New Year Messages With Rhymes

This year, For Sweetness, God shall give you more than Honey
For abundance, He shall give you more than money,
For Safety, He shall give you more than safe journey
And for food, He shall give you more than bunny.
Happy New Year.

This year, Where no one finds help, you shall receive favour,
Success shall be your lot in all endeavours
Of rain of Blessings, you shall receive more than a downpour
And oil of gladness shall on you pour.
Happy New Year.

This year, In the time of trouble you he’ll Hide,
Time of need for you He’ll Provide
When all left you, He’ll be by your side
And all your red seas shall He divide.

Happy New Year
The testimony that swallow testimonies,
the Breakthrough that swallows breakthroughs,
and the Health that shut down hospitals
shall God give you and your families this year.
Happy New Year.

I’ve never been selfish this way.
Imagine, I asked God to give only you
and your family all you will ever ask for this year,
make you succeed in all endeavours
and give you maximum protection.
Happy New Year

I pray a simple Prayer for you this year,
that God will simply give you double of all you need,
secure you all all sides and in the end
you shall share testimonies that will swallow all other testimonies.
Happy New Year.

As God In the beginning,
created the Earth and established it in light,
so shall this year usher in adequate light
that’ll disappoint all forms of darkness in your life.
This shall be your best Year Ever!
Happy New Year.

Days have rolled into weeks and weeks into months,
some rolled with it and some rolled out,
but here you’re standing tall.
It’s worth celebrating: Happy New Year!

Heights have soared, depths have been explored;
mountains have be ascended and valleys descended,
and finally, the year is crossed and God be praised.
Happy New Year!

This year, May God bring you out of all troubles
For everything everything you ask give you more than double
All your enemies shall he humble
But He’ll give you all you need that you won’t Grumble
Finally, All your enemies shall He Rumble.
Happy New Year This year.

You will lead and critics will follow
You will lend and never to borrow
You will Know joy and no more sorrow
You’ll not have a better yesterday but better Tomorrow
He will widen your way of Breakthrough that’s Narrow
Finally, He will will take care of you than he does for the Sparrow.
Happy New Year This year.

The enemies of your life shall not prevail,
All their plots over you shall be to no avail
All their tactics shall indeed fail
Joy shall be in your house but they will wail
You shall be the end and not the tail
And none of your family members shall get to the jail.
Amen. Happy New Year to you.

I’m happy we made it. We made it because God has a plan for our lives.
May this year be the set year for all he has for you.
Mat it bring to you the perfection of your dreams and aspiration.
Enjoy the season. Happy New Year Congrats!!!

You made it to my book of life.
You’ve been a great friend to me all along.
I use this season to appreciate you.
Let us take giant strides towards making the year greater and better.
Happy New Year.

Since it’s the year that the Lord has made,
the goodness, joy, glory, promotion of the year shall be all yours,
and disappointment, calamity and all evil will ever be far from you.
Happy new Year.

Everyone with whom you shouted happy new year,
shall shout happy new you.
This year shall bring testimonies that swallows testimonies
and God shall be your all in all.
Happy new Year.

For you, this shall be a year of double portion:
double grace, double abundance, double promotion and double honour.
And God shall bring all good desires of your heart to pass. Happy New Year.

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