Too Busy Building My Empire Quotes

Too Busy Building My Empire Quotes

Most people want to be successful. They want to build empires, conquer the market or make millions. But most of them are too busy thinking and talking about it without taking any action.

When you set out to build an empire, you have to get busy and be very intentional about what you want to create. You have to focus on everything you need to do to achieve your goals.

When you build an empire, things will quickly get in the way. Challenges will arise, but you have to focus on the bigger picture because failure is not an option. You are no longer worried about yourself or your needs but rather that of your business’s future and what it has to offer the world. It wouldn’t be easy, but your success will be worth it.

Building an empire takes a lot of time and effort. For this reason, you need to forget all the distractions, get busy and focus on your goal. Here are too busy building my empire quotes to encourage you.

Too Busy Building My Empire Quotes

I have decided that I am going to live my life to the fullest. I am here for the long haul and don’t want to waste my time doing things I don’t enjoy. Nothing will stand in my way of inputting more effort towards achieving my long-time goal of building a gigantic empire.

1. I am too busy building my empire. I am too busy getting my life together, working on myself and being the best version of me that can ever exist.

2. I am too busy building my empire; I can’t deal with people who are not interested in business and want to waste my time.

3. I am too busy building my empire to be bothered with anything else.

4. I don’t want to wake up another day and waste my time doing nothing. I want to better myself and my future. I am not going to live this life in fear. I will rise above it, as high as possible and build an empire.

5. I am too busy building my empire to be bothered by others. I have everything that I have ever wanted and more. Nothing left for me except to get bigger, richer and more successful.

6. I am too busy building my empire to pay attention to the negative things about me.

7. I am too busy building my empire to worry about what I will do if someone decides I am useless to them anymore.

8. I am too busy building my empire to worry about what others think of me.

9. I am too busy building my empire. I don’t care what other people think of me because I already know how great I am.

10. I am too busy building my empire to have time for any intimate relationship.

11. Successful people don’t have time to waste; they are too busy being productive and building their empires.

12. Live your dream; live every moment of it. Work hard and keep going until your dreams become a reality. When you’re building an empire, there is no time for distractions.

13. When you are too busy building an empire to take a break and smell the roses, you will burn out if you don’t slow down, get some air and spend some time doing things that nourish your soul.

14. If you are too busy building an empire to enjoy the little things in life, then you’re missing out on the best life offers.

15. Sometimes, we become too busy building our own empires that we fail to see the beauty in others.

16. You will not get anywhere in life unless you stop making excuses and taking action.

17. I am too busy building my empires. The one that will put me on the global map makes me wake up early every morning feeling on top of the world, knowing I am on the right track.

18. Life is too short to waste time thinking about other people’s thoughts.

19. I am too busy building an empire to stop and smell the roses.

20. Sometimes, you need to slow down and smell the roses. Don’t get caught up in building an empire or, you’ll miss out on true happiness.

21. When you’re too busy building an empire to take time to appreciate a beautiful sunset or the people around you, then something is wrong.

22. If you stand on the sidelines, you’ll never know whether you will have won or lost. So get in the game.

23. When you start to build your empire, and someone throws a big rock in front of you, don’t let it stop you. Keep moving and keep building.

24. As you grow your business and try to build an empire, don’t forget that life happens. It’s important to find a balance between your work and personal life. Always consider when you need a break because this will help you succeed in any endeavour.

25. It’s not about how busy you are; it’s about how you manage your time. You can be busy building an empire and still have time to help others. You will end up with a better empire than you ever imagined.

26. Sometimes, we get so busy building our personal empires that we forget to recognize the beauty in what surrounds us.

27. Too busy building a life for myself to get caught up in the drama of others.

28. I am busy making memories and creating beautiful, meaningful and important things. I am building my empire.

29. A life filled with happiness, purpose and gratitude is one where you are busy making a life for yourself.

30. Life is too short to worry about what other people think. Never stop dreaming, and never lose sight of your goals.

31. I am too busy building my own life to waste time living someone else’s.

32. We all have one chance at life. Make the most of it, be happy and never regret the mistakes you made because they were what made you who you are today.

33. There’s never enough time to do everything, but the important thing is not to waste time doing nothing.

34. Building an empire is good, but don’t let that get the best of you. Once in a while, take some time off, relax and enjoy your life.

35. I am too busy building a life for myself to think about yours. I am learning, growing and pursuing my dreams. I am on a mission, chasing my goals, and busy living my life.

36. Don’t be too busy building an empire you forget to enjoy life.

37. I’ll never stop getting better because there’s too much to do. The world doesn’t owe you anything, but you can make it yours for the taking.

38. Don’t get too busy building an empire to stop once in a while and thank those that have helped you along the way.

39. A life worth living is not one you are so busy building; it’s one where you stop and enjoy every moment along the way.

40. If you get too busy building an empire for yourself, you might miss out on the life you’ve been looking for.

41. The most productive people are too busy being productive to be distracted by outside noise.

42. Growing and nurturing a business is not easy, but it can be rewarding. By putting our time and efforts into creating something that we are proud of, we can build our confidence, gain experience and have the freedom to do what we love.

43. I wake up every morning knowing I am the architect of my destiny.

44. We are all busy building our own empires. The difference between those who succeed and those who fail is that the successful ones don’t quit.

45. I am busy creating the life I deserve, and I invite you to do the same.

46. I like that you take control of your own life and never let others control what you do.

47. I am too busy building my empire. I wouldn’t have time to waste on making others happy.

48. Your only limits are the ones you create in your mind. So reach for the sky and grab on tightly and when you feel like giving up, hold onto that dream and fight even harder.

49. I am too busy building my empire; I do not worry about what others do. I create what I want to work on, make it a success and then move on to the next.

50. It’s all about you, your dreams and your goals. Never allow others to make them unimportant by telling you this is not the right time.

51. You will never get the work done if you spend too much time worrying about what others think. Build your empire, and don’t waste time worrying about others.

52. If you want to be a success, build your own empire and don’t live at the mercy of others.

Having gone through these too busy building my empire quotes, I hope you have realised that it can be accomplished if you put your mind to creating the life you want. Let me know your thought in the comment section.

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