Thanking God for Recovery From Sickness Quotes

Thanking God for Recovery From Sickness Quotes

Many people have had issues with sickness, and many people have experienced a miracle of healing. I find quotes about God’s powerful healing very encouraging and uplifting. In fact, they’re so encouraging that I want to share them on this site. After reading these quotes, I hope you feel prompted to give thanks to God for his ability to heal you.

There are times when we feel low, and life seems to have no excitement. There are several things to be worried about, but most times, the biggest is sickness. Many people get sick and lose the ability to fulfil their responsibilities at work or home. It is normal to worry when you get sick since it’s a matter of life and death.

So, when you are healed and recovered from it, it is time to thank God for recovery from sickness with powerful words of praise. There are many steps that led you to recover from illness. They’re your faith in God, the goodness of doctors and medical team, care of family members and friends around you, mental strength that made you strong against sickness, our dreams and motivation, or the great future ahead.

I have been sick at some points in my life, and it is always thoughtful to thank God for a full recovery. I was suffering from different types of sicknesses; some of them would have been fatal if prolonged. With what happened to me, I realized that there is someone up there who created me and everything that exists in this vast universe. He deserves all the praise for creating me and caring about life.

Today, I want you to key into these words of praise and thanksgiving unto God. You can also post them as status on your social media platforms.

Thanking God for Recovery From Sickness Messages and Quotes

When I found out I had an incurable sickness, I was close to death. Then I decided to trust in God for my fate. Now I am cured and living a healthy life today, and thank God for recovery. I would forever sing of your messages and love in quotes and rhymes.

1. Gratitude is an obligation because it helps get more help later in life. I thank God for healing me from this ailment.

2. I was afflicted with an incurable disease. I was close to death and losing hope, but I chose to trust God with my fate. Thank you, Lord God.

3. I had an incurable disease and was close to death, but eave name through for me. I appreciated the God I serve.

4. Suffering from an incurable disease is never a desire of anyone. I could barely stand. I cried out to God. It was then that God told me to trust in Him. Thank you so much

5. After years of suffering, I knew I was ready to accept my fate. That’s when a miracle happened – I was healed! I return all thanks to the Highest.

6. I was diagnosed with cancer, which spread through my body. I realized that there would be conflicts and problems in our life. I had to trust in God for its solution. Mercy said NO. Hallelujah!

7. I was aching, unable to walk, and resigned to the fact I would die, but God stepped in and saved me. I give glory to God.

8. Life put me on edge; heaven took me away from danger. I recovered, and now I am bouncing in health. I thank you, God.

9. I was facing a life with a chronic sickness, in pain and unable to walk. I felt hopeless, resigned to my fate. But then, God intervened and saved me.

10. I was hit by a car and in terrible pain, but God saved me from death. All glory to Him who only could help me.

11. When I was diagnosed with stage 4 colon cancer, my life hung in the balance. But God saved me, and now I’m cancer-free! Hallelujah!

12. I was in a desperate situation and prayed day and night. I was shocked when God heard my prayer and answered. Thank you, God.

13. My sickness took everything from me. I cried unto God. When God heard my prayer and answered, he sent me an angel for help. Now my life has changed for the better.

14. I was at the end of my rope when I prayed for help. When I realized God really did love me, it was a sweet surprise.

15. I often heard from friends that God answers prayers, and I’ve even witnessed it myself, but I never really trusted in it. After this bout of sickness, now I know better. Thank you, God.

16. To the God that answers prayers-“I prayed over and over, and my prayers were heard.” Thank you, God.

17. I was in a dark place and in desperate need of help. I couldn’t see my way out, but He heard my prayers and came to the rescue. Thank you, Lord.

18. Dear Lord, I am here to return thanks to you for what you did. I was in tremendous pain, and I could barely move. Today, I am completely healed. Thank you, Lord.

19. Having been diagnosed with a rare disease, I was close to death and losing animal hope, but like the Psalmist in Psalm 23, I trusted God with my fate, and He restored me. I thank you, Lord, for your grace and help.

20. I was diagnosed with a disease, one so debilitating I could barely rise from my bed. But as an innocent lamb led to the slaughter, I trusted God with my fate, and He restored me.

21. The disease took hold of me, and I came really close to death, but I realized that I couldn’t change my situation, so I just trusted God with my fate, and He healed me. Thank you, dear Lord.

22. Overcoming an overwhelming disease and being close to death, I lost all hope. God restored me and saved my life. Hallelujah to the King of kings.

23. I was sick, tired and weak. With little hope, I prayed for my life to be changed. My prayers were answered. God restored me and saved my life. Thank you, Lord.

24. I struggled to breathe and lost my health, hope and wife. I was a hopeless man. God heard my cry and began to restore me. Now I am back on my feet.

25. From experiencing a terrible disease that almost killed me to meeting God and being saved, my life has changed in incredible ways.

26. Like a phoenix rising from its ashes, I have risen from a disease that almost killed me. Then, I met God and was given salvation. My life has taken an incredible turn.

27. I was about to give up. I lost all hope and almost died. I thought there was no chance of survival. But God gave me a second chance in life and saved my soul.

28. Beyond the pain, hope appeared. It was a way out—a lesson in faith; I believed in God, and that my life held promise again.”

29. I thought my world was only left with darkness and nothingness. It’s then the light came, and it brought life back to me. Thank you, Lord, for healing me from that terrible disease.

30. I was diagnosed with a rare disease that left me close to death, but I found hope in the Bible and was able to turn the situation around. I give glory to God.

31. During the lowest point in my life, I actually believed I would die from the rare disease I was diagnosed with. Little did I know that God had already decided my fate. He healed me.

32. I was diagnosed with a strange disease, and doctors didn’t think I’d make it. Faith kept me going, and God delivered me.

33. Thank you, God, for the recovery from this sickness. I was diagnosed with a rare disease, and doctors didn’t think I’d make it. But I have faith in myself, and God always has plans for his children.

34. I was afflicted, but it didn’t hold me back. God gave me hope and showed me the power of faith. Thank you, God, for your quick recovery.

35. You are not alone in your journey. I was diagnosed with a deadly disease, and the doctors told me that I would not make it. But God is faithful, and he brought me out victorious.

36. Though no one wants to be diagnosed with a rare disease, God was there through the whole ordeal.

37. I am grateful for the warmth of today because I know tomorrow may bring a cold chill. I am grateful for my health and that I can wake up with no pain or sickness. “I will fear no evil, for you are with me; your rod and your staff, they comfort me.” Psalm 23:4

38. I was diagnosed with an incurable disease, but I didn’t lose hope. I found the strength to trust God and believe He would work things out for me- and he did. Thank you, God, for your quick recovery.

39. Once I surrendered to God’s will, my life began to change. My disease changed me, but it didn’t defeat me. I’m still alive and well. All glory to God.

40. An unexpected diagnosis turned my life upside down, but soon other people joined me in prayer. I couldn’t walk, work, or even feed myself. It felt like an eternity before I recovered completely. All thanks to God.

41. Thank you, God, for the healing power of sleep and the grace to rest my body and mind. I will forever love you and thank you.

42. Thank you, God, for the gift of quick recovery you gave to me. I will forever be grateful for sleep and the rest you have given my tired body and mind.

43. Today, I have fully recovered from that sickness that took me to the edge of life. I give thanks for the grace to rest my body, mind, and soul.

45. Finally, I can say that God is too good to fail. I am grateful for the night that my body can rest and revitalize while I sleep. Thank you for your quick recovery.

46. Good health is indispensable to the achievement of any great objective. I take a minute to thank God for my health and all the blessings in my life.

47. I thank God for healing me from sickness, and now I have a very good feeling, and I feel much better.

48. I am very grateful to God for healing me from sickness. He healed me in the mighty name of Jesus, and I am as good as new.

49. “I am grateful for today, the birds singing outside my window and the sun shining in. I am grateful for my health and that I can enjoy another day of living.”. I was given a quick recovery from sickness.

50. Healing is not the absence of sickness. It is the presence of God. Today, I am showing gratitude for the happiness and good health that I have. I am happy to be alive and thriving! I’m grateful for my home and family, plus all that I have a chance to do in this life.

I know that you have been looking forward to your recovery from sickness; therefore, I will use these quotes as a prayer and share them on social media platforms. The more people would see this thanking God for recovery from sickness quotes shared post, the better it can be for you.

Hopefully, someday this thanksgiving prayer can be said by all the people who are or will be afflicted with sickness sometime in their lives. God bless!

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