Quotes About Splitting up and Moving On

Quotes About Splitting up and Moving On

When you have to split up from some things in life and then move on, it can be a really difficult thing to do. It’s easy to get stuck in the past and think about all the good times that you had together. But sometimes, if we don’t move on from those things, we will never be able to find someone new who can give us what we need in our lives.

In life, don’t hold onto things that don’t make you happy anymore. Whether it’s a friendship or a romantic relationship, If you’re feeling stuck or depressed, take some time for yourself and figure out what makes you happy. Once you know what makes you happy, find new opportunities to experience them!

So when you have to split up with something or someone, you need to know how to get over it so that you can move on with your life. Here are the best quotes about splitting up and moving on below that can help you get over what or who you left so that you can move on.

Quotes About Splitting up and Moving On

There comes a time when you have to let go of old habits, even those that are good for you. Don’t let your goals suffer because of them. Move on to the next phase of life and enjoy yourself.

1. when you have to split up a relationship, you’re going to feel it. But we have some advice to help you get through it.

2. When you have to move on, it’s never easy. But trust that it’s time for the both of you to let go and find someone else who can make you happy.

3. It’s not always easy to leave behind the relationships that have served us well, but it’s important to let them go and move on in life.

4. Move on with your life. Don’t let someone take all of you away from what’s important, happiness and love.

5. When you feel like you can’t take anymore; when you have to split up a relationship and move on. It’s just the beginning of a new chapter of your life.

6. There are times in your life when you have to split up a relationship and move on.

7. When you have to split up a relationship, there is one truth: it’s not forever. It will always be hard and painful, but eventually, you get through it.

8. It’s not easy to break up and move on. But it’s necessary. Don’t let the past define your future. You’ll regret trying to hold on when it’s time to let go.

9. When you have to say goodbye, don’t look back. Look forward. Because it’s never as hard as when you first left.

10. You will find happiness where you leave it, move on.

11. Sometimes things don’t work out. But moving forward can be a lot more beautiful if you let yourself embrace the new and make room for something new.

12. When you are at a crossroads in life, it is hard to move on. But sometimes, you have to let go of the past and focus on creating the future.

13. There are moments in our lives when we have to move on even though we know it might be hard. But it’s time to leave the past behind and focus on the future. It’s a hard decision, but it’s for your own good.

14. In moments of transition, it’s okay to pause and reflect. Allow yourself to be separated from the past while you prepare for the future.

15. When you have to move on in a relationship, always remember: You are not alone. Take time to heal and embrace the new chapter of your life.

16. When you can’t stay together because the time is right, the distance will make you stronger.

17. A breakup doesn’t have to be the end of everything. You can move on and find happiness again.

18. We’ve all experienced this feeling of moving on in life, but many people don’t realize that the next step is meant to be a break from the past, not just another chapter.

19. When you’re in a rut and it feels like moving forward is out of reach, remember that the past is no place to stay. Let go and make new memories.

20. The past doesn’t define you any more than the future will. You make your own story. It’s time to start a new chapter.

21. We are all on the same journey, moving through life with hope and a dream. Don’t let your past stop you from living in the pure moment of today.

22. The past is the only place where mistakes are made, lessons are learned and nightmares are born. But in order to be able to move forward, we have to leave it behind.

23. Moving on from old relationships is never easy, but it’s necessary. Life is short and you need to live in the present moment, rather than dwell on what’s already gone.

24. It’s hard to leave behind all the good times, but it’s important to focus on what’s next.

25. Sometimes the past, in all its glory, just can’t be salvaged. Dive into the future and create a better tomorrow.

26. Life can be so tough sometimes, but you always have to keep moving forward and focus on what’s next—however hard it may be.

27. Everyone moves on. Every good thing has its time, but the best things in life are worth waiting for.

28. The past is always present. It’s up to you to move on.

29. You can’t always catch that one moment in time when everything changes. But you can remember the moments that make you feel alive.

30. It’s never too late for a happy ending. Move forward, not backwards.

31. When you have to split up in a relationship, always remember that moving on is not the end of your story.

32. When you have to leave someone in your life and move on, remember that they will always be in your heart.

33. When you’ve got so much history, sometimes you have to take a step back in order to see where you’re going.

34. There were times when we fell apart, but as long as you keep hold of your pieces, you can put us back together again.

35. You can’t stay in the same place forever. You have to keep moving to get somewhere new, better and brighter.

36. When you have to move on from a relationship, the only thing that stays is your memories.

37. Sometimes you have to move on. But it never hurts to stop and look back, because those memories will always be a part of you no matter if you’re together or apart.

38. You will learn more from the breakup than you do from the relationship. And it doesn’t matter if it is with a loved one or not—you’re going to have to walk away at some point, and it’s not something to be afraid of.

39. Sometimes you have to break up with your best friend in order to find the one.

40. Splitting is hard. It’s a painful process, but it’s necessary in order to grow and move forward.

41. It’s time to take a break from the past and focus on creating the future.

42. The past is a place to take a break. The future is full of possibilities.

43. When you have to split up, it’s not always what you thought it would be. But there’s always a silver lining.

44. We all go through the same thing when we are in love: We want our partner in every way possible. But sometimes, we have to break up because it’s not going to work out. And then, you move on.

45. When the bad times come in a relationship, keep your head up and move on.

46. It’s never easy, but when you have to move on in life, don’t ever feel sorry for yourself. You’re doing the right thing.

47. It’s okay to move on. It’s okay not to be okay with the way things are. It’s okay to leave someone behind.

48. It’s never easy to move on, but remember that love is still growing and waiting for you somewhere else.

49. We can move on and be strong, even when we’re not in a place where we feel like we should be.

50. We all have to figure out where we’re gonna go from here, and it’s just not where you started.

51. You must first learn what it is like to let go, and then you can learn how to hold on.

52. When you have to go your separate ways, it’s only natural that you feel sadness. But don’t let it stop you from moving forward, because that’s what life is all about.

53. If you’re moving on in a relationship, you’re not alone. You’re just part of the growing number of people finding their way out of unhappy relationships.

54. You’ve found yourself in a situation where it’s tough to move forward. Take it one day at a time, take good care of yourself and enjoy your life.

55. Sometimes it feels like your relationship is falling apart and you have no idea how to fix it. You may feel hopeless and stuck in a situation that you can’t control, but remember if you love somebody, you must always support them in their time of need.

56. No matter how much it hurts, you have to be strong for yourself. You can’t let another person hold you down and make you feel like less than you are.

57. No matter how bad things get, remember that you’re stronger than they are. Make a decision to get over it and move forward.

58. When you’re ready to move on from a relationship, it’s not about breaking up with them—it’s about letting them go.

59. Life is messy. But it’s not over yet. Don’t be afraid to split up with someone who doesn’t deserve your time and attention. The past is just that—the past. Let it go and move on with your life.

60. Sometimes you need to put down the phone, let go of your past and start over again.

61. The breakup is never easy, but it’s always necessary.

62. When your past is clouding the future, it’s time to let go.

63. You’re not a bad person for being single. You’re on the top of the self-improvement food chain and there’s no shame in it

64. Life is a series of choices. When you’re ready, let go and move on to the next project.

65. When life gets in your way, you need to step back and make space. There are no bad breaks, just bad timing.

66. Sometimes you have to take a step back and realize that things aren’t always going to be the same. Life is a journey, not a destination—even if it feels like it sometimes.

67. No matter what’s happening in your life, you’re always going to be strong enough to get through it.

68. There is no such thing as a perfect moment. So when it comes down to it, you can only make the best of what’s in front of you.

69. Life is a journey, but you are the captain of your own ship. You chart the course and chart your own future. The time has come to climb down that bridge, or go on your journey alone.

70. Moving on is never easy, but it’s always necessary. Start a new chapter in your life and start living again.

71. When you’re ready to move on, make a clean break. Focus on creating the future.

72. Take a break from the past and create the future.

73. You can’t stay in the past forever. It’s time to let go and move on to the present and future.

74. Don’t worry about the past, it’s done. Focus on what’s next and use your experience to make things happen.

75. I’m leaving the past behind. That means I’ll be moving forward with my life and embracing a new adventure.

76. Growing up is never easy. It’s hard and painful, but in the end, you will realize that when life throws you a curveball it’s sometimes best to just move on

77. Break the mold. Challenge yourself, change course. Move on.

78. Life is short, your time is limited, so don’t waste it. Make the most of every moment that you have and don’t ever regret a decision or action you’ve made because you will be able to look back and see how it made your life better in the end.

79. There are always new opportunities waiting for you around the corner. Don’t let them pass you by.

80. You’ve put in a lot of hard work with someone you care about. Time for them to focus on their own life and find what works for them, whether that is a new partner or taking a break from each other.

81. When you have to split up or separate, it is never easy. It takes a lot of strength and resilience to do this. But it is necessary for you to make the right choice for your life. You must continue on in life even if it means leaving the person that you love behind.

82. When you’re ever going through a rough patch or getting tired of someone in your life, think about the uncertainty of breaking up. It can be scary but sometimes it’s necessary.

83. When you fall in love, you wish the feeling could last forever. But when it ends, it leaves a part of your heart missing. Life couldn’t be more beautiful when you’re in love, but sometimes it’s better to leave it all behind.

84. You’re often drawn together and forced apart by the forces of life. But don’t worry; it’s not always easy to let go.

85. When you have to move on, be the change you want to see in the world.

86. When you have to split up a relationship, it’s not the end of the world, it’s just the end of today.

87. You have to split up with someone to find yourself.

88. Sometimes there comes a time when you have to say goodbye to someone. It’s hard, but it’s the right thing to do.

89. The hardest part of your heartbreak is not the breakup. It’s moving on.

90. It’s hard going through a breakup. But sometimes, it’s better to be alone than to be in a bad relationship that never works out anyways.

91. Break-ups are hard no matter how you phrase them. Especially when the “why” keeps rearing its ugly head.

92. It’s hard to let go of the past. But if you can, you’re free to move on and make new memories with a better person or place.

93. You don’t have to be alone. You can hang on and look down at your new life with a smile, knowing that you had the guts to leave the old one behind.

94. you know that feeling when you have to split up with a significant other? it’s rough, but you gotta do whatever it takes to get through it

95. You know you’re in a toxic relationship when you have to move out of it.

96. When you find yourself thinking about the moment when your relationship gets out of hand, now is the time to do something about it.

97. It can be hard to move on from a bad relationship. But you will feel better about it in the long run if you just try.

98. It’s not always easy to move on from a bad relationship, but it’s never too late. Take it one day at a time and go for your happiness.

99. When you get older, you don’t want to be stuck in a bad relationship that’s holding you back. So start moving on, even if it means leaving him in the past.

100. It’s time to move on from that relationship that was bad for you.

101. You don’t have to be in a relationship to be happy. You can live alone and still be truly fulfilled, but you will never be complete without a partner in your life.

There are times in life when you are forced to move on because it is inevitable. Whatever happened in your past, you must accept and move on, because staying stuck will bring only unhappiness and pain.

I hope you are inspired by these quotes about splitting up and moving on above.

Kindly share them with your family, and friends and on your social media and don’t forget to let me know your favourite in the comment section. Thank you.

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