The Best Relationships Start With Friendship Quotes

The most successful relationships are the ones that begin with friendship. Friendship is a solid foundation for the success of any long-term relationship, and all good relationships are built on friendship. When you’re in a relationship with someone you love, it’s only natural that you’d want to be their best friend and vice versa.

Making a relationship work begins with friendship. For instance, everyone wants that fairy-tale romance where two perfect people fall madly in love, ride off into the sunset together and live happily ever after. Sometimes it happens! But most of the time, it does not work out. Why? Because there is no foundation for these relationships. They lack the necessary glue to hold them together. If you want to ensure your relationship lasts, you need to make sure it is based on friendship first. Everything else will flow from there.

So many books give tips on dating, relationships, and romance for a happy marriage, but plenty ignore the very basic foundation, which is friendship. That’s why these awesome the best relationship starts with friendship quotes have been put together to help you out. Enjoy.

The Best Relationships Start With Friendship Quotes

A relationship that starts with friendship is often one of the most successful ones. If you are in a relationship that seems to be going downhill, then maybe it’s time to consider putting friendship at the forefront of your relationship by providing an environment where love can flourish.

1. The best kind of relationship is friendship; friendship is based on trust, and trust is what’s made me who I am.

2. There’s no other way than to be a close friend with all your best qualities, trust me, for I know that the best relationship is built on friendship.

3. The best relationships are strong, they’re built on truthful words, and relationships that are built on trust are for a lifetime!

4. The best relationships start with friendship. With friendship, you feel secure and can achieve great things.

5. It’s just a small step from friendship to love, it takes a little bit of time, but it’s worth the wait. Then you’ll know you have the best kind of friends,

6. A friendship is like a picture, a painting where one can see the world in its perfect form, and you feel so much at ease in your relationship.

7. If I could have only one dream to come true, it would be to have a great relationship with a great friend, so we could have our own little adventure and spend our time happily ever after.

8. The best relationships start with friendship, different people have different needs, but the more time I spend with you, the more I know you’ll always be mine!

9. Every relationship starts with a friendship it’s a bond that can last a lifetime, and you’d never know what would happen unless you take a chance and make it so.

10. The best relationships start with friendship first, the friendship that has years of trust, the friendship that has a foundation, and a bond of loyalty that’s true.

11. Some people say friendship is often just a fad, but I say that friends must be the best kind of love and friendship is a true bond that’s been tested for years and best friends become a tie that won’t ever be loosed.

12. It’s the best relationships that start with friendship, the ones that say I know you are down, I know you feel like you’ve been abandoned, so I will help you find your way.

13. The best relationships start with friendship first only then can we move on to the next step. The next step, my friend, is love.

14. The best relationships are the ones that start with friendship; they know how to keep in touch and how to touch the heart.

15. Best relationships start with friendship first. They’re the ones that last, are stable and are the best.

16. Best relationships first start with friendship. Such a friendship that lasts a lifetime. The best kind of relationships and friendships are the ones that have always been there.

17. The best relationships start with friendship; I can see the truth in this. Friendship is the start of all good things; it’s the beginning of a fantastic relationship.

18. Every great romance must begin with friends. It can’t start with the bedroom or with a kiss. It starts with the best friends that we have, the ones who are always there for us.

19. The best relationships start with friendship first. A friendship is a link through the years that you’ll always treasure, no matter how far.

20. The best relationships start with friendship. It’s where you’re at. My journey started when I met you, and my world changed with the beautiful you.

21. The best relationships last a lifetime; they start with friendship. The best relationships last a lifetime, from friends to lovers and to spouses.

22. I believe the best relationship starts with friendship. I know true love is born from this; it begins with a smile or a laugh.

23. Friends are like magnets; they share the same energy. Put together, they can create an intense attraction and can make the world seem like a beautiful place.

24. I believe the best relationship starts with friendship, and it is something that we should hold dear; it’s a gift that should be passed down to all. A true friend will be there for you in your time of need.

25. I believe the best relationship starts with friendship. Friendship is one of the best things you can have in life, it’s a feeling that never goes away. It shapes your character and gives you a reason to be; it’s the best relationship.

26. True friends are like diamonds, we can cherish them, but we can never own them.

27. Friendship is like a beautiful, special flower. It starts with a single seed that needs to be planted in your heart,  watered, and nurtured with tender care and eventually, it blossoms.

28. Friendship is one of those things that is hard to find but is absolutely the best thing you can have in life. So stick with those who are your friends, keep your head up high and live your life to the fullest.

29. Friendship is one of the best things you can have in life. It can make the day seem a little brighter, it can teach you to think out loud, and it can offer you a new meaning of life.

30. A friendship can last a lifetime; it’s one of the best things you can have in life. If you have a friend, then be his friend indeed.

31. The best relationship starts with friendship. If you want to be a good friend, then you must be a good person.

32. Friendship is one of the best things you can have in life. If you’re fortunate enough to have a friend to call your own, be sure to take advantage of it and never let it die.

33. The best relationships are built by strong friendships. You can talk it out, laugh it out, and pray it out; it’s a blessing to be in it!

34. The best relationships start with friendship. They’re lifelong; they last a long time, help you through the bad times, and make you feel happy when you need them.

35. Our friendship is long-lasting and strong, the kind of friendship that can last a lifetime. We’ve been through tough times, but we still stay strong.

36. We had the best of intentions, we wanted to last a lifetime, but we forgot that the best relationships start with friendship.

37. The best relationships start with friendship, and they thrive on trust friendship is a force of nature it will always be there.

38. You see, to have the best relationships, you need to have the best friends. The strongest relationships start with friendship, so remember to keep your best friends close to your heart.

39. The best relationships start with friendship, and the best friends are the ones who share conversations, good and bad, and are always there for you; That’s the best relationship you can form.

40. The best relationships are those made with friends. The ones you share when laughing and playing, sharing your dreams and goals. Sharing the joy and tears or life’s ups and downs. These relationships last more than you can imagine.

41. Friendship is the magic that brings light to the life of a couple. A happy relationship depends on friendship and knowing how to make your relationship work.

42. Friendship requires compromise, effort, and a lot of laughter. It’s also one of the most rewarding relationships you can have.

43. Don’t forget to nurture friendship in your relationship. It’s an important part of happiness and success.

44. Being close friends before you enter into a romantic relationship doesn’t mean that you’ll magically have better long-lasting relationships. But it could help you experience a new kind of intimacy and friendship that otherwise may never have existed.

45. Friends are the family you choose, so it’s important to have people in your life who know and love you for who you really are. So choose wisely.

46. Friendship is the secret ingredient to a happy, long-lasting and loving relationship.

47. Work on your friendship, and soon you will have a relationship. Sometimes, it can be harder to make a good friend than it is to find one. Friendship is the first stone in the foundation of any meaningful relationship.

48. Never give up on your friendship, even if it gets rocky. Keep moving forward.

49. The best kind of relationships are built by strong friendships, supported by understanding and deepened by love.

50. The best kind of relationships are built by strong friendships. The most memorable relationships are built on shared memories, trust and love.

51. The best kind of relationships aren’t built by chance but rather with time, effort, and a little trust.

52. Friendship is the most beautiful relationship that grows from a strong bond over time. The smallest gestures of kindness can mean the world to your friends, and it’s never too late to be there for those you care about.

53. Friendship isn’t a big thing – it’s a million little things.

54. Love is friendship set on fire.

55. The best kind of relationship is not made of love at first sight but friendship that lasts for a lifetime.

56. The best kind of relationship needs good friends to grow stronger.

57. You can’t love someone else until you learn to love yourself.

58. You will learn to love yourself when you decide that your happiness matters most. Only then can you truly love someone else.

59. Your best friends always have your back and stand by your side through difficult times. And, when you need advice, they’re there for you. They lift you up on the good days and are always ready to lend a helping hand. These are the kind of relationships that last forever and make life better, fuller, and even brighter.

60. Friends share your excitement. They support your dreams. They soften the burdens of daily life. And in difficult times, their presence can remind you that you’re not alone.

61. Show the ones you love that you care—in words and in actions.

62. Friendship is the start of a long-lasting relationship; it’s a way to be closer to another, express your love, share with the world, or make a difference.

63. An attractive and lasting relationship is built on passion and friendship.

64. Making a relationship work begins with friendship. Friends are the fundamental building blocks of any functional relationship. Without friendship, there will never be love, trust, commitment, understanding and respect

65. Be a friend. Be a lover. Be understanding and trustful. Endeavour to strengthen the relationship by commitment.

66. Your relationship will grow stronger as you enhance trust, put more effort into building a good friendship, and improve communication between you both.

67. Start your relationship by being a friend to your lover. Being a friend to your lover means you both have an understanding, trust, and commitment to making the relationship work.

68. The best kind of relationships are built by strong friendships. The time you spend with your friends and family is one of the greatest treasures you have in life.

69. Life’s too short for so many games on paths where our feet are meant to be, good things too easily can come to an end, but strong friendships withstand the years.

70. Friendships are like flowers you can choose to nurture; You can let them die. Or you can gently water them and see them grow and blossom.

71. The best kind of relationships are built by a strong friendship, and even though they’re building slowly, they’re giving you the feeling of the strongest kind of relationship.

72. Friendship is a very special kind of relationship; You’ll never find another one just like you. It’s like having a second family

73. The best relationship is a strong friendship that is founded on love, that will never fall apart, the kind that makes you feel whole.

74. Strong relationship develops through friendship the strong relationship between two people is only if they are friends that’s why the ones who have a lot of love must know how to share their love with the other.

75. Strong relationships can only be built by strong friendships where we all work together for the same cause a strong relationship is built by sharing our views it’s the key to success – to find a good friend is to find success.

76. Love develops through friendship; it’s a bond that can withstand any test if you have a strong relationship – you will surely have a strong friendship.

77. Strong relationship develops through friendship. A strong relationship is one that’s strong, true, and worth keeping and holding on to.

78. Strong relationships are those that are built from shared values and strong bonds of trust.

79. Friends are very important in life. If you have a friend, you have someone that cares. A close friend is like candlelight, it will shine in your darkest hour.

80. Friends keep you from facing trouble alone, and friendship means giving a happy laugh. It’s a gift that friends understand, and that’s why friendship can only be seen as gold!

81. Friends are important in life; they teach us the things that matter, life’s valuable lessons, and share precious moments.

82. When you’re down, if you want to get up or reach your potential, friends are important in life.

83. Friends are like gold they are priceless and rare and are hard to find, but when you find one, you want to keep them around they are very valuable to you

84. All the best things in this world are not made by money. They’re not made by things but by friends.

85. Friends are priceless assets; they share our laughter and sorrow. They’re there when you need them and are a constant source of strength.

86. Friends are like diamonds – they’re so hard to find. You need to make sure that you treat them like the precious stones they are.

87. As diamonds are rare and precious gems, so are the friends who are true and rare they are like a treasure. Our best friend is a treasure use them wisely, love them and cherish them

88. A friend is someone who can be trusted. So don’t throw away a friend just because you don’t need them right now.

89. Here are my three rules for friends who are valuable assets. Be your own kind. Respect them. Never take them for granted.

90. Learn to say goodbye to men who are not friends, to women who are not lovers, and to people who are not for you.

91. From friends to lovers to spouses, we have had our UPS and downs, but all of that just makes us stronger.

92. Friendship is always a possibility; it is never too late to decide if you are ready for it. A friend is someone who you can talk to about anything,

93. Friendship is a big word; it means to have so much, to share with someone you trust, and if you are lucky, then it’ll be you, loving and being loved by someone.

94. Friendship isn’t always “just a word”. It takes hard work and patience to create. So, I think it’s best to find ways to strengthen friendships by using certain friendship strategies.

95. Make your words count and make your friends count too to make it a point to keep them involved your heart will always pay the price, so have the courage to take a leap of faith.

96. Just encourage your friends to plan a trip, create a special time to meet, and have some fun together. You’ll be glad you did.

97. A friend is an ally who shares your secret and never judges you, but a true friend will understand your problem and will never let the problem go.

98. Friendship is like a rose; no matter how much you throw it in the rain, it will endure, high in the sky, as long as it has its roots.

99. Relationships are only as strong as how you use them, how you use them to support one another, and how you create a safe place for them to grow.

100. Friends keep you strong; they always show up and teach you life’s most valuable lesson. When they’re gone, they’re not forgotten.

101. Now you are older, you understand that your friends are your pillars of life, so go on and build your own pillars with them.

102. Friendships are built on the trust they have to be cultivated; well, that’s what they’re for to give you strength when you’re weak.

103. Friendships are like earrings, they’re always on your ear, they’re like that because they’re in your heart, and they’re like that because they’re in your soul.

104. You cannot have a good friendship without respect, you cannot have a good friendship without love, and you cannot have a good friendship without understanding because they can’t work together if you don’t have any respect.

105. Friends are like stars ~ only they are much closer, and they twinkle at night when you’re all alone

106. Friends are the treasures of life, a gift you can’t exchange they’re the most precious things you can possess, and they give you the strength to survive.

107. Friendship is an unbreakable bond, it can be used as a weapon to kill off your woes and spring a smile on your face.

108. If you want to succeed, you need the right friendly friends and a network of support that can’t be broken, so if you want to be strong, you should not only make friends but make it strong.

109. Friendship is like a rose, a rose that grows away from the ground, a rose that blooms in the most unexpected of places, a rose that is full of vitality and love, a rose that is yours but is shared

110. Colleagues come and go, but friendships last a lifetime if you want to be friends for life, you must be friends for a reason.

111. Good friends are hard to find, and a good friend is even harder to lose. Good friends will be there to show you the way, don’t take this for granted.

112. Without a good foundation of friendship, your relationship is bound to fail as there will be nothing there to keep it together. You can’t fake friendship.

To make your relationship work, you need to ensure it has a good foundation of friendship. If you have this, then everything else will fall into place. Make sure that your relationship has friendship at its core, and it will last forever.

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