Quotes On Accepting Mistakes

Quotes On Accepting Mistakes

It is not taboo to make mistakes sometimes, as this is a common attribute amongst men or we could further say, that it is a residual characteristic of man that cannot be underplayed, it is real that men are imperfect.

Mistakes are something that we can’t avoid making. There’s no point in thinking about all the mistakes that you have made, instead, it is more helpful to think about the things that you have learnt from your mistakes.

We all make mistakes, we can’t help it. One of the best ways to show how mature we are is to accept when we make a mistake and learn from it. Below are some quotes on accepting mistakes to help you get motivated about accepting your mistakes and learning from them.

Admitting Mistakes and Taking Responsibility Quotes

Everyone makes mistakes. We are human after all. It’s okay to admit it and work hard to make it right. The question you need to ask yourself is, “What can we learn from this mistake?” Or for a better question, “What can I learn from this mistake?”

1. If you have done wrong, be willing to accept your punishment, but know that you are doing this, in hopes of finding a better tomorrow.

2. Accept your mistakes accept that you have done wrong and take responsibility for your action, and never forget to forgive yourself.

3. It’s hard to accept your mistakes and take full responsibility for the wrong you’ve done in maturity, but it’s the only way, the only way to make amends.

4. Accepting my mistakes and taking responsibility will get me places I have never been before.

5. I confess, I made a mistake, and I am sorry. I was wrong and I did a bad thing. But I accept it and I won’t run.

6. Accepting mistakes and taking responsibilities isn’t easy, but it must be done because if you don’t, you’ll be a fool and you’ll never be able to live with yourself

7. Mistakes are inevitable in life. It’s what we do when we mess up that defines us as people.

8. I’ve made a mistake, and now I know, that I should’ve supported you more, and I’ll take responsibility for the wrong that I have done, and I won’t do it again.

9. Admit your mistakes joyfully, it shows you are learning and you are in the process of attaining perfection, don’t give in to cowardice.

10. Admit your mistakes and take responsibility, not a perfect human – every person has flaws, but don’t live with regret, its something that can’t help you grow.

11. I made a mistake, I made a mistake, but I’ve taken responsibility, and I’m making it right!

12. I admit the mistakes that I made I regret them too, and I know I had to make them I own things now, and I know I am wrong but I will always be there to make things right.

13. I’ve made mistakes and I’m ready to accept my punishment, but I hope that you all see that I am trying to do better.

14. We are responsible for our future and we can’t use mistakes as an excuse to not fight for a better tomorrow. Embrace your mistake and see what you can learn from it.

15. We are responsible for our future and we can’t use mistakes as an excuse to not fight for a better tomorrow. Take responsibility for your actions, and admit when you have done something wrong.

16. We are responsible for our future, the future of our children and this world. We have to take the initiative and stand up against those who limit us of our freedom. These people need to learn that they can’t use mistakes as an excuse to hold us down. In fact, they may have made us stronger because we have used our mistakes to learn and become greater than we were before.

17. Mistakes may seem like a bad thing, but in reality, they can make us stronger. Take your mistakes and teach yourself from them. Continue to fight for what you believe in no matter what people say.

18. Nobody is perfect, everybody makes mistakes. It’s about how you handle those mistakes. Don’t sit back and cry about your blunders, pick a lesson and move forward with it.

19. We’re all imperfect, but the decisions we make us who we are in the end. Whether bad or good decisions, we should embrace them and learn from them.

20. You should not hesitate to face your mistakes. Whether it’s a relationship or an important business deal, if it is broken you have to fix it no matter what you feel or think about yourself.

21. Even the best people make mistakes. Nobody’s perfect. These mistakes are learning opportunities, not reasons to give up. Accept them, learn from them, and move on!

22. Say I’m sorry – I admit it, I was wrong and I wish I could fix it. I should have thought about the consequences and been more mature.

23. You’re going to make mistakes. Everybody does. Don’t let it keep you from trying something new again. Every time you fail forward, you learn something new about yourself and what you want out of life.

24. Know when something is wrong and stop it before it happens again. It’s easier to fall into the same mistake later than to know what you did wrong at the start.

25. Thoughts are like leaves of the mind that fall and drift away. Knowing this should lead us to change our lives for the better by emulating the time when there was no mistake.

Learn to accept your mistakes quotes

Learn to accept your mistakes, you can’t be a victim of circumstance, when you learn to accept your shortcomings, you’ll realise you’re destined for great things and learn to accept your mistakes, don’t be afraid to say that you were wrong, everyone makes mistakes, it is a mistake to live your life in regret.

26. Learn to accept your mistakes for they are the only way to grow, mistakes will help you find your path and wisdom will follow you through.

27 learn from your mistakes accept what you cannot change its foolish to repeat

28. I know I made mistakes, but they were just part of the game, and I can’t let them weigh me down, I will take them in as a lesson, and now live my life as a king.

29. Come to terms with your mistakes, and try to avoid repeating them, each time you make a change, you’ll be one step closer to being a genius.

30. Accepting your mistakes is the key to learning, not repeating them is wisdom.

31. Learn to accept your mistakes learn to accept your faults learn to accept your bad decisions learn to accept that you’re human.

32. I’m an owner of my mistakes, I’m a constant learner, I’m a man who is wise, I won’t repeat the same mistakes twice.

33. I have thrown myself to the wolves, I have thrown myself at the world, and I have learned, I have learned to accept my mistakes, and I have learned to not repeat them, and I have learned to be good

34. I try to be perfect, I fail to be, so I learn. I try to be good, I fail to be, so I learn. I try to be fair, I fail to be, so I learn.

35. Learn to accept your mistakes and learn from them then you’ll be able to keep your feet on the ground

36. Learn to accept your mistakes, let them hurt, then let them pass, learn from your mistakes, and never repeat them again.

37. So what’s the point of knowing how to do something only to mess it up? It’s like knowing how to breathe, but not knowing how to inhale.

38. Learn to accept your mistakes, don’t repeat them, change them, you can’t avoid them all, but if you learn from them, you’ll get better.

39. I’ve made some mistakes, but I’ve learned from them too, I’ve made mistakes, but I’ve fixed them too.

40. I accept my mistakes they show me who I am and in the end, it’s not the mistakes that matter ‘cause life is like a game and the winner takes it all.

41. There’s no shame in making mistakes, what you should be ashamed of, is doing nothing about it, at least you can look at the mistakes you’ve made, learn from them, and grow from them.

42. Learn to accept your mistakes, it won’t be easy but you must, you’ve got to try and try to do it if you want your life to make it.

43. I’ve learned to accept my mistakes, and I’ve learned from them to be great, it’s a feat that will never be matched, to honour those who have come before.

44. I’ve made mistakes, I’ll make more, but that’s okay, like the wise men say, “mistakes are tools we use to get to a better place.”

45. You can not always get what you want, but you can learn to accept your mistakes, and you can learn to correct them, you can learn to grow and to succeed.

I accept my mistake quotes

If I could turn back time, and just erase the mistakes I have made, I would change, and I would be, a shining star that is accepted, and never a disgrace. I accept my mistakes.

46. I accept my mistake, I apologize to you, I never meant to hurt you or to cause you a lot of pain.

47. I accept my mistake, I’m well aware of what I’ve done. You know I can’t take it back, so I’ll keep moving forward.

48. I accept my mistakes facing the truth is the right thing to do, I did something to you, I hurt you, I broke you, and I know now that, I shouldn’t have done what I did to

49 I accept my mistake I did the wrong thing I realize it now and I regret my decision

50. I accept my mistake, I know it was my fault, I’ll make it up to you, I promise that I’ll mend.

51 it was a mistake I made, I accept it was a mistake I made, it’s a mistake I will never make again.

52. I don’t know how long I’ll be at this, or how many mistakes I’ll make, but I know that I’ve got to admit that I’ve made a mistake that I won’t forget.

53. I accept my mistakes like the one I made last week, and I will never forget how horrible what I did was.

54 I accept my mistakes, and I am sorry about the wrongs, I’ve done to you, but there’s nothing else I can do, but tell you that I will try, to make it up to you.

55. I made mistakes, but I’m good now, and I’m sorry, I’ve learned from my past, and I’m stronger, I’ll do better, and live in my future, and no longer in my

56. I accept my mistakes, I accept this is my fault, I accept that I have done wrong, I accept that I have been wrong.

57. I accept what I did and I want to be forgiven, I accept that I made a mistake but I know I can be forgiven.

58. I accept my mistakes I accept that I am wrong I accept that I made you cry, so I will try my hardest to make it right.

59. I want to say that I’m sorry, for the things that I’ve done wrong, I want to say that I love you, I want to be a person you can be proud of.

60. I accept my mistakes and I know I’ve done wrong, I’m sorry for all my sins, I’m sorry for what I’ve done.

61. I accept my mistake, I accept its tragic end, I accept that I did it, I accept that it can’t be undone, I accept that I did it, I accept that it can never be undone.

62. I am wrong, now I know, that I have not seen everything, but I know that I am right when I say my apology was never given.

63. I accept my mistakes, and I drop my arguments, I am wrong, and I am very sorry.

64. I accept my mistake, I accept the consequences to the end, I accept that I was wrong, I accept that I’ve learned my lessons from this.

65. I accept my mistake now, and though I hate it, I know, it’s a mistake I have to face, and I know that I have to change, I have to stop this abuse, it’s a mistake that I

66. I accept my mistake I accept I was wrong I accept I was a fool.

67. I accept my mistake I am sorry for what I have done, only time can heal so I will sit and I will wait.

Accept Your Fault Quotes

Don’t argue it, just be sincere and down to earth, accept your faults and you would be free from the guilts, don’t bother arguing, we all make mistakes don’t be ashamed about it.

68. Accept your fault, and try to make amends, to be great you must step out of the box, and accept you did wrong.

69. I am to blame, I can’t change my ways, I can’t change my past, but I can change my future, so I ask, how I can fix this mistake?

70 accept your fault so you can make good progress in life.

71. You must accept your fault you must always strive to better yourself but never forget your past always remember the hardships you’ve been through

72. Accept your fault and change make yourself the way you want to be the only way to truly soar is to accept your faults and keep it moving.

73. It’s not about who’s wrong or right, but about what you do, let go of the past and keep on trying, if you get stuck you’ll be the only one crying.

74. Accept your fault, accept your shortcoming, accept your misjudgment, accept your mistakes.

75. I accept my faults, I accept my faults, I accept my faults and I’ll try to keep it that way

76. Accept your fault, but don’t let it consume you. You’re not a mistake, you’re not a fault, you’re not a mistake, and don’t let your mistakes get the best of you.

77. Accept your fault, don’t rewind don’t get stuck, keep on pushing forward.

78. Accept your faults and move on, forget your mistakes and focus on the day, for when you accept your faults and move on, your life will get better and better.

79. Accept your faults, accept they are part of who you are and when you do that’s when you really will succeed.

80. Accept your fault, accept your guilt, accept the mess you’ve made, accept the things you’ve done, accept the wrong you’ve done, accept the mistakes you’ve made, accept what you didn’t plan,

81. Accept your fault, you’re human, make adjustments and move on, don’t let it get stuck in your mind. Poise: You are the one that could make a change, the one that could be great.

82. I’ve made mistakes, I admit they were fake and they were sad, now I want to move on and be great, so I’ll leave the past in the history of me.

83. Accept your faults as a human and keep looking for what you are searching for don’t get stuck

84. “accept your faults and move on, don’t wallow in self-pity or blame, for that will only add to the load, and keep you from reaching your goal.

85. If you’ve done something wrong and you have to apologize and you’re prepared to lose that will show you’re prepared to move on without regret.

86. Accepting your fault is hard to do, but it’s the only way to clear a long road.

87. I accept my faults like the rain that falls from the sky, like the snow that covers the ground, I accept my faults as a man.

88. Accept your fault, and don’t let anyone tell you differently, so you can move ahead and try your best to move on.

89. Accept your fault without excuse, expect an apology, not a reprieve, and focus on the path ahead, for only then will you be set free.

90. Accept your fault – let go of the past, and choose to look forward with a new start- your future awaits your decision, – so do not delay, –

91. Accept your fault and move on, learn from your wrongs and start anew, love yourself and accept your wrongs, and you will start anew.

Accept your own mistakes and move on quotes

Accept your own mistakes and move on from them you’re not the only one who’s done something really dumb, so just say “I’m sorry” and try to correct them, you will be glad that you did,

91. Accept your own mistakes and move on to get better to become a better person, because when you accept your own mistakes, you’ll be stronger and wiser.

92. Accept your own mistakes, and move on from there. Make sure you learn from your mistakes and move on from there.

93. If you must make a mistake, be sure to make it fast, and correct it in a snap before it turns into a catastrophe.

94. Accept your own mistakes and don’t forget that wallowing in self-pity will only get you so far.

95. Accept your own mistakes and move on, as you do, you’ll have to climb over obstacles, but always remember to live your life with passion, and know that your mistakes are just a part of your history.

96. It’s easy to find fault, it’s hard to make things right, it’s easy to see what’s not there, but hard to make things shine.

97. If you can admit it, you must accept it, accept your own mistakes, and move on.

98. Accept your own mistakes, and use them as learning tools, as you walk through your own path, leaving your footprint on the ground, as you remember those who are proud of you and those who wish the best of

99. Accept your own mistakes don’t blame others to succeed you must move on the past has passed now its time to carry on

100. I accept my own mistakes, I know that they’re mine and no one else’s, I know that they’re not who I am, I know that they don’t define me.

101. Accept your own mistakes and move on, I live the life I live, the same one you will, and I try to make the best of it, I’m not perfect, I’m not a great poet, but

102. Accept your own mistakes, and learn from them too, all on your own. But still don’t beat yourself up. Move on to perfect.

103. Accept your own mistakes, accept that you’re never perfect, it’s a game you can’t win, but you can always try

104. Accept your own mistakes and move on to perfection, allow your heart to race and your feet to feel the pavement, keep your head up high and make no mistake, if you stumble and fall, learn from it and

105. Accept your own mistakes, and move on to perfection, don’t be afraid to teach, or to broaden your horizon.

106. Accept your own mistakes and you will find new ways to be a man of your plans, you’ll learn from the past like I did and find yourself this time, a better man.

107. I’m sorry that I feel this way, but I keep holding back the tears, I’m sorry that I messed up and caused you pain, but let’s work this out – because it’s never too late.

Everyone who makes it to adulthood has made mistakes. Those who were able to accept and learn from them, however, are the ones who have found success in life. Those who decided that mistakes were unforgivable and too embarrassing to allow themselves to forget didn’t go very far with their lives.

It was only because they chose to forgive themselves that they were able to move on from those moments, eager to not repeat the same mistake. You can further let me know what you think in the comment section, and kindly share this post around your sphere of influence.

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