Visual Artist Quotes

Visual Artist Quotes

Who are visual artists? Visual artists are people who work in an artistic field and use visual tools to express themselves. This includes painters, photographers, printmakers, sculptors, illustrators and digital developers.

Before the invention of the camera, all of the visual arts were captured and displayed solely through the human hand. Modern technology has allowed for a new medium of digital art to develop and evolve into something beautiful.

The art of visual communication is the embracing of aesthetics and ethics in the creation of images that can be interpreted and received by a designated audience. It is imperative that an image is visually appealing and delivers a compelling message while staying within appropriate ethical boundaries.

Visual artists do best when they can bring their vision to life because sometimes a picture is worth so much more than one thousand words. They can connect with people especially. The world is covered in scenes and objects, each one telling a story or evoking an emotion, whether it’s a result of the artist’s will or subconscious process.

Visual artists can see things that most of us could never imagine. They can recreate, remake and rejuvenate sculptures, paintings, and sketches. They can create from their imagination or from shadowing something close to them (people, places and animals). The range of possibilities is endless for these artists.

There are famous quotes about visual artists that you should check out. The following is an amazing and inspirational collection of visual artist quotes you should see.

Visual Artist Quotes

Visual artists can transform words into shapes, colours, and forms; to create great silence where there had been noise, to awaken us from the slumber of indifference to a newly infused sensibility and vision.

1. Visual artists have a unique way of seeing the world, and their art can completely turn your mood around.

2. Visual artists have a way of seeing things that most people miss. They have a point of view which is uniquely their own.

3. A visual artist is somebody who uses the lens of a camera to give voice to whatever emotion they are feeling at that time.

4. The creative path is never a straight line. No one becomes an artist overnight. For the visual artist, life is like a series of eye-opening, self-revealing adventures.

5. Art is a living thing. Over one hundred artists with over a decade of experience have created new and exciting works just for us.

6. Visual artists are full of inspiration, but it can be hard to tell what they’re thinking.

7. A visual artist must begin with a blank canvas, a piece of paper, or a stone. Anything can inspire them.

8. A true visual artist does not need colour, line, mechanical skill, or anything else. His sense of truth will tell him what to do.

9. To the artist, life is a blank canvas to be painted on. To the non-artist, life is a finished painting which occasionally needs re-painting.

10. Visual art is a language that speaks to the individual. A good painting is equivalent to a good phrase or sentence or an interesting word, and it can be wonderful to work with someone who has mastered this visual language.

11. Being a visual artist isn’t about what you want to say, it’s about saying something that’s never been said.

12. Visual artists are the antennae of society. They invent what normal humans would never think of.

13. Behind every great visual artist is an even greater bottle of wine.

14. Everywhere a visual artist looks, there is a secret world to be discovered.

15. We are all artists of one kind or another. Visual artists make the world a more interesting place.

26. What visual artists do is that they translate what they feel.

27. The way a visual artist sees the world is not how everyone else sees it. They see the colour and composition, they feel the passion and emotion.

28. There is a creative force in every visual artist, and my goal is to be the conduit.

29. Visual art is a passion. Be true to your passion and the rest will follow.

30. Visual art is a language through which we can see beyond what has met the eye.

31. Visual art should comfort the disturbed and disturb the comfortable. It’s about imperfections; it’s about seeing things differently.

32. Visual artists are dreamers with a pencil, paintbrush, or camera. If I could describe my style in one word, it would be “visual.”

33. Visual art is a road that never ends. It’s not something you get and then stop. You need to keep going. To drag yourself along, step by step, and this is all about a flow of inspiration and the development of your eye.

34. As an artist you may have a voice, but it isn’t your voice until you ―own it― and only you can own it.

35. Art is an intellectual and emotional process. The intellect seeks to organize sensory information into concepts, while emotion plays a critical role in moving art-making beyond concept.

36. We live in a culture of images, so it’s no surprise that the world’s most successful artists are also master communicators. They use words to create visual images. The visual artists—and the exceptional communicators—are the ones who need to be studied and copied.

37. Visual artists are the best communicators of their time and place. If you look at their work and see a meaning, then it’s there.

38. Visual artists don’t create. It is the urge to create that creates them.

39. To be a painter you need to borrow from many different sources. And then you have to put it all together.

40. For there are no secrets. All visual art is a confession, more or less oblique.

41. Visual artists, painters and sculptors, capture moments from the world around them.

42. The worlds within the painting are not the same worlds that one can find outside. They are stronger, more powerful, more alive, but less visible. And the opposite is also true—the world in front of me is not the same as the one in my painting.

43. Visual artists are thinkers, dreamers and doers. They inspire us to live our best lives!

44. Visual art is a unique way to express yourself.

45. 45. Visual artists change the way we see the world every day. It is through their eyes that we could appreciate art and it is also through art that we are capable of seeing things in a new light.

46. As a visual artist, I need my brain to be in high gear. My thinking and training are as serious as my art.

47. Our favourite artists often use vibrant colours to express their passion. Let your passion spill over into everything you create.

48. Art should be an invisible part of your everyday life, like a great pair of glasses or a well-tailored coat. It’s an essential part of how you see yourself.

49. Visual artists prove that creativity is a gift.

50. A visual artist can’t be great without a touch of madness.

As had been mentioned earlier, visual artists are special people. They can change the world with a single stroke. If you write about art, then you’re artists too, sort of. If you’re a visual artist and want to be inspired, then the quotes here should not be far from you! If you are a lover of visual art and want quotes for inspiration and compliments, these quotes are for you too.

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