Postpartum Body Quotes

Postpartum Body Quotes

Many women wait months or even years to have a baby. They become pregnant with the dream of motherhood, but reality sets in regarding the postpartum body. Some women find themselves losing weight suddenly, and others feel depressed. Some mothers continue to work while caring for their young children; others put their careers on hold altogether due to the demands of motherhood.

Being a mother is hard; there’s no other way to put it, but the postpartum body has to be the hardest aspect of being a mother. It’s an entirely new life you are experiencing, with all of its perks and disadvantages. Although we all go through different stages of motherhood, having a postpartum body is so important, and you’re supposed to love your postpartum body, but let’s face it, as moms, we rarely do.

Pregnancy is hard, and you deserve a break. But don’t quit on yourself—get inspired by these awesome quotes to help get you through the postpartum period. These postpartum body quotes can help you love your body and feel confident in it again!

Postpartum Body Quotes

A postpartum body is not shameful but beautiful. After carrying a child for nine months and delivering them, the body is not the same. There are stretch marks, extra flesh, and scars from labour in the form of c-section cuts, stitches, or tears. It wasn’t easy bringing your child into this world, and it shouldn’t be hard to love yourself.

1. A postpartum body can be a powerful thing. There are no rules regarding how you should look after giving birth. Our bodies are all so different, and they are all wonderful.

2. You’re still recovering from being pregnant and giving birth. You may not look or feel like you used to, but remember that your body is in a healing process right now. Instead of focusing on the areas you think are “flaws,” take a good look at your body – you underwent an amazing transformation, and it’s incredible.

3. No one postpartum body exists; we all come in different shapes and sizes. Your body going through the miracle of birth doesn’t make you less of a woman.

4. Your postpartum body is your new playground. Let it be a haven for adventure and discovery, a place to explore and grow more fully as an individual.

5. Loving your postpartum body can be hard, especially when you have stretch marks, loose skin, and extra pounds. Don’t forget to love your new body; it took nine months to get here!

6. Stretch marks, loose skin and extra pounds can make loving your postpartum body harder than expected. Don’t be discouraged by this. Focus on what your body did for you and what it will continue to do for you.

7. It’s normal to feel self-conscious about your body after you’ve had a child. It took nine months to get here, so the least you can do is love it now.

8. The postpartum journey can be a tough one. It’s about learning to love yourself for who you are and how far you’ve come, not the number on the scale or how much weight you’ve lost.

9. Love your postpartum body? It isn’t easy, but you can learn to love your new body after giving birth. You’ll need to make small changes and give it time to get used to the changes in your life.

10. Did you know that your body underwent multiple changes to get to this point? From gaining weight during pregnancy to enduring labour and pushing a baby out, it’s no wonder your body has changed. Be proud of yourself and love who you are.

11. Your body has gone through so much; now it’s time to love it again. You are beautiful and strong. Postpartum doesn’t have to mean that you lose self-confidence. Celebrate your body; they are yours!

12. You can do this; yes, you! You are capable of loving your postpartum body. You don’t have to listen to the negativity from the outside world.

13. Don’t let anyone’s negativity toward your postpartum body get you down. You’re beautiful just the way you are, and there’s nothing to be ashamed of.

14. You’re capable of loving your postpartum body. Ditch the scale and embrace wearing whatever feels comfortable and looks good.

15. Don’t let anyone’s negativity toward your postpartum body make you feel unhappy. You’re beautiful just the way you are.

16. The experience of becoming a mother is one of the most precious gifts you will ever receive. Constantly worrying about your body postpartum is unnecessary if you believe you’re beautiful.

17. You’re strong and beautiful just the way you are and don’t let anyone get you down and make you feel sad regarding your postpartum body.

18. Don’t let anyone’s criticisms get you down. You’re a goddess just the way you are.

19. Lift your spirits while letting others know they’re great just the way they are. You are perfect, and you should love yourself for it!

20. You are a powerhouse of creativity. Your love for your child and the constant thinking of imaginative ways to provide for your baby will help you get through this stage quickly.

21. When you have a body that has just had a baby, it’s easy to see why people might make fun of you. But remember this: you’re beautiful and strong. You can do anything if you put your mind to it.

22. I wish you the very best as you celebrate this special day with your family and friends. I want to remind you how fantastic your body is and how much it has grown over the past nine months.

23. When you’ve spent nine months growing a human being, there’s no way you’d give up on loving your body.

24. Your body has been giving your baby the best possible care through the nine-month pregnancy and ensuring it survives and gets nourished inside your womb. So, don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.

25. Celebrate your hard work and the incredible achievement of growing another human. You’ve worked hard to get where you are now. Don’t let that hard work go to waste by hating your postpartum body.

26. It’s okay to love your postpartum body—and it might be one of the sexiest things about you. The postpartum body is a beautiful thing. Love it, love yourself, and keep loving your body.

27. Loving my postpartum body is not a choice. It’s an opportunity to embrace who I am and make my own decisions about how I want to live my life.

28. Nature has a way of taking care of you. Embrace your body as it heals, and let it grow into something beautiful. Allow yourself to grow in all aspects, and go out into the world proud of what you know and who you are.

29. After giving birth, I learned to love my body in a whole new way. Join me on my journey as I discover that my body can do amazing things!

30. I don’t expect you to love your postpartum body the first day, week or month, but I hope you will learn to love your new body soon.

31. You’re more than just your baby bump, scars, or stretch marks. You are a beautiful, powerful person who can do amazing things. You are strong, brave and a goddess.

32. Every mom is a unique woman who walks through this world with her own story, each full of lessons learned and memories to cherish. So, go ahead and love your new body.

33. You don’t want to hide the body you’ve worked so hard for. So, go ahead and rock it—postpartum body: something amazing and unapologetic.

34. I love my postpartum body; I see a few stretch marks, but honestly, I don’t mind them. And they’re not the only thing on this body worth loving.

35. You’re beautiful, strong, and amazing after giving birth and wishing you all a happy and healthy postpartum period!

36. Being a new mom is tough, and loving your postpartum body is nothing to be ashamed of. After all, we all deserve love and support, even if it’s not easy.

37. It’s not easy being a mom, but it is more rewarding than anything else. Baby’s here to stay, so let’s love our postpartum bodies and feel confident every moment.

38. Postpartum body confidence is a choice we make. It’s time to love the body you’ve birthed. It’s not perfect, but it’s yours, and you’re strong enough to handle it!

39. It’s time to love the body you’ve birthed. It is not a diet; there will be no deprivation. You will feed your body lots of good food and let go of the guilt holding you back for years.

40. Don’t be afraid of stretch marks or cellulite; they’re part of what makes you beautiful. You gave birth to a miracle, and you look amazing.

41. I’m not saying it’s easy. And I won’t claim that it doesn’t take a lot of self-love to get there. But once you do, you’ll be on the path to happiness. Remember to love your body through the bumps, curves, and valleys bound to make an appearance.

42. Wonderful things have happened to you! You have the amazing privilege of bringing a new life into the world. You’re in this for the long haul, so be kind to yourself, no matter how many pounds you gain or fall off.

43. You aren’t perfect, but there is beauty in imperfection. So please feel confident about how you look in your body.

45. Being a mother is a lot. Being a mom is harder. Say it loud, say it proud: I love how my body has changed. It’s a new day, and your body is beautiful. Embrace it!

46. It’s not easy, but it is possible to love your postpartum body. It’s all about working hard, making small changes and learning what works for you.

47. Stay positive and healthy during pregnancy by loving yourself and your postpartum body. Don’t forget to love every stretch mark, bump, and roll. It’s only temporary, after all. Stay positive, stay healthy!

48. It’s not easy when you’re in your first year. You’ll stress how to lose the baby weight and how fast you can get back into those pre-pregnancy jeans and clothes. But you can do it if you stay focused and make small daily changes.

49. Loving your postpartum body is never anything to be ashamed of. We all deserve love and support, even if it’s not easy.

50. The only thing that changes about you is your mind, body and spirit. Your body is a work in progress. Love it, trust it and don’t give up on it.

Love Your Postpartum Body Quotes

Bodies change throughout a lifetime, but postpartum bodies are a wonderful reminder of the miracle of life. When you get that postpartum body, you are in for the ride of your life. With a lot of stretching, flexibility and strength growing inside you, it’s not easy at first, but the reward is worth it. So, love who you are.

51. Postpartum bodies are great. They help us bring the most precious gifts into this world. Even if we don’t love our postpartum bodies sometimes, we should never be ashamed of them.

52. While loving and accepting ourselves in our postpartum bodies is never easy, we must always remember that we deserve to be loved unconditionally.

53. You’re not alone. It’s okay to feel down about your postpartum body sometimes, but we’re all happy that you’re here, right?

54. Everyone deserves to be loved, whether that love is self-love or love from those around them. Remember, you look stunning; you are radiant and glowing.

55. Postpartum body is a lot of work. It’s not about the number on the scale or how much weight you’ve lost; it’s about loving yourself for your journey. If you love your postpartum body, you want to share it with the world.

56. Your body has just done something incredible. You carried a human being, got it out of your body, and in many cases, take care of it daily by yourself. Postpartum bodies are beautiful, as are you!

57. Life is tough when pregnant; it’s even tougher after birth. Pregnancy doesn’t last forever, so enjoy the process and celebrate your post-pregnancy body.

58. You did it! Congrats on the most rewarding accomplishment in life – becoming a parent. Take some time to appreciate your new body, you’ve got a lot more stretch marks and loose skin, but you are carrying around your miracle baby.

59. You don’t need to wait to feel beautiful again. Everybody is a beach body, and you are beautiful the way you are.

60. Postpartum bodies should be celebrated, loved, and accepted. That postpartum belly will grow into your most beautiful body as you hold your child in your arms.

61. Don’t let pregnancy or postpartum make you feel bad about yourself. You are beautiful, and when you fall in love with yourself, the world will also fall in love with you.

62. Your body has just created a new life — it’s a miracle of life itself, and with pregnancy comes an amazing opportunity to create strong, lean, and healthy muscles for you and your new baby.

63. Postpartum body, you are a work in progress. You may not look like your pre-pregnancy body, but you are beautiful, and so has the change that has come to you.

64. Postpartum bodies are the greatest gifts we can give ourselves. They’re a daily reminder of how we got to be the women we are today.

65. You are capable of loving your postpartum body. Don’t listen to any negativity from others about the way you look. You can do it!

66. Don’t forget to love your postpartum body, every stretch and bump. Loving your postpartum body is like loving yourself. You can do it!

67. Looking for a way to embrace your postpartum body? Remember to love yourself, eat well, exercise regularly, and be patient with yourself!

68. You’re so beautiful. After giving birth, you might be scared that you’ll never be the same again. But don’t worry, once the baby weight is gone and the perky boobs return, you’ll feel like your old self again.

69. If you’re looking to lose 20 lbs, try cutting down on processed foods, enjoy your workouts instead of forcing yourself to go, chill out and make a plan you can live with. Before you know it, you’ll have your old body back! But in the meantime, don’t beat yourself up over it.

70. You’ve worked long and hard for nine months. It’s time to continue loving your body and appreciate it for what it’s done.

71. I’m so proud of my body; I worked hard for this moment. Loving my postpartum body is a journey, not an event. How to love your postpartum body? Start with the right attitude.

72. Pregnant? Maternity? Postpartum? Whatever you’re calling it, it’s time to love your body.

73. Regardless of pregnancy, postpartum, or maternity, it’s time to start loving what you see in the mirror and fall in love with your body for the new life you’re creating.

74. Friend, you are gorgeous. I understand how hard it is to stop comparing yourself to your pre-baby body, but a kind friend is here to tell you that it’s time to stop. You just gave birth! Give yourself a break and love yourself.

75. Postpartum bodies shattered so much during childbirth; it is amazing that we still have the strength to laugh.

76. You’ve just grown a human. That’s more than incredible- it’s amazing! That doesn’t mean you must be ready to hop back into your pre-pregnancy jeans immediately. Some new moms find that their bodies never bounce back the way they were before, and it doesn’t matter how young they are or how to fit they were before pregnancy; your body has been through a lot, and it can take some time for it to get back to where it was.

77. Your body and life have changed forever. You might be struggling with things you have never struggled with, such as, “I’m not eating for two anymore, but since one is no longer here, I don’t need to eat at all.”

78. Postpartum bodies are beautiful, strong, and ours. Keep loving yourself after birth, and remember that you should celebrate your postpartum body.

79. Take a hike, meet your friends for coffee, watch your kids at soccer practice or go on a date alone. Your postpartum body is your new playground. Let it be a haven for adventure and discovery, a place to explore and grow more fully as an individual.

80. Your postpartum body is a place of renewal. It is a time for you to explore who you are, emphasising personal growth.

81. Don’t let your postpartum body hold you back. There are many new adventures to discover and more ways to express yourself. You’ve got a fresh start. Awaken the new you and make the most of it.

82. Your body transformed amazingly through pregnancy – and it is your job to keep it healthy, strong and fit.

83. Life is about to change for the better, but that doesn’t mean it will all be easy. But, if you take a deep breath and relax, the process will be much easier.

84. You’re not your pregnancy, scars, or stretch marks. You are capable of great things. You are amazing, exactly how you are right now.

85. Postpartum body: something beautiful to love. I love my postpartum body, and I will show it off!

86. As tough as pregnancy sometimes gets, you are capable of so much more. You are amazing how you are right now.

87. Pregnancy and motherhood come with many highlights and lowlights. You will be able to overcome obstacles and be one of a kind.

88. You have a right to feel beautiful because you are beautiful. It doesn’t matter what other people think. Who you are is something to celebrate.

89. Instead of turning to the judgement of others, I know my body is my friend, and I choose to love it.

90. Pregnancy and postpartum body image have been shamed, judged, and stigmatised. It’s time you take back what’s yours because there’s no better feeling in the world than seeing yourself in a bikini after having a baby.

91. I’m so in love with the way my body looks. I don’t know how to describe it, but I love it with all my heart and soul.

92. Life’s a journey, not a destination. Cross those hurdles, and keep going. Just don’t give up on yourself, and remind yourself that everyone is doing the best they can.

93. Postpartum bodies are beautiful. Let’s love and support them, not just in the moment but always!

94. The postpartum body, a new form of art that will capture all of your strength, confidence and beauty. Your postpartum body is not a punishment. It’s a gift.

95. Embrace your postpartum body. Acknowledge how hard this process has been, to grow and nurture a human for nine months, only to have him wake up, look at his new world, and scream at the top of his lungs. Be patient with yourself. You are just as exhausted as you feel. Give yourself grace. Take care of yourself, eat well, exercise regularly, kick back and relax.

96. Mothers worldwide know that our bodies, after pregnancy, are beasts of burden. And with this little bundle of joy comes freedom. So remember to nourish and love your body. After all, it’s done so much for you.

97. Some things are worth waiting for, and the postpartum journey is one of them. Listen to and treat your body gently; it will reward you with a healthy inside and a lovely outside.

98. I believe every woman deserves to celebrate her body after giving birth, and I want to remind you that your post-baby belly is a badge of honour. Your postpartum body is a gift to you, your baby, and those around you.

99. Your freshly stretched skin and your loosening muscles hold the key to new pleasures yet to be explored. The postpartum body is not just a recovery phase. It’s a state of mind.

100. If you’re having trouble dealing with the changes brought on by your growing body, then it’s time to take action!

102. You’re going to be amazing; you are beautiful and strong. It is the journey of a lifetime, and you are so worth it!

103. We all have days when we feel a little less than our best, but remember that nothing is perfect, and it’s okay to feel the way you do. You’re amazing, just the way you are.

104. Sometimes, we must remember that it’s okay to feel imperfect and still love ourselves. The postpartum body is a beautiful thing. You’re wonderful as you are right now, so relax and enjoy the time with your baby.

105. You are not a pregnant or postpartum body. You are your own strong and beautiful being with the ability to change your life for the better.

106. Every woman deserves to feel confident, beautiful, and sexy after giving birth. Let your body grow, recover, and renew itself. Relax and enjoy all that nature has to offer.

107. You’re the most beautiful after you give birth. Love your body and love yourself. Enjoy being a mother, show off your body and wear what you like.

108. Keep on loving yourself; your body is the home to your baby, the generator of the chemicals necessary for breastfeeding, and it’s beautiful.

109. Well, I just gave birth to a baby. I’m bigger than I’ve ever been. My body has changed in ways that astound me. But instead of being scared or ashamed, I’m so grateful for my amazing body and the amazing things it can do.

Hope the above amazing postpartum body quotes have inspired you to embrace and love your body. You have the power to accept or reject every part of yourself and make changes that work for you. You are worth loving in all of our postpartum glory.

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