Words of Encouragement for a Daughter With a Broken Heart Quotes

Words of Encouragement for a Daughter With a Broken Heart Quotes

Daughters are often tender and sensitive beings, especially when it comes to matters of the heart. Losing a relationship can be hard for anyone, especially females like a daughter. No matter the age, it hurts to see your daughter’s heart broken, and it is an inevitable part of growing up.

Whether she was the one who ended the relationship or it ended unexpectedly, the chances are that she is going through a confusing and painful time, and as a caring parent, you may want to fix the situation and make her pain go away.

Offering words of encouragement can help alleviate some of the emotional turmoil by reminding her of her own strength. You can help her move forward with a healthy self-image. In addition to offering words of encouragement, give your daughter a hug or other physical signs of affection when she’s feeling down about the breakup. Hugging can have an immediate mood-boosting effect.

Here are valuable and golden words of encouragement for a daughter who is brokenhearted quotes you can offer her. Also, let her know she is not alone in this because being heartbroken is part of the pain, and it is one of the emotional spectrums that every human being will pass through at one time or another.


Words of Encouragement for a Daughter With a Broken Heart Quotes

You’ve had your first broken heart, and I know it’s hard. You’re trying to put a brave face on it and act like you’re okay, but I can tell that you’re hurting. I’d love to spare you the pain of this heartache, but I know that in the long run, it will make you stronger, dear daughter.

1. No one is born hating another person because of his skin colour, background, or religion. It’s just your ex who doesn’t know your worth because if he does, he wouldn’t lose you for a million dollars.

2. It’s better to be single with high standards than in a relationship settling for less. Let your ex-boyfriend go with his truck full of baggage. Your prince charming is not far-fetched.

3. Be patient, dear daughter. It takes time to heal from a broken heart, and each person heals differently. Some people may move on quickly, while others may hold onto their emotions longer than they should.

4. It is so hard to watch you be brokenhearted. I know that it hurts, and I wish I could take away your pain. You are not alone in this. We are here for you, and we love you deeply.

5. The fact that you’re hurting means that you have loved deeply. A heart that loves is a heart that can be broken, but it is also a heart that can love again and will love again, dear daughter.

6. Let yourself feel the pain of losing your friend. Let the tears come, and allow yourself to grieve. But please know that this feeling of loss will pass, just as all feelings do. It’s part of being human to feel the full spectrum of emotions, even sorrow and loss.

7. My lovely daughter, I wish I could say that this broken heart is your last one, but I cannot promise that it will be. What I can promise is what life has taught me: You will love again and experience happiness again. Your life is worth living! This deep sadness will be followed by happiness again — whatever form it may take in your life — and with time, this hurt will fade, as all things do with time.

8. I know you feel like your heart is literally broken. It feels like someone has ripped it out of your chest. I know how bad it hurts. You feel sick to your stomach. You can’t eat, and you can’t sleep. You can’t focus on anything else but the hurt, and even if you want to try to get over it and move on, you don’t know how to do that. I know because I’ve been there before. But, I want you to take your mind off it and focus on the more beautiful picture that lies ahead of you.

9. I want you to remember that this boy is not the only one for you in this whole world. There are many more people who will come into your life who will care about you and love you for who you are. It’s okay if this one didn’t work out because there will be another one down the road that’s even better suited for you than this boy was.

10. Don’t be discouraged by the pain that comes along with a broken heart because it won’t last forever. When you start to feel better, promise me that you’ll do something constructive with those emotions instead of dwelling on them or trying to forget about them through things like food or alcohol (which never works).

11. Every young girl will experience a broken heart. It’s inevitable that it will happen at some point and that it will hurt, but it’s also inevitable that she will find her way out of that pain and be stronger for having experienced it.

12. Beautiful girl, I am so sorry that you are going through this. I know it hurts, and I wish it didn’t. I can see the pain in your eyes and feel it in your heart. You’ve had a big loss in your young life, one that is hard to get over. But I hope you will be able to heal.

13. It’s been said that a broken heart is the worst kind of pain. It’s also been said that love is the most powerful force in the universe. When it comes to dealing with a broken heart, many people feel powerless to overcome their pain because they don’t know how to move forward.

14. Healing takes time, so dear daughter, give yourself permission to grieve your loss and process your emotions. Don’t try to push past them or ignore them because that will only cause you more pain in the long run.

15. A broken heart is not the end of the world. It just lets you know that he was not worth your love and heart.

16. Girl, I know you’re going through a tough time right now. It’s hard to get over a broken heart and the feelings of rejection that you have. I want you to know that I love you, and I am here for you. You can talk to me or text me whenever you want. You are not alone.

17. Dear daughter, you are a good person, and someone will be very lucky to have you as a girlfriend one day. Your heartbreak is not your fault, it’s his loss. He doesn’t know what he is missing out on!

18. If it helps, go ahead and cry about this for a few days and then move on. This is one small bump in your life, but there are so many more great things ahead for you!

19. You will get through this, dear daughter. A broken heart can still be mended and even stronger. You can do it.

20. You’ll fall in love with someone else. Someone who deserves you and will treat you right.

21. You’re too beautiful, smart, and awesome to be single. But being single doesn’t mean that you’re alone; it just means that you need to spend some time with yourself first before someone else comes along.

22. I know it hurts, but this is just the beginning. You’ve got a lot of life ahead of you.

23. Dear princess, you possess many good qualities and attributes and will find someone who’s worthy of you.

24. You don’t need to cry your eyes out for that man. Believe me when I say that the right person for her hasn’t appeared yet.

25. I am so sorry to hear about your heartache, dear daughter. I know how hard it can be to lose a relationship, especially when you’ve invested a lot of time in it. It feels like the world has come to an end and that your future is no longer bright. You might feel as if you will never feel happy again. But you don’t need to cry all day. The best man for you is yet to come.

26. Please don’t believe that this is the end of your story. Broken hearts are something that every person on this earth has had to endure at some point or another. You may not realize it, but many people have gone through similar situations and managed to survive them. You will too.

27. I know that right now, you feel like you are the only person who has ever felt this much pain in love; please know that there are millions of other people who have been where you are and lived through it. Take comfort in knowing that this feeling cannot last forever and that with time, your wounds will heal, and you will be able to move on with your life.

28. I want you to know that I’m here for you if you need me for anything at all — a shoulder to cry on, someone to listen to, whatever you need. I hope that our relationship means enough for you to be able to turn to me.

29. Don’t let a broken heart cause you to lose sight of your self-value, dear princess.

30. You are not just one boy’s girlfriend; you are a daughter, a sister and a friend. You have so many people who care about and love you, and your heartbreak does not change that.

31. Don’t listen when people tell you that love is supposed to be hard. Love is supposed to be happy and fun, not constant fighting and arguing. Love should make you feel good about yourself as well as the person you’re with.

32. There will be boys who will like you for your mind and your personality, not just your body or looks. You don’t need to change yourself just because one boy didn’t like everything about you.

33. The sun rises whether or not you set the alarm. Your man will soon be here, so forget about that ex. He is a closed chapter in your life, daughter.

34. You can get through this. This pain may seem unbearable now, but it won’t last forever. There will come a day when you wake up and smile again without having to force yourself

35. Be Positive about life, dear daughter. This heartbreak is just part of life, and it will pass.

36. I am proud of your decision to end the relationship because you deserve better than someone who treats her poorly.

37. Dear daughter, I am glad you had the courage to break it off because he doesn’t deserve to be in a relationship with such a loyal woman as you.

38. I know your heart is broken. I am so sorry. You are not alone. I am here with you. And so are many others who care about you and want to support you through this hard time in your life.

39. Your pain is real. It is legitimate, and it is valid. You have every right to feel the way that you do. Your heart is heavy right now. It feels as if it will never recover, but I promise you that it will heal and that the pain will subside over time.

40. As a mother, all I can do is love you, hold you when you cry, listen to your story and tell you that the pain of a broken heart will pass over time. I cannot take away all your hurt; I cannot fix what has happened with him or between the two of you; nor can I make things better for you just by waving my magic wand.

41. All I can do as a mother is be there for my daughter in every way possible and let her know how amazing, gifted and beautiful she truly is — inside and out!

42. it’s okay to feel hurt or angry because of the breakup but let it all out now because happiness will soon follow, and you wouldn’t remember this break-up anymore.

43. Dear daughter, I want you to know that I will always be there for you, and you can call on her anytime she needs someone to listen.

44. I know that you are hurting. I know that it’s hard to imagine a future where you can be happy again. I know that sometimes you feel like giving up and shutting the world out. But don’t. This is just a temporary setback. You have so much going for you and so much to look forward to in life. You will meet a great guy who treats you well and gives you all the time and attention you deserve. You will look back on this time as nothing more than a blip on your radar, a speed bump in the road of your life.

45. it’s okay to cry and get out all of the hurt feelings, but do not give up hope.

46. I know it might not seem like it now, but trust me when I say that everything is going to be okay. In fact, everything is going to be better than okay. It’s going to be great — even if it doesn’t seem like it now, even if it feels like nothing can get better right now.

47. Life goes on after a breakup, but I want you to move forward with life.

48. I am sorry for your hurt, dear daughter. I know how painful a broken heart is and how it can affect all areas of your life. There are no easy answers, and each person has to find their own way through the pain.

49. I want you to grieve what has been lost because it is healthy to do that but do not stay long in your grieving. Brace up because good days are ahead of you, and your best is yet to come.

50. The pain will not last forever, although it may feel like it right now. It will pass, but there are things you can do to help yourself move through it more easily and quickly.

51. You’ve been through so much in your young life, and you’re still standing here, tall and proud. You’re going to get through this, too.

52. You are stronger than you know, think and believe. This is just another challenge that you will overcome with courage and grace. I have so much faith in you!

53. Don’t lose your faith in love, dear daughter.

54. I know you feel like your heart has been ripped into a million pieces right now, but remember that God doesn’t give us more than we can handle. You might feel overwhelmed with pain and sadness, but you’re a strong young woman, and you’ll get through this.

55. Princess, I’m always here for you if you need someone to talk to.

56. I know exactly how you feel, so I can tell you it does get better with time. If you need me to help distract you from your broken heart, call me and let’s go shopping.

57. It’s okay to cry and grieve over the loss of a boyfriend. Just be sure not to let your grief consume your life or destroy friendships or other relationships that are still important to you.

58. A broken heart is like any other injury — it hurts terribly at first, but it begins to heal as time passes. God will always be there to help mend it if you only ask him. Cheer up, my dear. Your man is just around the corner.

59. You don’t need to sob over that guy. He doesn’t know he is the loser here. Forget him, please and let us merry because we’ve got a lot of planning to do ahead of us.

60. I know you know how much I love you. This difficult time will surely pass. I am proud of everything you have accomplished in life and how mature you have become.

61. Remember that tough times don’t last forever, and I know you are strong enough to get through them.

62. Do not forget all of the other things you have gotten through in life, such as moving away from home, starting college or making new friends. This will surely pass too. Be strong, dear daughter.

63. Every obstacle in life is a learning experience, and when one door closes, another one opens.

64. I want you to know that the future is still a wonderful place, full of exciting possibilities. This breakup does not define you or your future relationships — this is simply one chapter of your life story.

65. It’s okay to be sad and cry — these feelings are normal. But trust me, this will pass, and as time goes on, the pain will lessen. It is normal to feel sad and lonely after a relationship ends, but there will come a day when you wake up and don’t feel that ache in your heart anymore. Your heart will heal, and it will become stronger than before (and hopefully wiser, too).

66. I know that right now, a broken heart is the worst thing that can happen to anyone, and it’s hard to see past the hurt of it all. But the truth is, you will survive this. You will heal and be stronger for it.

67. It might not feel like it now, but just when you least expect it, someone who really deserves your love will come into your life again. This time, hopefully, you’ll have learned from some of the mistakes that were made in this relationship and be wiser as a result.

68. You are not alone in this. We are here for you and love you deeply.

69. I’m glad you have such good friends who truly have your back. Take care of yourself and lean on each other. You’re going through a rough patch, but you will get through it!

70. You are amazing just the way you are! You have a huge heart and are so caring for others. Please don’t change yourself for anyone else. You deserve someone who loves all of you — your quirks, flaws, and everything in between!

71. This boy isn’t worth your tears or heartache. Do not waste one more moment thinking about him! Instead, turn those negative thoughts into something positive by doing good in the world.

72. Please do not give up on love because of this guy. He does not define what love is. You will find someone who treats you with respect and makes you feel loved in every way possible!

73. You should never change for anyone else; only for yourself if there is something that you want to improve about yourself!

74. Love hurts, but it’s worth it — especially when you find the right person, which you will. This boy does not deserve your love, and he doesn’t realize what he lost when he broke up with you. Don’t ever forget that!

75. You are such a kind and caring person, and I hope that one day soon, you will meet someone who treats you the way you deserve to be treated.

76. In the meantime, don’t lose yourself in sadness. You are so much more than this breakup. Don’t give him too much power over your life. Go out and have fun, let loose with friends at parties or a concert or just at someone’s house. Don’t waste this time being sad!

77. I am so sorry that you are hurting. I know that your heart is breaking, but please do not give up. We have all been there, and we all have had our hearts broken at one time or another. It is so hard to watch you be brokenhearted. I know that it hurts, and I wish I could take away your pain. You are not alone in this. We are here for you and love you deeply.

78. I want to encourage you today to cling to God’s promises. He alone can heal your broken heart, and He will never leave your side or forsake you. He is the only one who can truly take your pain away. Please cling to Him in this hard time. He loves you more than anyone on this earth ever could!

79. It will get better, but it will take time! A relationship is like a rubber band: The longer and tighter it stretches, the harder it will snap back when it breaks! Hold tight to the Lord during this time of pain and hurt. Allow Him to mend your broken heart, and remember that God has a perfect plan for each of us

80. I know that you have a lot on your mind, and it can seem overwhelming. I also know that some of the things you think about are not things you can share with me. There are times when all we need is someone to listen to us, and other times when we need advice. If you ever want to talk about anything, I am here for you. I may not understand exactly what you’re going through, but I will always try to help out in any way I can.

81. I have been in your position before. Do not be upset or angry about the pain you feel right now. It is a sign that you loved him/her deeply with your whole heart. That is a beautiful thing and nothing to be ashamed of. Your heart has been broken, but it will heal with time and tender care.

82. You are a young woman now. You are strong and independent. Everything that happens in your life is an opportunity for growth, so learn from this situation and use it as motivation to become the best version of yourself that you can be.

83. Dear daughter, I know that it seems like this is the end of the world right now, but believe me when I say that it is not. There will come a day when you look back on this situation and laugh at how silly it all was. Right now, you cannot imagine how much better things are going to get for you because all you can see is how sad you feel right now.

84. Dear daughter, I know that it seems like this is the end of the world right now, but believe me when I say that it is not. There will come a day when you look back on this situation and laugh at how silly it all was. Right now, you cannot imagine how much better things are going to get for you because all you can see is how sad you feel right now. You may even think that no one could ever make you feel better or happier than this person, but I promise someone will.

85. Your first love, dear daughter, is not your last love. Your heart may be broken now, and it may take some time to heal up again, but believe me when I say that it will heal up one day. It may not seem like it right now, but the pain of a broken heart does go away eventually.

86. I am not going to make excuses for him or say that he made a mistake because he never meant to hurt you or cause you any pain. He was wrong no matter how much he loved you or how much he cared about you. He was wrong, period! Sorry about it, girl.

87. It has been said that time heals all wounds. While time may heal most wounds, time does not always heal a broken heart — only God can do that! So turn to Him now with all of your pain and sorrow. He wants to comfort you.

88. You are my daughter, and I love you more than anything in this world! I hope that the following words give you comfort during this difficult time:

89. I know that you feel like you want to give up because the pain is too much, but don’t. There will be a day when you look back on this day and realize how far you have come, how strong you have become, and how much happier you are now than you were then. You will get through this!

90. Be gentle with yourself. Take some time to relax and breathe deeply. Be kind to yourself by going for walks, taking a bubble bath or getting a massage. Do something nice for someone else, even if it’s only a random act of kindness or a small gesture of thanks for something they did for you recently. This will help lift your spirits as well as theirs!

91. Everything that you are experiencing is normal. I know that you probably don’t feel like it, but trust me when I say that even the strongest and most successful people go through this. It will get better. Remember that struggle leads to success. You will make it through, just keep fighting every day.

92. Don’t give up on yourself, dear daughter. Don’t let the road that you chose to take make or break you. There will be bad times, but at the end of the day, you must figure out a way to make it back home. It’s not easy, but it is possible!

93. Life isn’t always easy or fair, and sometimes pain and heartache seem to outweigh the good. When that’s the case, it can be really challenging to keep going, keep moving forward, or even see any light at the end of the tunnel.

94. No matter how bad the moment is, you’ve got to keep your chin up and hold onto hope. If you make it through today, tomorrow will get better. And when this day is behind you, you’ll look back on it as a challenge that made you stronger and more resilient.

95. You are an amazing woman, and you deserve to be treated like that. You deserve to be pampered, admired and treasured. No man should ever compromise your happiness, and you shouldn’t compromise yours either.

96. Don’t ever give up. The person who you are today is stronger than you were yesterday, and tomorrow you will be even stronger. No matter how hard things get, no matter how hopeless it seems – never give up.

97. It’s better to be single with high standards than in a relationship settling for less. Your true love is still out there, reminiscing about you and waiting for you to come to find him. You’re strong, beautiful and capable of doing great things. You don’t need a guy to validate your worth because you know who you are, and that is enough.

98. You’re an amazing woman, and you should never lower your standards for anyone. Don’t get me wrong; I know it is hard to watch others find love and happiness when you can’t seem to find it yourself. But consider this, why would you want to settle for someone who doesn’t appreciate you or make you feel like a princess.

99. You’re an amazing woman, so don’t let allow anyone to convince you that you should change yourself for someone else. You are perfect just the way you are, and you shouldn’t settle for anything less than your desires.

100. You deserve only the best. Don’t allow someone to make you feel like second best or less than you really are. You’re amazing, beautiful, and special. No one should make you feel like anything less.

101. The right man hasn’t come along yet because someone who doesn’t love you the way you deserve isn’t worth waiting for. Don’t get me wrong. I know it is hard to watch others find love and happiness when you can’t seem to find it yourself.

102. Love yourself first; then the right person will come into your life.

103. Why settle for the average guy when you can have the best? You deserve someone who is going to worship and adore you. Don’t let anyone tell you differently.

104. You’re an amazing woman and you should never lower your standards for anyone.

105. You don’t need to lower your standards or settle for someone who doesn’t appreciate your worth

106. Don’t settle for a man who doesn’t acknowledge what a beautiful soul you are and how lucky he is to have found you. But if he really loves you, he will never let you go.

107. You deserve someone who brings out the best in you. Someone who adores you and desires to be with no one else but you.

108. You are strong, intelligent, independent and beautiful. If anything, never lower your standards for other people. Don’t let them force you into a relationship where you are forced to change depending on the other person.

A broken heart is an unfortunate but often inevitable part of growing up. As your daughter grows older, she will undoubtedly experience her fair share of romantic disappointments.

If you want to help her get over a broken heart, try to avoid saying things that might make her feel worse about herself or the situation. Instead, offer words of encouragement and practical advice to help her move on from the heartbreak with a positive outlook on love.

I hope you enjoyed this heart touching collection that you can use to encourage your daughter, who just got her heart broken.

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