My Best Friend Cheated Me Quotes

My Best Friend Cheated Me Quotes

Friends are the real treasure of our lives. The one who shares our secretes and helps us even when we need them not and they are meant to be there for you when times are tough. But life is unexpected. Sometimes, people whom you love and trust, break your trust and play with your feelings. It hurts more than much when a best friend breaks your trust.

The sad reality is that even the best of friends can let you down. It’s soul-destroying when the people you should be able to count on most disappoint you or cheated you in some way. Being lied to, manipulated and cheated on is one of the worst feelings in the world. Whether you have been cheated on or lied to, or your best friend has just ceased to be there for you, it can be equally devastating and can be hard to trust others again after a betrayal, especially one from your best friend.

If you’re feeling sad because you have been wronged by a friend, here is a collection of my best friend cheated me quotes that best express exactly how you feel. It will help you to describe the exact pain you are going through.

My Best Friend Cheated Me Quotes

I never expected my best friend to stab me in the back. I’m still recovering from the shock and pain. I feel so cheated because I’ve known my best friend for many years.

1. I don’t regret my past, I just regret the time I have wasted with my best friend who ends up cheating me.

2. I never thought that someone could break my heart and hurt me so much until my best friend cheated me.

3. I feel like my best friend cheated me. I told her everything and she told everybody. I hate that my gut feelings were right.

4. I am normally a trusting person, but now I hate trusting people after my best friend cheated me.

5. I have always been a trusting person, but after my friend cheated on me she broke that trust.

6. My best friend cheated me and never regret doing it despite all that we shared together.

7. As a good friend, I thought we could tell each other anything. It’s so disappointing to realize that he cheated me by lying to me.

8. I’m so disappointed to learn that my close friend cheated me. I never knew he was capable of such cold-heartedness and selfishness.

9. This is the second time my best friend has cheated on me. I thought we’d be together forever and now am left questioning whether he is a good friend. I feel betrayed, lost, and like nobody cares about me.

10. I was sceptical about the way my best friend was acting for a while. Now I know she cheated me after all I’ve been through for her sake.

11. When someone breaks your trust, it takes a long time to rebuild that trust. It’s going to take even longer because my best friend cheated me. I’m not even sure I want to be in that friendship anymore.

12. I’m feeling extremely motivated to keep going after my best friend just cheated me.

13. I thought my best friend was trustworthy, but I guess I was wrong. He cheated me in that business deal. I knew something wasn’t right but denied it.

14. I hate my best friend for cheating me. I never thought that my best friend would stab me in the back. You can’t trust anyone these days

15. Gone are the days when calling someone your best friend meant something. My best friend cheated me.

16. I just lost my best friend and roommate. I’m devastated. It’s sad I got to know she cheated me.

17. It’s always more painful when it’s someone you trust. Especially when they say they won’t do it again. My best friend just cheated me again.

18. It hurts to think of all the memories we shared and I wasted so many years on my best friend that cheated me.

19. My best friend cheated me after all that we’ve shared, I thought we were supposed to be together forever

20. I’m disappointed to tell you that my best friend cheated me.

21. My best friend cheated me, I can’t trust anyone now.

22. I trusted you with all my secrets, and you proved me wrong. But if you’ve ever been a cheater, I feel bad for you, my best friend.

23. My best friend cheats. I trusted him and he did me wrong. I’m hurt because my best friend stole my money.

24. Once a cheater, always a cheater. I find it hard to believe that my own best friend cheated me.

25. Why are you my best friend; after all, I share with you and did for you, why would you cheat me.

26. I hate it when my best friend cheats me. The worst part is, I’m actually his best friend!

27. My best friend cheated me after all that we’ve shared, but it’s okay. I’ll forgive her because the memories are still there.

28. I hate myself because I thought you were my best friend and I let you take advantage of me, after all that we’ve shared.

29. After all of this, he’s been cheating me. I’m sorry I’m so disappointed.

30. I am feeling betrayed by my best friend. Life has brought her so many opportunities but she did not tell me about them.

31. He was my best friend, but he cheated me in the worse way possible.

32. I never thought you’d be the type to cheat me. You were supposed to be the one person I could count on, but now everything’s different.

33. I feel so betrayed. You said you’d be there for me forever and now I don’t know whom to trust.

34. And all the times… we’ve had such good ones together. What happened? Why did you lie to me? Is it really over between us?

35. When a trusted friend betrays you, you end up feeling shocked, disappointed and let down.

36. When you realize that the one person you thought you could always trust..has betrayed your trust.

37. My best friend cheated me and the only thing I have is my own faith. My reaction after my friend cheats me.

38. This is me after I found out my best friend had been lying to me for 3 years.

39. All along I thought he was my best friend. Now, I feel humiliated and sad.

40. You’re hurt, you’re miserable and you’re down. But don’t look so sad. At least you know you can count on your best friends like me.

41. I’ve invested so much in you. How could you do this to me? I’m devastated.

42. I learned a valuable lesson today: Never trust anyone—even your very best friend.

43. I really thought he was a good friend, I guess that’s what happens when you trust someone as much as I trusted him. Trust is hard to build but easy to destroy.

44. When your best friend cheats you and makes you sad

45. my best friend cheated on me with my other best friend I feel so sad and empty.

46. My friend cheated me and I’m heartbroken.

47. I’m done with the talking and crying about it…We’re not even friends anymore.

48. My best friend just cheated me! He asked for $500 to buy a laptop and all the money was spent on playing online games.

49. My friend cheated me, I don’t know what to do. My heart feels painful and my mind is unclear.

50. When the person u love cheats u and ur heart is broken into a million pieces.

51. she lied. to my face. I thought she was different but clearly, she’s the same as the rest. Cheaters never get better.

52. I feel like I can’t trust anyone. Three years of friendship down the drain after one text message.

53. If your best friend steals from you, they are not your friend and never will be no matter what excuses they gave.

54. I confide in you with my hard-earned money and you treat it like a piggy bank!

55. My best friend cheated me and now I’m single. It’s time to count my blessings: I have a great job and I’m great at it.

56. I hate to be made a fool of. And I really hate when I find out that my best friend is the one who cheated me.

57. Can’t believe she cheated me like this. She was the only person I could trust! How could she?

58. When you realize that your best friend cheated you, but he/she is still your best friend so you can’t do anything about it.

59. I can’t believe my best friend lied to me! I’m really hurt. I feel so betrayed.

60. The first thing that I thought of when I learned about the whole thing was “this is difficult for me”. I felt like I let everyone down, and my life is ruined. I need help to move on.

61. My best friend didn’t believe me when I told him I wrote a coffee table book, but he also never picked it up when I left it on his coffee table.

62. Find the perfect gift for all of your best friends (even if one of them is a jerk who cheated on you).

63. I am devastated. My best friend cheated on me with my boyfriend and it’s even worse than I could ever have imagined.

64. After finding out that someone you trusted and loves has been cheating on you or has been lying to you, the first thing that comes to mind is – What do I do now?

65. When a friend cheats on you, it affects you more than you’d ever imagine. So how do you know if they’re still your friend?

66. When you feel that someone is only making you feel bad, ignore them.

67. After I had a huge fight with my best friend, she told me to meet her at the park in an hour. She didn’t show up and I sat there for two hours waiting for her…All I could do was text her saying “you walked all over me”

68. I knew you were up to no good with her. I had my suspicions when I saw the late-night chats and ignored phone calls, but this is just too much! If you won’t tell me what happened, then I know exactly what to do.

69. I thought us was forever. I’m so sorry if I ever made you think that I didn’t love you.

70. Been there, done that. So listen up, guys: You should never ever lie to the girl you love.

71. I’ve been cheated by my best friend. I gave her the benefit of doubt but it didn’t work out and she even told me that she was going to hurt me.

72. To my best friend who cheated on me, I forgive you. I have to. Because life is too short to hold grudges and negative energy. You’re a great guy, with or without her.

73. Cut off all ties with your friend and avoid them at all costs. You will be disappointed and hurt every time you see them

74. In times like these it’s nice to know that you have a friend who has your back.

75. The best friends are the ones who stick around long after everyone else has gone.

76. When I was sitting all alone with nothing to do, no friends to talk to and all I could do was cry.

77. The friend that cheated me with my boyfriend.

78. Everybody lies, but no one can lie to me like you. I want you out of my life.

79. It’s okay to be angry at a friend that has hurt you. They should know better and they should have treated you differently.

80. I’ll never be able to trust my best friend again after he stole my girlfriend and lied to me about it.

81. when your best friend goes behind your back and starts dating someone else before breaking up with their boyfriend

82. I can’t believe my best friend left me. I mean, we have been friends since preschool.

83. The tears I cry, the pain I feel, I hope one day you know how much you hurt me.

84. Friendship is the most valuable asset one can have. It requires time, patience and above all trust. I have learnt this the hard way.

85. My best friend and I have been through so many things together. When he left me for another woman, I was devastated and heartbroken. I don’t know how to get over it. It’s time to forgive him and move on?

86. I thought we were friends through thick and thin, but I guess not.

87. I’m gonna need my friends to hold me while I watch Bachelorette tonight.

88. Nail your selfie game with the all-new lenses and live broadcast from our private server #dunstapp

89. Sad because my best friend cheated me by taking my place on a tour and letting me pay for the ticket.

90. My best friend cheated me out of my inheritance, but back in our childhood, I also had him wrapped around my finger. But then I found out about his dirty dealings and changed my mind about him.

91. I’m feeling hurt and shocked that my friend cheated me out of my inheritance, but back in our childhood, I also had him wrapped around my finger. But then I found out about his dirty dealings and changed my mind about him.

92. I found out about my friend’s dirty dealings and changed my mind about him. He’s no longer my best friend.

93. Back when we were little, I had him wrapped around my finger, but then he cheated me out of my inheritance. Now I hate him and wish that I never trusted him.

94. My best friend cheated me out of my inheritance, and it was probably because I didn’t give back as much as he had given me.

95. My best friend stole my inheritance, and I still have his letters from childhood that make me question if he has always been a liar.

96. I’m angry and frustrated that my best friend is going to cheat me out of the inheritance I was supposed to get. I wish there was a way I could stop him, but it’s too late.

97. It breaks my heart to see my best friend, the person whom I share everything with, completely ignore me because of family problems.

98. I trusted you. I thought we were best friends and you betrayed me. I’ll never forgive you for this.

99. If you are my best friend, you won’t make me cry. You won’t break my heart in two. I would never ever leave you behind, even if it meant saving myself.

100. Bro, you’re my best friend and I thought I could trust you.

101. I feel so betrayed by my best friend. She was the one I turned to when I was down, and she got pregnant on purpose—to trap me.

102. it’s lonely here in this room. it’s even more lonely outside. I can’t stand being here anymore. I don’t know who I was any more just because you cheated me.

103. Sometimes in friendship, you have to let someone go, for their own good. Take care of yourself and I wish you the best!

Fortunately, despite the misfortune of being hurt by your best friend’s actions, there is nothing that can’t be overcome with time. I hope these my best friend cheated me quotes express your exact feeling.

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