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2023 Sweet Caring Love Text Messages & Quotes for Him or Her

Sweet Caring Text Messages and Quotes for Him or Her

There is no gainsaying that any relationship that plans to last must be grown, nurtured and cared for. Each person in the relationship must do his or her part to make sure the love binding them is kept unbroken. Then, it is important that each one find great ways to make this achievable. One of these ways is to send love messages that will show you really do care for your love.

Sending sweet and romantic messages in the morning, afternoon or at night would really help because it’s a way of proving to your lover that you really care. Send these text messages and quotes to show you care for him or her.

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You Are the Best, My Love, I Care for You.

Best Collection of Caring Love Text Messages & Quotes for Him or Her.

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1. Your love is a gift I can’t get it wasted
It’s so real, I must not get it twisted
Too thrilling than what can be resisted
Has value more than can be listed.

2. Outside your love nothing inspires
Your care is so perpetual and can’t expire
With you I’m ready to build my empires
Your thought makes me want to perspire
I confess, you are so special and loving.

3. Your love is magical
Wider in measure than the Antarctic
Too real and classical
Yet too wonderful and Ecstatic.
I love you.

4. You are my love, my only desire
Thinking about you is like my heart is set on fire
In fact I’ll love you till the end and won’t retire
For nothing ever makes me go this higher.

5. I will always be dear and always for you will I care.
To be with you under any kind of weather anywhere.
To stay with you all seasons all times my dear.
I love you.

6. Think about how breath is important to live,
And how water is important to living,
And you will be a billion miles closer to how I will always care for you, my dear.
I love you.

7. Thank you for the love and care as always.
Thank you for your support in many ways.
I can’t but say you are my very source of joy and inspiration, all my days.
I love you.

8. I lay aside all my ego and costly pride,
And I choose humility which is you.
I love you without no regret and no worry.
You are mine forever, and for this, I’m not sorry.
I love you. I just have to do forever.

9. Even if your love is as bad as a faulty elevator,
I wouldn’t mind risking to go to high places with you.
You are mine, no matter what imperfections you have.
I love you

10. Never think less of your self, my love!
You deserve anything I am giving you, even more.
No reason other than this:
no one ever loved and cared for me this much.
I love you too.

Cute Good Morning Caring Messages for My Love

11. Your love colours my every morning
Your care gives joy and not mourning
I choose you over wealth and money
For you love is so sweet than honey
Good morning my love.

12. Show me a man who always has his day well spent,
And I will tell of a man who has a woman who made the day so great.
I can’t but say a big thank you for always being there for me.
Good morning my heart.

13. Show me a woman that has her day wonderfully spent,
And I will quickly tell you of a woman who has a man that cares beyond imagination.
Thanks for always being there my love.
Good morning sweetheart.

14. Nothing feels great to me than sleeping and waking up to know that I still have someone who is daring and caring so much for me.
You deserve all of me. Good morning my love.

15. I do not have to be a soothe sayer before knowing that my day will be wonderfully spent because I will have you in it.
Good morning my love.

Romantic Good Night Caring Messages to My Love

16. In life, there is something special to me
It is the love and care you show me
I wouldn’t live without your loving heart.
Goodnight my lovely sweetheart.

17. Thanks for loving me this way.
Thanks for always brightening up my day.
Thanks for your undying love all day, always.
Thanks for being mine my dear.
Good night and sweet dreams.

18. My days wouldn’t have seen joy without you.
My night wouldn’t have seen sweet dreams without same you.
I look into my life and I discover you are the reason many things are never out of order.
Thanks for loving and caring for me this way my love. Good night my dear.

19. My daily goals are now to love and care for you.
And it’s not worth if I have all my daily plans met without these.
You deserve more my dear. Good night my love.

20. The day ends well when you are near,
And the reverse holds when you are far.
But no matter how far apart we are,
Your place in my heart will ever be intact.
I love you. Good night.

I Miss You Caring messages for My Love

21. I can’t live a moment without you
I can’t think straight cause I’m missing you
It breaks me to think you are far away.
I miss you is all I could say.

22. Missing you makes me feel like my other half is gone. 
Missing you, it’s like I’m missing a million fun.
I can’t but sigh, seeing you are long gone.
I miss you like, at night, missing the sun.

23. I wish you are ever close to my heart
I wish you are ever near and never far.
I just wish this wouldn’t break my heart.
Because I can’t cope with you being this far!
I miss you, my love.

24. My life, my soul is full of emptiness.
Much pain I feel, my love I sigh
Missing you is killing, now I confess
Please be here soon, Cuz this makes me cry.

25. I miss you like mad, this is no kidding!
Emptiness is what I am really feeling.
Down on my knees, baby now pleading…
Your absence like a wound with no healing!
I miss you.

I Care for You Messages to My Guy, My Lady, My Boyfriend or Girlfriend

26. Loving you is a great deal
More than my three square meal
Your love gives more energy than cereal
It’s so pure, so sweet and so so real.
I love you, and that’s a done deal.

27. There is a friend that loves without hesitation.
Such that will show care without limitation…
If you ever believe that this exists,
Then that is who for you I will always want to be.
I love you.

28. No matter what happens between us,
I will never stop loving you.
No matter how bad things turn,
I will not stop to always care for you.
I love you.

29. I choose to love you every day of my life,
As long as there is life in me.
I do not plan this because I have all the wherewithal,
but it’s a sacrifice I am to make, since no one ever loves and care for me this way.
I love you so much.

30. A distance may keep us apart.
The night may come that I will keep my eyes off you.
But no matter how distant we would ever be,
You will always stay glued to my heart forever.
I love you beyond words.

Caring Text Messages for Loved Ones

Caring messages for the one you love or that Special person so close to your heart. These are perfect and best to be sent to someone so special in your life. Use these when you need to show how you care for your lover, your loved ones, your family and friends.

31. My life is precious, my life is awesome. My life is beautiful, my life is sweet. No matter how glorious my life appears to be, it’s all because of your love and care.

32. I don’t want to have the heart that will hate you, but the hands and arms that will hold you up and support you. The mind that always will wish you well. If I don’t do this, who else will!

33. I will always be here, loving and caring for you forever. Staying close to you than my skin to my body, forever and ever. I love you.

34. Ceaseless is my care for you. Boundless is my love for you. Unbreakable, forever, is the bond of love between me and you. And in my heart of heart forever you will be. I love you.

35. My future appears bright, my ways appears plain, I think about tomorrow with a thought of limitless joy, all because I have lovely and caring people surrounding me, of which you are one. You are my dearest.

36. If millions of people would ever care for you, one of them would always be me, and if only just one person ever cares for you, that would be none else but me. You are my sweet.

37. A friend you can always trust and depend on that is me. Such that will walk with you when the path seems dread and your heart needs company. Someone who will be more than close to you when you want to feel lonely.

38. My desire for you is to see you happy all day. For you to have reasons to smile every step you take. And wherever you go today, I wish you have a safe journey and take care.

39. That I am away for minutes, hours or days doesn’t mean I don’t care for you. No matter the distance between us, I will always keep you ever close to my heart. I love you and I do care as always.

40. I keep thinking how much your care has brought into my life and sigh when I know I have so much from you to pay back. You are a rare gem. Thanks for it all.

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