The Damage Has Been Done Quotes

The Damage Has Been Done Quotes

When one says “the damage is done”, it means that it is too late now to prevent the harmful effects of something that has already happened.

You will be broken at the moment but, nothing can last forever. No matter how bad you feel, you will eventually get past it. It’s hard to see now, but I promise that time is on your side and it will bring you healing. It is not time to mistreat anyone, but be kind to everyone and love yourself.

Don’t take revenge on the people that contributed to the damage, take the high road and be nice to them. If they are being bad to you just, ignore it or walk away from them. Driving by with middle fingers up will only make you feel worse about everything because now that person has more power over you. You have better things to do than fight over who is more powerful.

These the damage has been done quotes in this post will inspire you to not give up on any situation no matter what damage has already been done.

The Damage Has Been Done

It is very important to not give up on life. Keep some good advice in mind that will inspire you to keep going despite what damage has been done. Don’t let someone else’s opinion change your feelings toward the way you value your self-esteem and self-confidence, even if that person tries to convince you otherwise.

1. Everything is replaceable in this world, no matter what damage has been done. A broken heart shouldn’t prevent us from moving on and finding a better, brighter future. It’s important to move on and, the sooner the better.

2. The damage has been done, I can’t hide from the truth and I don’t want to. Life has taught me it’s time to let the past be the past and, move on no matter what harm has been caused.

3. Your past does not define you. It’s time to leave the baggage behind and move on with your life no matter what damage has been done. Take the first step and make something better out of your life.

4. Good things come to those who wait. Sometimes we should stop searching, wishing, and bothering about disappointments and the damage that has been done to us. It is time for us to move on.

5. The damage has been done, and it can’t be undone. Why should I still remain worried, why should I care? I’ve tried and tried to keep my head up,
It’s harder than it seems.

6. Time is more precious than money, you can get more money, but you cannot get more time. The damage has been done, so stop being so hard on yourself and remember that everyone messes up sometimes.

7. Everyone has been wronged at some point in their life. There comes a point at which you have to let go of the anger and resentment and start another chapter to build a better foundation for your life.

8. I’ve been down but, I’m not out yet. I’m not giving up, I’m not calling it quits, I will battle, I will fight until I’m the one left standing.

9. Moving on doesn’t mean you forget about things. It just means you have to accept what’s happened and continue living.

10. Yes, you can move on from your worst moments and darkest pasts. The biggest enemy is numbness or being desensitized to all the suffering that exists in the world. So, go out — engage with people, listen to them, accept them, and then give back in any way that you can. Make something useful out of your life.

11. The damage has been done, my heart’s been broken, and now I must move on. But I must do it with style, for without it, I’m lost.

12. Forget the damage done, but not what it taught you. Erase all the pain in your memory. Happiness is still ahead. A happy life begins only after letting go of the pain. You can’t change what happened in the past, but you can brighten up your future now.

13. It’s time to move on, learn from your past, and, create something that can make a positive difference in your future.

14. The damage has been done, hearts have been torn apart. The pain is eternal and consuming but, it will not last long.

15. The best way to forget your past is to forgive and let go of what’s hurt you. Doing this will open up the possibility of happiness. So take the pain from those memories and use it constructively. It will teach you how to start off in a better place.

16. Whether you’ve come from a broken family, been hurt by the words of someone you trusted and depended on, or, have gone through a divorce, eventually, you have to let go of the anger and resentment.

17. We all have rough days, but that’s no reason to stop trying. When the going gets tough, it’s time to put on your gloves and fight back.

18. The damage has been done, I can’t roll back that clock. Just have to accept that it’s time to move on.

19. Forget the past and, you will feel like a new person. Make memories, not pain. You can’t erase memories. You can’t erase what you’ve gone through. Forget the damage done and start again. Forgive yourself and others who may have hurt you and turn that page of your life.

20. They have hurt you a lot by doing that but, you have to look ahead. It’s time to focus on your life and be useful. Don’t let them win. Think about what you are going to do with your life and focus on that.

21. Healing doesn’t mean the damage never excited, it means that the damage no longer controls your life.

22. The damage has been done, my heart has been torn. My life has become a mess and, my mind is full of doubt. When alone, I grow weak, and then I realize I just have to keep moving.

23. It’s possible to go on, no matter how impossible it seems now. You’re alive for a reason. Don’t waste time trying to get even. If you spend your time hating someone, you don’t have time to love someone.

24. Sometimes we think we know what’s best for us, but it turns out we don’t actually have control over our lives. We can’t always plan for the future or predict how our plans will turn out in reality. How we react when things don’t go our way can be really hard at times, but there’s always hope that things will get better someday if we keep moving forward with positivity instead of letting negativity take over our thoughts and actions each day.

25. Everyone’s been hurt. Everyone’s had a terrible experience. It’s just that some of us want to turn our lives around, whereas others act like victims forever.

26. Life is really too good to be wasted worrying about something you can’t change.

27. It may be hard to move on but you have already won, things can’t get worse than this. Get up and move on as a stronger person who will never look back again

28. Thinking about your past mistakes can be a painful process, but it can be cathartic as well. When you’ve made a mistake, understanding what went wrong is the first step towards avoiding the same mistake again. One of the most difficult parts of living is not that we run out of time but that we waste it so needlessly. Wasted time feels like emptiness because it is emptiness.

29. Life can be tough but, you’re tougher. Go on and show it who’s boss.

30. In order to heal, you have to let go of the past. Move on and, forgive yourself so you can experience a better life.

31. In order to forget the past you need to forgive. You need to let go of what’s hurt you but not forget what it taught you. You can’t go back and change the beginning, but you can start where you are and change the ending.

32. Have you ever bitten off more than you can chew? Perhaps you put all your eggs in one basket and it didn’t turn out quite as you hoped. It doesn’t matter what the problem is, learning from your failure is the best way to improve. You need a way to learn from your mistakes and move on with your life.

33. Life can be hard on you. But it’s important to always keep trying. When the damage is done and times get tough, you just have to hop back up and keep going.

34. Holding on to previous mistakes will only cause you further pain. It’s time to move on, let go and be happy. You have been through so much. You deserve more happiness than this. It may seem too late to start again, but it is never too late to start over.

35. You can’t go back and change what has happened, but you can choose to forgive and let go of past hurts. Doing so will help you move forward in life with a positive attitude.

36. We can all get discouraged at times, but this is how life works. No one ever wins in a final. You can decide to take things as they come and gain a new perspective as you go through life.

37. You can’t undo the past, but you can certainly choose not to repeat it.

38. Forget the past and pave your way to a better future. A future full of happy memories and, sunlight rays that warm your soul. Create memories full of happiness and joy. Visualize yourself holding onto warmness during those winter nights instead of cuddling up in sadness.

39. Give yourself the gift of letting go. The burden you carry from holding on to grudges, regrets, pain and shame can hold you back from living your life.

40. There will be moments in your past which you’d rather forget. Because of this, it can be tempting to retreat from life, close yourself off from the world and give in to self-pity. Maybe your depression is always there, like a dark cloud that you struggle to see past. Maybe it comes and goes. Whatever your experience of depression, there is always hope for recovery. Trusting in your capacity for resilience and strength can help you take action towards building a more positive and fulfilling future.

41. We all go through rough patches and tough times. The important thing is to learn from these experiences and make something useful out of them. You can always make something worthwhile out of your misfortune.

42. The past cannot be changed. The future is yet in your power.

43. It’s better to move on and start a new chapter in your life than to hold on to the past and be stuck in the same old routine.

44. Don’t let the damage done hold you back in life. Whether it is a broken heart or something more physical, moving on, moving forward and, peeling back the layers of grief is the only way to get out of the sadness and back into life again. What lies ahead is all up to you.

45. Everyone understands how tough it can be when things get serious, but no matter what life throws your way, there’s always a way forward.

46. Sometimes, it takes a hurtful experience to make us change our ways or even to help us see things in a new light. Our life stories are not meant to be lived lying down. It’s time to step up and keep on moving.

47. You’ve spent years searching for your purpose, so don’t get distracted along the way. Everything you experience is preparing you for what you asked for, so don’t waste this opportunity. It’s all worth it in the end.

48. Sometimes life throws you into a mix of bad luck and bad choices, and at those times, it’s hard to overcome those feelings of hopelessness.

49. We all feel like we’re struggling at times. Life can be hard and overwhelming, but it’s a journey we’re all going on together.

50. You only get one life. It’s your duty to live it as fully as possible. You don’t need a new car or clothes or expensive shoes to do that. You just have to understand that every day, each moment, is a miracle. One that you should never waste or take for granted.

51. Do not let the damage done paralyze you, it is preparing you for the future. Focus on the lesson, not the pain. This is a part of your purpose.

52. The way you deal with pain and pressure can define who you are as a person, don’t make it your downfall.

53. Sometimes, when things go wrong, we tend to blame ourselves and think, “why did I do this?” or “if only I hadn’t done that”. This negativity can be overwhelming and confusing to deal with. We know you’re strong enough to get through any obstacle or challenge you face, so hang your head up high and know that tomorrow is another day.

54. Start where you are and change the ending. You can’t go back and change the beginning but, with forgiveness, letting go and, changing your thoughts, anything is possible.

55. Get clear on what you want and go for it. Everything happens for a reason, remember that. Use everything that happens to help you get closer to your goals.

56. You can’t undo the things that have happened to you, but you can always control the way you feel about yourself.

57. Nothing has the power to break you like your own thoughts. You cannot control what happens to you, but you can always control what you will feel and do about what happens to you.

58. Sometimes the best way to move forward is to forget what happened in the past, even if the memories linger. Forgive those who have wronged you and focus your energy on starting a happy new life.

59. The only way to manifest your dreams is by seeing yourself on the other side of difficulty. That’s the law of attraction.

60. Whether you’re facing challenges in business or love, your thoughts may have the greatest power over your success or failure. Focus on the positive, and you will reach the heights of success. Or use negative thinking to destroy everything that matters to you.

61. Sometimes life beats you up, but that’s no reason to let yourself get beat down. When the going gets tough, you’ve got to dust yourself off and start again.

62. You cannot control the behaviours of others, you can only control how you choose to react to them.

63. Remember that the greatness of your success will depend on how well you manage to overcome your trials. Think about the lessons you are learning now, and use them to set successful goals in the future.

64. I know I’m not the only one who feels this way, but I feel like my life has been struggling for a long time. Not a day goes by when I don’t think about giving up on everything I’ve got going for me.

65. Bad things happen, but don’t let them get you down. Remember, life sometimes gives you a second chance.

66. The greatest glory in living lies not in never falling, but in rising every time we fall.

67. It’s important that you don’t give up now. Use this as an opportunity to learn and get closer to success. Think about the lessons you’re learning, and use them to set successful goals in the future.

68. Even when life seems to be at its most unfair – the only thing you can control is how you respond. It’s your resilience and ability to find positivity in any situation that defines your mindset and ultimately, your reality.

69. How do you stay positive after the damage has been done? It’s not easy and It may seem like nothing is working but that doesn’t mean there are no ways to get back at it again. What matters most is staying true to yourself and your beliefs because this will help guide you through tough times like these.

70. Remember everything happens for a reason. Everything you are going through is preparing you for what you asked for. Do not focus on the pain, remember the purpose.

71. Remember that nothing is impossible. The damage done now may seem huge, but they are nothing compared to your goals. Not only will your present trials help you set successful goals in the future, but they will also give you the strength you need to make an impact on those around you.

72. It’s okay to feel lost, sad, and alone sometimes. These feelings are all-natural when damage has already been done. You don’t have to think about what’s next just yet. There’s a time for everything and now is your time to reflect. Don’t blame anyone, this is just a part of life.

73. You may have endured a loss, but don’t give up. There’s a brighter future ahead. Put one foot in front of the other and keep moving forward. Sometimes we blame others for our shortcomings when we should be looking inward to examine our true intentions. When you feel like giving up, take a moment to reflect on your past, present, and future.

74. If you are stuck thinking about the past, it’s keeping you from moving forward towards your goals.

75. You may be having a difficult time now dealing with the damage done, but this hard work will pay off once you overcome and achieve the dreams you want for yourself.

76. Everything happens for a reason and there is always tomorrow. All we can do is live in the present moment and appreciate each day as it comes.

77. We all experience sadness and frustration from time to time. It’s important, especially during these difficult moments, to step back and reflect on what matters most in life.

78. Not everyone is fortunate enough to suffer from a traumatic event in his life. You are one of the lucky ones, and you can use these triumphant moments to propel you into further greatness.

79. Forget about the damage done and look forward to a brighter future. You will be more happy and motivated. You will have more time to do the things you love rather than compare yourself to others or dwell on past mistakes.

80. Trials grow our character and help us achieve our life’s goals. You can’t win the lottery without buying a ticket.

81. It’s a good idea to spend time looking back at your past so you can learn from it. But it’s better to spend those same moments thinking about your future and planning for it.

82. Life is pain. It’s not perfect, it’s full of frustration and messiness. But it’s through being vulnerable, being flawed, that we become great.

83. If you’re going through a difficult time, it means that something better is coming. Focus on the good things in life and everything will fall into place. Stay positive.

84. When life gets hard, we have a tendency to quit or give up. But don’t do it! It means that better things are on their way. Be optimistic and you will flourish.

85. In life, we must experience pain to appreciate the good times. It’s what makes our victories so rewarding.

86. When you focus your thoughts and feelings on the good things in life, they multiply. The more you believe that all will be well, the more your life will become amazing.

87. The biggest key to your success is how well you deal with challenges and use them to refine your mission. Learn from the damage done and use it to set achievable goals for tomorrow.

88. Life is short. Live it to the fullest by understanding each day, even the one that came with trails. Each moment is a miracle, never waste or take it for granted.

89. Your successes in the past may be due to learning from your failures. Your future successes will depend on how you manage your trials now.

90. You’re stronger than you think. Even when it feels like your entire world has fallen apart, you can rebuild it from the ground up.

91. If you hope to succeed in life, you must learn to persevere in the face of adversity. Make it your mission to grow and improve whenever possible.

92. You might have suffered damages in life that made you sad, frustrated, or disappointed. But it is important to take the opportunity to use these experiences as inspiration and motivation. Learn from them and make progress toward a better future.

93. Often, our greatest obstacles are the stepping stones to success. Don’t give up. You have the ability to succeed in a big way and impact your community—but only if you overcome this challenge and use it as fuel for positive action.

94. Growth requires pain. Don’t believe me? Try and think of one time when there wasn’t some sort of emotional or mental price to pay when you sought something unfamiliar or new. Moving forward in life isn’t always easy, yet it’s so incredibly necessary.

95. It’s simple. Winning is fun and it can be a great motivator, but it’s how you handle defeat that defines your character.

96. As with every sunrise, comes a new beginning. A new day to make things right and begin anew. Achieving our goals is possible when we move forward with a positive attitude and give our best shot at it.

97. We may not like it all the time, but pain can be a good thing. It teaches us to be better and more motivated in our everyday lives.

98. If you’ve been going through a difficult time lately, know that something better is on its way. Keep your chin up and focus on the good in your life, and everything else will fall into place. Stay optimistic, and everything will work out

99. We need to experience the pain of sadness before we can appreciate the joy of courage. We must travel through discomfort to appreciate comfort and satisfaction.

100. You can’t let the damage done bring you down. It is designed to test you and make you stronger. When you go through a difficult time, it means that better things are coming.

I hope these quotes help you realize that moving forward in life will always come with trials and some can cause you real damage. But going through hard times means better things are ahead.

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