Bent But Not Broken Quotes

Bent But Not Broken Quotes

Bent but not broken is an expression used to describe strong people who, although encountering great hardship, manage to maintain their positivity, endurance and spirit.

We sometimes go through life getting knocked down at different points. Just because it is part of our reality doesn’t mean that it has to wreak havoc on our lives. There are lessons in the hard times, there can be beauty in the struggle, and we still become whom we want to be despite the trials of our journey.

If after everything, you’re still breathing then, you’re not broken! Life is about the people you meet and the things you create with them. Opportunities are popping up in every corner. It is often these opportunities that pull us from our comfort zone to bend into the unknown, where we truly find ourselves but we must ensure we do not break.

I know you are here because you need inspirational quotes on being bent and not broken. Here are some of the most inspiring bent but not broken quotes about resilience, persistence and grit that will help you to adopt a positive mindset and never give up.

Beaten but not broken quotes

It’s okay to be beaten, but not to be broken. Sometimes the strength you need is not your physical strength, it’s your emotional strength. It takes more courage to heal than it does to fight

1. I am not what has happened to me, I am what I choose to become. I am bent but not broken.

2. Forget about the past, the past is a memory, and memories never last.

3. Believe in yourself, keep your hopes up high. You’re stronger than you think and someday you’ll fly.

4. So keep persevering to the end and don’t break no matter how much you bend

5. If you fall down, get up. If you make mistakes, learn from them. If they break you down, cheer up. If you’re bleeding, wipe your eyes. If the pain is too much, hold on.

6. Sometimes it feels like there’s a wall blocking me from my dream, I feel like I have no power, but there’s a voice inside me, it keeps me fighting, it keeps me going and it keeps me strong

7. I am bent but not broken, my will is strong, my heart is bold. I will rise above the occasion.

8. I’m not a quitter. I’m a fighter. I’m the fighter who keeps fighting until the fight is done.

9. The world and its people are cold, but I will not let them get to me. My armour’s made of something that’s tough, I’ll stand for my brothers and sisters against the world.

10. I’ve been beaten and broken, but I’ve never been beaten down, I’ve been through the toughest of times, but made it through the best of times.

11. I don’t quit, I don’t give up, I keep going until I reach my goal. I don’t know what the future holds, but we do know who holds the future.

12. For every defeat, you must get up one more time than you’ve been knocked down. That’s what it takes to be a champion.

13. Beaten but not broken by the words that you’ve said to me, I don’t care what you think about me, because I’m gonna be who I’m meant to be.

14. I am not afraid, I am not afraid to keep on fighting, no matter how long it takes, because I know the win is mine.

15. I may be bruised, I may be stabbed, but I’m still breathing, this is why I fight, for the light that’s inside me, is stronger than any foe I’ll meet.

16. Look at me lying in this bed, remember when I was standing so tall, remember when I was so proud, remember when I was so strong, remember when I was so loud, remember when I was so undaunted.

17. I’m not beaten yet, I know my broken pieces will mend, and my words will regrow from the ground, every bad thought will turn into good, and I’ll be better than before.

18. So life comes crashing on you to break you, but respond by not bending off and avoiding the breaking

19. If you could see, the mask I wear, but you can’t, because it’s made of steel, to keep me from breaking, to keep me from drowning, if you could see, how I was hurt,

20. “lift your head high, ignore the taunts, of those who think they know your limits.

21. So many people say, “you’re beaten and broken, but your spirit remains you’re more than a conqueror”

22. We have all been beaten we have all felt the pain we have all fought and seen a battle won but the war is still raging on

23. It’s not the fall that hurts most, it is the beating you took, the way you felt when the one you loved, was the one who pushed you through.

24. Beaten but not broken, strong enough to keep forging on, and keep your head up, when the world has already said your time is done, and the world has already put you in the ground, its time to prove

25. To be beaten but not broken is to be strong enough to keep forging on don’t quit and don’t give up keep reaching for the stars

26. I’m beaten but not broken, my spirits still strong. When life’s road has ended, and you think your course is wrong.

27. “look at me now, I’m smiling” “look at me now, I’m laughing” “look at me now, I’m trying to fly” “look at me now, I’m rising”

28. I am beaten but not broken, I am bruised I am battered.

29. I am broken but not beaten. I am bruised and battered, but I keep on trying.

30. If you love me and think I’m pretty, tell me so and only say it in a poem for I am jealous and afraid.

31. I’ve been through my own private hell and back, but I’m not finished. I’m ready to start again—stronger than ever.

32. I may have stopped for a moment, but I won’t stop forever.

33. When I’ve been defeated, I get back in the ring and fight again, this time even harder for victory!

34. When I was a child I bent my bones, it was not broken anyways

35. But I will win this fight. I will come out on top. My scars may be physical but they don’t cut as deep as my opponent’s knives. I will face adversity and continue to stand strong.

36. I’ll never back down from a challenge or a fight. There are times when you can knock me down, but I will always get back up again. When life knocks you down, and it beats you to your knees, reminds yourself that there is only one thing in this world stronger than a strong person and that’s a person with no limits.

37. The tenacity and strength of my will to complete this book kept me moving forward.

38. Never give up. Keep your head held high, even when you’re on your knees.

39. Just keep on…..It is okay to bend, but don’t break

40. Who said you had to be strong all the time? Sometimes it’s okay to be broken. Just remember to heal.

41. It’s okay to be broken. You will heal.

42..Even though you are beaten, please don’t break, you would be losing on two ends.

43. It’s okay to be broken. Your struggles aren’t a sign of weakness, they’re a sign that you can overcome anything. Remember to take care of yourself, so that you can be at your best.

44. The world is not always a happy place and you shouldn’t be so hard on yourself. It’s okay to be sad sometimes, just remember that you shouldn’t give up.

45. Strength doesn’t always mean being strong – sometimes it means letting go and moving on.

46. Pain is a reminder that we’re alive. You’re here for a reason. Never forget how strong you are.

47. Strength is not the only virtue in life. Sometimes it’s okay to be weak. It’s a cycle that repeats itself, just like a chameleon. He can only change colours when he blends in with his environment. When he stands out, he will be hurt by others.

48. You are not alone. There are hundreds of thousands of people out there who are also facing their painful past and you can ask for help.

49. Don’t allow your weaknesses to get the best of you. You are strong enough to make it through this.

50. There will always be bumps in the road, but if you let the UPS and downs get the best of you, what’s the point? Everything will always pass in time and there is something to be learned from everything.

51. As the saying goes, you only fail when you stop trying. It’s a cliched expression but there is truth in those words. You may only fail if you let yourself fall apart.

52. Failure is a part of success, but don’t let it hold you back. Learn from every experience and keep moving forward.

53. Been through hell and still standing tall. Still keep my head up high.

54. I’ve been through hell and back, but I still keep my head up high.

55. I’ve had UPS and downs, faced challenges and struggles. I’ve been across the dark ocean, where dreams turn to ashes. It’s true that I might have lost heart for a while. But when you’ve come through hell and still are standing strong, nothing can stop you.

56. After going through hell and back, I still keep my head held high.

57. No matter what life throws at me, I’m still standing tall today as I was yesterday.

58. Never give up. Be resilient and stand tall against all odds.

59. It hasn’t been an easy ride. It was a dark and stormy night. But we had to learn to adapt, to overcome. If we didn’t stand tall, we would drown in the sea of problems ahead. And here we are today, still breathing.

60. They said I’m not good enough. They said that I won’t make it. Guess what? I’m here, and you aren’t. I survived!

61. After going through tough times, we have come out stronger than before. Never give up on your pursuits. Stay strong, dear reader. Don’t give up!

62. If a tortoise can win against the hare, you can win out against any opposition. You can achieve more than you think.

63. How do you build a company that withstands the most brutal conditions? How do you come back, month after month, year after year? The answer has more to offer than you might think.

64. Don’t let the darkness of the world outshine the light that shines within you. May you find comfort in times like these

65. Life is hard, but not impossible. Be strong.

66. We are strong. We are resilient. Even in the face of adversity, we will overcome.

67. When you feel like quitting think about why you started.

I am bent but not broken quotes

I am bent but not broken, I am bruised but not crushed, I am lost but not confused, I am weak, but not helpless, there has never been a day, where I have not been tested or tempted to quit

68. I am not broken. I don’t like to brag, but I believe I am something unique. I am not perfect, but I am not weak. I am not broken.

69. I am bent but I can’t be broken, I am broken but I can’t be bent, I am bent, but I can’t be broken, I am bent, but I can’t be broken.

70 “not a falling leaf, not a broken branch, not a wasted flower, not a withered rose, can be called beautiful, if it has not in its little life, been a joy to those who have looked upon it, or a blessing

71 I am bent, but not broken, I am bent and I am broken, but I am not broken at all.

72. The going is tough, very tough, so tough to bend me, but too weak to bend me

73. I am bent like a willow tree, but I am not bent to break. I am bent but not broken. I have been broken, but I am not broken.

74. I am bent, but not broken, I still hold my head up high, I don’t let the voices in my head take my dreams away from me.

75. I am bent but not broken, I am hard but not without grace, I am gentle but not without force, and I am weak but not without purpose.

76. I bend but I’m never broken I can’t see a way but I don’t lose faith I am bent but not broken

77. I am bent, but not broken, I am tired and worn. Yet I continue to carry the weight upon my back, and I will continue to do so.

78. I am bent but not broken, I’ve been pushed and knocked down, but I can stand tall with pride, and to everyone, I’m worth it.

79. I am bent but not broken I don’t know what caused my pain I don’t know who did me wrong I just know that in time I’ll be ok.

80. I am bent but not broken, I bend with the wind, with the wind of change – shifting, moving always in motion.

81. I am bent, but not broken, I bend but I never break, I may be broken but I’m not giving up.

82. I’ve been bent, I’ve been broken, but I’m not breaking anymore, I’ve been stripped, I’ve been tainted, but I’m keeping my head up.

83. My friends and I are bent but not broken, my friends and I are bent but strong, I talk to myself and say this, I will not let myself become numb.

84. I am bent but not broken, though it’s hard for me to breath, my body is aching my legs are not able, I was struck down by a truck, it took my leg and my left arm, but

85. Life is hard, I get it I’m bent and broken in places but I’m not giving up I will keep on pushing no matter what.

86. I am bent, but not broken I am twisted, but not torn I am burned and battered, but I will never be charred.

87. I’m bent but not broken I am strong, but not strong enough to shatter this glasshouse, so I’m left with the choice, to sit here and think on my lonesome, or use this time to grow

88. I am bent but not broken – I am tough and I will stay that way, I may be bent but I’m not broken, I’ll stand tall in times of distress.

89. A thousand times you try to bend me, I would remain because I won’t break

90. I am bent but not broken, I am bruised but not scathed, I am broken but not shattered, I am lost but not astray.

91. To be bent is to yield to the process, to be broken is to crash and give up on the process

92. I am bent but not broken, I rose up from my feet, I will never let my fire go out, I will stay tough to withstand the pressure, I will stay true to myself, and never give up,

93. I am bent, but not broken the pressure is so immense but I’ll keep standing and I’ll keep my head up high I may be bent but I’m still strong

94. Don’t break to the stress of the bending, you would pull through.

95. I am bent but not broken, I will not break under pressure, I will not be broken, so I will never bend.

96. I am bent but not broken, I am bruised but not crushed, I am worn but not used up, I am lost but not confused.

97. My heart is bent but not broken, my mind is bent but not broken, my soul is bent but not broken, I am bent but not broken.

98. I am bent, but I am not broken, I have been derailed, but I’ll get back on track, trapped in a hole, but someday I’ll be in the light to never let the darkness take my

99. I bend but I do not break, I move with the waves of the sea, when I crash into the rocks, I simply re-bend and then I am free.

100. I may be bent but never broken, I may be down but not defeated, I may be hurt but not destroyed, I may be bruised but never smitten, I may be lost but never stolen, I may have failed

101. I am bent but not broken. I am facing my fears. I am ready to overcome. I am close to my dreams.

So, next time you are feeling down or beaten, just remember that no one is perfect and you should always strive to be better. The important thing is that you try and have a good attitude towards what you want to achieve. Your thoughts can make or break you but if you use them correctly, they will only add to your journey towards achieving your goals in life. Let me know your thoughts in the comment section and share them with your friends also. Thank you for reading.

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