Missing Family Members at Christmas Quotes

Missing Family Members at Christmas Quotes

Christmas is a time to be with family and honour traditions. Seeing your immediate family, cousins and extended family at Christmas time is the most wonderful part of the holiday season. Christmas is a time for being thankful and counting your blessings, but when you’re away from all of your family this can be especially difficult.

Christmas is a time for remembering, so it’s no surprise that the holiday season can be difficult for families who are missing a member. Whether a beloved family member has passed away, or circumstances have interfered with your family’s ability to be together during the holidays, dealing with missing family members at Christmas can be challenging for everyone.

Sometimes, the best way to deal with these feelings of sadness and longing is to talk about them and share them with others. If you’re looking for words that will help you Express your emotions this Christmas season, these missing family members at Christmas quotes will help.

Remembering our loved ones at Christmas doesn’t have to mean being sad. It can also be a time of joy and happiness when we celebrate all the ways our loved ones made our lives better. These missing family members at Christmas quotes will help you remember those special people in your lives when they aren’t able to be there physically.

Missing Family Members at Christmas Quotes

Merry Christmas! May this season bring you happiness, joy and laughter. This year has been so hard because you’re not here with us. I just want to hug you so tight and wish you a Merry Christmas. Your family members miss you.

1. Miss you Mom. Wish you were here at Christmas, so we could all be together and celebrate the holidays.

2. I miss you so much on Christmas day. I can’t wait to see you again this year, dear brother.

3. I miss you most at Christmastime. I miss your cosy aura, your laughter, & that little twinkle in your eye. But most of all, I miss our Christmas traditions— the ones we shared so many years ago. Happy holidays, sister.

4. Home for the holidays. Missing you already, dad.

5. Without family our Christmas would be incomplete. Merry Christmas to everyone that keeps our home warm and the Holiday bright.

6. At Christmas, I miss everyone terribly this time of year. Perhaps see you next year.

7. Wishing you a Merry Christmas, wherever in the world you are. And missing you if you’re not here with us.

8. I miss you. I look forward to the sound of your voice, the warmth of your smile, and the joy we share. I miss you like Christmas misses snow.

9. It doesn’t feel like the holidays or Christmas without you here.

10. Miss you at this time of year— my beautiful mum. It’s not Christmas without you.

11. Christmas is a time for miracles. It’s the time of year when mistletoe kisses really do come true and I so wish you were here…with me.

12. My thoughts and prayers are with you. Missing you so much this Christmas time, cousin sister.

13. I will miss you most at Christmas time, sweet sister.

14. Every time I look at the Christmas tree, I can’t help but think of you Mom. You’re always in my heart. This Christmas won’t be the same without you. I miss you so much.

15. Family is the most important part of Christmas. Hope everyone has a lovely holiday with your nearest and dearest. I miss you all.

16. Here’s to the Christmas morning I get to spend all day with my family. I’m thinking of you all, wherever you are this year.

17. Merry Christmas Mom. Love, Your Son. Missing you this Christmas period.

18. Sometimes the only way you can miss a place is when you are surrounded by it. Holidays make me miss you so much, though I know we will be together soon, my sweet wife.

19. I miss you, I am away from you and my heartaches. Missing you this Christmas time.

20. Counting down the days until we’re all together again. It’s never Christmas without you.

21. Thoughts and wishes this holiday season with my missing family members.

22. I miss you. I really really do. My family is so scattered right now and I’m just trying to bring them together as best as I can. Make this Christmas extra special since we’re all going through a hard time. When will the family be back together again?

23. We’re more than halfway through Christmas, and I’ve realized that we are seriously lacking in family pictures this year. I miss you all.

24. Missing you this Christmas, my sweet darling husband.

25. When all we want for Christmas is a lil’ siblings. We miss you all. Merry Christmas, my dear siblings.

26. When you miss someone, you can’t just turn off the missing. No matter how far away, everyone’s got a place in our hearts for the holidays.

27. Hope everyone is having a great holiday season, and missing their loved ones who can’t be here this year.

28. Miss you, Mom and Dad. Love you, guys. Can’t wait to celebrate Christmas with you next year. One more time around the sun, here we come!

29. Someday it will be Christmas again, after all, and I hope you get to be around because I am missing you this Christmas

30. The holidays can be fun, but there’s always that one person missing.

31. Missing you at Christmas dear cousin brother. I hope your day is full of joy and love, and that this time away reminds you how much we miss you.

32. I’m so grateful for my first Christmas with you but miss my family so much.

33. There’s no place like home for the holidays and Christmas. I miss you all.

34. This Christmas is so different with you not being here. I am reminded of the many moments we shared, the love and laughter you brought to me. I will cherish them for the rest of my life.

35. No matter how much Christmas magic we summon, it will never be enough to fill this void in my heart. I miss my family this Christmas.

36. Christmas is a time to reunite with family and friends, but they’re also a time of year that can be emotionally difficult for those who have lost loved ones.

37. When Christmas is over, I will miss you the most.

38. We count our friends by the number of times we meet in a year, but we count our family by the number of times we miss them at Christmas.

39. Missing you this Christmas and can’t wait to see you next year.

40. While I was out here making snow angels, you were back home making me gingerbread men. Miss you, dear cousin!

41. When it’s Christmas and you miss your family members, remember the warmth of their hugs and the sound of their laughter.

42. This holiday season, I am wishing for a few missing things: family, friendship, and my favourite holiday movies.

43. Dear family member I miss, I hope you are doing well. I love you very much and miss your presence at the Christmas table this year.

44. No matter how far apart we are, we’ll always be family. Still have your family close in your heart this Christmas with our holiday deals.

45. Sometimes the hardest part of Christmas is missing all of our loved ones, who are miles away.

46. Missing the laughter, joy, and love of this time with you. But I am sending you love from our hearts on Christmas Day.

47. Wishing you were here right now. Christmas is a time for sharing and family, but it’s also a time to be with the people you are meant to share life with. I miss you so much. Merry Christmas.

48. No matter how far away, you are always in my heart. I miss those close to me this Christmas.

49. Christmas is the time we celebrate togetherness. Even though our loved ones might be far away, they’re still in our hearts and minds.

50. Merry Christmas and happy holidays to all the families, friends and acquaintances all around the globe. We are missing you dearly. Wishing you a very merry Christmas and a happy new year.

51. Travel safe, and know that we’re all missing you . . . a lot this Christmas.

52. I miss you all at Christmas time, but I will see you next year!

53. Far away family members are still family. Wishing you happy holidays.

54. Christmas is a special time when we’re all reminded of the people who mean the most.

55. I’m so grateful for the people in my life, but missing them when I’m away. I really miss you guys this Christmas.

56. Merry Christmas from all of us. We miss you so much!

57. It’s the most wonderful time of the year. The smells, the sounds, the sights—they’re all here, even when you can’t be. I am missing you so much this Christmas.

58. We miss you. We wish you were here. We’re thinking about you and sending love from our side this Christmas.

59. I know that you are with me. I feel your presence. But it is not the same as having you here with me. It is not even close. Missing you so much this Christmas.

These Missing family members at Christmas quotes up there are very special. so I hope, you can find lots of such quotes to share with your beloved ones at Christmas time.

I also hope these quotes will inspire you and make your feelings alive on this beautiful festival of Christmas.

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