Poor Decision Making Quotes

Poor Decision Making Quotes

Making decisions is an integral part of every successful person. That’s why it’s important to carefully consider all your options before you make a final decision. Making one without the proper information or analysis can lead to disastrous results.

Poor decision making comes in various levels and aspects of life. Some of them are minor, while some can haunt you for the rest of your life. From choosing the wrong college major or investment to moving somewhere that’s not the right fit, poor choices will follow you around like a black cloud.

It’s up to you to make the right calls and set yourself up for success. We continually make poor decisions because we are taken by the sheer enormity of what we think we need to do and then inadvertently lump it with other, unrelated tasks.

It’s easy to make excuses. It’s easy to get defensive and spend all your energy blaming others, but in the end, you’re responsible for every poor decision you make. The following collections of poor decision making quotes will inspire you to consider your poor decision making skills and improve where necessary.

Poor Decision Making Quotes

Poor decision making will ruin your life or hurt the relationships you have with friends and family. Making so many poor decisions will affect you in the future because loss, pain, fear and anger are all part of being human.

1. Poor decision making can lead to unhappiness, disappointment and financial difficulty.

2. Life is full of difficult decisions. The poor decision you make today will have a ripple effect in the future.

3. Making poor decisions will result in many setbacks. Throwing ‘what ifs’ at yourself only makes things worse.

4. Poor decision making is the biggest cause of failure. Look at all the entrepreneurs who have failed miserably because of bad decision-making!

5. Poor decision making is what killed the first attempt at a product.

6. Poor decision making is a common problem. Sometimes the person who makes poor decisions is the victim of alcohol, drugs, gambling, or other forms of abuse.

7. When you make a poor decision, you’re taking a chance. It’s like playing Russian roulette with your future. Be careful.

8. Poor decisions can prevent you from reaching your goals. They can jeopardise your safety and well-being or your relationships with friends and family.

9. Poor decisions can hinder your overall success.

10. Poor decision making leads to poor results. By recognising or identifying poor decisions before they occur, you can avoid making the same mistakes again.

11. Poor decisions can ruin your life. They can jeopardise your safety, health, and relationships with friends and family.

12. A poor decision puts your safety and well-being, or the security of friends and family, in danger.

13. Making poor decisions, your life will be a mess. Poor decisions can hurt your family, friends, and pets. Decisions are tricky, so be careful!

14. When you make poor decisions, however, people lose respect for you. Consider the short- and long-term consequences of your actions before taking a course of action.

15. Poor decisions are the result of emotional experiences.

16. Don’t make poor decisions; you’ll regret it later when it doesn’t go well.

17. The poorest decision I ever made was leaving my country for another place.

18. The poorest decision I ever made was when I left all that I knew for an unknown place.

19. The worst decision I ever made was moving to another country at 18.

20. Turning down a job offer in my home country for a minimum-wage job in another country was the worst decision I ever made.

21. Poor decision making can lead to the loss of a job, the failure of a business, and even bankruptcy.

22. Nobody should ever have to make the decision of leaving their own home and start from scratch in a foreign place, where everyone is considered an alien.

23. The poorest decision I ever made was quitting my job to go back to school.

24. The worst decision I ever made was leaving my home, family and friends to flee war.

25. It was the worst decision I ever made to move overseas.

26. It’s been two years since I left my production team at a local TV station in Minneapolis, and it was the worst decision I’ve ever made.

27. One of the biggest mistakes I ever made was quitting my job to pursue my own business.

28. Poor decisions may have led to the breakdown of institutions, companies, and relationships worldwide.

29. Poor decision-making can be a company’s downfall. It can often result in failed business attempts and wasted energy and time.

30. Failed businesses are often the result of poor decision making.

31. Poor decision-making will ruin any business, no matter how great the product.

32. many factors can contribute to failed business decisions, including lack of data, poor decision-making skills, limited resources, and many other issues.

33. Poor decisions are the fastest way to close your doors for good. It’s about time you started reaping the rewards of good decision making.

34. Most time, making poor decisions can cost us everything.

35. Making poor decisions can destroy your life, family, and future.

36. Poor decisions can make you lose a promotion or job or even keep you from starting a business.

37. Poor decisions can hurt your career and relationships, but the right decisions will make your life easier, more fulfilling, and more balanced.

38. Poor decisions making has consequences. Either make the right decision or at least don’t pretend.

39. Poor decision making is a powerful source of irrational behaviour in financial markets.

40. A poor decision is a choice we make which produces bad results for ourselves. For example, many people make decisions which negatively affect their health because they know it is unhealthy but do it anyway.

41. Don’t be discouraged by poor results or loss of integrity due to poor decision making. Stay the course, and don’t let discouragement dim your light.

42. Most bad decisions aren’t made because people aren’t thinking, they’re made because they don’t know they need to think. They assume what they’re doing is the right thing, or that it doesn’t matter, or that it will ‘all work itself out.’

43. How a person manages their time and what they choose to do with it is a major factor in determining success. Time is non-renewable, so you have to be able to use your time wisely and productively if you want to reach your goals.

44. The choices you make when you have time to think about them are less stressful and generally easier to change or correct than the ones you make when you have no time or money to change them.

45. To be successful, you have to have your heart in your business and your business in your heart.

46. Poor decision making is the root of many failures, and we sometimes make bad choices.

47. Poor decisions have failures as their companions, and we often see that the wrong decision frequently repeated ultimately enough take away something of value.

48. Poor decisions made quickly and without scrutiny are the root of all evil.

49. Poor decisions often result from failure to see alternatives.

50. The first step to gaining control over your life is making better decisions. It all starts in the mind, with a decision to do things differently.

I hope this collection of poor decision making quotes will help you make better decisions and not repeat the same mistakes that others have made. Perhaps your failure or poor decision was not too bad, and you can draw some inspiration from it—all the best for a brighter future ahead.

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