100 Sweet Love Sms to Make Your Lover Melt

1. Your love has made me speechless....
I can't think of what to say because every passing day,
You give me reasons why I should be with you.
You have won my heart and I'm proud of you.
Love you my honey, my sugar.

2. I reasoned out and I found out that there exists no tomorrow without you in my today
Without you love, my daylight is as dark as the night.
I appreciate your love, my love and my best friend.

3.What can I render to my love who has made me the happiest person in the universe?
I thought of thousands of gift but none was close to all you have given, then I quit.
I can't think of a better gift than giving my all. You've got me, baby.

4. I doff my hat to my heart, my friend,
My desire, my companion and my all.
You have baptized me with your love
And now I'm anew with fulfillment. Will love you till the end.

5. Your love for me just gave me a better description of a hero and a patriot.
I dare not be afraid of life's battles as long as you're with me.
Forever you are my king, so rule my world.

Sweet Love Messages to Express My Love to Him or Her.

These Sweet Love Messages will Help You Express how you feel for him/her, your love.

6. Just like I did wish,
Like I prayed and like I desired,
Your love brought a global change into my life.
Your love is more than life itself to me.

7. True Love exists just that people don't know its abode.
It lives on the street of sacrifice and selflessness.
Thank God I got mine. I love you.

8. Before you came into my life,
True Love was nothing but series of pipe dreams.
Having you makes me believe there's nothing impossible.
Thanks for loving me this much. I love you too.

9. You are my sunshine and my rain.
Without you in my life I will not survive another day.
You make my life flourish. Please be mine forever.

10. What can separate me from my love?
Is it quarrel, lust, other girls, pride or what?
I'm bold to say nothing will separate me from you,
For with you I can win any battle of life.
You make me complete!

Sweet Romantic Love Sms for Him or Her

11. You are all about love that I thought
You are all about life that I sought
You are more than just a perfect match
You are complete and not just a patch.
Just wishing you good morning.

12. All I want in the world is you
For your love is pure and true
With you, my life is changed anew.
Forever it is me and you.

13. Every day of my life I wonder
I wonder and yet I ponder
I wonder and still take it yonder
Why you love this much, I wonder.

14. Until the last cock crow
Until the last wind blow
Until the flowers cease to grow
My love for you will continually glow
Good night my love.

15. I don't want to know the way of life
I just choose to know that of love
I choose not to travel through the earth
But just to stay forever in your heart.

16. The morning with you is sweet,
Every afternoon with you is sweeter.
My life around you is worth celebrated.
Forever and ever you are mine.

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17. I wonder what the talk of the future would be like without you in my life.
Can't imagine that! Thanks for trusting me to be your love.
I will do my best to honor that. I love you.

18. It is impossible to celebrate health without having sound mind.
Thank God for giving me the love that could ease pain.
I'm blessed and proud to be yours.
More than everything in the world I love you.

19. Sun is known by its shining and stars by their twinkling
But real lovers by how much they want to stay connected in love.
So I promise to be with you forever, through all seasons and time.

20. Ideas don't rule relationships neither does emotions.
If you see one on the path of fulfillment, sacrificial love is the key.
Thanks for all you've given to this relationship.

21. Wish I could be the wing to make you soar,
The strength to carry you through,
The breadth to stabilize you
And the warmth to keep you alive.
I wish I could be everything to you,
For you are my dream come through.

Inspirational Sweet Love SMS for Him Or Her

Sweet Love Sms to Inspire Your Lover to do more.

22. With you, every day is like my birthday
I want to be by your side every day
I want to stay with you come what may
Come rain come shine at bay.
I love you.

23. You are my every hour happiness
Your love crowns my heart like a royal highness
You are the light that gives my heart more brightness
And the hope that gives my heart its fitness

24. In the night you are my lullaby
No matter how far you go in my heart you are nearby
You are such a priceless jewel money can't buy
I will love you forever and will never say goodbye

25. Your love is more than my desire
It's more than life to me
With it, my heart is set on fire
For the best is what you give to me
I will choose you over any attire
For you bring out the best in me

26. Your love is more than I can feel
Too satisfying more than my best meal
Too overwhelming not to be real
Loving you forever is a done deal.

Sweet Romantic Love SMS for My Love

27. My Rome built in a day, my mission possible,
My aim accomplished, my dream come through.
My purpose fulfilled, my hope refilled,
My objection sustained, my rejection overruled
My fulfilled plan and my everything... is You.

28. You are my prince-charming,
And I'm your princess-beauty.
Together we shall feature in the best love story ever.
Let's get the movie started.

29. I stand on the hilltop this day
I declare to the world my lifetime agenda.
You will be my one and the chosen one,
For you are my pride, my life, my love and my All.

30. Life without you is meaningless.
Love without you is worthless.
Please be my life and love so I can be relevant.
You are indeed my better half.

31. You are my choice, my friend,
My companion, and my dearest.
I will be yours forever.
And ever will I choose to love you.

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