Special Air Service Quotes

Special Air Service Quotes

The Special Air Service (SAS) is the British Army’s special forces unit. It was raised in 1941 as a regiment and later reconstituted as a corps in 1950. The unit undertakes a number of roles including covert reconnaissance, counter-terrorism, direct action, hostage rescue and human intelligence gathering.

They are renowned for their high-risk operations and ability to work behind enemy lines as well as their training of other elite units around the globe such as the US Navy Seals and Australian SAS. The unit’s motto is “Who dares wins”.

The SAS is known for its secretive nature, and the exact facts surrounding it are shrouded in mystery. The quote listed below is one of many interesting quotes for SAS soldiers.

Special Air Service Quotes

One of the most special forces in the world, SAS, is responsible for some of the most incredible and inspiring military operations around the globe. But, always remember that a little bit of Special Air Service goes a long way when you’re looking for a career and an employer.

1. Special Air Service – We are the tip of the spear and will always go where it is needed most.

2. The Special Air Service’s capabilities lie in its operators’ ability to adapt to whatever environment they find themselves in.

3. Courageous and determined, the Special Air Service is an elite group of soldiers whose mission is to serve in a wide variety of combat and counter-insurgency operations.

4. Special Forces are trained to go…beyond the limits of physical endurance and mental toughness.

5. Courage is the fundamental quality of all Special Air Service soldiers.

6. Courage is the price that life exacts for granting peace.

7. The SAS is the Royal Air Force’s special air service. Its soldiers are bold, and courageous and show initiative when in the worst situations.

8. When everyone else runs away, they stand their ground and fight. They think on their feet and perform extraordinary acts of bravery without a single moment’s hesitation. That is the spirit of the SAS. That is the spirit of a warrior.

9. They live by a code of honour, are cool under pressure, and they never quit.

10. Daring to do what others can’t, doing the impossible, that is the SAS.

11. Courage, sacrifice, honour. These are the SAS values that make them great.

12. Bravery is not a lack of fear, but one’s ability to overcome it.

13. For the special air service, there is no such thing as impossible.

14. Be willing to fail and fail often, be willing to be bold, throw out the rule book, dare to do what others can’t, and do the impossible.

15. It is the SAS creed that there are those who live in the shadows before others, waiting to strike and those who work tirelessly behind the scenes for us all.

16. Daring to win is the first tradition of the Special Air Service.

17. The sky is the limit. Move fast, strike hard and succeed.

18. Never accept defeat, never give up. We work in harsh conditions, at heights, on dangerous missions and we never give up.

19. The SAS never hide from the enemy… or the weather. Always keep their promises.

20. The Special Air Service is the best of the best. They are brave, strong and fearless.

21. When our freedom is threatened, the special air service will always be ready to fight for our country and its people.

22. No hill too steep, no valley too deep, no challenge too hard for special air service.

23. Those who dare to win always win the first battle. And when you win, never give up the next.

24. Special Air Service: never underestimate the strength of a small unit fighting for a common cause.

25. To perform at the limits of their imagination, soldiers need to be physically and mentally strong.

26. Dedicated to the pursuit of excellence and victory, the elite team of men and women who serve their country and their international partners in the Special Air Service.

27. Win or lose, there are no excuses. You’ve got to go down fighting. Always keep on going. Never surrender.

28. Be afraid of no challenge, and never submit to failure.

29. Strength, tenacity, and courage are the keys to the special army. Special thanks to all soldiers who serve with pride.

30. Never turn your back on your friends. Or on a job half done. Or on a mission in progress.

31. You can’t pay for the position of the winner. Only with unconditional hard work and perseverance will you prevail in the end.

32. The eyes of the world are on you. You have their respect, but to gain their admiration, you must prove yourself in combat.

33. We lose battles, but we never lose the war. We are the special air service, and we never give up!

34. Courage, commitment, and comradeship. These are the values of the Special Air Service. They have no equal.

35. The courage, strength and tenacity of our members stand as a testament to what we must do to be victorious.

36. Always persevere. Never let anything stand in the way of your success. And nothing will stop you from achieving the best.

37. The Special Air Service quotes. The audacity of hope: …To be fearless, you must be brave, never accept failure and never give up.

38. The Special Air Service only has one ambition: to be the very best in the world – and that is why our motto is “Who Dares Wins”.

39. To dare is to win—it’s the Special Air Service way.

40. If you always dare to win, you can break the shell of impossibility.

41. Never accept defeat. Never give up, except to do the right thing.

42. No task is impossible if you work hard and challenge yourself. Dare to make your dream come true!

43. Daring to win, we accept nothing less than excellence.

44. You don’t just aim to do, you strive to be the best.

45. We may be few, but we are the best. We are the SAS; a family that stands together when times are tough and keeps on smiling through the good times.

46. To boldly go where no man has gone before. The SAS.

47. Wings of pride, wings of hope, wings of glory, the special air service always fight and never yield.

48. In the army, the special air service has always been at the forefront of bravery, sacrifice and victory.

49. We dare to win. We dare to soothe. We dare to reach for the unseen and do what others said cannot be done. The SAS is an elite force that specializes in surprise, daring and stealth.

50. Dare to live, dare to win, dare to go and dare to fly. – The SAS motto

51. Special air service: for freedom, for honour, for our pride. We always fight till the last man!

52. Over the long history of the special air service we never yield, never accept defeat and always fight with courage.

53. The special air service is always ready, always strong, it can break or destroy any obstacles and difficulties on the way of development.

54. If you want to be the best, you have to train with the best. Special Air Service (SAS), the world’s premier counter-terrorism unit.

55. Special Air Service. They come to fight and they never yield, the special air service army always dares to win.

56. Service to the nation, service above self. Always ready, always there. The special air service will never fail you.

57. The Special Air Service. Always winning, never yielding.

58. We are the golden wings of the great motherland; we are the golden eagles of special air service.

59. The only constant changes. The special air service is a team of people who always dare to win. For glory, for hope, for home, we always fight and never give up.

60. Loyalty, Duty, Respect. The Special Air Service Regiment never fails.

61. We are striding out to the future, never looking back, always looking forward. We are the special air service.

62. The sky is not the limit. The sky is the beginning. What we do in life, echoes in eternity.

63. No mission too difficult. No sacrifice too great. Duty first!

64. Special Air Service is a legend in its own time. To serve all people with a sense of pride and responsibility.

65. The Spirit of the Special Air Service is to always dare; To always strive to succeed; To never accept failure. We aspire to greatness in all we do.

66. We always dare to win, we are soldiers who fight no matter what. Onward officers!

67. Never stand when you can sit, never stay still when you can go. That’s the SAS way.

68. Rest. when you’re weary. Refresh, if you must. But don’t Retire. The world still needs your hand and mind. So keep on going on.

69. Bravery and boldness are the backbones of the Special Air Service. SAS. Always dare to win.

70. Special Air Service, We will be the shield, For which our nation prays. To face the foe, and destroy him in battle, if needs be.

71. Only those with the heart of a lion can achieve great things. Be part of the special air service family.

72. We won’t always be asked to risk our lives because of who we are, but we will always volunteer to do so. We are the Special Air Service. Who dares win?

73. The SAS spirit is to always “Keep on running”, and they have never given up the courage to take action.

74. We do not recruit our soldiers. We find them where they are, and bring out the best that is in them.

75. British Special Air Service (SAS) – The special air service army always dares to win. Brave and bold. Who dares, wins? Who sweats, wins. Who plans, wins.”

76. Special Air Service (SAS) – We are born of the earth and to it, we return. The call may come at any time and for any reason, but there will be no complaint from anyone wearing this uniform.

77. It does not take a hero to order men into battle. It takes a hero to be one of those men who go into battle.

78. Special Air Service: Let’s remember that you don’t need to be special to make a difference.

79. We’ll always find a way. We can do anything. We never say die.

80. Be audacious and bold and achieve the mission by all means necessary.

81. We are the Few. We are the Proud. We do what others dare not, we go where others have not been and We do things the world has never seen before.

82. SAS – We don’t just train to win. We train to win and make sure everyone else loses.

83. We never quit, never say die, and never leave a fallen comrade. We are the special air service and this is who we are.

84. The SAS are the elite of the elite. They are special forces, great men that have special courage.

85. We are a unique breed; we are soldiers, thinkers, planners and risk takers; we are the best of the best.

86. SAS spirit: Adaptive. Resilient. Disciplined. Determined. Resourceful. Nimble.

87. The courage to overcome and not surrender to our fears is the real victory.

88. We live through hardships, we fight on the front lines, and we win every battle.

89. The few. The proud. We put the “E” in Elite! We do things the world has never seen before. And when we’re done, we’ll hold our heads high because we know we’ve done right!

90. The greater the obstacles, the more glory in overcoming them.

91. Nobody ever defended anything successfully, there is only attack and attack and attack some more.

92. In war, you win or lose, live or die – there is no middle way. The Special Air Service will dare to win. As an army, we always seek to challenge ourselves and our enemies.

93. To dare mighty things, to win glorious triumphs, to be the best, we must have the best.

94. The courage of our soldiers is the reason why we have succeeded in so many battles and the reason why we will keep winning.

95. Tenacity and courage are the virtues of the Army.

96. We will, we can and we do. We are the special air service. The only winners in war are those who dare to win.

97. We live with pride, courage, selfless dedication and integrity.

98. Be prepared. Be fearless. Be ready to sacrifice your life for others if necessary.

99. Courage is the first of human qualities because it is the quality which guarantees all others.

100. We pride ourselves on dedication and expertise. We are the special air service.

The Special Air Service is made up of the most talented, skilled and intelligent individuals. Their words helped define them as the elite fighters they are. These Special Air Service quotes show that their motivation and commitment to victory was not just in battle, but also off the battlefield.

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