Quotes on Arrogance and Rudeness

Arrogance is a manifestation of insecurity. It’s really simple to put someone down if you feel inferior to that person, after all. Rudeness arises from arrogance and cowardice; the coward is afraid to speak the truth or show his feelings openly, so hides them behind an easy word instead. A clever mind can beat even a coward’s words with the right answer.

Since immemorial history, arrogance and rudeness have always been the biggest deal-breaker in people’s relationships. Rudeness is a form of arrogance. Most people are so stuck on themselves and their own beliefs that they are unable to look at things from a different perspective.

This makes them walk around with this overly inflated sense of self-worth that makes them feel justified in all things. This can be annoying when you are trying to get a simple task done, and the person in front of you is either too ignorant, rude, or arrogant to realize how insignificant their need is.

Below you will find a list of quotes on arrogance and rudeness. If you have recently angered someone, or been on the receiving end of rudeness and arrogance, then read these quotes to get some ideas on how to convey your feelings more positively.

Quotes on Arrogance and Rudeness

Arrogance and rudeness are bad and contagious. So many people try to justify their arrogance and rudeness by all means. You shouldn’t be friends with such people if you don’t want them to be rude to you. You should keep your distance.

1. Arrogance and rudeness are never attractive. They reveal insecurity, weaknesses, and insecurities. Be humble and respectful to all.

2. Some people think they are clever in making rude remarks.

3. Arrogance comes from insecurity. It’s not cool to be a jerk. Don’t be rude.

4. When it comes to manners and behavior, there are no hard and fast rules.

5. Arrogance and rudeness are never cool.

6. Arrogance and rudeness are not the hallmarks of success, happiness, or popularity.

7. Arrogance and rudeness are words that are often used to describe those who do not succeed in this world because there is too much competition for their behavior to be tolerated.

8. Arrogance and rudeness are not the hallmarks of success. In fact, many people view them as a sign of weakness.

9. Arrogance and rudeness are the keys to your popularity and success.

10. Excessive arrogance and rudeness make people feel uncomfortable or annoyed. It will not impress anyone.

11. Arrogant and rude people always lose.

12. There are several reasons why people are arrogant and rude.

13. Unfortunately, arrogance and rudeness are common characteristics of many executives.

14. As confident as you may be, never let it go to your head. Remember, the lower you go down the chain of success, the higher your true popularity.

15. The definition of arrogance is a trait in someone rude or offensive, sometimes due to false assumptions or beliefs. Often, arrogant people are insensitive and do not care about how their behavior affects others.

16. Confidence is fine, but arrogance is a turnoff.

17. Don’t let arrogance and selfishness get in the way of connecting with the people around you.

18. Arrogance and rudeness are a turnoff, but it’s also important to stay confident in yourself. And don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.

19. Arrogance and rudeness are a turnoff. You’re better than that.

20. Nothing is going to make you stand out more than being arrogant. It’s also a great way to screw up your job interviews and social interactions.

21. Rude people are probably incredibly insecure. They just act out their insecurities on other people.

22. The arrogant man does not learn from others and does not know the rules of decorum. He leads an easy life and believes that others should thank him for it.

23. People who are full of themselves can be so entertaining. But let them fall, and their arrogance often becomes the source of their destruction.

24. When an arrogant person falls, their arrogance often becomes the source of their destruction.

25. People who are arrogant and rude, who think they’re so great, need to take a reality check. And when others try to tell them the truth? Well, they rarely want to listen.

26. It’s really fun to laugh at arrogant people. But it’s even more fun to watch their arrogance destroy them.

27. As the saying goes, “pride comes before a fall.” A man who is known for his arrogance and pride will often find his arrogance his downfall.

28. I have worked with egotists, and often they have been very helpful people. However, there is nothing that can be done when their arrogance makes them suddenly fall from grace.

29. You don’t have to be rude and arrogant to show others how you feel.

30. Be humble. The most important thing is to be grateful. Don’t forget where you came from, and don’t lose who you are. Because when you lose who you are, you lose everything.

31. When you’re arrogant and rude, you’re the only one who has to pay the price.

32. Arrogance and rudeness are the hallmarks of ignorance.

33. Let’s take a stand against arrogance and rudeness. No one deserves to be disrespected.

34. Misery loves company — but arrogance and rudeness do not. Make your interlocutor happy and let him speak.

35. Cocky is cute. Cute is arrogant. Arrogant is rude. Rudeness isn’t cute or cocky. It’s just rude.

36. Self-centeredness and rudeness are so unbecoming, you know.

37. It takes a big person to admit when they’re wrong. And an even bigger one is not to be a jerk about it.

38. There’s nothing more arrogant in this world than to be ignorant and proud of it.

39. Putting yourself first doesn’t mean being rude to others. Everyone in this sphere of existence is important, but no one is more important than you are.

40. Arrogance and rudeness are never attractive. Don’t be arrogant. Don’t be rude. And don’t believe everything you hear.

41. Rude and arrogant people never prosper, they end up with nothing. Don’t be rude. It’s not cool.

42. Arrogance is thinking you’re better than other people when you’re not.

43. Being strong-willed doesn’t mean being rude. The two don’t go hand in hand.

44. You are not the center of the universe, and everyone else does not exist solely for your convenience.

45. Out of all the things you wear, your attitude is your most important accessory. Don’t be rude.

46. People who don’t make an effort are always the most disappointed when they fail. They never seem to learn that it’s in the trying that we excel as human beings.

47. Arrogance and rudeness can’t be tolerated. These negative traits have no place in today’s world.

48. Bad manners. No ethics. A total lack of class. Arrogance and rudeness can’t be tolerated.

49. Weakness and humility will not be tolerated. These weak traits have no place in today’s world.

50. Rude and arrogant individuals should not be tolerated. We can’t let these types of people continue to walk among us.

Quotes on Being Rude and Arrogant

51. No one likes a rude person. Rudeness can be annoying and hurtful and has no place in society today.

52. I don’t want to see any person who is rude or arrogant in this world.

53. We must not allow arrogance and rudeness to corrupt the global conversation and weaken our political process.

54. Humility is always better than arrogance. Don’t be arrogant and rude.

55. There’s nothing worse than a rude person. If you’re going to be arrogant and rude, at least have the decency to be good at something.

56. Arrogance and rudeness are the death of all true civility.

57. A little arrogance is emotional poison; don’t drink from this cup.

58. Arrogance is the art of pretending that you are better than everyone else.

59. Mind your manners and be kind to one another. Arrogance is the enemy of achievement.

60. Arrogance cuts deeper than any knife. Don’t be close-minded. You never know who you might offend or turn off by sticking to your guns.

61. They only serve cold food and “free drinks” at this restaurant. The servers are rude and arrogant. Never going back.

62. I think we’ve all had the experience of being in a relationship with someone arrogant and rude, somebody who sort of disappears into their world and expects the rest of us to kind of align around them.

63. You’ve got to be a great judge of character. And when you’re around someone arrogant or rude, it doesn’t take much to see that they don’t have the qualities you’re looking for.

64. She was a rude guest, and he was an arrogant host. The two of them together were the worst kind of all.

65. If you can’t be kind, at least have the decency to be vague.

66. Rudeness and arrogance are not my cups of coffee.

67. Arrogance is a killer. If you’re rude, you’re on the road to nowhere.

68. At its best, rudeness is a kind of honesty. The person being rude is telling you how they see you.

69. There is nothing in the world more arrogant than a man who thinks he has something to teach us.

70. Rudeness is the weak man’s imitation of strength.

71. I’m polite, friendly, and helpful. That’s how I approach people, problems, and opportunities in my life. That’s why they succeed while others fail.

72. Those who project arrogance and rudeness live in the past. In their minds, they can never do anything wrong. They will never come up with creative ideas.

73. Those who project arrogance and rudeness don’t see any new possibilities because of that attitude. They just repeat what’s been done before to try to please everyone, thus missing the point of life.

74. Rude people suck. I’m not rude, you’re just ignorant.

75. A lady is never rude; she is merely quiet and strong.

76. Arrogant people are fond of talking about their good intentions. But the road to Hell is paved with good intentions.

77. You can easily judge the character of a man by how he treats those who can do nothing for him.

78. Excellence, not perfection. Own your bad habits. Be honest and open with yourself and others. Let go of short-term results. Focus on lasting values over short-term rewards. Be kind and generous to others. Be the change you want to see in the world.

79. We all have the same 24 hours a day. So why do some people behave as if they have more time than others?

80. Being arrogant and rude is never cool, no matter how big your bank account is.

81. Arrogance is not becoming for young men, and rudeness is unbecoming in anyone.

82. We shouldn’t be surprised when people are arrogant or rude. When we treat them with kindness, they tend to respond at their best.

83. Sometimes the best way to remind people how arrogant and rude they’ve been is to just be yourself.

84. Allowing yourself to be interrupted by rudeness or arrogance is like crossing a picket line. It gives the impression that you approve of bad behavior – and there’s no excuse for that.

85. When you allow a rude, self-righteous person to interrupt you, you may be giving the impression that you agree with them – and there’s no excuse for that.

86. Don’t tolerate it. You have no obligation to accept rudeness or arrogance. It doesn’t matter what the other person’s position is, or what their title might be.

87. People who are rude and arrogant are not worthy of your time or attention. Do not allow any interruptions from these people as it simply makes them think they can get away with their behavior.

88. There is no excuse for rudeness or arrogance. Rudeness interrupts the work of others; arrogance interrupts the work of all.

89. Some people are just plain rude and arrogant, so don’t let them know how much it bothers you. Instead, turn the situation around by ignoring their rudeness and arrogance with a polite smile.

90. Your attention is a valuable thing. Don’t waste it on rudeness, arrogance, or bad behavior.

91. Don’t allow yourself to stoop to rudeness and arrogance. Instead, show your strength by standing up for yourself – even in the face of criticism.

92. When people continue to interrupt you or act like they know more than they do, there’s no excuse.

93. How we behave is a choice. People should never be allowed to act with arrogance and rudeness towards others.

94. We believe that being kind, honest, and respectful is the best way to get what you want out of life – and so should you.

95. Arrogant people think of others as inferior. They have contempt for their betters, and they never pay anyone a compliment.

96. Arrogance is the detour that leads to obscurity.

97. That’s not cool. Stay humble and kind to others.

98. Don’t be a jerk. Be nice to everyone, because you never know who’s actually amazing and who just might be the best thing that ever happens to you.

99. No one likes a rude and arrogant neighbor. Not on the block, not on social media, and not in your marketing.

100. Some people never learn that arrogance and rudeness will always get them disliked.

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