The Servant Leader is Servant First Quotes

The Servant Leader is Servant First Quotes

Being a leader is not about being in front; it’s about being behind. A good leader must be a good servant first. If you are capable of serving others, you can be a good leader.

Being behind does not mean you must remain silent or can’t do something. A real servant always acts with care, patience and kindness. Serving is done with no expectation of something in return.

Being a good leader is more about serving your members than telling them what to do; a good leader is a selfless servant.

Leaders must be first to serve. As a leader, to be successful or ineffective, one must be willing to serve first and ask for recognition later.

Below are the servant leader is servant first quotes. Enjoy!

The Servant Leader is A Servant First Quotes

A good leader must be a good servant first. It is not enough to be a capable manager; he must also be a capable servant. A servant-leader serves first, with the spontaneous and genuine attitude of giving aid.

1. There are many ways to be a good leader, but there is only one way to be a good servant. By serving first, we prepare the soil in which others can grow and blossom.

2. Servant first leadership is the kind of leadership people trust. If you want to be the leader, you have to be a good servant first.

3. Good leaders must be good servants first, which is the ideal we should all strive to reach. We may not always succeed, but it should be our goal.

4. Leaders must be a servant first. Followers will only gain trust and followership under the protection of a good leader.

5. Leadership is about the quality of moral and ethical values. Great leaders are those who serve their followers first.

6. The best leaders don’t just tell others what to do; they serve first.

7. Leaders with great vision are not consumed by themselves but by others. In short, a great leader isn’t selfish; they must truly love to serve.

8. A good leader must be a good servant first. So if you want to be a good leader, serve others.

9. A good servant leader must serve so that he can lead. You cannot neglect your followers and expect them to trust you as their leader.

10. A good leader must be a good servant first. He must put his people above himself and place their interests above his own.

11. To be a good leader, one must first be a servant. If one is not a true servant, one will not be a good leader. A true servant is essential to leadership.

12. You can’t ride to glory upon the shoulders of your people. You’ve got to walk in front of them, and that’s what a leader is.

13. The best leaders are the ones who bring out the best in their followers.

14. A real servant leader is not a searcher for consensus but a moulder of consensus.

15. A good leader should be a servant at heart.

16. A good leader must be a good servant first. He cannot serve unless he is willing to serve others.

17. A leader must be a servant. He must serve his people. He cannot rise to power by the wrong means.

18. A good leader must be a true servant. A leader who does not serve cannot effectively lead.

19. A leader must be a servant to his followers and cannot allow himself to be served.

20. The best leaders are those humble enough to recognize their flaws and strong enough to overcome them.

21. A good leader must always act for the benefit of others; it is the only way he can lead properly. Else he is not a good leader but of selfish ambitions.

23. Being a servant leader is about being generous and giving yourself for the benefit of others.

24. If you want to be a leader and not just a boss, you have to care more about your people than you do about yourself.

25. Being a servant leader means being there for your followers. Gain their trust by putting their needs first.

26. A servant leader must first and foremost be a servant. Listen, observe and value your followers as much as you value your reputation.

27. A great leader loves his followers. He serves them compassionately, and in turn, they serve him whole-heartedly—without fear, without reservation.

28. Leadership is just as much about serving people as it is about leading them. Anyone can give orders; a true leader must be willing to help his followers succeed.

29. A true leader knows that being a leader is just as much about serving people as it is about leading them.

30. Good leaders are necessary, but a good leader isn’t always the one who gives the commands. Often it is the one who can help his followers accomplish the task.

31. True leadership is not about giving orders but serving those you lead.

32. Good leaders inspire, motivate and keep an eye on the big picture. It’s not just leading people; it’s serving them.

33. A servant leader is not someone who does something incredible; a true leader does something for others.

34. People and service are leaders’ highest priorities. Leaders can’t be rude or power-hungry—in an organization where people work together toward a common goal, every individual is important.

35. Leadership is about empowering others; it’s about making them feel like they’re a part of the team and that their voice is important.

36. The secret to being a good servant leader is to serve more than you ask of others.

37. The secret to being a good leader is to set an example for your followers and give more than you expect in return.

38. If you want to be a good leader, remember that it’s not about you—it’s about your team and serving them. After all, they may be the ones who have to live with your decisions—both good and bad.

39. A true servant leader is someone willing to listen and serve. Everyone needs a leader they can trust, just like they need a friend or family.

40. True leadership is not about telling others what to do. True leadership is about serving others to become better at what they do.

41. Being a great leader is about inspiring and serving others because the best leaders put the needs of others before their own.

42. To be a servant leader, you must make other people’s success your focus. Put their needs above your own.

43. A leader is someone who shows more interest in the success of others than in their own needs.

44. To be a good leader, you must understand your followers, too.

45. As a leader, it’s your job to take care of others. You will find a way to inspire them to follow you by serving others.

46. A good leader is a servant. While building a strong team and achieving success, a leader must always be concerned about his people’s needs.

47. A good leader will think not only about himself but also about his followers. Figuring out what is best for the herd is one way to show concern for those around you.

48. A leader without followers is only a person with an opinion. Without those to follow, it’s just another voice crying in the wilderness.

49. A leader must be willing to serve his people, lift them and help them reach their greatest potential.

50. A good leader must always be there for his team. He must be ready to listen and advise.

51. If you want to be a great leader, lead yourself first. Lead from the front, not from the back. Serve your organization as if it was your family.

52. Leadership is like a string of pearls: the rest will be of no use when one link fails.

53. A good leader must be a good servant first. Serving others before yourself; focusing on making those around them better and happier.

54. A good leader must be initially a good servant.

55. A good leader must serve first; good leadership requires a servant’s heart.

56. A good leader must first servant his people because a leader is only as good as his people make him.

57. A great leader should begin as a great follower.

58. A good leader must be able to relate to their team. A good manager serves their subordinates before they demand anything from their team members.

59. The best leaders are not necessarily the ones who take charge, but instead, the ones who serve a purpose. They serve their teams and inspire them to perform better than before.

60. A good leader must be humble and always ready to serve. A great leader goes out of his way to help others achieve their potential and bring them along on the ride to success.

61. A servant leader must be able to serve and lead. They are not a groupie or a fan; a leader makes everything work.

62. Leadership is not just a job; it is a choice. A good leader must be a servant at heart.

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