Traitor Quotes and Sayings

Traitor Quotes and Sayings

Can you think of something viler than the traitor? A traitor is someone who betrays the trust and faith of another person or group—someone who betrays his own country, family or friends and leaves it in the hands of its enemies. If you betray your country, family, friends, colleagues or people who look up to you, you’re a traitor and nothing short of that.

These traitor quotes and sayings describe the traitor or a similar situation or thought. Normally, a traitor means someone who has betrayed their own country or side but nowadays, the term has been broadened to include anyone that stabs trusted people in the back.

These traitor quotes and sayings are meant to indicate the seriousness of that act or the consequences that may result from it if not stopped.

Traitor Quotes and Sayings

The only treason in this world is to betray what you believe in, how you feel and how you were made to feel. The life of the traitor is full of suffering and heartbreak. But the reward for the traitor is an enemy that becomes his greatest tool of influence.

1. The real traitor is the person who betrays someone else, not someone who betrays themselves. The only thing worse than a traitor is a traitor who gets caught. A traitor is always a little bit of a victim.

2. You don’t have to be a traitor to believe that treason is sometimes justifiable. Never betray your friends. They don’t deserve it. The truth is never clear. The lies are always complicated.

3. A traitor is someone who preaches one thing, practices another, and hopes no one notices. A traitor betrays his trust and confidence, especially for some selfish advantage.

4. Traitors are never secure, no matter how righteous their cause is. You can be a traitor to your cause, but don’t ever betray the ones who believed in you.

5. Traitors have never formed a line or a column nor intend to. They’re already defeated before you can say where everyone can hear it. Anyone can betray a friend, but it takes a traitor to betray a friend in the middle of the night.

6. When you betray someone, don’t forget that you’re betraying yourself, too. A traitor is never ready to come forward and tell the truth

7. Traitors are always found in high places. Being a traitor is not always easy. But there’s nothing like doing what’s right, even when it costs you.

8. Traitors may take every precaution to hide their betrayal, but it will always be out. A traitor’s heart is cold and dead. There is no love in it, no truth, and no loyalty.

9. A traitor is someone who betrays their spirit, character and belief system. Traitors are the cruellest and foremost, most t fearsome creatures as they stab and strike their kind in the back.

10. A traitor is someone who aids and or betrays his or her country by various means, most often by giving secrets that he or she was entrusted with to another entity.

11. A traitor betrays his trust and his comrades. Betrayal is the kiss of death: it is the traitor who dies, never knowing whom to trust.

12. Do not be a traitor. A traitor is someone who betrays other people he has been trusted as trusted were his own. A traitor may also betray himself by hurting himself or others in the process.

13. A traitor never dies. A traitor’s legacy grows with every breath he takes. To betray someone is to betray yourself. Always remember this rule of thumb, and you’ll never make a mistake that could haunt you for life.

14. When a traitor speaks, we should remember that they betray their blood and kin. Traitors don’t wear red, but they will always be remembered.

15. A traitor is a person who betrays, surrenders, and puts their interest before the general good. Be a loyalist and stay away from traitors!

16. You can never go right with a traitor. A traitor is someone who betrays others for personal gain. Traitors live in the shadows, but they still ruin it for everyone.

17. There’s no such thing as a good traitor. There are only bad ones, and the rest of us choose to believe in the system instead of setting it on fire.

18. A traitor is a person who betrays or violates the trust or confidence of another. Traitors always get caught. Eventually, they betray the one they thought was loyal to them, and it’s all downhill from there.

19. Traitors often benefit from what they do, but that does not necessarily make them guilty. A traitor is a person who breaks faith in his or her government and joins the enemy.

20. The term “traitor” is usually applied to someone who commits treason. A traitor is considered to betray a nation by aiding its enemies in times of conflict, such as during wartime; however, this is not always the case.

21. A friend will help you move; an acquaintance will help you move a body. The only good traitor is a dead traitor!

22. A traitor is the most despicable of men because he betrays the trust of his friends, and no one has a greater number of these than the king.”

23. A traitor is worse than a murderer in that he destroys the lives of many. A traitor is the most unpopular man in his own country.”

24. The very word “treachery” smells of death and terror. It sounds like the crackling of flames or the gnashing of teeth.

25. It is better to be loyal to oneself than to be a traitor to others. It is better, to be honest than to be dishonest. It is better to be true than untrue.

26. A traitor betrays only his friends; an honest man betrays only himself. A traitor is a man who kills his country’s faith in him.

27. You can only be loyal to two things at once. Your mother, and your country. So choose wisely.

28. The worst traitor is the one who doesn’t know he is one. It is not the traitor who is the enemy of the people; it is the traitor who pretends to betray the people.

29. A man who won’t die for something is not fit to live. Traitors will always be hated, and their lies will always be exposed.

30. Traitor: The worst kind of person to have around. Traitors will be traitors. Let’s move on and let history be the judge. Traitors never prosper.

31. You don’t have to be a traitor to love me. You’re always going to be in my heart. Traitors may be rewarded, but they should never be forgiven.

32. What’s the difference between friends and traitors? Friends are loyal, but traitors are disloyal. A traitor is a person who betrays another to hurt them

32. There’s no place in this world for traitors, now or ever. Traitors will lose everything, but their traitors won’t cost them anything. You can’t trust a traitor.

34. Traitors never prosper. You can’t trust a traitor. The real traitor is the one who betrays his own heart. If you’re not careful, you’ll become a traitor like the rest.

35. A traitor is someone who breaks your trust. They might act like your friend, but they’re your enemy. Watch out for these two-faced people!

36. Don’t be a traitor. Be a champion. A traitor is an agent with a hidden agenda. A traitor has no loyalty to anyone except himself, even if it means betraying us all.

37. Traitors don’t just betray the people they like. They also betray those who trust them. Just because they’re your friends doesn’t mean they’re not traitors.

38. A traitor is a man who has so far forgotten his principles that he would sell his family and friends for a few pieces of silver.

39. There are no good traitors and no bad ones. It’s all a matter of perspective; some betray for love, others for hate, but we won’t begrudge you for going with the latter.

40. The only thing worse than a traitor is a traitor who wants to be your friend. A traitor betrays their side — not just once but repeatedly

41. Traitors aren’t always traitors for money or power. Sometimes they’re just people who hate their life and what it stands for, and that’s something we all share.

42. The greatest traitors in history have always gotten away with it. The very essence of traitors is that they know how to keep their betrayal hidden—something that should be a warning for all of us.

43. Being a traitor doesn’t mean you are evil. It just means you were thinking about yourself more than your country.

44. Traitors are never faithful. They always have another plan. The greatest traitor is the one who tells himself: “I have no choice; I must do it.

45. It’s not hard to betray people you love. It’s not hard at all. I need two things: a reason and plenty of time. Some people will always be traitors—others need a shove in the right direction.

46. The only thing worse than a fool is a traitor, and the only thing worse than a traitor is a fool that thinks he’s one.

47. Life is a traitor. It has nothing to do with how you live it and everything to do with your choices.

48. Traitors get paid. Traitors deserve medals. Traitors are heroes. The worst thing a traitor does is betray. The second worst thing is to be betrayed by someone you trusted.

49. Traitors never win – only the people they betray. Being a traitor is hard. It takes more than just the chance to betray. It takes all the courage you can muster.

50. Traitors fail to recognise the difference between loyalty and betrayal. Traitors don’t need a cause. They need a target and a conscience.

Are you feeling betrayed by someone? Do you want to hurt them as badly as they hurt you? I believe that these traitor quotes and sayings were exactly what you needed to vent your anger, express your pain and make yourself feel better.

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