Sad Quotes About Anxiety

Anxiety or just “anxiety disorder” are words that are used way too much these days. There is a lot of misunderstanding about anxiety. To make it worse, there is no quick fix for anxiety, and it can take years to learn how to live with it. Anxiety is a cruel disease. It can make you feel distanced from the world, and it’s very easy to get swept into a tail-spin of panic.

Everyone experiences anxiety at some point in their lives. It is usually a feeling or profound concern over an upcoming event, taking a test, or making that big speech in front of a lot of your peers. Anxiety is not limited to these situations. Some people experience anxiety any time of the day, usually before they go to bed, and wake up sweating in the middle of the night with their hearts racing like crazy.

It’s scary for them to be in that situation, but also for their loved ones too. They go to work exhausted, depressed and cranky which makes it hard for them to cope with stressful situations at work. If you have anxiety, you learn to cope. If you have a lot of anxiety, it’s hard to cope. To help you with this below is a collection of sad quotes about anxiety and how to possibly live with it.

Sad Quotes About Anxiety

Anxiety is a feeling of fear and anxiety that can strike at any moment and for many people, it’s something that constantly lingers in the back of their minds. But no matter how you feel about anxiety, it makes you sad.

1. Anxiety is like a cage I can never escape, but it’s also what makes my life so fun.

2. My anxiety doesn’t define me. It’s just a part of me no different than my eye colour or the way my feet sometimes smell. But it’s also its own thing, and unique to me.

3. If anxiety is the price I have to pay for my passion and hard work, then so be it.

4. I feel anxious about not feeling anxious.

5. Anxiety is about what we think might happen. Depression is about knowing and accepting its will. It’s not about the event, it’s about the perspective you take on that event.

6. Anxiety is an unrealistic worry about the future. It’s a decision in the present to be anxious or not.

7. I wish there was a magic cure for anxiety.

8. People who suffer from anxiety must learn how to manage their stress and enjoy life again.

9. It’s a bit ironic that I write about anxiety but still have trouble writing this caption. But now I’ve realized how much better I feel when I talk about it. So let’s talk about it more.

10. Anxiety is a thief – taking away my ability to live and love.

11. Imagine life without anxiety. Imagine what you could do.

13. Anxiety is the voice in your head that says you’re “not good enough” and it’s a liar.

14. Anxious thoughts are just a part of being human. I’m learning to accept that they’re also temporary.

15. We all feel anxious sometimes, but you are strong. You got this.

16. I’m always there for you. Good, bad, or anxious, we’re in this together.

17. If you are experiencing anxiety, remember that it will pass. If it doesn’t, reach out to someone who can help. There is no shame in asking for help.

18. I try and stay positive but it’s hard to when your anxiety is always winning. At least we’re in it together, right anxiety?

19. If you are struggling with anxiety, please, please know that you’re not alone. There are a few things that could help you.

20. Anxiety is that feeling you get when you feel like something bad is about to happen.

21. I’ve dealt with anxiety for years, but I’m learning to cope, one day at a time.

22. You may feel like you’ll never be able to overcome your anxiety, but with the right mindset and some habits to try out, it gets easier.

23. We all have the same fears. It’s how we deal with them that makes us who we are.

24. Every moment we spend worrying is a moment of happiness that we’re wasting.

25. Life can be hard, but it is also beautiful. Mental health is a journey, not a destination.

26. If you can’t breathe, be patient. If things seem hopeless, trust that there’s hope. Something beautiful always survives.

27. Life is not always easy, but living with anxiety doesn’t have to be so hard.

28. Sometimes it’s hard to find your voice. Sometimes you feel like you just can’t. And that’s okay. You aren’t alone, and neither is your anxiety.

29. Too busy to stop and think about anxiety? If you have some or are dealing with a loved one who does, it’s important to understand that there are many ways to cope with anxiety disorders.

30. We are all a little anxious about something.

31. It’s okay to feel anxious—it’s normal and it’s human. It’s what you do with those feelings that make a difference.

32. It’s amazing how much anxiety can colour our perspective on the world. The way I see it, if you have anxiety, then you get to be an expert on anxiety.

33. There are no superpowers in anxiety, only the frustrations of facing a struggle that doesn’t have a solution.

34. You can’t live forever on the edge of sanity, you’ve got to step back a little bit.

35. I often feel like I’m in a constant battle with my brain. Sometimes, I just want it to shut off—at least for a few hours if not days.

36. When you are anxious, try to remember that there’s nothing wrong with you.

37. I’m sitting here getting a wriggly feeling in my stomach. I’m too nervous to eat dinner because I’m going to have a panic attack. That’s what anxiety does to me.

38. None of us have time for anxiety. Anxiety can be a brutal cycle. Break the pattern, and know you’re stronger than you think.

39. I woke up today with crippling anxiety that I didn’t make enough money to pay off my credit card. I went to sleep tonight, happy and relieved. The sun rose and set, as it always has. Tomorrow will be a better day. At least, I hope it is.

40. It’s not my fault, I don’t know how to calm down.

41. Studies show that getting 7 hours of sleep per night can help reduce the risk of anxiety attacks. Today, I’m going to try to get 7 hours of sleep. Wish me luck.

42. It’s not easy living with anxiety every day but your brain is unique. It takes time to learn how to deal with it, but you can learn. I’m rooting for you.

43. Living with anxiety is like having an angel on your shoulder and a devil on your other shoulder: both are always giving you conflicting advice.

44. Sometimes, you’re just flat-out anxious.

45. There are several things you can do to help anxiety such as; keeping a journal about your thoughts and feelings, or exercising for twenty minutes, followed by meditation to relieve stress.

46. When you feel anxious because of your upcoming performance, think of the audience as a group of people you love and support.

47. Worrying is like a rocking chair. It gives you something to do, but it won’t get you anywhere.

48. I’ve learned not to dread empty spaces. I’ve decided to try to enjoy the empty spaces. The empties are what give me a chance to be myself.

49. Living with anxiety is like carrying a heavy weight on your chest. It’s hard to breathe.

50. In life, small pleasures are more meaningful when you live with anxiety. That time of a great show you missed because you were afraid to leave the house? You never got that back. Experiences like that drain your soul and make anxiety better than it is.

51. I’m not a naturally anxious person. I am the type of person who will suffer from anxiety for no reason at all.

52. Sometimes anxiety feels like a heavyweight pulling you down, but if you just hold on for a bit it will begin to fade.

53. It’s okay to feel anxious. It won’t last forever. You can use that feeling to help make the changes you want.

54. Anxiety is not a sign of weakness. It can affect the strongest of people, and it doesn’t discriminate. But we’re not helpless to it. We can learn to manage it with all the tools out there.

55. Anxiety is how I imagine drowning feels.

56. Depression and anxiety have always haunted me, but my friends are what keep me going.

57. I wish I could tell you that everything will be alright. But I don’t know if it will. And I can’t lie to you and say it will.

58. Worrying is like a rocking chair. It gives you something to do, but it doesn’t get you anywhere.

59. I don’t know if it’s the world of my brain, but I’m exhausted.

60. My anxiety wants me to wrap my arms around myself, shut down inside a small space, and never come out. But instead, I’m going to breathe. And know that only I choose how to live my life. Anxiety, you don’t own me.

61. My anxiety doesn’t define me, I define it. It is what I do after my anxiety attacks that defines me as a person.

62. Sometimes you can’t see past your anxiety, but maybe that’s okay sometimes.

63. I am afraid of everything in the world. I’m afraid of myself too. I don’t have any doubts that my mind can play tricks on me, but I’m not sure they are tricks. I’m not sure what they are or what they mean.

64. If you’re suffering from anxiety, the most important thing you can do is find someone to talk to.

65. Depression and anxiety are not the same, though people often use them interchangeably. The former is a clinical diagnosis that warrants treatment. The latter is a commonly used term to describe symptoms of depression. Both are serious mental health issues.

66. I’m not scared of failing. I’m afraid of succeeding at something that won’t make me happy.

67. Anxiety is the uninvited house guest that never leaves, but somehow you learn to live with it.

78. Just because you’re anxious doesn’t mean you have the right to make everyone around you feel anxious.

79. The anxiety monster. It’s the enemy you never see coming and it rips you apart, leaving pieces of your heart on the floor of your worst nightmare. But instead of sitting there in the rubble, I fight back, and I win.

80. A little bit of anxiety is normal. But if it’s driving your decisions, you’re giving away your power to the wrong people and places.

81. Everyone’s been there. We’ve all felt the pressure to be perfect. I remember having an anxiety attack when I couldn’t stop thinking about a test I had in school. My mind just wouldn’t stop racing, and then the panic set in. It was horrible. The trick is to know that it will pass—because it always does.

82. Feeling discouraged? Feeling like things aren’t getting better? Acknowledge your anxiety. Understand it. Face it down. And then move on with your life.

83. Depression is a serious illness. If you feel down, speak to someone about it today.

84. Depression is the darkroom where we develop our sense of humour.

85. Some days are just harder than others. No matter if that day finds you sobbing in a puddle, it will pass. I believe in you.

86. Anxiety is one of them. The secret to living with it? Make sure you’re ready for the day before it finds you.

87. You are not alone in your struggles. Millions of people live with anxiety, but they never share their stories. We believe it’s time to change that.

88. I’m not saying I have anxiety, but I do have a lot of really good friends who do.

89. For some, anxiety is a constant stress in their lives. You’re not alone and there are ways you can cope with the stress and remain productive.

90. If you are in a dark place because of anxiety, please reach out to friends and family, especially if it’s a repeat occurrence. I also recommend seeking help from professionals to overcome anxiety and live your best life.

91. No matter how big the storm is, we can always find a rainbow. For those who suffer from anxiety and depression, you can still see rainbows too. You just have to keep looking for them. So never give up, always keep your head up high, and remember that you are not alone.

92. Sometimes, no matter how hard you try, you just can’t shake the feeling of hopelessness and anxiety. But when these thoughts get overwhelming, please remember that everything is going to be okay.

93. Ain’t nobody got time for that. Ain’t nobody has time to worry when you have a life to live.

94. In this world, everything is going to happen. It’s up to you whether you’re going to let it bother you or not.

95. When you feel like you’re drowning under all the tasks, just remember to take a deep breath, and get back into your lane.

96. The most frustrating thing about anxiety is not being able to control it. It’s like being trapped in your head.

97. I feel anxious. I don’t know why. Feeling anxious is how I feel sometimes.

98. At times, it feels like we’re drowning in an ocean of anxiety. Our minds race and our hearts beat faster. We feel like there’s something wrong, but we can’t put words to it. The anxious mind is a vicious cycle that sucks us under—and it’s one we can break by taking back control of our thoughts and feelings.

99. Believe me, you are not alone. Millions of people suffer from anxiety and depression, and I’m one of them too.

100. There are a lot of ways to deal with pain. We all cope differently. I think feeling anxious is just a part of my life now. But it’s not who I am.

Hello there. I hope this meets you well. How did you feel about going through the sad quotes about anxiety up there? Please, provide an answer in the comments section. Don’t forget to tell others about this page. Thank you.

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