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2024 Super Long Sweet Text Messages for Your Lover

Sweet romantic messages are like the showers that wet the flower of love in order to blossom. So for love to keep growing in the heart, it must be cared for with some super long sweet text messages for your lover.

Lucky for you, you don’t have to be the brain behind those sweet messages that will make your lover quiver in ecstasy. You’re absolutely covered right here.

All you’re left to do is to make your choices from these endless romantic messages.

They’ll have you to thank. You can count on that.

Long Love Paragraphs for Him or Her

Sometimes, love is expressed in its entire depth to tell how far deep it is within you. These long love paragraphs and super long sweet love text messages are all you need to share your deep feelings with your girlfriend or boyfriend and make her or him feel special.

1. When I think of someone irreplaceable, you come to mind. You have no replica, you cannot be cloned. There’s something special about you that makes me want to always choose you as my own. You’re the only diamond for me. No matter how dark it may be, your stars will only scintillate the more. I love you more than the sky loves the stars for beautifying it. I’ll travel the world just to find the best things of life for you. You deserve my sweat, tears and love. I don’t mind crying the sweet tears of love for you. I don’t mind sharing a million smiles with you. My laughter is real because it comes from the depth of my soul; you’re the reason behind my ecstasy. I love you.

2. Year in, year out, I’ll always love you. You’re the heart that hosts my love. You make me feel precious. Without you, I’ll be an empty vessel. Each time I look at you, I find a sincere reason to live again and when you look at me, I derive utmost satisfaction from your gaze. In a split of second, my fears disappear and metamorphose into an undisguised courage; you’re the reason for that. I’m alive today, cause you awoke my spirit to live again. I’m revived at the touch of your hand. Your words stimulate my being even as soft as they are. You’re priceless to me.

3. I remember the time I was likened to a chaff; a worthless jewel. But your coming brought maximum fulfilment to my life. You gave me a sense of pride. You brought me life and took away my numbness to life. How can I repay you than to love you, until the day I give up my final breath. You deserve everything good and valuable; you deserve my life. I promise to be committed to you no matter the tribulations and temptations that blow like an evil wind. I’m yours forever, likewise is everything that I own. You’re the love I’ve been searching for.

4. You made my heart pure, cause you taught me how to love genuinely. Your heart is like a star that shines without blinking. I promise to follow your step every day of my life. If you happen to go the wrong way, I promise to bring you back with a loving hand. I’ll treat you well with kind words. I’ll let my actions speak volume of my sincere love for you. There’s no other place I’ll rather be than within your warmest arms. I’m here to love you and to stay. You’ll never find me wanted, cause I’ll always be around you. Forever, I’ll be your guide.

5. Just like a dream, the stars led me to you. My heart swayed away from lust to love, you were the irresistible force that drew me to the right path. My heart can only love now because you’re the reason I’m in love. My eyes become dilated if they are set on you and you alone. There’s no other way to say this, “I love you.” My whole life, I’ll go on proving my feelings to you, cause it’s going to be a never-ending journey. Chastise me when I’m wrong, for I don’t want to displease you in any way. I’m here to love you in the way you desire. Nothing can come in between us, we’re stronger than the bond between a mother and a child.

6. If eternity exists, mine would be in your heart. For your love is what I know to be true. I need not dream of a lover anymore, or a Romeo who’d die for me, nor a Jack in the middle of the cold sea. All I’ve got to do is hold on to your ever loving hands, whose arms are ready to hold me tight till I find peace. You’re my serenity, my darling. Hence, I’ll never let you go. I want to love you for the rest of my life. For it is the purest feeling in this cold world. Take my heart as your own forever, and I’ll be sure to treat you right. Make this love yours forever, and it’ll never go sour. Its savour we’ll preserve with our strength and its honour we’ll defend in times of war.

7. You beckoned on me to love you with a wink of an eye. Glad, I heeded to your call without blinking an eye. You make butterflies grace my tummy. Hence, I want to have your babies anytime soon. I can’t help but think of you, my darling. Cause I love the indelible smile you leave on my face. Especially, when the tiniest of your thought crosses my mind. I have no worries whatsoever, my love. For I’ve found a love that is blissful and true. I can’t die poor anymore, for I’m richer with your love inside of my world. Do not let me go, my darling. I want to lay by your side at night and walk by you under the shine of the sun. I love you truly with every fibre of my being.

8. Your smile washes my worries away and put on the light when it’s dark. It is by far the most miraculous asset of my life. For it changes and challenges everything. How blessed is the heart that can feel your beat and the arms that receive your warmth. How blessed am I to call you my own. Though I find myself unworthy, yet has your love called me by my name and lifted me up to take a seat by your throne. There is no love more honourable than this one you’ve shown to me. Hence, I’ll love with gratitude, forgiveness, giving and sacrifice. I’ll love you with every drop of sweat and of blood. These I confess with every sense of dignity.

9. I’ve found the one I could die for. For heavens has given me the one to love with all of my heart. In this heart of yours will I build a new world of mine. It is where I’ll live comfortable till I draw my last breath. I’m happy to say to the sun as it rises every morning; I found me a heart of gold, where I’ll mine till eternity ends. I’m glad there’s a moon to witness my undying love for you at night. And the stars to see that my love has come to stay. I’ll give you my life and my trust. I’ll give my whole world to you in weakness and in strength. I’ll shower my love upon you when riches come or go, I’ll take forever ride with you without any doubt. Nurture my love, my darling. For only in your heart, will it thrive.

10. I love you, my darling. For you bring stability into my world. And your words are serenity for my troubled soul. I’ve found peace just gazing into your eyes. Hence, desperately, I plea, do not look away, from me, my darling. Take my mind away from all the worries. Set your eyes upon me back when I gaze. Make the earth testify of our love, cause I’ll do the same with all my strength. This love is incomparable. For it is in the deepest part of my heart and present in the shallowest if you want to see. Feed me with your love till I drown, sink me in your kisses cause I can’t get them enough. I’ll love you with my words and actions, do not think I’ll leave any stone unturned.

11. There’s no sweeter truth than the fact that I love you from the depth of my heart to the zenith of heaven.

12. The only reason I’ll journey to eternity is if you’ll be going with me, my love. With you, I can travel a million miles.

13. Because love only has a beginning, but not an ending, my journey with you will never know an end. My life will always begin with you, till forevermore.

14. Each day of my life will be spent in love and happiness as long as you’re here with me to make me feel the touch of love.

15. Without you, I’ll be miserable like a vagabond, but with you, I found a place to call a home; your heart and body.

16. The distance between you and I is zilch, cause love has brought us closer than closely knitted friends.

17. I’m in love with two things in the whole wide world; your personality and your sense of humour.

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18. I love your demeanor, it’s more enchanting than the spell of magic.

19. I’m so in love with your steps, cause they show you the way and bring you to me at all time.

20. Whenever your heart beats, I’m endeared to you the more. Never quit breathing my love. I want to be yours till eternity.

21. The only smile that melts a million hearts at the same time is yours. My wounds heal faster when they see your smile even from a distance.

22. I can’t be far away from you, otherwise, I’ll be closer to heartaches and pain. You’re the reason I’m happy and in love.

23. Loving you has weakened my strength to ever deny you of anything you’ll ever ask of. I’ll give you my life on a silver platter before the whole wide world.

24. You took me to heaven, cause that’s the way your heart feels to me. You’re the paradise I want to dwell in forevermore.

25. Whenever I’m in your company, your presence builds an atmosphere in the air that beclouds my sense of reasoning and I love it so.

26. When I see you, all my fears are gone into thin air. You inspire me to be strong and courageous.

27. If I’m with you, I can do anything. You’re my strength and the thread that holds my life together.

28. I’ll give you my life, so you can breathe. I don’t mind going to bed with an empty stomach as long as you do not long for anything.

29. You gathered the pieces of my heart together and made it whole again. You rebuilt my life and made me proud to be who I am again. I owe you everything I have.

30. Never doubt my feelings for you, cause I’ll be here to prove my honesty and love to you until there’s nothing to doubt again.

31. No matter how many times your heart has been broken, my love will mend it in a million ways. Your sad tears will turn into happy ones as I keep loving you.

32. I need nothing else from you than your love. Just love me like I love you and you’ll feel the peace I’m relishing.

33. You have the power of pleasing my soul and you effortlessly do it. There’s something about you that seems supernatural to me.

34. I’m the one to love you for the rest of your life. I’m the only one to hold you from falling. And you’re the one to save my heart from eternal doom, cause if you love me, I’ll be saved.

35. I’ll never beg for your love, cause it cannot be bought, but I’ll rather sacrifice everything for you so, you’ll come to love me like it was meant to be.

36. My prayer every day is that you never find a reason to stop loving me. My promise to you is never to take that love for granted.

37. You’re my dearest. There’s no one else I can call my own except you, my love.

38. I’ve learnt to sing the songs of love, cause my heart has fallen for you more than a thousand times.

39. The only truth I know is that my heart belongs to you; every piece of it and the whole of it.

40. Everything I have, half of it is yours. So says my heart, body, and soul.

41. I promise never to abandon you when you’re old. I’ll cherish your wrinkles. I’ll kiss your flaws and I’ll love your agedness.

42. The sound I keep hearing in my heart is the one of love. It sings of your praises and longs for your kisses.

43. My jaw drops in awe whenever you kiss me as though you cannot let me go.

44. I love the look in your eyes as you reach out to touch me. It looks so divine.

45. My baby, no matter how far we go, my love for you will never grow old but remain ageless and fine.

46. The most exceptional quality about me is that I am able to love you without holding back anything at all.

47. I’m ready to let everything go just to satisfy you. My pride is in you. My wealth is for you to harness. I am all yours in every sense of it.

48. The day I discovered you was the day I discovered a treasure chest. You’re precious than any earthly gem.

49. Your place isn’t amongst the earthlings, you belong to the highest hierarchy in heaven, cause there’s no heart that loves in the manner in which you do. Baby, I love you so much and it’s true.

50. My favourite music is the sound you make and the breath you exhale when you say that you love me.

51. I dream of you in the day and at night. My heart simply cannot think of anything else besides you.

52. How excellent is love! Love has made me accepted you, your ways and belief without questioning them. Until the end, I’ll love you for who you are without the desire to change you.

53. I belong to you, because when I saw you my heart only wanted to beat along with yours, till we become one in body and soul.

54. I’m going to humble myself before you, for I trust in your love to lift me up.

55. My love for you would love you when you’re at your best and worse alike. I love you unconditionally.

56. Let this be in the deepest of your heart; I love you.

57. You smile wide like the rainbow. Hence, you bring hope into my world.

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58. My eyes can’t sleep at night, cause my heart wants to think about you all night long.

59. Love is why I’m living. You are why I live, my darling.

60. Kisses of your lips are sweet and tender. Even in the grace of old age, I want to have them still.

61. A heart without your love is guarded with the walls of loneliness and grief. Glad you set me free with love, my darling.

62. Bless me with your kisses every morning someday. It happens in my dreams, I hope it does in my world.

63. My veins flow of love. My heart beat with a smile. I’m happy because of you.

64. You’ll have my love for the rest of our lives, I promise.

65. You beautify my pictures with your figure. And you bless my world with your love.

66. I’ll risk it all for you and I’ll give them all to you. For this love I feel is boundless and true.

67. Eternity won’t end our love. And no man on earth will come betwixt us.

68. It takes your heart for mine to love. It takes you for me to live.

69. I pick every dress with you in mind. Imagining in my mind what your heart would think.

70. Touch every corner of my lips with your kisses. Fill every part of my heart with your love.

71. My promises won’t lie to you, neither will my heart turn its back on you.

72. Every part of me finds you worthy. Hence, my eyes itch to see you every day.

73. It doesn’t matter who else is better than you, what matters is, my heart chooses you over and over again without any doubt.

74. Loneliness hides its ugly head since my path crossed yours. So, blessed be our guardian angels.

75. You fill my world with different hues of love. Little wonder, butterflies and flowers find my abode pleasant to be.

76. Your voice is my happiness. For it is the tune of love.

77. I love how you call out my name. For it’s hard not to know that you love me.

78. I smile wider and for longer because I know you love me. God blessed the day I fell in love with you.

79. Every flower with beautiful petals deserves to live in your pot of soil. Because you grace my heart.

80. You know the number of my teeth cause I can’t help but smile when I’m around you. You make me feel good, my love.

81. As we live and enjoy today, I promise you my faithfulness in the days to come.

82. I’ll be your saviour in any situation and time. It is how I know to love you, my darling.

83. I’ll cherish every second with you. I’ll hold on to every minute with you. Every day of my life would be pleasant, with you just by my side.

84. In between the kisses, let there be hugs and a confession of love forever.

85. Let me read my poems to you at night. Read out my eulogy for you when I’m away.

86. The meaninglessness of life is gone with every deposit of love into your heart.

87. For your lips have met mine, I’ll do well to not let another brush against them.

88. I’m truly in love with your every flaw and perfection. Let me show you for as long as I have breath in my body.

89. Love is the greatest miracle that ever happened to me. For I was healed by the words of your mouth and transformed with every hug from your bosom.

90. Do not doubt my love, my darling. For into your heart, it will be and never return.

91. I can’t wait for the future with you. It is too excellent in my dreams.

92. Little by little, we’ll conquer our fears together. I love you, my darling.

93. The memory of love we’ve created, I joyfully remember when the stars shine.

94. Your love is my redemption. Now, I’m saved and born anew.

95. One misses the essence of life if one does not love. I’m glad I know what it means to be loved by you in return.

96. I’ll give you lovely flowers unto the time my ring graces your lovely finger.

97. If you give it to me, then it’s enough for me. I love you, my darling.

98. Sending my love to you with every kiss I’ve got. Till the end of time, my love.

99. I won’t stop loving you. As far as there are clouds in the sky, I’m yours forever, my love.

100. Be my angel for life and I’ll be the man of your dreams, my darling.

You’ll be met with a helplessly romantic reply from your lover with any of these long romantic messages for them.

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