are common among stay-at-home mothers, especially those who have been out of the workforce for long periods.

5. There’s no need to feel lonely in marriage. While you’re all by yourself, do things that make you happy and get busy with them.

6. If you don’t appreciate your own company as a single, you will always feel lonely in marriage.

7. Marriage can be quite isolating sometimes. Even if your spouse is around, they might not even realize what’s going on with you because they’re in their headspace.

8. The feeling of being married but single is real, and it’s okay if you have these feelings! Some wonderful benefits of marriage go along with feeling this way too.

9. If you don’t learn to appreciate being alone sometimes in marriage, you’d never fully enjoy and appreciate the intimacy that comes when your partner is around.

10. In marriage, loneliness occurs when you think your spouse will always be there with you, but they won’t be. They can be there for you but won’t always be around you throughout the day.

11. Being married but feeling single and lonely is what many people have gone through, but they overcame the feeling by understanding that intimacy isn’t only about physical presence.

12. When you marry only for the company, you’d have your spouse around you, and you’d still feel lonely and single in your marriage. Marriage is more than someone being around you always.

13. Thinking you are still single after getting married is what many newlyweds go through, but you must work out how to appreciate and enjoy the presence of your spouse at all times.

14. Love isn’t supposed to always be smooth. It’s supposed to push you, pull you, pull you some more and then it’s supposed to leave a mark.

15. It’s okay to feel single in marriage sometimes, but don’t stay that way for too long because what you did not think about can take over your home.

16. You’d feel left alone, bored and even single in your marriage at some point, but don’t remain that way. Work it out through communication and intimacy.

17. Marriage is not a fairytale. It’s okay to feel lonely and single in your marriage sometimes, but don’t dwell on the feeling. Make it bring out the best in you.

18. No matter how close you and your spouse are, there may be times that you feel like temporary single people, but don’t let that last too long.

19. If you’re feeling lonely in your marriage, know that it’s not uncommon and also that you can feel happy again.

20. You can feel alone and isolated in your experience of marriage, but there is hope. We want to help you and your partner connect.

21. Hearing “I’m lonely in my marriage” from so many people has made me realize how common it is to feel alone in a marriage, but through deep affection and communication, you can work it out.

22. Marriage doesn’t cure the feeling of being single and alone. Your spouse wouldn’t always be there, so you need to embrace the positive side of being married and enjoy it.

23. It’s difficult to feel like a couple when you’re living like roommates, but you need to reconnect by doing mutual things that will bring back the spark.

24. Being married doesn’t mean you’d stop feeling single and lonely. You need to work out letting your spouse into your life as you enjoy the bliss of being together.

25. In the same way that being single is lonely, being married can be lonelier. You must learn to enjoy the company of your partner even when they’re not physically present.

26. You can’t maintain a happy marriage without being a little single sometimes.

27. A good marriage calls for spending some time on your own. Learn to enjoy your presence, too, sometimes. Everything doesn’t only revolve around your spouse.

28. You know you’re married when you’re alone with your thoughts, and they don’t hurt.

29. Good marriages are built one day at a time. You need to build intimacy, togetherness and love over and over again. Being married won’t automatically cure loneliness.

30. Marriage is a voyage, not a destination. Feeling lonely and single is one of the places you’d go through, but it’s not the last stop.

31. It’s okay to feel alone in marriage. We all do from time to time but don’t hesitate to find help on how to enjoy the bliss of communion and togetherness in marriage.

32. We’re all a little bit single when we have kids. We have to learn how to relax and enjoy being single again.

33. Married life is all about compromise. But when it comes down to it, being single and loving life is the only way I know how to be.

34. Even if you are in a marriage with someone who treats you well when you’ve not loved the way you want, life can get lonely. So learn to communicate with your spouse.

35. There are times when you miss being single because you just want to be free, but you must learn to honour and respect your marriage no matter how you feel at the moment.

36. It’s easy to feel like you’re on your own in marriage. But if you let go of the fear and open your eyes to what God has in store for you, he will show you where to turn.

37. Marriage doesn’t cure loneliness. Love does. So you can feel single and lost in your marriage without a full dose of love.

38. Being married doesn’t eradicate the feeling of being lonely. But it does bring two people together, and that’s always been the most important thing in life.

39. Your marriage doesn’t cure loneliness. Loving and caring for someone as deeply as you love yourself is what cures loneliness.

40. Marriage is not for the person looking for an escape. It’s for two people who want to grow together and learn how to love each other no matter what life throws at them.

41. In marriage, you won’t always be together physically, and that’s what causes loneliness and the feeling of being single, so you must learn how to be together, even when you’re not together.

42. When you find yourself lonely in the presence of your spouse, stop and think about how much you love them.

43. You don’t have to be alone. It’s normal to be single and lonely in marriage, but you shouldn’t let it define you.

44. Some days, I feel lonely and single in my marriage. But then there are moments like this when I feel inspired by the incredible people surrounding me. I’m grateful to you all.

45. When we’re feeling lonely in our marriage, it’s time to figure out what’s bothering us. And enjoy the little things.

46. When you’re feeling alone, take the time to tell your spouse how much they mean to you and what an amazing person they are.

47. When you feel single in your marriage, it’s time to reflect on the little things that made you choose your spouse and enjoy the sweetness of the memories.

48. It’s okay to feel lost sometimes. You can have your spouse around you and still feel lonely. Don’t box it up. Speak about it and find a solution to the feeling.

49. Marriage isn’t always a bed of roses, so it means you must be prepared for times when you’d feel single and lonely, but you must be ready to work it out. You deserve to be loved and show love.

50. Being married doesn’t mean you get to stop being yourself. When you do, you will lose the feeling of being content alone and start feeling bored and lost in your marriage.

A lonely feeling in marriage may sometimes occur, but what you do in those lonely times is important and can take away the feeling. I hope you liked these married but feeling single quotes because it is very expressive and educating at the same time. Please share and put your comments below in the section provided below.

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