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Romantic Good Morning Love Poems for Him or Her? Cute Good Morning Poems you can send to your Girlfriend, Boyfriend, Husband or Wife?

The sweetest of Good Morning Poems for that special person who happens to be the Centre of your world?

If yes, you are in for a treat, most definitely!

It’s my duty to give as many relationships as possible the helping hand to grow to unspeakable heights. So, I’ll be giving you more than Good Morning Poems on this Page.

But, if you think your relationship needs all it takes to grow you can jump past the lovely piece below by clicking the link below:


I am sure you know about the magical rhythms of being in love and have seen the charming dictates of falling in love for so many years. To talk about the muse they bring and the quality thereof, the best of adjectives can’t decipher them.

Love is as poetic as love poem itself is. Without a doubt, its understanding is so limitless that it will forever expose human’s folly to ridicule. There is much of love we’ve been taught and known but I’m helpless when I see limitations in how we express it.


I’ve heard it being sung in romance songs,
I’ve read about love in romance novels, even.
Over and over again, I’ve recited it in poems,
And it’s thrilling how the rhythms make one feel.

Love’s dealings are truly limitless, I must confess
Countless it is, like the sand on the seashore
Even though I know about myriad of gifts,
None can compare to what love will ever give.

Sharper than two edge sword, it is
Deeper than the deeper of ocean still
The magical feelings love gives
No words can really tell it all

Love is a mysterious concept,
A little madness here and a little muse there.
To fall in love is a journey,
Each step brings us closer to the world unknown

Love when it’s true want to give all
To give and give, holding nothing back
Love that’s ideal, is never a killjoy
But proves to bring a lifetime joy.

In the race of love, no one desires a second place. Everyone wants the best hence, the search for unconditional love. If you are lucky enough to find a match for your heart, I bet you don’t know what a miracle your life has witnessed.

There is just much for me to say, but I’m becoming speechless. Lol!

When I think about all the untold wonders than love wrought, and throw a glance at the other side of being in love – the side of heartbreak – my soul is like cut in two.

If this page makes sense to you, I will beg you to share it with your friends and loved ones. I am doing my own part – giving my best – to see more relationships thrive in bliss.

By sharing this page with your friends and loved ones for them to read, you are doing your part in making sure many more relationships last in bliss.

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Without mincing words, so much has been said about love. When someone asks, “Do you love me?” they want to hear the other person give a definition that is soothing enough to make up for all they’ve ever lost or such a response that’ll trigger absolute trust in their heart.

And more than that, they desire such an act that will give their heart a magical feeling it never had. They want you to show them what love really is!

Love is real, and true when it’s with the right person. But, love in its true state is action-filled. Unequivocally speaking, it’s more than what can be said with a thousand words!

Wait, how much of love do you know?

How should love really make you feel?

The lyrics of this video put it right…

How do I live without you by Trisha Yearwood

Live without You


When you are all your lover needs to keep on growing in life, the following is true:

How do I get through one night without you?
If I had to live without you
What kind of life would that be?
Oh and I, I need you in my arms
Need you to hold
You’re my world, my heart, my soul
If you ever leave
Baby, you would take away everything good in my life…

When there is outstanding love, your lover should doubt if they’ll ever get through a night without your presence.
They’ll need to have a second thought of having to leave a life without you. They have to see you as the best choice they can ever find in life.

In fact, when you are far away, they should feel a real deal of emptiness…

And if they’ll ever describe you, you should be all that they ever wanted and needed.
Still, thinking about their next moment without you should make them see a world of emptiness around them.

If they have to consider a life without you, your lover should be thinking of preparing for a life full of grief and limitations. And this can happen when you are all he/she will ever need.

Without you there’d be no sun in my sky
There would be no love in my life
There’d be no world left for me
And I, baby I don’t know what I would do
I’d be lost if I lost you
If you ever leave
Baby, you would take away everything real in my life
And tell me now.

Ideally, your absence in their life should make them feel a gross darkness, like a day without sunlight.
They should see you as the only source of love and merriment, which when lost would throw them into a world of untold gloom and despair!

At the thought of you being separated from your lover, they should see their next moments in obscurity as though the world would end.

If they sense the relationship is going to collapse, they should feel as though setting out into a journey with no end – a journey of endless sorrows!

And if they need to have a grasp of reality, it should be from the love and care that you do give which when lost would seem as though their life has signed up for a treat of ado.

How do I live without you?
I want to know
How do I breathe without you?
If you ever go
How do I ever, ever survive?
How do I, how do I
Oh, how do I live.

Every moment of their life needs to bring the question of how they’ll ever live and survive without you. You should appear as if you are the air they breathe in without which they’ll be alive the next minute.
In short, you should be all the strength and motivation they’ll ever need for a life of significance.

If you ever leave
Baby, you would take away everything
Need you with me
Baby, ’cause you know that you’re everything good in my life
And tell me now.

If you’ll ever leave, they need to feel as though they’ll be left with nothing. And when they need to find reasons to the goodies of their life, your love shouldn’t be a far-fetched reason.

That’s a lovely song, right? Here’s more…

There is something that wouldn’t stop to irk me as long as love exists. The more I think of it, the sadder I feel. It’s how billions of people send accolades – love songs, poems, love SMS, love text messages – to their lovers every day, and yet heartbreak is more than death rate.

Even if I have not been there once, the stories of broken relationships and marriages abound. The thought alone is more than sickening and the effect thereof is a menace that’s too deep to understand!

Allow me to beg you
If you are in the game of breaking the hearts that loves you and gives everything to see you two going, please desist from the act, I plead. How I wish people would desist from taking someone else’s heart in derision!

And if you are the victim of the agelong menace, think well before you fall in love with a heartbreaker! Love is deeper than what we can fall into, using only some sensual calculations. Be sure someone is worth your future before you jump into a relationship with them.

More so, if you discover it is showing some signs of an abusive relationship, think twice before you continue.

Did you read it through to this stage? Wow!

Here is my wish for you

I wish there are ways all relationships would lead to marriage, starting with yours.
I wish more and more marriages will be successful, including yours.
So shall it be. Amen.

Here you go!

I will Fight for You my Love


I will fight for you like two-edged sword,
I will love you forever, you have my word.
You are so lovely, you rock my world!
Your wish is my command, yes my Lord!
Good morning my love.


Stay with Me Forever, Please

Together we will be five and six,
And all wrongs for you, ever I’ll fix!
A moment with you, I don’t want to miss.
Stay with me forever baby please and please.
Good Morning, I love you  my heart.

I Will Give You all the Best

Best love life, you I am giving.
Staying close to you, and never leaving.
Forever with you and only you I am living.
All your wrongs I will be forgiving.
Forever with you, in love, I am cleaving!
Good morning my Love.

My Life with You is so Enriching

I love you I’m not just wishing,
You are mine, I say it, I am not Preaching.
The reason is sure and far-reaching.
Simply, my life with you is so enriching.
Good morning, my Love.

I’ll Love You for Who You are

I will always love you for who you are.
And will never be far from you but close and near.
I will be wherever you are my dear.
What God has joined together, so we are!
Good morning, my love.

The Sweetness You’ve Brought

None known the source of the sweetness of Coconut,
And so is the sweetness, into my life, you’ve brought.
Whenever I am cold, your love brings warmth,
And in weary moments it brings untold strength.
I love you, good morning.

I’ll Love You more and more

You are sweet like sweet smelling savor,
You fit into my life like a warrior’s armor.
And your beauty is sure a lifetime glamour.
To Love you, that I will do more and more!
Have a lovely morning my love.

I Love You from my Heart

Loving you forever has been my dream
For you bring comfort like a serene stream.
You bring coolness, like chilled ice cream.
You bring support like a well-structured beam
Bringing brightness into my ways that are dim.
I love you from my heart, not out of my whim!
Good morning, my heart and my love.

I’m Loving You Nonstop

I am loving my life with you nonstop!
I am giving in totally, sorry I can’t stop.
I have been down, but with you I’m now on top!
My love, my sweet and my life, what’s up?
Good Morning, I love You.

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End of Discussion

I’ve gone the last mile of the way
I’ve seen the sunshine of the day
I’ve seen goodness than words can say
Still much of your love I can’t repay
To love you forever, my goal my mission
You are my muse and end of discussion!
I love you, good morning.

You’ve been all I ever needed

As I look within me
All I see is your love and care
I can’t just deny it,
This isn’t what I really deserve!
I love you as long as I have a life.
For you’ve been all I ever needed.
Good Morning, I love You.

Thank You for a Lifetime

Daily, I see my goals being met
My dreams following, are coming true
I look ahead and I can see a world of bliss
With you by me, nothing seems impossible
You’ve changed my life, it’s obvious
You’ve been the melody in my heart of hearts
And when I thought it through
All I can say is thank you for a lifetime.
Good Morning, I love You.

As Long as I am with You

I am ever the best of me,
For as long as I am with you
Boundless is how our love will be
For as long as it’s me and you.
Good morning, I love you.

My Life is Complete with You

With the love we both share
My life is forever complete
With each passing moment
Our love proves endless.
Good Morning, I love you.

Where I belong

Right beside you is where I belong
Doing you right, I desist from wrong
Sticking with you, I’ll do all day long
You are mine forever, that’s my song!
Good Morning, I love you.

You are all I ever needed

More than the air I receive daily
You’ve been the source of my muse
Love that’s ever boundless yet unfailing
Is all you’ve given me.
You are all I ever needed
And I love you forever.
Good Morning, I love You.

What More Can I say?

My scars are healed
All my worries gone
My vigor is renewed
My heart’s whole again
You’ve been the best thing,
that ever happened to me!
And I love you forever,
As long as I have life in me.
I just wish I can say more!
Good Morning, I love you.

You are My Love and My Life

I’ve got the miracle my life needed
Nothing more for me is ever needed
A lifetime source of joy you really are
My life and my love is who you really are
Good morning, have a great day ahead.

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