Wedding Anticipation Quotes

Wedding Anticipation Quotes

Weddings are exciting and stressful at the same time. The desire to marry someone whom you love and respect is exceedingly strong, and that desire leads to stress and, sometimes, anxiety. As a wedding approaches, couples often dream about what their big day will look like. From dresses to flowers to food, everything seems to fall into place when a couple can picture it all.

However, stress often creeps in during the planning process, and one of the most stressful times is when the big day is coming. Couples often think about guests, saving money, and where to seat everyone—all while trying to keep everyone happy.

No matter the date you fixed for your wedding, you can count on being flooded with advice from well-meaning friends and family. But one piece of advice that’s often given is to avoid exuberant spending on any element of the wedding.

So much goes into planning the perfect wedding, and many couples can pull their hair out, trying to make sure that everything goes smoothly. But instead of worrying about what could go wrong and getting caught up in the wedding jitters, why not look forward to the big day? Check out these beautiful wedding anticipation quotes.

Wedding Anticipation Quotes

The wedding countdown seems like fun, and there’s no doubt about it. I’ll love you forever. My love for you is a commitment of decades down the line. My absolute and unchanging love for you is why my anticipation of our wedding day is on a higher octave. I adore you; you are my priceless treasure.

1. I love you so much my heart wants to burst at the seams. Countdown to our wedding day; I can’t wait till I am officially yours forever.

2. People think I’m patient, nothing more. My patience is wearing thin as I look forward to our wedding day. I can’t wait till we are joined together in marital bliss. You mean the world to me.

3. Love is looking into the beautiful eyes of your soulmate and being enamoured. Love for you makes my heart thump crazily as I await the day you’ll be forever mine. Love you, my darling bae.

4. The day I met you, I knew you were the one. You were so warm and kind; you made my heart sing. I knew you were the one right away. I can’t wait for the moment you’ll say “I do”. I can’t wait to look into your captivating eyes with nothing but adoration in mine. I’m eagerly awaiting our wedding day.

5. Love is like the wind, it can never be held down, but it grows on you. Love makes the heart grow and makes the day seem bright. It makes one forget his/her pain and gives one wing to fly high. I love you, bae. I’m looking forward to being forever yours.

6. My love for you is strong. I’m counting the days till we’ll be together forever. With every kiss, our love grows.

7. My love. Can’t you see? Our wedding day is drawing near. I wish it were closer. I can imagine that magical moment you’ll put your ring on my fingers, and I will reciprocate with so much love in my heart. Our future’s so bright, and it’s dazzling.

8. To my loving fiancee, how I’ve waited for you to be mine. I know the day is fast approaching, but I wish it were even closer. I can’t wait; you and me together, in love forever.

9. I can’t wait to marry the love of my life. Marrying you is a dream come true. My wedding day is a moment I won’t forget in a hurry.

10. Yeah, I can see you in my mind’s eye, my love. I can imagine you, looking breathtakingly beautiful, coming down the aisle on our wedding day.

11. I’m looking forward to the wedding, like a baby anticipating a special treat. I am nervous but excited, too. It’s the best feeling in the world, sticking through to the end, hoping that our love will last forever.

12. Once we say I do, saying “I love you” would be our vows. I will love you forever, and I said, “until death does us part. Realty jolts me out of my reverie: our wedding is weeks away, and I can hardly wait to be forever yours. I’m blessed to have you.

13. My God, what a day! We’re getting married soon! You will be the most beautiful bride ever. You will dazzle everyone like a dream that stepped out of a fairytale.

14. I’m giving my heart to you in a few days. I’ll be officially yours till eternity. I vow to love, honour, and respect you forever and ever.

15. To my fiancee: you are to my future what a diamond is to your ring. And the joy that awaits us is worth all the tears we’ve cried as we wait for our D day.

16. The wedding bells will ring with love in the air. Your dress is set already, so also is my suit. All we have to do is walk down the aisle and become one forever. I can’t wait, my love.

17. I’m so happy I’m floating in the air. The day has come; the time is here. It’s time to say “I do” to the love of my life.

18. I wish nothing on this night but to see my fiancé walk down the aisle and witness our love unite as one forever.

19. In your arms, I’m safe. In your eyes, I find true love. In your heart, I dwell like royalty. In your love, I glow. If I can, I will accelerate the hours to fast forward our wedding day.

20. The wise man sees in every cloud the hidden treasure of a happy chance. You are my happy place; I can’t wait to marry you. I adore you.

21. Our love is like a candle in the wind; it burns brighter. We are the keepers of this flame, and our love will grow over time. I can’t wait till you are mine forever.

22. The years roll by as we share a beautiful and uncommon love. As we wait for our day, I feel suddenly impatient. Our wedding is soon approaching, but it’s like taking forever. Meanwhile, I keep my fingers crossed and keep myself daydreaming, waiting for you to be mine till eternity.

23. You are my eternal love, my heartbeat, and the only light that shines brightly in the darkness. Marrying you is my wildest dream come true. As the wedding bells are poised to ring soon, I count the hours. Love is definitely in the air.

24. You are worth the wait, my darling. My happiness knows no bounds when I’m with you. I feel excited about planning every detail of our big day. The anticipation is sending shivers down my spine. The warmth of your love and the glow of your smile makes the wait bearable.

25. The joy of our wedding day is in anticipation of basking in the euphoria of your love for me.

26. I long for the wedding day, when all barriers will be broken, when all rationale melts away, and suddenly, you are mine.

27. I love you so much. I can’t wait till you become mine. I imagine how sweet it’ll feel to be yours. I’m looking forward to a lifetime with you. To hold you and kiss you, to stroke your hair, and to know whisper sweet nothings into your ears as the one that’s perfect for me!

28. I dream of days close by, of our wedding day. I want to lay with you, hold you, feel your heartbeat, smell your skin, feel your loving hands on me, feel your heartbeat and enjoy the blissful feeling of knowing you are all mine.

29. The best need ever is the wedding bells that will soon be ringing. Here’s to a happy ever after with the love of my life. I love you now and always.

30. They say love is a feeling, but for me, it’s a never-ending quest. As long as I have you in my sights, I’ll have that sweet feeling every day. I’m looking forward to our wedding day.

31. Finally, we are doing this; we are getting married soon. The excitement and exhilarating wedding anticipation are so magical that it’s almost unbelievable. Two jolly friends turned lovers are about to tie the knot. We’ll be together forever.

32. I can’t wait for our wedding day, it’ll be perfect in every way. Our love will be beautiful and endless.

33. No wedding jitters, just eagerness to be forever yours. The days I spend with you are full of anticipation and excitement. Reading our wedding vows is going to be so much fun.

34. You know what I look forward to most? Our wedding day, our honeymoon, and every single day with you in the forever blissful ship of love. My beautiful wifey and I.

35. They say love is blind, but I see in your eyes what tomorrow is bringing, and I wish the wedding day could be fast-tracked to welcome a great tomorrow with you forever.

36. Before I met you, I never dreamt that one day, I’d love anyone so much I’d feel like waiting not a day longer to marry. You are every shade of special. I admire you for your kind ways, your strength and your courage.

37. Old hearts are meant to be together forever; true love is meant to last till eternity, our marriage will never expire, and our wedding plans are on speed dial.

38. I love you with my whole heart. My darling future husband, you’re dapper stunning and a sight for sore eyes. I’m awaiting our
wedding with full anticipation of blissful matrimony!

39. It’s not about the chemistry, though we have enough to trigger a nuclear war. It’s not about the bond, though we have enough to glue us together till eternity. It’s about the love and pleasure we find in each other’s presence and wanting to be together every second, especially now our wedding is so close. I adore you.

40. It’s a dream come true, as the day approaches, that I will marry the love of my life. Our love is unique; our spark can ignite a stick of dynamite. Waiting is agony; I long to be yours forever.

41. I think about you every day, wondering how we first met. You walked into my life like a ray of light and transformed everywhere like the sunshine you are. I can see the beauty we are going to have together. But, first, our glorious wedding.

42. Wedding is in the air, the day we will make our wonderful love story official. I’m so proud of my fiance, who loves me and waits for me. We will make beautiful memories in our marriage.

43. I’m a bride-to-be, not so single, and ready to mingle with the love of life. Marrying you is all I’ve been thinking of, my Honeypie. Waiting for our wedding day has been the only thought on my mind for weeks.
And now, it’s finally time to say “YES”.

44. This is the beginning of the most beautiful story ever told, a story of pure love. A forever journey that will lead us to paradise.

45. My fiance, my soulmate, my everything, and all in all. The one who laughs at my silly jokes and holds my hand when I feel blue. I’m looking forward to magical life with you—a life of love and peace. But, first, our awesome wedding.

46. Wedding bells are ringing. The wedding is tomorrow. The ring will soon be on my finger. I can’t wait for you to walk down the aisle. I can’t wait to shower you with love and devotion. I adore you.

47. Be my bling, be my beauty queen, be my true love, be my bling-bling as we tie the knot and rock our future together.

48. As our wedding approaches, the anticipation builds up; the excitement hits the roof. Finally, you’ll be mine for all time!

49. Every single day, I remind myself it’s a matter of time, and we will be together as an unbeatable team. We’ll smash dreams and achieve the impossible together.

50. There’s nothing like the anticipation of a lifetime spent together, knowing much joy awaits. I cherish you to the moon and back.

51. Today is our wedding day; I’m so excited and nervous, too. Your love has inspired me to always do my best. Our day will be dreamy, but our home will be a heaven on earth.

52. You are my guiding light, love, and future. As our big day draws near, my excitement grows in leaps and bounds. Yippee! We’re getting married soon.

53. My darling husband to be, you’re my tall glass of sparkling delight. I adore you to the moon and back. You are my heartbeat; you always set my pulse racing and thumping wildly! My dearest wish is to love and be with you till eternity, even as we prepare for our glorious wedding. You are my all-time hero; I’ll cherish you forever!

54. Falling in love with you is easy peasy. Staying in love with you is peachy. You are so charming and irresistible, boo. I’m looking forward to being in love with you forever. Countdown to our wedding, already. I love you.

55. As our wedding day approaches, my patience is wearing thin. I can’t wait to call you mine forever.

56. Our wedding day seems forever away; the days are dragging slowly. Every day, I’m tempted to suggest we elope, but I’ll rather wait. You deserve the best wedding ceremony ever, my angel.

57. My adorable love, you mean the world to me. I love you very much. I can’t wait to marry you so I can show you in little and big ways how much I adore you. You’re the best!

58. Loving you forever is the deal. I am as crazy about you today as I’ve always been. I am so eager to make you mine officially. You are the centre of gravity of my very existence. I love you, Sugarpie.

59. You make me feel like a teenager falling in love for the first time. It’s sweet to know that the heart of the best angel is all mine, and it’ll be a thrill to go down the aisle with you. I will always cherish you.

60. My heartthrob, you’re the love of my life. Having you as the reigning king of my heart is my burning desire. I love you to bits, and I can hardly wait for our wedding and honeymoon: cross my heart.

61. Love is the strongest natural human drive and a powerful force. It’s an awesome feeling that gardens the heart and makes me look forward to our big day. As we wait for the wedding day, you will always be my choice.

62. If I could have a banquet for the months of anxious waiting for the wedding night, I would order the largest one ever. That’s how much I love you, and you’re worth all the wait.

63. I love you so much that I want to marry you right now, if it is possible, away from all the pomp and pageantry, fun and fanfare, just you and I. Exchanging our vows and loving each other forever.

64. As I kiss your face, I see my dreams coming true. I’ve waited for this day for so long; it seems surreal it’s happening soon. If I have to, I’ll wait for you till eternity. I’m glad I don’t have to wait that long to be wedded to you. My love for you keeps growing stronger, and I can’t wait to be with you.

65. I love you so much that waiting for our wedding day seems like torture. Even though I know you’ll still be mine, and I’m so excited for tomorrow, I won’t rest until it arrives. You rock my heart.

66. I’m a little worried about our wedding, but I’m sure that all will be well. Right now, I’m a little nervous, but I know that our wedding day will be all that I could hope for and much more. I love you.

67. The waiting is the hardest part. The best part of the plan is I want to bring the world to an end so we can get married and enjoy our marital bliss as two lovebirds.

68. I’m neither nervous nor jittery. I’m as calm as the sea because I love you so much. Our wedding day and glorious future are all I look forward to. I wish that you will not change; I hope your desire for me will still burn like a raging flame.

69. I love you so much, my sweetheart. Waiting for our wedding day is like a lifetime.

70. I love you so much, bae. It’s like torture waiting for the night of dreams to come true. Our wedding day seems to be dragging, yet I’m impatient to show the world you’re exclusively mine, as I’m yours. I love you, and I’m not afraid to say it.

71. I love you so much, my heartthrob. You are so good to me,
I can hardly wait to be your wife and to have our wedding day.

72. My dreamy wedding is becoming a reality, yippee! The wedding dress I dream of is now my wedding dress. The best part is that I got the best man as mine. I adore you!

73. I love you so much that for you, I’d wait a week, a year, a century or a lifetime. It’s enough for you to know you are my beautiful bride, my everyday choice and crush.

74. On our wedding day, we’ll be so happy, and it will be great. Our honeymoon will be much happier. The best of all is a lifetime of happiness I anticipate with you. You are a breath of fresh air.

75. As our wedding draws near, I experience a sense of rapture. It engulfs me. My heart feels like it will explode, and my mind races with anticipation.

76. How can I tell you how I feel? How can I tell you how much I want you to be mine? I wait for that day, our wedding day, shaking with anticipation.

77. When I see you in your wedding dress, see the love in your eyes, and the sparkle in your eyes, I’m ready to say, “I do”. Now, then and always.

78. I love you so much I can hardly stand the agony of waiting. I love you so much that waiting for our wedding day seems like torture. Your love and the sparkle in your eyes make it endurable. I love you so much, and I know why.

79. I got my wedding plan ready and on the go. All the details are covered and taken care of. I think about our wedding day as though it’s already here. But sadly, I have to wait till the day to make you mine.

80. It’s torture, this wedding anticipation and promise of marital bliss. But oh, it’s so sublime! I love you so much I can endure the torture. You’re worth all the wait.

81. The days grow shorter, and the nights grow longer. The weeks crawl on. Each day is a constant reminder of how close we are to being together forever. Yet, the hours seem longer as they stretch endlessly. I love you passionately.

82. As I look in the mirror, I smile. I see a beautiful bride. I feel a burning passion for you as I await with increasing impatience in anticipation of our wedding day.

83. Your smile is worth dying for, but I’d rather live to make it sparkle. Wedding day, here I come. Feel the sparkle in my eyes. I can hardly wait
to see your lovely eyes shine as we exchanged our vows.

84. It’s a special day. It’s the wedding, the honeymoon, and the dream of a lifetime. It’s our love that will last forever.

85. When I think about you, my heart starts to pound, and I can’t help but smile, knowing that our wedding is near and I’ll soon be your queen!

86. I can already feel the excitement; adrenaline is coursing through my veins as I anticipate the joy of our marriage and picture the beauty of our well-planned wedding. You will be the cynosure of all eyes with your captivating beauty. Our dancing moves will be the talk of the century. Such lovely daydreams till we are one.

87. I can hardly wait for the day I get to say “I do” to the love of my life.

88. The wedding is tomorrow, the day I have so longed for. All the preparations have been done, the cake is baked, and the flowers are ready. My heart thumps so fast, and
my palms sweat with tension as I await the day of our journey into forever.

89. My heart is filled with loving thoughts of you. I dream of us all day long. I dream of our wedding day and anticipate its exciting moments with glee as we exchange vows and embrace together forever.

90. I can’t wait to say “I do” to the love of my life. I think of you all the time. You make me happy without trying too hard. You’re the groom I’ve been waiting for. And how I look forward to our wedding! I adore you, darling.

91. I’m so excited; I can hardly wait
to be with you, to enjoy our honeymoon with reckless abandon. You are my one and only love.

92. The thrill of it is nothing short of exhilarating. Finally, we’re getting married. We’ll be together for life. First, we’ll have a wonderful, intimate wedding. I can hardly wait!

93. My sweetheart, I can’t wait to see you walk down the aisle, looking breathtakingly beautiful. I
can’t wait to see you looking splendid in your wedding dress. I can’t wait to see you in the arms of the one you love and to see the charming smile on your face.

94. I’m so excited that I can hardly stand it. I want to wear a big grin to show how happy I am that our much-anticipated wedding day is almost here. I adore you to pieces!

95. I know you know, but I can’t wait to tell you how much I love you before everyone that matters. I can’t wait to hold you in my arms and kiss you to a stupor. I can’t wait to marry you.

96. Loving you is a decision taken off my hands. I had no chance from the first moment I set eyes on you. You are my heartbeat, my boo. My heart thumps crazily at the mere sight of you. Your charming smile sets my world aflame, and I can’t wait till you’re mine forever. I love you, my pumpkin.

97. Loving you makes me feel like a million bucks because you have a knack for bringing out the best in me. You are my priceless and timeless treasure; I can’t wait till we get married to the love of my ife. I love you.

98. You light up my world with your presence. You make me indescribably happy without even trying. My sun rises and sets around you, Sugarpie. Guy, I’m so nuts about you that I’m going bonkers doing a countdown in anticipation of our wedding! I love you.

99. You mean the world to me, the reigning prince of my heart. You are everything to me, my baby: all and plenty extra. Our wedding day will be beautiful; I can see it already. Our marriage will be wonderful because you’re every shade of amazing. I love you.

100. Love conquers all when it is genuine, like ours. I love you, darling husband. We are going to be an awesome team, right from the dance floor of our wedding party. You bet!

These cute wedding anticipation quotes are a fantastic way to express how you feel about the big day. There are so many quotes to choose from that you’ll never be able to choose just one! Thank you for helping yourself to these lovely quotes. I am sure they guaranteed you calm frayed nerves, doused tension and redirected your focus to what is important on your wedding day: the love of your life and your beautiful future together, starting from your honeymoon.

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